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ed here with the electronic absorb and today i wished to share yet an additional upgrade on my experience with the asus zephyrus g15 just when you believed it was safe to go back in the water children we have an issue and a bigger boat isn’t mosting likely to address it today i did a check on software application updates for the g15 with the my asus support tool that obviously comes preinstalled on the g15 saw that there was a new bios upgrade that is modification 405 and also i said what the heck allow’s do it right mounted it every little thing went penalty certainly you need to be on uh the real power adapter for that so that those of you that aren’t mindful now you are and as quickly as it
finished the the biographies upgrade the audio on the system is damaged currently i’m sure there’s a solution to this due to the fact that it’s software program based however in the summary for the biographies upgrade all it states is that it boosts system security and also if that’s unclear i’m mosting likely to make it as clear as i possibly can this is really just a very fast share because i’m really aggravated this is an equipment that i have actually had a love hate love hate love hate love love hate hate partnership with it’s a remarkable piece of equipment that regrettably has been a bag packed with crap on any type of given day as well as today is one of those days individuals so

generally it’s just not finding its own equipment it claims no audio speakers or headphones are plugged in i have actually attempted primarily removing the device and also re-installing chauffeurs the audio drivers actual tech as well as no success yet now i make sure as soon as i spend a whole lot even more of my time in it i’ll create a resolution but also for the moment being all of an abrupt my g15 which made use of to just have farting speakers which at some point got dealt with as best as feasible currently has none we recognize it’s not equipment we recognize it’s software but come on asus don’t place out an upgrade like this that’s mosting likely to make it to ensure that the average user is going to say my device is damaged i recognize it can be dealt with i know that i’m mosting likely to have to find out a means on my own or you’re mosting likely to put out an alteration i really did not see a date on this but i do type of check daily in the hopes that asus is going to do something new and the 404 alteration was sort of old now so primarily this is a public solution news do not upgrade from 404 to 405. That’s most likely what the title of this video clip will certainly be stay the hell away from 405 due to the fact that i don’t have a solution yet as well as look some of you might chime in as well as give me a service i ought to state offer all of us a solution because i recognize this is not going to be specific to my g15 due to the fact that this was a biographies upgrade yet this is just it’s pitiful isn’t it um and also that’s why i maintain claiming love hate love hate i don’t recognize what to do with this any longer this is ridiculous uh i you know i do not want to state i’m pondering marketing it after all i can’t sell it like this as well as i am confident as i stated earlier that i will certainly be able to repair this trouble yet exactly how much time must i have to spend in what is expected to be a finished item asus come on exactly how much time and after that the average consumer that gets this or acquires it for their youngsters due to the fact that they desire a gaming laptop that’s qualified for institution proficient for everything because it is an incredibly effective machine that’s a little under 2 grand you can’t place out a biographies upgrade like this that takes away the sound i’m sorry that’s just unacceptable so while i wish this was a video clip regarding just how you know the love affair proceeds instead the the saga the well known saga of continues and also i’m simply worsened as well as this is not the means i want to go right into the weekend break it’s thursday evening yet it’s going to be friday soon as well as i do not want to work on this over the weekend break i have real work to

do that does not relate to fixing audio concerns that asus has actually developed and also i ‘d enjoy to inform you this is customer mistake yet it’s not so once more the title will likely mirror it remain the heck far from 405 405 seems to be cancer of the audio world i do not recognize what to inform you again i’ve attempted reinstalling the vehicle drivers i’ve attempted erasing uh in gadget supervisor and reinstall absolutely nothing yet has been able to fix ignore trying to utilize home windows to troubleshoot this due to the fact that of program windows is mosting likely to fail due to the fact that this is a derivative of a biographies upgrade so once again hopefully someone viewing this video clip has currently struck this wall similar to me as well as they have actually got the straightforward service i’m not saying they did the benefit us but possibly they understood something immediately and it was a simple fix that’s what i’m really hoping for however i’m venting since this is equally as i specified earlier full as well as total so i can not believe this it’s simply among those points where i would certainly state it’s a head
scratcher however it’s more like well i don’t desire to obtain as well dirty and also utilize also much swear word yet it’s once more it’s bs and also i’m positive it’ll obtain settled but just how much work do i have to take into something that i paid for this is expected to be a finished product not a beta experience or risk i say alpha experience which’s what it feels like as well as um you recognize i do not have a connection with asus and they may they may dislike me for you understand just being actual keeping it genuine concerning what’s going on with the g15 which is still sold out everywhere still probably the most preferred pc gaming laptop computer of 2021 and forever reason however additionally one of one of the most discouraging permanently factor and also yeah a great deal of you are going to post in the remarks i have not had any of the issues god honor you god bless you you have not had troubles i i enjoy for you that’s excellent but think what this is you’re mosting likely to have this problem if you do the biographies upgrade so civil service announcement has been made do not upgrade your biographies to 405 do not be a schmuck do not make the blunder i did of trusting asus like the laptop yet divine crap currently i have no sound in any way and although it’s going to be fixable why am i benefiting aces i paid for this it wasn’t cost-free come on asus provide us all a break any concerns or comment comments ideally a person’s obtained a response so i do not need to invest a couple of hrs or even more attempting to repair this chime in please your input is considerably valued hit that like button and also as normal please do not hesitate to subscribe as well as please stay secure later on

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