Lenovo Legion 7 Unboxing – RTX 3080

and below with the electronic absorb as well as today i desired to share a fast unboxing and also very first consider the lenovo myriad 7. now this is not my first consider the legion 7 line yet it is my first look at the arrangement that lenovo just sent over for testimonial so the specs you’re concerning to see retail for approximately 3000 us dollars i will certainly consist of a link in the description and as the price recommends this is among one of the most effective video gaming laptops on the market here in 2021. This is powered by an amd 5900 hx 8 core cpu it has 32 gigs of ram a 1 terabyte nvme ssd we have actually obtained wi-fi 6 a p 16 inch 165 hertz 16 by 10 display which is one of the much better ones on the market yet the star of the program of this monster is the nvidia rtx 3080 it is a max power gpu 16 gigs of vram it is a monster so i’m thrilled to share it with all of you allow’s take a look at this bad kid as well as see what we are in fact working with so product packaging out of the way as well as for those of you that have not seen my legion 7 coverage in the past i’ll tell you right now it is a fave of mine it doesn’t have optimal i o for me personally but that does not indicate it isn’t one of the best pc gaming laptops on the market as well as when i claim for me you recognize it’s missing small points like a card visitor which really isn’t a make or break scenario for me personally also because the myriad 7 when it comes to total designing and performance is just a monster and also it is conveniently one of my faves in spite of the fact that it doesn’t have a card viewers and that really is my only review of this maker which is conveniently remedied by just connecting a card viewers now this is amd driven that indicates no thunderbolt however i do not see that as an actual drawback due to the fact that if you’re after a maker like this you recognize there are clear advantages to going with amd over intel and vice versa if you desire thunderbolt clearly intel is the method to go in this situation this maker isn’t going to be optimal for you yet let’s just run around the real chassis here so personal privacy button for the web cam right there kind c port and also after that on the back which is where the bulk of the i o is and by the way the i o is not

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lacking to be very clear ethernet another kind c port 2 type a ports hdmi out an additional type a port and your power port and afterwards on the left side of the device yet one more kind c port and a headphone microphone combination jack so io is abundant on this it’s just i do desire lenovo would certainly include a micro sd card visitor at the minimum yet in a device this class it’s very easy to think of having a full-size sd card visitor i indicate it is a leviathan to state the least 300 watt supply right there no joke in all when it concerns the dimension of this young puppy it’s not as huge as hp’s 330 monster which is actually the dimension of a small form variable computer system yet still a substantial power supply that is what you’re going to require if you wish to drive this and you recognize if efficiency is what i anticipate this is just one of minority equipments available that you can quickly achieve legitimate 4k gaming with you recognize it’s not mosting likely to run like a desktop 3080 yet it will certainly run you recognize very comparable not fairly desktop computer 3070 efficiency however it ought to eke pretty close so i’m thrilled to attempt video editing with this and also one of the huge benefits which i think is a large advantage over much of the competitors again is the display screen that this sports which i think is ideal for work not just pc gaming so content production and the display is in my point of view one of the most effective on the marketplace so allow’s go on and also power that up if you’re a fan of rgb lenovo’s obtained that covered also matte display screen really among the most effective configurations in business in my point of view no

question about that and also this as a testimonial device was already open for anyone questioning this is the very first time i’m looking at it although as i’ve pointed out i have actually currently demoed a legion seven nothing this powerful and uh look my daily chauffeur is based around an amd uh processor comparable 8 core chipset as well as it’s superb i imply battery life is incredible um i’m not anticipating incredible battery life here but i am anticipating great battery life so this has a lot going for it i really assume that in between the display overall develop high quality which is several of the ideal in business an excellent keyboard you get a full numerical keypad for those of you that are trying to find it actually great touchpad as well it’s challenging to beat this machine as a matter of fact if i was in the marketplace wanting to buy a strictly business yet entirely qualified video gaming maker that isn’t uh ostentatious and actually subdued but can be you know if you wish to show up the rgb on this thing it can obtain lit in a manner of speaking this is the equipment i indicate the omen 17 as well as this man right here are 2 of my favorites it’s gon na be extremely interesting to see how this 3080 takes on limit power 3070 in the prophecy 17. I’m expecting a clear advantage here uh but i think they’re mosting likely to stand for very desirable alternatives for people that are seeking several of one of the most powerful equipments on the marketplace however once again construct quality on this point is just one of my favored just it oozes as well as exhibits top quality which present you know it’s just not something you’re gon na get from any type of other supplier today which is among the largest selling points in my point of view for the myriad seven you understand it’s actually bright that’s another great point if that’s not discovering here in the video it need to be it’s simply it’s a characteristic of the myriad seven now it’s not something you’re going to find with actually any various other producer on the market again and also the 16 by 10 facet ratio is just superb so an initial look i’m going to begin installing points and also certainly stay tuned for the upgrade the complete review it’s coming ideally prior to the holiday period i will do my best i’m playing capture up on a great deal of things uh but thrilled to have this in the workshop i suggest uh the cam having a privacy button is an additional huge offer but to me this is simply one of the best devices on the market and lenovo i really think has actually done a fantastic task this year with offering us some premium quality unbelievably effective laptops so this is no exemption and you know everything of a couple of years ago i actually would not have actually thought of amd tackling the function that they have as well as helping uh cement machines similar to this yet they have so congratulations to both lenovo as well as amd for making large things occur below in 2021. any kind of questions or comments please do not hesitate to post them strike that like switch and also as common please feel complimentary to subscribe and please remain secure later.

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