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ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sony xperia pro i now this launched back in 2021 it has a retail price tag of 1800 us dollars and it promises to be essentially a sony camera user’s dream smartphone and that’s because sony took their flagship smartphone and decided to throw the kitchen sink in it aka the 20 megapixel one-inch sensor from the rx100 lineup and this is something i’ve been waiting for the better part of a decade for sony to do and they finally have so right there is the main camera that i’m talking about it does utilize that exact same sensor found in the rx100 lineup as well as the zv1 however it does not use all 20 megapixels instead it uses the center 12 megapixels and if you’re scratching your head well i’ll save that explanation for another video but the premise here is that you’re still going to get the overall characteristics and quality of that heralded sensor however you’re not going to get all 20 megapixels that it has to offer the other two cameras on board are also 12 megapixels of course one is telephoto one is an ultra wide this is capable of capturing 4k at 120 which is impressive overall the entire feature set of this phone is really really nice and this certainly is not a device for everyone it’s really for again the sony

camera enthusiast pro shooter that wants that design language look and feel brought to a handset and that’s exactly what you’re looking at here now let’s see if i can power this on we’ll see if we actually have a charge and i’ll tell you a little bit about the components first and foremost we have a six and a half inch high refresh rate oled it is 4k so if you were wondering if sony’s implementing the same great display from the previous top of the line xperia phone they are and that’s already a really good starting point in my opinion i mean once i tried that i knew it was something i would like to see in an even better device and that’s what this represents to me now the 1800 price point i’m not gonna justify it but uh when you put together everything they’ve thrown into this device which is nearly the capability and in some ways more capability than an rx100 but granted only 12 of the 20 megapixels of that one-inch sensor and then the fact that you are getting a top-of-the-line flagship phone i think that’s where the 800 price point comes from so stunning display fantastic build quality we have an eight megapixel uh selfie cam right there which sony’s designed a whole system to avoid interestingly enough at least for video uh vlogging but of course

can be used for still shooting as well which i’ll get to it’s in the background beyond that oled of course just some of the nicest design i think out there right now the design language is just excellent by the way this is corning victus gorilla glass for those of you wondering type c charging what i believe comes with a 30 watt charger which should get this thing charged up in roughly an hour and this review unit is not as it would come in retail packaging for those of you that are wondering we have a half terabyte of internal storage a qualcomm snapdragon triple eight uh cpu complemented by 12 gigs of ram so this is about as beefy if not the most powerful phone sony has ever aimed at consumers to my knowledge uh when it comes to uh you know really trying to check every box and of course the star of the show is that guy right there because it really is going to give you the look and feel of carrying around a dedicated uh camera in the body of this phone so you have a shutter button there fingerprint scanner your power button and well

excuse me volume rocker i believe and that is what it is and the beauty of this is that you know sony is not really trying to skin this heavily it’s in many ways what i expect to be very similar to experiencing a standard you know a pixel-esque experience but sony’s still making it their own i love this matte back on the device it really does incorporate everything you could possibly want and this is an unlocked device it’ll work with any carrier i should be able to open this with my fingernail that’s another thing i really like about this device and did i mention as i’m struggling even though i was able to open it with my fingernail did i mention that this device has a headphone jack it does so if you’ve been wondering where the top of the line flagship android devices are that have everything including what arguably could be the best camera on the market it’s right here and as you can see sim card slot right there or tray i should say i love that you do not need a tool you have a lanyard after all this is really a camera isn’t it as well so just a really cool device it has stereo speakers so we’ll see what the quality is like on that but just a really well made and i think symbol of the maturation of sony’s di and of course xperia uh departments coming together to make

what should be one of the most impressive phones that sony has ever launched and again at eighteen hundred dollars it better be but if you combine a great display what should be great audio performance great processor again really a copious amount of ram there and 512 gigs of internal storage it should amount to a pretty amazing device now what you need to know the other cameras that i was mentioning here on the back and remember they’re all 12 megapixel essentially the main camera that guy right there you’re looking the variable aperture on that is f2 to f4 and in addition to that uh the other two you know are going to give you more typical but yet from what i’ve read better performance than a lot of other manufacturers when it comes to their wide angle and telephoto also this isn’t going to overdress night photos like a lot of computational uh driven experiences some of you may like that some of you may hate it the also really interesting thing and i’ll get through the software in my update on this is that it’s going to give you the pro modes specifically the new pro video mode so we’ll see what that’s like now the stuff in the background is the

vlogging kit and if you actually purchase the vlog monitor and the grip which is something i already own and use on a regular basis because it’s just really convenient does the job this whole kit is going to set you back a little over two thousand dollars i believe it’s discounted now and i know that sounds insane but if you humor me for a moment and think of this as something you would potentially take with you on a trip and you wouldn’t bring a camera with you or if you just knew that this was something you would use out and about then potentially i think it’s really easy to see how this really is very expensive but also kind of makes sense so here is the mount you’re going to use for the actual monitor the vlog monitor and it will all sit on the bluetooth shooting grip and then essentially all we have in here is the actual monitor itself as well as a cable to connect it to my knowledge so let’s go ahead open this up and it’s just you know who else is doing stuff like this that’s what i’m going to say to you right now is there any other manufacturer doing this and you might say well there isn’t but who really needs it well clearly sony has done the marketing research and has come to the conclusion that sony users are interested in this so while it’s not the flagship for mass consumption like a galaxy device you know the argument can be made that there is still a solid segment of users out there that would like something like this i’m one of them you know if i didn’t have a z-fold three i probably would be drawn to this instantly and pick it up so and

that’s just because it’s so dynamic that would i pick up all the accessories i don’t know but the idea is fairly simple you mount uh this little essentially camera monitor which is adorable and pretty smart even though some people might look at this like a lot of stuff to carry you just mount it onto this guy and then once you have it mounted on the grip you can even throw on with this hot shoe a shotgun mic and have everything on board so just to give you an idea of what that’s going to look like i could really just be spinning it here you’re going to see if i’m threading this correctly or at least i thought i was there we go you’re going to see what this setup potentially can look like so you know you’ve got to adjust that onto there which is not a big deal it’s just a matter of getting it on and then once you do because this is adjustable and then once you have it set uh the phone you know essentially all you’re going to be doing is mounting this so that you have a clear shot of yourself actually i think i have this inverted quite possibly so yeah this is the phone grip see this is me at my finest here so it appears this is the phone grip right i’m just looking at the image i haven’t looked at any instructions or videos about this and it looks like the monitor so i stand i’m correcting myself now is going to mount right there and it’s totally magnetic so forget what i was doing before that’s how the setup works and it’s just a matter of hold on i’m taking this off camera for a moment getting the camera grip on there and then boom you’ve got this totally rigged out and that’s the whole setup right there so pretty cool and of course you would want to have this turn the other way so that you actually have control of essentially all of the shooting buttons still video and you’re good to go and

then if you want to drop any sort of uh microphone on the top you’re set i mean it’s pretty amazing and yes you will have to run a cable here as you may have noticed we have input power and a microphone port right there that’s how you’re going to support that shotgun mic but that’s pretty much it i mean a very cool setup to say the least and then you know whenever you want to just be able to put it down you have that ability uh using this that you can just drop it and you’re good to go you want to film yourself i mean i don’t know how much you’re going to be filming yourself but if you are that’s what the vlog kit obviously is designed for and again the included charger i appreciate that sony went this route because too many manufacturers have just essentially waved their hands and said you know we’re not going to bother with high-speed charging now this one is actually 18 watts but i was under the impression 30 watts is what we were seeing so again if i’m incorrect on that i’m incorrect this is only an unboxing we will get to a full review no worries about that any questions or comments about the xperia pro i please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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