Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Update Part 2

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share yet another update on my experience with the samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra i’ll start off today’s video by letting all of you know that in my opinion this is the best tablet ever made so in spite of its high price you are getting an incredibly dynamic offering and that’s coming from someone who originally thought there was no way that this tab s7 plus would possibly be traded in and after using this since launch i can now tell you i’m more confident than ever that there’s no way for me to go back to a smaller form factor now for many of you the tab s7 plus which has been updated with the tab s8 plus is the sweet spot but obviously you are not the people carrying a tablet in your pocket and there’s nothing wrong with that but coming from someone like me that is accustomed to having a nearly eight inch tablet now in its third generation with the z fold line it’s tough for me to justify not having the largest tablet it’s something where 12.4 was great but you know as time passed i found myself using my laptops my ultrabooks that were slightly larger more often than the tablet simply because i was carrying a tablet in my pocket now right but with something like this this has given fresh life to using a tablet for me personally and i think for many of you as well who’ve been waiting for a larger form factor well then has ever existed and yes i am not including the galaxy view that is not a premium tablet it was a piece of

junk for the most part and that’s why we haven’t seen a new version in years now with that out of the way let’s jump into some of the things that make this amazing so first and foremost besides that display you know we have a competent processor the snapdragon 8 gen 1 is good a little bit of thermal throttling because samsung decided to make this a five and a half millimeter thick or thin design making it thinner than the ipad yes you heard right but the s pen is another reason that this tablet is phenomenal so if you’re a student if you’re an artist you’re going to appreciate the ability to essentially do whatever you possibly could want from a note taking or hobby uh angle with a device like this more importantly since that’s not a new thing but with a device this size and one thing i can say i’m not the artist in the family my other half is is that i always found tablets to be fairly small when it came to actually trying to you know use them for digital art but now with a device like this you’re operating at a whole different scale and that definitely has a great appeal i think for anyone who is again taking notes even it doesn’t have to be an artistic inclination it just has to be someone who feels that you know they want to be able to do more now on this note i will say and there’s no samsung note anymore so it’s not cute i don’t like the placement of this button neither does my other half when

you’re using the pen it’s inevitable that you kind of are going to accidentally press it it just gets in the way so samsung if you’re listening and again i have no affiliation with samsung i purchased this device that’s why i’m doing a trade-in folks in fact there’s no samsung device i’ve ever covered in my 10 years of being here on youtube that has been gifted to me or you know given to me for review as a loner so just for anyone thinking that i’m somehow employed by samsung you can get off that train immediately so i’m not in love with that i’m also not in love with the notch and i’ll get to that a little bit later but again for artists students even just someone in a corporate environment that wants to be able to take notes this to me is better than the ipad pro simply because you have more screen real estate so while apple has more apps optimized for pen input which is a great advantage and that’s mostly the only advantage that apple has left and i’ll get to why because from a software perspective samsung has outclassed them at this point you know i think having more screen real estate for writing and drawing for some users is going to be more important than merely having several more apps to utilize and of course that’s on a case-by-case basis but something still worth pointing out so i really like what has been done here i think you know we’re in a whole another realm so moving

away from that and it doesn’t hurt that we have that 120 hertz refresh rate or that samsung has worked actively to give us more of a pen to paper experience with feedback so that it doesn’t just feel like you’re drawing on glass even though you are just drawing on glass so let’s go ahead and go out of the pen application suite that was just pen up which comes with the tablet of course but because we have a 16 by 10 aspect ratio that’s one of the ways i have been able personally to get over this notch because the notch right there that cut out uh for two of the four cameras is something that i think is a very poor move when it comes to design but because you will never be watching any content on this machine that will actually utilize that that at least by default is a 16 by 9 aspect ratio now here you can see it is filling the frame but that’s the thumbnail as soon as i start to hit play it is not filling the frame and you can see we have letterboxing up here and down at the bottom and that’s because this is 16×9 content not 16×10 now there is a way inside of samsung’s one ui to mask this by essentially doing this creating a black bar across the top i’ll show you that in settings and for some of you that’ll be necessary for me personally not necessary and again that’s because most content you’re going to consume is 16×9 and this is a

content consumption dream netflix hbo max youtube you’re gonna love this thing i mean it’s that’s just the truth of the story and part of it is how great the speakers are also another thing that you can say are better than what you will find on any apple competing product aka the ipad pro take a listen make sure the volume is all the way up i mean it’s just a gorgeous device what else can i tell you go ahead and pause that and one of the really great things about this is that you don’t have to give up battery life uh you know when i first saw the specs on this my concern was such a large display high refresh rate we’re screwed well we’re not uh anywhere from seven to ten hours depending on your screen brightness and use case that to me is right where it needed to be so again great overall experience but where does samsung really kill it you already know it has an amazing display it has great cameras i only really care about these for video conferencing you know the two on the back are also really good but again video conferencing is the key and apple you know putting them in the portrait position to me is incredibly stupid that’ll probably be part of their revision once they get a larger tablet to market which i don’t think is going to be too far away now

that there is true competition for the first time and really there was true competition with the tab s6 and tab s7 plus it just didn’t get the buzz that this tablet has finally reigned in because frankly just like folding devices apple users now have something to look at that you know apple doesn’t have a product to offer them in place of and that’s really where i think people are forced to jump ship and that’s because when technology companies decide to sit on their hands whether it’s apple getting lazy in their world of mobile computing intel getting lazy microsoft getting lazy they all pay the price does it mean they’re going to go away or fall apart no but it does mean they’re going to have to change strategy and samsung has taken so much of the pie from you know other corporations as uh as has uh you know companies like when you look at mobile computing specifically smartphones i mean what a huge miss by so many manufacturers that you would have expected to be at the top of that business but i digress another quick sample i’ll stick to you know lg in this case and their demos but just gorgeous stuff [Music] and the audio quality again stellar bring that up here [Music] be [Music] all right i’m gonna stop that i mean if there’s any doubt about content consumption erase it now because you’re going to love this there’s no question this device will blow you away it’s better than anything you’ve ever used i mean yes there are laptops that can outperform it but this isn’t a laptop and none of those machines of course can touch the weight 1.6 for the tablet roughly two when you have this whole package now the keyboard cover really expensive at 350 but if you’re spending 1100 1200 or 1400 on this tablet i think you’re gonna bite the bullet especially

since the pre-order uh offer of getting a free keyboard cover is gone it was a great deal but as i stated in my last update you know part of throwing a gift or a bone to early adopters that on the back end people who waited you know to see reviews like the one you’re watching now you’re not going to be punished because in all likelihood this product is going to go down in price so even if this stays at 350 you’ll recoup it somewhere in the price of the tablet not being launched crazy pricing anymore now for those of you wondering do i need to get you know this model which is the 12 gig of ram 256 gig internal storage that’s priced at 1200 it’s the middle of the road of the three models i think it’s the best i mean personally it’s what i would go with that’s why you’re watching it right now it’s the one i picked because i felt for the pricing it was the best uh that money could buy and that’s because i think the 1400 model with 16 gigs of ram and 512 is over the top and of course the entry level at 1100 with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage i felt was a little underwhelming i’ll explain my logic when it comes to all three models you’re going to get the same performance for the most part okay yes the top of the line has more storage and more ram and

this somewhere along the middle this more closely matches what i’m accustomed to with the z fold line so what that tells me and i would say this about anyone who uses a smartphone every day which is the majority of humans on this planet if you find your experience to be good with that device and it has similar specifications to the tablet you can expect similar performance so since my z-fold 3 has 12 gigs of ram a very similar processor very similar amount of internal storage and is running one ui it’s safe to assume and it’s already been proven to my experience with this that the experience here is going to be very good and that has been the case now will your experience be good with the entry level sure as long as you do not need more ram which means you won’t be uh you know desiring more headroom for more multitasking that means running many uh apps at the same time and still expecting performance to say stay solid then you don’t really need the 12 or 16 gigs the next question you need to answer for yourself is is the 128 gigs of internal storage enough for you you know you

know that’s another question it’s like my current z-fold 3 has 512 gigs of internal storage so i went for the middle route again because i think 256 is going to be enough because it’s not my phone it’s my tablet it’s a secondary device my phone is my primary so if 128 is enough for you if you don’t use anywhere near that amount on your current smartphone then go with the entry level uh likewise if you know that you multitask a lot and you’re going to need as much ram as possible and as much internal storage that’s what the next two models are for but remember you’ll get the same display same processor same overall experience same battery life same speaker same cameras and of course the same computing experience when picking up the keyboard so don’t get too caught up in that thinking you have to spend the most this isn’t an apple product you don’t need to spend the most to get a great experience beyond that uh another thing that i think everyone needs to be aware of is that there’s been a lot of talk about this being too big to be practical i think you already know from my point of view it’s quite the opposite it’s big enough to be practical in fact that may end up being the title of this video because for me as i already stated carrying tablets you know phones that can become tablets in my pocket i need something large enough to justify being a tablet at this point and i think

that’s why samsung has come full circle with a device like this that is nearly as big as an ultrabook and that’s why for me it blurs the line more than any tablet before it now many apple users are saying oh i want you know the tab s8 plus is amazing i totally get it as i stated it’s because they didn’t realize how good the tab s7 pluses now i personally can’t recommend this only because meaning the tab s8 plus it’s literally this device they even are selling the exact same keyboard cover for it uh for the s8 plus that originally launched with this device the s7 plus the reason being is that well really all they did was upgrade the internals because they didn’t have to do anything else i mean you could have made the argument that this device was better than the ipad simply because of software and again i think that you know going with the s8 plus it’s just not a game-changing product and really that just signals you haven’t been looking at the competition which i’m glad you are now whatever it takes so let’s talk about software touchwiz it’s history it used to be the kiss of kiss of death for samsung now it is a blessing for all of us i mean when you look at what apple has done once they establish

dominance in the tablet realm they left it to to developers and pretty much washed their hands of investing more time and money in that operating system i mean it took a long time for multitasking to become a thing and even once it did it’s still lackluster compared to what you can do here and i’ve shown before you know what you can accomplish with multitasking if you want to open multiple apps it’s very easy to do so even if you want to go with multiple instances of different apps it can be done of course and it just works beautifully the resizing of windows i mean look google dropped the ball on android tablets the proverbial of the bed if you will they really abandoned something they never should have just because they weren’t seeing the return they wanted samsung took that opportunity and they really worked their butts off and that’s what this you know represents touchwiz went from cancer to the savior of samsung’s mobile business it’s not just because samsung makes great hardware anymore it’s also because they make the best software now they didn’t reinvent uh a platform but they sort of did because they went from an overlay to i think really reestablishing what android could do or defining it dex you know it used to be something many of us considered a beta years ago now it’s the standard in my opinion yet again for a near dual boot experience in a mobile os so to have this

windows like performance where instead of you know looking at just android in its phone-like state on a 14.6 inch display you now have a true suite of software that handles what you’re doing the way a computer would and i think it’s great and speaking to you know some of the internal specifications not specifications but rather settings that you can change like i was mentioning before you know dealing with the actual full screen apps can’t do it inside of decks because inside of decks everything is going to be windowed and you can control that to your heart’s content but inside of the traditional os this is where you’re going to modify that so i’ll probably take us back there later but just everything that has been done here is such a stark difference from uh traditional android experiences and yes app development i’ll be the first to say it needs to be picked up you know the devs have to see a way to make money in order to be inspired and i think they will now finally that we’ve got an android tablet that’s better than

anything on the market and it’s selling out to prove it so that you know once they see dollar signs they develop that’s why apple has such a great ecosystem uh it’s not just because they’re brilliant you know credit is due they’ve gotten it there’s no question about it and now i think we’re going to see the tide turn we’re going to see developers come but regardless of that samsung has ensured that we’re looking at a better overall experience so again when it comes to multitasking when it comes to different general tasks those of you who’ve tried both you already know if you’ve tried a latest and greatest version of what samsung has done with one ui on top of android especially here with 12 that it’s more efficient it’s smoother now most apple users don’t know this and they are completely confident in that glass house of believing that it cannot be chipped away but it’s already been destroyed it’s just a matter of time and as apple users migrate to this device it’s not going to be about comparing it or who you’re a fan of it’s about you’re spending your hard-earned money you want to get a product that reflects that and reputation only goes so far i don’t mean that just for apple for samsung too they don’t always make a great product they make

turds too don’t worry no one is immune from making turds in fact we all do it don’t we no you know no joke or pun intended there it’s the truth and it applies to every manufacturer none of them are perfect but samsung has just done an excellent job uh it’s something where there’s very little to criticize on this device and that’s why most people are talking about two things only two that’s it either that it’s too heavy or that it’s not bright enough and both of those i feel are bs simply because again what tablet do you use that you hold all day or that you hold for long stretches i mean if you’re on a commute i get it but even there depending on what you’re commuting on there might be a way to prop it up on your lap for example pretty easy with a kickstand not the most ideal a la surface pro we all know how that goes but it’s doable if you’re at home i mean i’m never holding this tablet really or the tab s7 plus or any generation before it because again they all have a way to be you know put on a stand or use a kickstand that they have natively so i’m just not finding this argument that it’s it’s too big i

mean this thing is so thin and so lightweight if you want to drop it in a bag it’s not like taking a laptop with you it’s not even like taking an ultrabook with you even though it is directly attempting to replace that ultrabook so but remember an ultrabook that has a nearly 15 inch display and you know again it’s just it has something for everyone it is a one size fits all in the same way the ipad is except it’s more feature rich it fits even more sizes if you will so again i don’t have an issue this is always you know even if i pull the keyboard off which by the way another major improvement that i didn’t mention but i did in the last i started off we have backlighting now we have a larger trackpad if i go ahead and show you the keyboard from the s7 plus which was the best samsung had ever done at the time you can see there’s a pretty big difference here pretty big and again that’s without taking into account the back lighting the back lighting is just a total game changer because i mean that was just kind of unacceptable for the price point in my opinion you know back lighting should be there and now with a 350 keyboard well there’s no way to argue it but if you go with the tab s8 plus you will not be getting the back lighting that’s another reason i just i i don’t know how people are looking past that but build quality is excellent you

have storage expansion which i haven’t mentioned in this video but i have previously right there you can pop in a micro sd card take it up to a terabyte of additional storage if you want that’s the largest capacity on the market volume rocker power button the fingerprint scanner is built in to the display speakers microphone the pogo port for attachments such as the keyboard cover that i’m using presently on it and that’s pretty much it i mean outside of of course it’s type c charger now let’s talk about charging this accepts 45 watt uh or supports 45 watt delivery and i’ll be covering some 45 watt chargers that i got in recently that i think will be of interest to sami users especially since they don’t include a charger which i could complain about i mean i don’t think it’s incredibly uh nice of them that they do that but it also isn’t the end of the world you know they claim they’re doing it to

protect the world and you know i’ve got a lot of them so maybe they’re making a valid point about that but even if you don’t they’re not that expensive to pick up you can get a 65 watt charger on amazon for like 30 bucks and you’re in business and it’ll take you like you know under 100 minutes to charge this thing up so i don’t think that’s bad i’m going to try more chargers and see if i can do better depending on models of course your s pen does charge actively pocketed in the pocket as you can see extra cameras there on the back which i don’t really need but they’re there just in case and then something i want to talk about on pricing and that’s how i’m wrapping up today’s video because i’m not going to be doing the gaming demo but of course you know if you want a game i have a subscription to geforce now excellent way to turn this 14.6 inch tablet into a gaming beast not on an android platform which to me is not really what i want to play i’m a pc gamer console gamer essentially my entire life going

back to atari so that dates me doesn’t it but i think most of you already know probably where i where i lie but this xbox game pass ultimate for pc i’ll probably be doing a demo with both of those because this is ideal you know at my age and with my experience in life i don’t want to game on tiny screens there are many of you out there that do i mean i’m not a teenager i’m not a 20 something so i’ve really made it clear so bigger is better when it comes to gaming and you know i already have corrective lenses on my head so it’s like come on i don’t want a game on a tiny screen i mean my primary monitor is a 48 inch oled so i mean i think you get the picture i want a larger display to do any form of gaming this might actually get me to do some mobile gaming on a tablet and with a display like this battery life and overall capability excellent but move away from gaming okay let’s do that

let’s talk and this is where i close things about that price because i’ve already mentioned it’s really expensive yes i do feel this is a great example of getting what you pay for because everything is top notch on it however it’s still really expensive right you could go for something completely different if that’s what you’re after like a regular laptop and get more functionality for less money that’s just a fact of life right it’s all about how you want to spend it but three uses that i think people overlook is that if you were to go out and get a portable monitor that was a 15 inch panel an oled touch screen like this even though this is not 15 exactly and it’s not 4k a little less than 4k clearly more like 2k to 3k you’d be set back about seven eight hundred dollars and that would be from a no-name manufacturer in fact i’ve had a lot of those companies reach out to me not to review the oleds yet because they’re still very niche but they’re out there so and you can use this as a monitor very easily i’ll be demoing that in a second then

when you think of it as a graphics or drawing tablet if you were to get a dedicated product in that category you’re also going to be spending like a you know close to a thousand dollars for something with this sort of capability then take into account that it is a tablet with latest and greatest components and well we already know tablets set you back well a thousand dollars on average i would say at this point when they’re premium so when you take into account the three different identities that this can possess and the fact that it can ultimately end up also being an ultrabook in in essence it’s really easy to see how something like this can retail for over a thousand dollars it doesn’t mean i agree with it but it can be justified now just to throw out there a little bit of performance here i’m gonna go ahead and just give you one last demo uh before we wrap things up and hopefully the

audio has been okay in spite of the microphone being pointed away i forgot there that i pointed it towards the machine for audio performance we’re gonna find out if that you know ended up essentially dragging my audio through the mud but i just wanted to show you what it was like to utilize this as a secondary display so i’m gonna go ahead and just open up super display and by the way you can do this natively with windows as well i may make a dedicated video for this for anyone that’s interested but you can see right now i am just going to connect to it or at least it should i’m gonna go ahead and open up uh super display and there we have it up it’s connecting to you can see i’ve got a secondary monitor so just like that instantly i have another display which i think is pretty brilliant to have that immediately and of course you have touch input because this is super display you can see by touching that you can lock the touch input so this is something that on its

own again i think gives a lot of novelty and of course you can do this for free i’m going to go ahead and disconnect i’m going to actually just shut off the wi-fi you can this is not purchased yet i’m just demoing it here on dummy account but this is something you can obviously do for free using windows right you can do that you don’t need to buy a piece of software but keep in mind when you do that you don’t have touch input so if touch input matters and i’ll give you a good example again my other half works in architecture and often needs to make notes on projects because this can act as a secondary monitor with pen input and trust me i cover a lot of displays that claim to do that but they aren’t tablets that have all these capabilities like the s8 ultra she can make those markups using something like super display not have to go through the process of printing out projects marking them up scanning them back into the system so she’s cut all of that out make her markups on here and be able to share those instantly in a pdf i mean it can change the way you work depending on what you do now for me having that pen input is nice it doesn’t change the way i work because here i am

working with all of you but again it’s just another example of what makes this tablet really unique so it’s expensive but it is absolutely a game changer in my opinion especially if you’re coming like me from the tab s7 plus you’re going to be happy yes the performance isn’t going to be an incredible difference but everything else again the display the form factor the cameras uh having that large display for the pen it’s all there so if they truly could make a bigger version of the tab s7 plus they’ve done it even though it’s of course in the eighth generation and right now it’s easy for me to recommend really easy i didn’t think that would be the case when i first ordered this i have to tell you i really didn’t think i would be this emphatic about it i thought it was just going to be a larger device and yes i’d been waiting for that for many years and i thought because i’d been waiting so long the novelty had worn off but instead here i am telling all of you how this is the best tablet and one of the best pieces of tech on the market here in 2021 any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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