Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 First Look

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo thinkpad p15 gen 2. now this is a mobile workstation at its finest highly customizable and it’s definitely expensive depending on the configuration that you desire uh the review unit i’m about to share with all of you the lenovo sent over sports an intel core i9 11950h8 core processor and nvidia rtx a5000 with 16 gigabytes of gddr6 ram we have 32 gigs of ddr4 3200 ram on board which is upgradable up to 128 gigs they will also pre-build it that way if you so choose it is dual channel so if you’re wondering there are actually four slots on there for ram in addition to that we’ve got a one terabyte uh gen 4 pcie nvme drive with three slots in total so you can actually have three nvme drives on this build that lenovo is saying up to a two terabytes capacity each and i’ll probably play with that when i take this thing apart i’m not sure on the resolution i believe this particular build has a full hd panel again 15 and a half inches but i know they spec this out up to 4k the top of the line model in this specific build i believe sells for nearly 9 000 us dollars so with that out of the way let’s go ahead and get this thing out of the box and you know if you are looking to do photo editing video editing work with autocad basically

anything i mean there’s really no limitation in my opinion for this machine it’s not a gaming machine that’s obvious because after all it’s a workstation but it is a beast i mean the spec sheet that i just read you again highly customizable i think this machine i’m not sure exactly on pricing but i know that it is expensive i mean when you have a build like that it inherently will be and as you can see it’s already been opened up this is a review unit some paperwork out of the gate let’s take a look at the power brick which i suspect will be a power brick like many others that lenovo has in their previous p series laptops and that’s exactly what it looks like the 230 watt power brick that they use with the previous gen the p17 is a favorite of mine so the p15 that we’re looking at today because it is actually more powerful than the p17 that i shared with all of you a while back this is very exciting so let’s take a look build quality on this should be excellent and again i mean there’s really nothing that you could throw at this that the p15 gen 2 should have a problem with so in my test situation this will likely have some autocad some revit photoshop i mean all of the creative software you could probably imagine using this with from a video editing perspective same applies and i can already tell you as you may have imagined the fit and finish is excellent if you’re a fan of the thinkpad lineup which i don’t know many people that aren’t that are looking to get serious things done i’m gonna go ahead and put the power brick down let’s take a look at the

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machine and i mean it is a beast there’s no question about it fairly thick but this is about being a workstation not about being an ultra book so let’s not confuse the two and if you’re in the market for something like this you already know why you’re interested i mean these are as close to a military spec i mean this could be on the space station that’s the way i look at the p series when it comes spec out like this so we’ve got a full-size sd card reader here and then a type a port kensington lock we come around to the back of the machine and you see we’ve got ethernet the actual power port for the 230 watt uh brick that i just showed you then we’ve got some thunderbolt 4 ports and a type c port looks like we have two thunderbolt 4 ports on the other side we have a dedicated hdmi out i’m going to check as to whether or not that is a 2.1 spec but i don’t see why it wouldn’t be then we have another type a port and then last but not least the headphone microphone combo jack and let’s go ahead and open this thing up and i’m just excited to put it to work because it is a monster and that’s the beauty of these lenovo p-series models is that they really are unlike anything else on the market power button right there we do have power back lighting is on i can go ahead and show you what that backlighting looks like we have a fingerprint scanner the typical lenovo touchpad typical thinkpad keyboard which is best in class we have a webcam that’s top center with a privacy

switch right here and it is a physical switch not a software or heart you know heart built-in hardware switch so i think there’s still something nice to be said about that and i mentioned before i believe the resolution of the display is full hd it looks good i believe it’s an hdr 400 panel and yep that is what i believe it is as per the spec now the only place i could find this specific model um was cdw right now so this exact build is not even available at present from lenovo and the retail for it was a little under 5400 us dollars and i think cdw has like a 10 to 12 day lead time on this but if you’re looking for this sort of build and it is vpro certified so if you’re worried about you know having the highest quality of security as well on your machine that’s another reason to look at this besides all of the niceties that lenovo brings to the thinkpad p series in general and i believe lenovo also gives three years of premier support with this machine for those of you that are wondering the wi-fi chipset i didn’t mention is a 6e chipset so that’s good for future proofing and we have an ax210 i believe that is the actual chipset bluetooth 5.1 and i mean really just a monster again the only thing i may have liked to have seen out of this which i did with the previous gen p17 was a 4k um colors you know certified calibrated display i think

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that’s something that would uh suit this machine well considering it is such a monster again that rtx a5000 with 16 gigs of ram i mean we are in desktop class when you think about it uh with what lenovo is putting together here uh in mobile workstations you know don’t expect phenomenal battery life that’s not what this machine is about it’s estimating a little under three and a half hours it has a full charge right now and the good news is is that even though this is only a full hd panel that will suit most users because i think most people that are using a machine like this are going to connect it to an external display which you’re not going to have a problem doing and then in addition to that hdr 400 it’s bright it’s going to be fairly color accurate even though again this doesn’t carry any certification the speaker grill right here i’m expecting expecting to deliver solid sound and the panel the screen does go beyond the actual machine itself so impressive range that you likely will not need to use not you know the typical flex you get out of a think pad again just a beefy machine with specs to match and i’m excited to see how it performs i’m expecting it’s going to chew up and spit out just about any benchmark i throw at it and what more could you want from a you know a workstation that’s portable again think about you know the ability to have 128 gigs of ram on this thing i mean even at 32 you already pretty much have what you need i know a lot of people are already working at 64

gigs that’s what i generally have on my desktops laptops usually 32 so you know right now my g15 which of course is no workstation but not a slouch but nothing compared to this of course it’s gaming will outperform this but nothing else that machine has 40 gigs of ram but we’re talking about one soldered dim and another one that you can upgrade here we actually have four slots which is just bonkers i mean this isn’t the only machine on earth to support something like that but there aren’t that many so this is in an elite club and it’s just an exciting piece of hardware so if you’re in the you know market for a workstation that is mobile i think this is it has to be at the top of your list between what is basically the best keyboard in the business and then in addition to that some of the best internal components that you can find on any machine right now and you know if your budget doesn’t support this build you can take it all the way down i believe they started around 3 000 which is still a lot but not for what you’re getting here because again portable workstations aren’t meant to be affordable they’re meant to be capable and that’s exactly what i’m expecting out of the p15 gen 2.

So really excited about all the power that the thinkpad p15 gen 2 brings to the table again this is a high spec build and the lead time right now at lenovo’s pretty backed up with these orders i believe they’re like specking this out at four months lead time but you have to bear in mind the pandemic is putting a choke hold on everything so as a result when i get new machines like this and i’m able to share with all of you i’m happy to do so but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be in stock at the time you’re viewing this unboxing and first look but i’ll keep you all aware again uh i did find it at cdw with that less than two week lead time so i may include a link to that as well we’ll see but if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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