HP Spectre x360 16t OLED – RTX 3050 – Update

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick update on my experience with the hp spectre 16. now for those of you that missed my unboxing this is not like the balance of spectre 16s on the market this is pretty much the highest spec version that you can get here in 2022. the two key enhancements in my opinion the display that you’re looking at now is a 16 inch oled uh with a uhd plus resolution that is 3840×2400 it’s also 16×10 but of course all the spectre 16s have a 16×10 aspect ratio and i really appreciate that because it’s an aspect ratio that is now gaining momentum once again that used to be king years ago but as content consumption became so relevant it sort of slipped to the back and of course i do find that it delivers a really nice balance of of course productivity as well as content consumption 400 nits of brightness excellent color accuracy from what i’ve seen so far the other element of this machine is its gpu we do have a discrete gpu here the nvidia rtx 3050 it is a max-q variant so it’s not a powerhouse but it certainly adds i think what anyone would be happy to gain in a machine like this again a two-in-one that isn’t meant to be

designed for gaming but certainly it’s complementary for content consumption and light gaming with that said let’s go ahead and take a look and listen to the display i’ll start with this sample which of course is 4k you’ll notice letterboxing because this is again a 16 by 10 rather than 16 by 9 aspect ratio display make sure that the speakers are all the way up [Music] and brightness is not at 100 now it is and you can see it does look blown out so i’m going to bring it back down now from what i’ve seen so far i’m really impressed with this panel the fact that it’s an oled well you already know what to expect again color accuracy very deep true black representation it really is a stunner when compared to traditional ips panels that we commonly find it is 60 hertz so if you were looking for a higher refresh rate you’re not going to get it here but i really don’t think that your experience is going to suffer with this now if we jump over to another sample i’m going to go ahead and throw this up which is just lg’s demo for oleds which is fitting granted i’m pretty sure this is a samsung panel and while i haven’t measured color accuracy i think you already know that this is fairly solid to say the least so what i’ll point out is that i think that this really does represent a very good balance again between display quality and

audio quality surprisingly now i haven’t tweaked the bno speakers but considering what i’m accustomed to with the spectre lineup which is never amazing audio but okay audio is where i’d put it the 15 inch you know line up traditionally because the 16 inch is a brand new edition is usually it gets loud but it’s fairly hollow this i think is a little deeper but of course at the peak you know you’re still getting some blown out audio depending on the content the previous video i would say is more of an example of that let’s move away from content consumption and talk about overall performance now i can’t give you a fix on battery life right now i’m simply not there yet i’ve only spent roughly a day with the machine i can tell you that to charge it up roughly an hour and a half is what it’s looking like using its charger it also will take a charge over uh type c so it’s two thunderbolt four ports uh if you wanna use a 65 watt charger there you’re good to go which of course is a great thing i can’t tell you how many machines i’ve covered in the last year that had thunderbolt or well yes thunderbolt ports i was going to say type c as well that were intel based that simply could not take a charge no trickle charge so i do appreciate that and i think hp knew it had to incorporate that here because after all the spectre lineup is about flexibility having every feature possible and really trying to please every customer that is going to entertain a machine like this really a premium one size fits all so with that said let’s talk about gaming for those of you wondering now i’ve done a

little bit of gaming i can’t tell you that i’ve done anything too extensive but what you will instantly see here is a reminder that this is a max-q variant you are not working with a traditional or i should say a max power 30 50 or a 30 50 ti and that’s reflected in this score now i’ve run it numerous times of course we’re set to maximum performance you should know that this machine is based around nvidia nvidia’s studio drivers not the traditional uh game ready drivers and you know to me what i’ve played with so far in terms of gaming pretty much points me in the direction of at least concluding today which is really premature and i don’t want anyone to run out and buy it or say you know i’m going to forget about this as a result is that you will get playable frame rates anywhere between 40 and 60 frames per second on modern titles depending on which title you’re going to have to jump between 720p and 1080p you know lighter titles you’re going to get away with full hd which is really nice but with you know heavier stuff like battlefield 2042 for example that i was testing out that’s just it’s gonna be rough uh even in 720p you’re going to really have to you know essentially take things down to some of the lowest settings now you can see these estimated game performance marks the time spy throws out sometimes they’re accurate sometimes they’re not great but just to show battlefield 5 at 1440 getting 40 plus frames that’s certainly playable but if

you drop down to 1080p ultra i really feel you’re getting into more of what i think we expect to get from this sort of gpu gta of course i can install that but i have yet to do so granted but you’re seeing again totally playable maybe not ideal again this is not a gaming laptop but the fact that it can play titles that are popular and do so in a decent form in my opinion i mean anything above 40 is usable you know if you’re a competitive gamer okay that that’s not where you’re going with this but you get the picture the 3050 i think really stays in line with the previous discrete gpu options that hp has thrown into the spectre lineup so it makes perfect sense that it’s here you know down the road may we see something more powerful i doubt it because again you know hp has gaming laptops geared towards filling that niche rather than two-in-ones like this but i do think this takes on much of the two-in-one competition in a very strong way now with that you know out of the way let’s talk about the nvme drive uh for those of you that missed it it is an intel one terabyte optane drive or you know which is not a favorite of mine it has advantages it has disadvantages uh the advantages being you know quicker access to things you readily utilize but otherwise you know the performance isn’t bad but you certainly could you know gain a little bit if you opt to go with a traditional nvme drive it’s really a matter of personal preference one thing that is important to remember this does not support gen 4 drive so if you’re saying to yourself i’m going to go grab a

gen 4 drive and fix this you’re not going to remember this is a gen 3 drive i haven’t opened this up yet to see you know what may or may not be i may end up doing that just to see what performance is like with a higher end drive that i have here at my disposal but that gives you an idea of the read write performance of the included drive you know certainly not going to blow you away but it’s no slouch and i don’t want anyone to come away thinking that it’s bad it’s just we’ve seen this performance before so while we’re getting all this brand new hardware and new design language the nvme drive unfortunately isn’t anything new uh beyond that again you can see some of the games i’ve installed and played already counter-strike call of duty world war ii uh as well as rust besides the mention i made of battlefield and the machine i know a lot of you are going to want to know how hot it gets so predominantly the heat is right here and this is really obvious why hp did this their cooling solution is away from where you’re predominantly going to be resting your hands they know most of the typing is going to happen here so making this the area that’s going to dissipate the majority of the heat means that when your hands are sitting on the deck you’re not going to feel much of that does the machine get hot does it get loud sure it does you know it’s got an 11th gen quad core processor and a discrete gpu and it’s still incredibly thin granted it’s dense at four point i

think 4.5 pounds roughly a little under that it’s right at around four and a half so uh do i think that it’s what i expect right now in terms of uh heat and noise for its weight class and what it’s packing yes uh so i’m not blown away uh in a bad or good way as of right now i think it’s what i expected so if you’re thinking it’s you know it was going to be a meltdown doesn’t seem that way it seems like you know the engineering department did find a good location for keeping this machine cool and of course in my follow-up to this video i’ll probably even run a benchmark or a game maybe i’ll do a gaming demo so that you can actually hear how loud these fans get now i haven’t done any video rendering on this yet or photo editing but i can already imagine what to expect the processor is something i’ve dealt with before the gpu similarly something i’ve dealt with before and i think this is going to obviously be at the top of the line when it comes to hp spectre lineup which is what it’s meant to be between its display and of course its cpu and gpu combo you really have the best of the spectre lineup in this machine and i’m not disappointed i don’t think anyone will be granted again this is a very early look this is the farthest thing from a long-term review uh but i still think it’s important for anyone who’s wondering you know will they be satisfied with this while it’s too early for me to say go out and buy it so far i’m impressed which is a good thing because god knows when something is brand new quite frankly unavailable again i don’t think there’s any coverage of this particular build again the oled discrete gpu

combo on youtube other than myself you do have to wonder what to expect and so far it looks good now on battery life i stated at the top of the video i didn’t want to commit to anything because quite frankly it’s too early i’ve gone through like three cycles on the battery and i can’t give you real numbers uh but what it’s looking like it might be somewhere around six hours of battery life is what i’m thinking uh now granted i have done nothing to really tweak flex and i’m not talking about playing games so don’t don’t ask a silly question like that i’m talking about regular use that’s with me keeping the screen at about 70 percent brightness but you know i haven’t done a complete drain test on this thing yet so take that with a very large grain of salt which is uh a little bit ridiculous when i think about it but so give me more time on the battery stuff i know a lot of you want to know what battery life is going to be like with the oled and discreet gpu on board it’s going to take more time you know realistically this could end up being four to five hours and who knows on the flip side i may be able to get seven to eight hours out of it so that’s why i don’t want to commit to anything the only thing i can tell you is it does charge up pretty quickly when using the included 135 watt power brick other than that i’ve pretty much given you as much information as i possibly can here in just spending a single day with it

another thing you’ll want to know is that you know overall the i o selection for anyone that didn’t see it already i’ve mentioned you’ve got of course i’m going to close this up and i’ll get to inking another day but and remove the pen right there but you’ve got a thunderbolt 4 port of course the charging port you have your micro sd card slot which i love that they didn’t do away with this is where the majority of the i o is really clean all around and you come to the other side and that’s where you just have an hdmi port and a type a port so i mean i think they really still have all their bases covered this color definitely a little bit of a fingerprint magnet you know new hinge design but then again the whole machine is a new design this whole rounded uh yet still gem cut edge this is a new look and i happen to like it you know it’s going to be a matter of personal preference clearly but i think it’s nice and again on the back of the machine you can see uh the fans there through the grille i will probably end up opening this so that you’re able to see it you know the fan assembly it’s interesting i was mentioning with thermals because i did already put my thermal camera up to this does seem to the fan array i was saying is on the right side it is more towards the left

but what it’s cooling the majority of the hardware i presume is towards the right and that’s what i should have said earlier in the video rather than that that’s where the cooling system was because that is what is the literal case so while the fans are on the left side of the deck closer to the wasd keys the actual cooling that it’s providing for the hotspot essentially cpu gpu location seems to be on the right side of the body but until i open it up i’m not going to make any more predictions about that that’s just based on thermal imaging so looks good build quality solid as expected with spectre um i don’t think you know i’m not noticing anything yet new with the pen but too early for me to really comment on that i’ll get to that hopefully tomorrow if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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