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DETAILED REVIEW Black Shark 3 Pro – The SUPERSIZE Gaming Smartphone! RedMagic 5G vs Black Shark 3 Pro Speed Test

so you reverie yourself a quality new smartphone but the problem is your financial resources are about as health as a diabetic pensioner on a strict nutrition of greg’s pasties and buckfast well don’t you worry you’re pretty highway abilities because these days you can spunk out less than 300 quid on a smartphone and still expect splendid battery life superb gaming achievement dependable camera tech and quite often some unusually helpful features that you won’t find in mega pricey flagships stuff like a headphone jack and remembrance placard carry so here’s my select of the best budget smartphones you can get for under 300 pounds right now towards the end of 2021 that i’ve personally experimented and reviewed and for more the latest and greatest tech delight do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now first up for precisely 250 quid you can buy one of my favorite economical telephones of 2021 the redmi greenback 10 pro from xiaomi it’s a smart-alecky gazing slab with gorilla glass 5 plated up front and it is splash resistant extremely in case you get a little bit over provoked that blanket of gorilla glass protected a gorgeous and preferably sizable 6.67 inch amoled screen which for the price is proper spooge-worthy stream some hdr shenanigans in netflix and you’ll be treated to crisp contrast and lifelike visuals and that presentation are supportive of a 120 hertz maximum freshen proportion as well which for an all contributed

screen at this budget price point is frankly stunning you’ve got a stereo speaker setup you’ve got dependable bluetooth as well and you do have a headphone jack with a good bit of high res audio support too sploosh of course how well you’ll actually get on with the redmi observe 10 pro or any xiaomi smartphone depends on your general feelings towards xiaomi’s miui launcher which in its 12 th iteration i’m really really embracing because it’s got more of a broth android vibe with a veritable feast of bonus features chucked on top i’m talking the likes of the all-encompassing control center and a proper one-handed mode as well as the ability to stream youtube audio while the screen is hibernating in general customization is a lot easier than with inventory android as well but of course miui can be a bit janky in places here and there but if you need to know more then go check out my in-depth redmi note 10 pro review and i’ve also done a full dedicated video on me ui 12 as well the redmi document 10 pro’s snapdragon 732 g chipset can administer everyday gaming shenanigans no worries although there is no 5g assist unhappily battery life is solid and i really enjoy that 108 megapixel rear cam too which does a blind errand for your family selects and horn movies and as i said my full revaluation is live right now so go check that out if your thought has been well and truly tickled another one of my favourites at this expenditure item and one with a delightful scavenge ui is the oneplus nord ce5g emphatically don’t be fooled by that deathly dull plastic finish besides the slightly annoying lack of any micro sd remember poster subsidize here there’s pretty much bugger rolling to properly complain about with the oneplus nord ce 5g for a beginning that 6.43 inch amoled screen is bright sharp and poppy with a good fleck of hdr 10 aid chucked in as well and 90 hertz refresh frequency as well for a bit smooth closing no worries on the audio breast either with a dependable fleck of bluetooth streaming and look there’s even a rust-brown headphone jack for plugging in oneplus excellent oxygen os launcher squat smugly on top of android 11.

And i really really like it so it retains that sort of stock android vibe but lends in a ton of bonus aspects that are really useful like the excellent chill out zen mode which is great for really blocking out everything that’s going on with humanity and you’ve also got the reassurance of a bit of future-proofing as well with one pluses guarantee of two os informs and three years of security updates on top of that as well so not quite as strong a commitment as you’ll get from the likes of google of course and uh nokia but still moderately damn solid anyway the nord ce 5g is powered by qualcomm’s snapdragon 750 g scaffold so every day flowing is lovely and jutter free you can blast through all but the most demanding of android entitlements like the pubg call of duty portable no worries and you’ve got a dedicated gaming mode to help out too and as the reputation of this smartphone very heavily clues yes you do have a 5g modem built into that snapdragon chipset as well for super spry internet located shenanigans battery life is proper good so you shouldn’t run out of juice before the end of a long day even with plenty of screen on time while the 64 meg primary camera sensor does a good fairly task for your everyday photography with an ultra wide angle lens also on offer and some moderately reasonable 4k video smart-aleckies for shoots in your trumpet movies with the fam and emphatically do not

sleep on the absolute gory lootly bright poco x3 pro which only just punched the uk for a plan of 229 quid sometimes you can see it decreased around the sort of 200 pound stigmatize in sales and specials as well and it backpack some incredible specs and pieces again for that sort of price point it’s essentially a reinvigorated form of the poco x3 nfc which i absolutely spurted all over in my best budget roundups of last year and now you’ve got improved rendition thanks to the snapdragon 860 chipset stuffed inside this can handle absolutely anything you need even a bit of gentian impact if you keep the details on low-pitched to medium arranges like the redmi record 10 pro you’ve got a 6.67 inch full hd plus exhibition although this time it is ips rather than oled tech but you still get reasonably punchy colors plus an adaptive refresh rate that maxes out at 120 hertz you’ve once again got a stereo speaker set up here on the poco x3 pro plus a headphone jack and reliable bluetooth streaming to boot there’s nfc for your contactless payments there’s a really reliable and fast succeeding perimeter prepared fingerprint sensor mostly everything you bloody need and i really like the 48 megapixel main camera sensor as well which captures sharp photographs of even the most squirmy of subjects as well as estimable 4k footage in fact beyond this slightly garish pattern there’s not really much at all to dislike about the poco x3 pro it’s suitable lush now poko used to be part of the xiaomi house but now even though it’s split from its parent fellowship it does still use the me ui launcher on all of its poco smartphones so beware you will have that clunky heavy launcher with all of the poop wear and the questionable number of

future informs that comes along with it poco devotees are also welcome to pick up the fresher x3 gt with its more mature restricted layout you’ve got a smash resistant gorilla glass victus display this time and the same feature backpack miui experience nonetheless borne in mind that some of the large aspects found on the poco x3 pro have abruptly been axed for this gt model so for instance there’s no micro sd recognition poster support to expand the 128 or 256 gigs of onboard storage although at least that storage is still the nippy ufs 3.1 collection no real the changing nature of the screen tech that near 6.7 inch ips display is near identical to the pro model with 120 hz freshen and hdr endorsement and while there is a stereo speaker arrangement and flawless bluetooth 5.2 streaming on the gt sadly poco has axed the headphone jack as crudely as it did away with that retention card slot so why then would you want to get the poco x3 gt over that excellent pro prototype well there’s always that mediatek dimensionally 1100 chipset plus the dedicated liquid cool tech which means that you can piss apart hours on end with memory goblin tournaments like gentian impact you’ve got 5g subscribe here on the poco x3 gt across two sims at once as well as wi-fi 6 approval so connectivity is absolutely hot on top of that the gt’s 5 000 milliamp artillery got me through the most crazy of periods absolutely no worries whatsoever that’s cured along by the energy efficiency of that mediatek chipset and even when you do ultimately kill the poco x3 gt stone dead well it’s got 65 watt accusing endorsement so it’ll be back up to full in a jiffy that 64 megapixel camera can

cope with all manner of tricky shots including hyperactive teenagers off their tits on sherbet and haribo while your 4k carry movies will be packed with detail and if all of that clangs proper tempting and you’re not put off too much by the lack of the headphone jack the microsd recognition placard substantiate will definitely go check out my full in-depth poco x3 gt recollect up right now now motorola is another manufacturer that’s well worth protection an heart on at this sort of budget price point and one of the best new fund smartphones for motorola is the freshly moto line 20 lite “the worlds largest” cheap of its trio of new flagship smartphones the one weak point of the leading edge 20 daybreak is the mediatek dimensionally 720 chipset which is fine for everyday performance but gamers is certainly want to look elsewhere you can you know breeze to video games of call of duty mobile on lower detail defines but i wouldn’t push it any further than that although motorola like many other manufacturers does throw on a dedicated gaming tool which allows you to block notifications record your progress all that good trash but the moto edge 20 light clearly outdoes when it comes to battery life you’ve got yet another 5 000 milliamp falsehood crammed inside of this thing complete with 30 watt blaming reinforcement and i absolutely adore that pocket replenishing 6.7 inch parade it’s an oled committee with sharp-witted differentiate strong brightness and hdr 10 plus streaming corroborate as for the camera tech that implies sensor is another 108 megapixel beast that uses pixel binning to produce bright natural face clicks and anyone who’s off to a blower on a tightish budget should also have a squint out real me and this here realme 8 pro is one of the most recent and freshest fund smartphones which you can grab for 279 quid here in the uk the 8 pro is actually reasonably compact and light-colored at really 6.4 inches and 176 grams and the committee is also athletics a preferably understated blueprint minimise apart from the massive slogan branded right across the arsenal that is real miui is the launcher of hand-picked now naturally and like miui it is a bit of a hefty bugger you do see periodic flakes of junkiness here and there but it does too volunteer a imperfection a ton of extra bonus features including the usual one-handed shenanigans and bonus

customization options and like many of the other phones in this budget blower collection you’ve got microsd support to expand the onboard storage and nfc supporter as well for your contactless fees that all preceded screen is a blinder although sadly it does max out at 60 hertz refresh unlike the majority of members of the challenger inventions we’ve already covered and the real me8 pro also determines do with a single sole attached speaker there’s no stereo act now the snapdragon 720 g chipset can deal with everything up to and including plays like call of duty and pubg but you will want to look to the likes of the poco x3 pro if you want to play most demanding designation well the 4 500 million artillery delivers strong returns readily lasting a quite full-on day so overall i’ve got to say the real me 8 pro certainly ain’t quite as impressive in the specs district compared with a lot of the other phones i’ve already covered in this best fund smartphone summary and it is towards the upper end of that 300 pound plan toll spot as well but if you agent a great deal on it then i’ve still truly experienced my hour with the real me april there’s lots to desire now so go for it and last up even samsung followers will find some galaxy handsets for under 300 quid these days which still boast a similar 1ui event to those wallet empty and s21 blowers

now admittedly these plan galaxy smartphones are a bit of a mixed bag generally to say the very least but one of the best available ones the ink bag itself in 2021 one that really impressed me is the samsung galaxy m3 2 which stirs amazingly few compromises to hit that sub 300 pound premium level first impressions on admittedly astonishing thanks to the cheapy plasticky design but peer past them not peculiarly great esthetics and you can’t help but adore that 6.4 inch super amoled screen which is as bright punchy and lovely as any of its affordable contenders despite the lack of hdr support the 90 hertz refresh charge pairs the majority of members of the event now and to be fair my glitch at all peepers usually tell the difference between 90 and 120 hertz these days anyway and you’ve also got a dedicated headphone jack as well for plugging in for some slick audio and audio execution comes courtesy of mediatek’s helio g80 which does seldom stumble but can generally cope with everyday existence just fine as long as you aren’t much of a gamer and no unhappily there is bugger all expressed support for 5g so if you do want that bit of connectivity future proof and you’ll have to look elsewhere but at least the heliochipset doesn’t exhaust much supremacy and once again you’ve got a mighty 5 000 milliamp artillery so again the galaxy m32 can power its method through the most ridiculous of periods just like a lot of the event samsung’s one ui launcher is as adorable and peculiarities substance as ever even though they are it does double down on quite a lot of services terminated with the knox insurance suite to keep your privates out of the eyes of naughty criminal types when it comes to the camera tech a lot of budget samsung smartphones don’t so much drop the ball as grub it on the sand and stamp on it several times over but the galaxy m32 64 megapixel main camera sensor can captivate natural see pickings and enormous family grabs even in quite testing status although yes the video chops aren’t too hot at all so if you like shooting tusk movies you’ll want to look abroad so obviously some jeopardizes as far as the equipment is concerned with the galaxy m32 but the application event is fantastic and i have very few grievances genuinely at this sort of price point and again you can check out my full in-depth review for all you need to know so that is it that is my roundup of the very best budget-friendly smartphones you can grab yourself in the uk towards the end of 2021 for under 300 pounds i did have to leave some out regrettably some didn’t quite make the cuts but clearly if i missed out your own favorite budget blower that costs under 300 quid certainly let me know in the comments below and yes you can call me a knobber if you like i’m more than used to it so check out my discuss about the budget friendly smartphones pog subscribe and dig that notifications bell to be the first to hear when new blowers territory here in blighty and delight do have yourselves a incredible residue of the week ovations everyone love you

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