Samsung Z Fold 3 – Samsung Voided My Warranty

ed below with the electronic absorb and also today i intended to share yet one more update on my experience with the samsung galaxy z fold 3. now for those of you that caught my last video you currently understand my wi-fi quit working there was no reason i have actually never ever dropped my gadget i have actually never ever obtained it wet it’s lived its whole life in a case initially it was the samsung cover flip cover situation that featured the s pen and afterwards i transferred to a talking case so certainly i tried every little thing with this tool to get it functioning basically reset the wi-fi the network setups i should claim after that i did an actual factory reset then i did a hard reset and also after that last however not the very least certainly i blinked the firmware as well as for anybody that really did not see the video clip the wi-fi just can not switch on you attempt that it stays a lighter shade of blue absolutely nothing occurs you try going right into setups turning it on absolutely nothing happens i know that’s not so clear it’s a little too intense however it just does not work so besides that i decided i’ll reach out to samsung and let’s see where the warranty procedure goes even though i have treatment plus since nevertheless they should be covered under service warranty and i figured at the minimum it would get repaired or they would certainly change it well after undergoing a bit of hell with their customer assistance which took a pair of hrs indeed despite all the information i provided that i just shown you they still urged on attempting to do whatever that i currently had besides naturally flashing the firmware they can not do that remotely as well as i needed to view as they you recognize replicated the trouble which was a significant waste of both my as well as their time despite the fact that they’re earning money i after that shipped it in and also of training course i after that got a strange e-mail which you can see right below that stated power power no power after upgrade and also basically informed me the warranty was

invalidated and after that offered a cost of 107.17 with absolutely no description aside from basic repair work fee currently you can visualize this was disturbing to me i called asked what was taking place they had no info to share with the exception of that evidently my phone upon inspection had scratches all over the device which freaked me out because it has no scrapes so when i listened to that they told me the front the inside along with the back and the joint all had scratches and afterwards finally they told me i would certainly be obtaining called by the fixing facility they called me on i assume it was a saturday morning as well as they informed me concerning that charge i claimed what’s going on i said because i i listened to that the tool was damaged despite the fact that it has no scrapes and as i told all of you it’s lived its entire life in a situation and also never been gone down or submerged in fluid or gotten wet period as well as that represented an agent that was absolutely horrible she was based out of the u.s um i presume well i’m not mosting likely to assume in what telephone call center i really did not ask however i i number someplace in the south she after that took place to tell me that my phone had fluid damages and i said well that’s difficult as well as she stated to me well it doesn’t need to splash to actually have liquid

damage at the connector she actually took place to tell me that i could have sweat as well as damaged my gadget you heard right so we’re to the point that samsung wants to inform you and also incidentally i samsung’s not the only one that’ll compose this sort of um every producer will and also that’s one thing i wish to claim this is not in defensive samsung it’s in my experience there is no company on this earth that regrettably i’m not mosting likely to state that they do not back up their items however that won’t put you via a little bit of hell to get a resolution and anybody who tells you in a different way is a fanboy or woman due to the fact that it’s just a reality of life and also you can take it from me so if anyone chips in as well as states well with apple this doesn’t take place apple in fact created the whole strategy that samsung is complying with of course uh this is just regrettably component of the service a an essential wickedness so to talk at any type of price uh that depictive continued to tell me that it would be 107 or they’ll deliver the phone back i asked her where we would go from there are there any information did they even check what the trouble was she stated i don’t also recognize what the issue is with the phone i stated well it concerns

the wi-fi radio not operating as well as she stated well all she has you recognize is that bill as well as if i do not pay it they will simply deliver the phone back and i stated well yet what does that mean if i pay that costs are we then mosting likely to have an additional expense since that’s just for them to really analyze it because they’ve informed me now that my service warranty is stayed clear of because evidently i sweat huge and also i sweat right into the jack you understand that’s what i’m recognized for if you really did not recognize that and she basically said yeah i stated so this is a mining exploration as well as she said yeah i don’t know if that was a freudian slip and also she had you know or she was just not paying atten attention and also was yesting me but in any case it was a scary call that entered circles since she just could not give me any kind of details she was generally a human sales register due to the fact that all she was seeking to do was accumulate payment i believe what made it worse was had she simply stated to me look i’m simply here to collect settlement and i recognize nothing i would certainly have said i understand however instead she pretended to understand things like when she started telling me that i probably sweat into it and damaged it and afterwards when i i mean basically she did harm to herself by trying to pretend she recognized what she was speaking about which just showed

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that she does this with every customer she makes the most of which is useless on her component even if she’s being advised to do so you can still naturally pertained to the table with a little bit a lot more than the playbook anyway naturally i obtained off the phone with her and also i stated hold the tool i’ll recall if i’m going to pay to take the following action i wish to get in touch with treatment plus and also that was the following thing since after all i had a year of care plus service i’ve never handled samsung care plus yet this was the following rodeo currently when i spoke with them they were very friendly as well as i clarified to them what had actually taken place right here with samsung declaring that the guarantee was void or nullified which that was difficult the representative said to me look i’m not mosting likely to charge you the 250 insurance deductible because it’s a maker problem i claimed i value that i stated however i said i’m not going to accept a reconditioned gadget since my gadget remains in best problem which it is no scratches no nothing it is excellent the wi-fi does not function however that is it and also

that’s a problem he stated that’s not a problem we’ll send out a new gadget um you may obtain a text you understand etc the following day a tool was shipped i resembled wow i wish i had talked with them from the extremely beginning because well i would certainly have simply got my phone as well as never ever undergone any of the frustration that i did go via with an overall of like a fifty percent a dozen phones call to samsung’s typical guarantee support and afterwards that terrible solution facility associate after that the gadget gets here as well as certainly it is refurbished now it’s actually clean i indicate a little of scuffs a few occasionally however even the joint feels stiff i’ve tossed my sim in it currently and that’s due to the fact that the min you get a device from care plus you have 10 days to return the initial tool so if i don’t start essentially interviewing this one i’ll never understand if it’s good despite the fact that i do not desire a refurb as well as i gotten to out to the insurer to assorian to say you understand you sent me a refurb as well as they stated well that’s all we send out i after that obtained a supervisor on the line likewise in the u.s and i explained the whole situation and she said we do not send brand-new phones and i said that’s not real i said you do it’s based upon stock as well as i was assured by the rep that i spoke to i was getting a new phone not a refurb or else i would have never ever approved it she

comprehended that she stated i’ll place in notes and reveal that you desire a new phone and i really feel severely that they’re even phrasing it this way it’s not concerning what i want it’s concerning what’s ideal versus incorrect it’s not about my assumption i didn’t drop this i really did not get it wet i didn’t break it if i did any of those things i are entitled to a refurb truthfully because that’s the means the insurance coverage organization functions whether you like it or not i recognize it that’s what you’re getting entailed with in this situation i not did anything incorrect i do not deserve somebody else’s return or whatever you intend to call it at any type of rate she stated she’ll put it with new claim i have to ship back this tool when that is available in once more the very same 10-day dancing and also i claimed okay now the only catch there is is that naturally she still is not guaranteed they’re mosting likely to send me a brand-new tool so currently the question becomes do i get to out to business uh you understand to a pr network and simply clarify to them what has actually happened you recognize just how much of my time do i intend to buy this show and also that’s really what it’s come to be as well as it’s sad because this is my favored tool anyone that adheres to the channel knows i love it a great candy bar phone that opens up right into a nearly eight inch tablet computer in your pocket of

program what is meant to have ipx8 water resistance for approximately thirty minutes in a meter and a fifty percent however i never ever even got it damp as well as they’re claiming liquid damage so collaborate with that i indicate i had so many comments back on my z-fold too which is still working like a champ that despite the fact that it does not have an ip score it can endure water damages well do not test that considering what samsung’s declaring right here currently do i believe this is a fraudulent insurance claim on samsung’s component of course i do due to the fact that the only other circumstances i located of this wi-fi secret issue an individual it was actually i think it got on samsung online forums i do not keep in mind where i saw it same exact issue the only circumstances i can discover on the whole net as well as basically they sent it into samsung and also samsung put them with over 500 of fixings for that wi-fi radio and also they voided their service warranty declaring water intrusion fluid damage which naturally is not covered much like unintended damage it falls right into that world so i sort of saw this coming however wanted to believe the best in samsung that they wouldn’t attempt to do that but with me they were also worse due to the fact that they did not really reach offering me a price quote they simply struck me

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with an estimate for getting a price quote in other words that 107 as i asked that rep from the repair service center was simply the beginning it was i pay a cost to after that take place a mining exploration as i call it and also she agreed as i specified so we’ll see where this goes next i suggest and also by the means i wouldn’t get to out to pr uh as a result of what i do right here on the channel it’s what i did prior to i ever before was entailed with youtube if i had an item as well as points failed at the client service level i went to corporate which’s because i understand that even if one arm of a firm does not back up their product doesn’t imply that the company does not guarantee their item so you offer producers a 2nd opportunity now not everyone has the time or the will to do something like that so certainly not an adventure for everyone as well as myself now i’m fed up enough i actually do not intend to go that path yet we’re going to see just how it plays out either means i will certainly need to ship this back which is unfortunate yet you recognize i can’t keep a loser that has no wi-fi capacity

that’s exactly how we got right here and also this set appears all right yet again obtaining a refurb for something that should not be a refurb in my opinion is quite disturbing currently i was curious for any of you that have the z vol 3 and also have gone through care plus have you gotten a brand-new device undoubtedly you most likely have not especially if you damaged the phone because they have no responsibility to give you one simply as they truly have no commitment below with me and it’s an issue of principle which they don’t always have so we’ll see exactly how it plays out um it is a little bit of a show now luckily i have actually had my z-fold 2 to hold me over which if i didn’t i would have had no phone which is really awful on samsung’s part their representatives also stated to me do you have a replacement phone and i claimed of course and also they said that’s excellent i stated what if i didn’t and also they were like we wouldn’t be able to help you so i seemed like claiming well after that why did you ask that that makes absolutely no feeling at any type of price i desire i had far better news for you i’ll repeat this isn’t only a samsung trouble again every supplier is going to make your life a little bit of hell some are much better than others yet these days with just how subcontracted to 3rd parties typically the starting the initial a number of layers of client assistance are you may even hear the very same hold songs you understand it resembles you can not.

escape the heck that is consumer support consumer support has never ever had a fantastic reputation in any type of organization yet it’s only gotten worse since course costs and also expenses proceed to be pressed till you recognize they practically do not exist any longer so this is all while i’m still evaluating the tab s8 ultra over there which is wonderful i don’t now despise samsung as an outcome but it’s fascinating since a great deal of you that enjoy my material think that i’m a fan boy of sammy see what i did there just for you however the reality is is that i appreciate products that are made truly well in this instance i’m not having a fun time with the wi-fi but child did i see many posts when i went via the care plus experience forums concerning people with the black line down the center of the display and the samsung instantly essentially recognizes scrapes on the phone and after that spaces their guarantee as well as i get that that completely draws yet i have to claim that i have actually not had that issue so them pointing to scrapes on your display screen when you have a flaw that you may or may not be in charge of on the display and also i’m not stating you are accountable for it to be truly actually clear i obtain where they have something to base on with screwing you yet with this the wi-fi radio amazingly passing away and after that indicating fluid damage if there is larger let me understand due to the fact that i’m not knowledgeable about any type of and also i’m simply the incorrect person to screw with on.

this not due to the fact that i’m going to go after them yet it’s just i understand what i’m dealing with again it’s simple to deceive or hoodwink individuals that have no clue however when you do it to someone that clearly does you’re type of asking for a quick kick in the ass anyway that concludes where i’m at today wish me good luck hopefully points boost uh my acknowledgements go out to anybody that got the run about on you understand the black line down the center because that is certainly a program once again on an 1800 device that they truly ought to be guaranteeing but in the very same vein you know there possibly is a method to easily make that occur by placing pressure on the spinal column or the screen i do not know all i know is you recognize i’m obviously almost two years into owning this as well as i have actually never had any kind of concerns like that as well as with this tool additionally no problems so i’m not stating it’s user mistake or customer based but it’s definitely more dubious than a wi-fi radio ceasing to work currently that does not imply that there isn’t some some kind of issue with the fold that they find out about yet unless anybody’s going to actually reveal interior.

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memos about that conjecture is exactly that purely speculation this on the other hand i imply simply indicating liquid damages i i sort of i knew they were mosting likely to try to draw that based upon that a person other individual on the web and they were predictably monotonous on this and also irritating so sorry regarding the tirade um i wonder to see you recognize if i will really obtain a new device however i really did not tell you that that manager when she created the case for the replacement on the refurb essentially uh strike me with a sworn statement it flagged or set off immediately with the insurance claim that needs me to give picture id receipt despite the fact that obviously this is from samsung and the care plus is with samsung so it’s all on their publications i recognize this is an additional firm yet it’s still under the umbrella of treatment plus so begin get it together why would certainly i offer this things i suggest i’m gon na have to yet photo id evidence of acquisition and also after that if i have a police record i need to create up i.

imply i do not because it’s right here this wasn’t swiped but undoubtedly that’s what it’s created for shed or swiped so i don’t understand why they’re placing me via more work yet possibly that’s the documentation for getting a brand-new gadget i have no idea i do not think it is i assume i’m simply getting the run around however that rounds it out you know i don’t have any type of various other ideas regarding how this might have taken place i’m just pissed off like anybody would certainly be in this circumstance and also i like every one of you available have these issues and also you recognize when you experience high quantity of electronic devices it’s bound to happen it’s probability it draws but it belongs to life we’re fortunate to be below as well as that’s the way you got to consider it past that the only various other thing i could think about is that i did see one video with 30 some strange views that’s just how hopeless i was discussing talking instances sticky messing up a 5g radio on the z full 3. now i did have talking case uh two situations the thin fit p and the other one’s the neo hybrid compromise and also you understand no damage from it as well as i don’t assume the wi-fi radio is here i suggest this is the antenna to my understanding uh from the 5g or it becomes part of the 5g radios antenna to ensure that’s more logical yet i’m simply placing that available due to the fact that both he as well as i were utilizing speaking cases with sticky i do not think that is any kind of uh significance to the situation see what i did there any type of questions or remarks please really feel free to upload them hit that like button and as typical please really feel totally free to subscribe and also please remain risk-free later.

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