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ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the hp omen 16. now this is the best buy model it retails for us it sports an intel core i7 11 800 hcpu 16 gigs of ram and nvidia rtx 3070 with a total tgp of roughly 130 watts i’ll confirm that through the course of my review it is labeled as a max q so we’re going to see we’ve also got a one terabyte nvme ssd a 16 inch qhd display and this comes in the ceramic white color so without further ado let me crack this open and let’s see what we’re working with and i’m excited to share this with all of you this was actually a laptop that i had had my eye on for quite some time because i really do love the i o that the omen lineup has for those of you that follow my channel you already know that so it was really just a matter of getting this into my possession and even though i do have a relationship with hp this frankly wasn’t something uh available and so when i saw best buy list it i just started to patiently wait so that i could get my hands on it and share it with all of you so let’s go ahead and open this up and you know this depending on what you’re looking for from a machine i think this is

going to be on a lot of people’s short lists because the 16 inch qhd ips panel is in many ways a very uh maybe a perfect choice of course i am a big fan of the lenovo 16×10 1600p displays as well but the overall form factor and what i anticipate this is going to look like is going to be pretty sharp let me go ahead and pull out the laptop we’ll get to that in a moment let’s take a look at the power brick go ahead and slide that over and this does have thunderbolt connectivity because this is an intel based machine for those of you that are wondering and the power brick that we’ve got here is 230 watts which is what i anticipated so let’s go ahead and put that aside let’s get the box out of the way and let’s take a look at what this brand new machine has to offer at least in terms of build quality and overall aesthetic so you know io as i mentioned is a really strong suit of the omen lineup and this is no exception whether you’re going with the the 15 the 17 or in this case the 16 it’s just a really nice well-rounded machine and i can tell you already the ceramic white looks sharp i mean you know you’re not going to collect fingerprints with this i don’t think based on what i’m seeing and that’s definitely a good thing and if you do prefer the color white well this is a really clean option let’s take a look around the body of the machine so we’ve got two type a ports right here uh right beyond the ventilation then as we go to the back of the machine all ventilation all around bottom same story and i am really liking this look i have to say this is the first you know

ceramic white model that i’ve seen our power pin port there at the back of the base of the unit ethernet another type a port displayport hdmi out i believe that is a 2.1 and then there you have your thunderbolt 4 port a headphone microphone combo jack and a full-size sd card slot which i’m hoping has the same speed as the one found on the omen 17 which is best in class at least that i’ve tested in gaming laptops here in 2021 so let’s go ahead and open this up and uh it seems like things keep getting better because i’m a big fan of the contrast you’re getting here with the framing of the actual ips panel again qhd 300 nits ips so i do actually like this two-tone that they’ve employed and then of course the black keyboard i just think it’s a sharp looking machine and so far what i saw online is ringing true here in person the keyboard in my opinion just like on all the omens that i’ve reviewed this year is one of the best in its class and this is no exception i’m going to be curious to see how it fares in total let’s see if it has a charge here i do not believe we have power delivery unfortunately on this machine through the thunderbolt port of course if i’m incorrect i will stand to be corrected i’m going to have to plug this in to actually power up but you know no numerical keypad but you do have still again one of the best overall experiences that i think you’re going to get the track pad feels like the touchpad feels like um i’m not sure if it’s glass or plastic i’m going to have to figure that out and possibly consult my hp reps and then of course you do have a webcam at the top of this model get that in frame for you matte finish on the display and it’s a nice looking computer overall so if this does end up pulling 130 watts on the rtx 3070 then this is going to be one of the better performers in its class no question about it so let me plug this in let’s see if we can see what the actual display looks like and you know i don’t know how long this is going to be in stock at best buy frankly because these machines have been going out of stock frequently because we you know are facing supply constraints with the pandemic still you know if one person gets sick in one of the factories in china where this is

manufactured it shuts down you know it’s it’s just a matter of fact here and these sort of supply constraints are happening all around the world because not everywhere has access like we do to vaccines and as a result it means that delays are inherent and hey you know people come first that’s the way the world works and it should work so let’s plug that in see if i can get it there into the port there we go and bear with me while i actually plug this in and we’ll we’ll see what this looks like there we go and all right we should be in business let’s see and i’m a big fan of the fact that you know we have a dedicated led you can see the rgb keyboard coming to life here dedicated leds for muting the power button those are things that you might think are basic and standard but believe it or not hp is one of the only manufacturers that does it so i appreciate it so i can’t tell you that there’s i’m not noticing much backlight bleed in fact not really seeing any right now and i know this is not incredibly viewable for those of you out there watching this but this is just the unboxing wait for the update i’ll change the camera angle you needn’t worry this is running windows 11 out of the box and i have to tell you the display looks sharp and i do really like the accents the way it’s picking up the white just on the the trim the border of the panel and yeah it’s it’s a really sharp looking machine and by the way i didn’t mention of course which i should have at the very top set up your

device using a screen reader turn on narrator by pressing plus control plus enter speakers are pretty good which i’m actually surprised about but what i was going to mention of course is that this qhd panel like pretty much all of the qhd panels on the market right now is 165 hertz and it does incorporate g-sync uh something i should have mentioned at the top of the video so g-sync is a go and of course that’s a big deal for those of you that are wondering it’s another nice element something that really rounds out this machine at least at first glance when it comes to the cpu gpu pairing and everything is upgradable this does support gen 4 nvme ssds i’ll likely be testing that out i’ll probably see whether or not it can power one of these bad boys the sabrin 8 terabyte this is a gen 3 drive but still a challenge for laptops in general to handle this drive and if it can well it’s just another thing that makes uh this brand new omen 16 even more attractive but the display looks good build quality is excellent you know predominantly metal build here uh so i like what i’m seeing and the i really think the styling on this is excellent which is not something i could always say about machines in general i do think the omen line here in 2021 is one of the better looking ones but the ceramic white i think is a bit of a

knockout i have to say and when you think about what manufacturers like asus have been charging over this year for machines like my g15 in white in the 3080 build well you know they were charging an insane premium so really sharp we’re gonna see as i get to test this out whether or not uh the follow-through in the hardware is there but i anticipate that it’s going to be and i of course will be comparing this to the omen 15. i’ll be comparing it to the victus which of course is the budget friendly uh line of gaming laptops from hp i’ll also be comparing this to lenovo’s gaming offerings as well as my own asus g15 which this may end up replacing we’ll see how well it does i’m still searching for that unicorn that will knock the g15 off the block any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later .

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