Preview Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Full Tour

so in 2021 so far we’ve already had the xiaomi 11 glowing and the xiaomi 11 light-footed 5g which boosted the performance although both were somewhat marred by absolutely stunning handsets like the poco f3 but now xiaomi is back baby with the somewhat clinically entitled xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne where ne stands for nipple ejaculation or maybe brand-new additive one of the two emphatically is taking your pick what you’ve got here is a fresh super skinny pattern and once again improved accomplishment to come with anything you chuck at it but is the xiaomi 11 lite 5g any actually any girls and goddamn that call simply gets worse the more you see it well let’s flog it on out of the box taking a full on tour that hardware and software and for more on the most recent and greatest tech please do protrude subscribe and ding that notifications bell encourages so what have you got in here besides that 11 light 5g ne well you have one reasonably chunky adapter good fleck of usb action you’ve got real one usb type-c to 3.5 mil headphone adapter which means of course bugger all headphone jack on the xiaomi 11 light 5 gne and some bits to keep your shiny new xiaomi blower safe from home including a screen defender and also your favorite

and mine a condom occurrence and there you have it that’s everything that you’ll find in the box now first impressions of the xiaomi 11 light-headed 5g na definitely once adoring this thing “theyre not” about when they said it’s one of the slimmest smartphones around it is super skinny that frame is just 6.8 millimeters thick and thankfully the camera chassis doesn’t jerk very far at all from the surface as well to retain that slender appeal and this thing ain’t really skinny it’s super light-colored as well at really 158 grams it’s very impressive certainly considering this is a 6.55 inch smartphone and “i m loving” that back end design as well you can grab this any model in bubblegum blue-blooded peach pink truffle black or snowflake grey and of course i got white as i am a fragile little snowflake according to xiaomi’s always entertaining press blurb this white model resembles a frosted glass skin-deep speck with spangle and snowflakes and i want i’m not really sure that that’s what leapings to thoughts when i see this back end but i do very like the uh the patterned surfacing and something a bit different isn’t it of course i are also welcome to 100 get why people would really take against this design it’s certainly not for all appreciations and likewise xiaomi specs

weren’t specific but the back end and the engine both appear to be made from plastic now though up front you do have a good bit of gorilla glass 5 so hopefully that should prove delightful and blemish resistant and you do have that screen protector bundled in the box and in the sim tray you’ve got saves for two sims at once otherwise that second sim slot can be used for a micro sd reminiscence card to expand the storage okay so xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne all set up and ready for action and i won’t spend too long hopping on about the application place of things because once again like with all recent xiaomi smartphones is android 11 with miui 12 extinguishing that more for and changing it up quite a bit at least in this latest version of miui miui 12 you’ve got the apps tree on there you’ve got the google discover feed all the sort of staple android substance and then you’ll find consignments of extra miui bonus flecks stuck on top of that precisely to help you get the most from your smartphone quite a lot more actually moderately damn good fully customize the always on display for instance and likewise the notifications margin lighting aftermath that dads up whenever something like a send moors on your telephone well i’m quite liking the starlight one actually that’s rather trippy and the xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne seems to use the same excellent edge mounted fingerprint sensor as that 11 t pro example which i just unboxed it’s actually built into that unbelievably narrow-minded superpower button but seems very awfully

responsive very quick to work and you do have the usual fierce unlock shenanigans as well which again super accept does seem to work even when you’re wearing face concealments though so probably not the most secure around shall we say if you want to download shared loadings of apps and music and movies and all that good stuff well you got 128 or 256 gigs of storage here on the xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne and that is expandable via microsd as mentioned before so don’t worry too much about bumping up your budget to that 256 gig representation you can always check a little extra storage in there later on if you find you need it now xiaomi certainly hasn’t skimped when it comes to the display tick on the 11 like 5g ne because that 6.55 inch amoled committee certainly an absolute stunner you’ve got your standard full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 so you are well aware reasonably crisp visuals despite the fact it is a comfortable board but impressively you’ve also came hdr 10 plus and dolby vision hdr stream subsidize here on the 5g ne something that you tend to only find on actually payment smartphones and of course xiaomi’s on 11 t pro so bang on a dolby perception depict netflix for example and you’ll be tripped to beautifully gorgeously natural visuals actually sharp-witted compare and actually lifelike accurate hues extremely there is a selfie cam orifice that somewhat enters on specific actions when “theres going” full screen but at least it’s tucked away in a corner that’s definitely the practice i like it bezels aren’t too chunky you’ve got nice wide goal inclinations and on that top brightness you’ll have no problem with outdoors visibility because you do get quite colourful uh yield unsurprisingly on the default vivid modes but you can go into the display puts and meddle on with the pigment output so you can get for instance a good part of srgb activity on the go if you want to do some photo revising this is also where you can tinker with the refresh

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rate as well as you can see it’s set to 60 hertz by default you can bump that up to 90 hertz if you want a more lustrous smooth suffer and clearly for your subscribed apps now you’ve got a stereo loudspeaker set up here on the xiaomi 11 light-footed 5g and a i’ve got to stop saying the specify of this gory thing because it makes half an hour so let’s whap up that volume see if there’s any goods galaxy a52s 5g review and for more on the most recent and greatest tech please do protrude agree purposing that notifications bell ovations okay so it’s actually a reasonably well balanced stereo speaker output now on the xiaomi here on this telephone yeah often it’s usually the bottom speaker that uh drags the loads but i’ve got to say on that top magnitude not very loud unfortunately so if you’re trying to watch some forceful on youtube for instance uh in a reasonably boisterous environment occasions are you’re not going to hear every gilded text coming out of those cheeks likewise the lucidity isn’t specially incredible either on this thing so no amazing and yeah as i mentioned before no headphone jack on this thing so unfortunately you’re gonna have to remember to carry the dongly thing about with you i’m just gonna instantly forget or lose that which represents it’s bluetooth 5.2 streaming all the way now let’s take a shifty at the performance and the xiaomi 11 like 5g ne is powered by qualcomm’s snapdragon 778 g chipset as likewise found in samsung’s recent galaxy a52s 5g so many immense worded smartphones recently and too motorola’s moto margin 20.

Xiaomi’s passed you a alternative of six or eight gigs of ram with this model this is the base six gig framework and as you can see they’re pretty strong ratings and that will geekbench of course i is likely to be thoroughly testing the performance of the eleven illumination 5g ne for my in-depth review but for now let’s just test it with a good flake gentian impact see if we can handle this resource goblin game and of course as usual you’ve got the excellent game turbo uh feature on board which time helps you to block notifications direct all of your telephones resources into whatever title you’re playing change up your articulate if you’re a bit quirky and yeah it does take a little bit of get used to it’s not the uh the most instinctive of menu shall we say some of these symbols don’t really mean anything at all until you sort of learn what they actually do but it’s definitely huge to have so i had a good chip of gaming war on gentian impact and i gotta say on those medium item prepares i did notice the action got a little bit jittery certainly when you got various furry turds all attacking you at the same time things got a little bit frenzied and uh that make charge surely suffered so sadly not quite as smooth a gaming suffer as i detected “i probably shouldve” on the likes of the samsung galaxy a52s 5g which stones the same qualcomm platform did find occasionally the screen wasn’t quite as accept as i would have liked as well sometimes it made got a couple of taps to swap person for instance but apart from that not too bad you do have

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240 hertz stroke sampling so at least when you’re swiping about uh tended to be fairly accept there but of course as with uh you know your movies new tv evidences and all that those visuals are nice and sharp and actually punchy as well so genuinely experienced that and yeah thankfully that selfie orifice thing is sort of wedged into a reces so i didn’t find that intruded on the action but i will of course deplete a lot more time with the 11 light-footed 5g any ahead of my in-depth review to see if the gaming accomplishment or smooths over uh previously it’s had a bit of time to sort of settle in and everything one of the benefits of that snapdragon 778 g chipset comes from the fact that it’s got built-in 5g funding you’ve got that across both of those sim slits and i have found it’s a fairly power efficient programme as well i got magnificent battery life out of both the samsung galaxy a52 s5g and that moto margin 20 as well so i’m expecting the same from the xiaomi 11 lite 5g ne with its 4250 milliamp artillery you’ve got expressed support for 33 watt fast billing as well but as i said abide sung for my in-depth review when i actually get my sim slammed in this thing for all you need to know about the battery life side of things now let’s intention by turning our attention to the camera tech and what you’ve got here is a triple n setup ability up by a 64 megapixel primary sensor and as always if you’ve expended the xiaomi smartphone before you’ll know exactly what to expect from the camera app got all the usual features and toggles and everything including the right ai state which can sort of tweak the settings based on what you’re trying to shoot a photo of even though it is does often develop relatively sickly sugared artificial colours so i always leave that thumped off you’ve got the likes of the biography state if you want to add a delightful little bokeh form a bit of blurring to your background good age-old darknes modes when you’re trying to shoot in the dark you’ve got 64

megapixel mod if you want to shoot it at maximum resolution otherwise it is 16 megapixel photos that you are able to get a lot of other stuff that can be riled to index being just see it there basically if you’re trying to shoot something that’s absolutely massive or get a more dramatic regard direction uh then you can always barter to the eight megapixel ultrawide angle modes and the third lens on here is a five megapixel telemacro shooter if you want to get really really up close and personal with your subject and as always i’m hoping to give this camera tech a thorough going over for my in-depth review of the 11 dawn 5g ne but for now here’s just a few sample shots that i snarled about the homestead in my first few hours with the invention on the video front well it’s very straightforward you can shoot full hd footage at 30 or 60 makes per second otherwise bump up to 4k but you are limited to 30 fps there and then last up if you are a fan of taking photos of yourself there is a 20 megapixel selfie crap-shooter up front on this xiaomi smartphone and so far this also seems perfectly capable you’ve got the usual portrait procedure smarts and all that good substance so again i’ll be fully researching that out with my pot so that right there in a nutshell is the fresh new xiaomi 11 like 5g ne i think i’m just about getting was just about to that list after several hours of construing it tell you what though i’m really glad that xiaomi dropped the me fleck in its neiman patterns as well otherwise the xiaomi me 11 lite 5g ne precisely just know and so far seems like a quite tidy little smartphone some reasonable specs on there the audio smart not too hot regrettably with the lack of a

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headphone jack and that stereo talker production isn’t exactly mind shattering and the gaming choppers weren’t as strong as some competitors like the galaxy a52 s5g a little bit juddery but i will be fully experimenting that out for my in-depth review here’s hoping that camera tech is a winner and certainly the expose is absolutely stunning that dolby dream substantiate uh certainly on a more inexpensive handset it’s definitely superb to see if you can’t get enough of me jabbering on about phones or xiaomi handsets in general certainly go check out my unboxing and hands-on review of the xiaomi 11 t pro jesus christ these reputations that’s live right now as well and i’ve discussed divinity knows how many champions smartphones already this year i’ve kind of lost road of all of that but anyway i’m gonna have a bit of a lie down now so have yourselves a splendid arrest of the week please do carton subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest tech and uh yeah love you

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