Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti – Extreme Power at an Extreme Price

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the nvidia geforce rtx 3090 ti this gpu launched roughly one month ago at the end of march 2022 with a suggested retail price of 1999 us dollars and i just purchased one well actually it was roughly one week ago i’ll include a link in the description these are available and that might be the best part about it now don’t get me wrong the performance is amazing it’s the best on earth right now especially if you’re looking for a hybrid gpu that can do both meaning not just gaming but any form of content creation deep learning i mean this is something that knocks most uh quadro options clear off the block and that’s what makes it so unique however it’s only five to ten percent more performance than you will get out of the 30 90 that precedes it so where does that leave you you might ask why would you want to consider this for 500 more than the 30 90.

Well let’s talk about availability good luck finding a 30 90 and that’s where i would start first so if like me you’re after performance in that class you will not find a 3090 but you will be able to find one of these ridiculously large ridiculously powerful gpus here in 2022 and the next thing you might say is well what about a 3080 ti well at 1200 definitely a value oriented gpu granted it’s very expensive but when you think of overall performance however those are sold out as well and then when you step down to the 30 80 i feel like you’re dropping into another class there’s nothing wrong with the 3080 the 3080 really will address i feel like you know 99 of the gamers out there and probably be more than they need and by the way the packaging on this is excellent um i’m still talking but this gpu is just a piece of art i mean as far as i’m concerned i’ve watched nvidia grow over the years now for over 20 and i think i started following them in the late 90s when i was also you know in love with 3dfx and you know ati had its place too but of course it’s in a much better place now and to see nvidia come

this far is amazing of course again this card makes no sense at its price for its performance in the context of the other gpus that nvidia makes but availability the fact that a 3090 right now if you want a founder’s edition especially is going to be marked up to about the same price as this you certainly wouldn’t consider it however from a power standpoint we’re getting a preview of what is to come so this gpu if i can even pull it out of this package and this weighs about five pounds this monster i’m gonna put this aside we’ll come back to the the packaging 450 watts is uh the draw on this card now that is up from the 350 uh the 30 90 so a 100 watt jump and this is part of the reason nvidia is calling this a titan class card or a bf gpu which you can speculate what that stands for i know what nvidia says it stands for i have a different theory but you know a big you know what gpu but the point here is is that we are getting a bit of a look into the future and for anyone during this video that was thinking well why not just wait until the end of this year you know fourth quarter for the announcement of the new generation you know the 4000 series presumably that’s always good in theory and look nvidia’s come an incredibly long way from you know the 20 plus years that i’ve followed them but one thing is certain even though the shortage uh in the gpu realm market is not the same today as it was at the

beginning of the pandemic and we’re not going through the mining craze that we were through the pandemic i still don’t have great confidence that it’s going to be very easy to get one of those 4000 series gpus at the end of the year possibly into the first or second quarter of next year so again if you want the best of the best that will likely be for roughly a year in terms of availability not in terms of existence that’s what the 3090 ti represents and with that new power threshold we’re getting a really solid look at what is to come now the minimum power supply recommended by nvidia is 850 watts i’ve covered from hp pre-built with 3090s that had 650 watt power supplies so i’m probably going to have to do a brand new build for this 3090ti and frankly doing anything less wouldn’t do it justice i game strictly in 4k i have for years this is probably the first gpu that’s really going to deliver on that and that’s not to say the 30 90 can’t it can you can achieve 60 frames in most titles at ultra but this is going to give me just a little more headroom and again with the faster clock speed more cuda cores granted it’s like 256 more you are getting the best of everything and it kind of reminds me the size of this thing of the titan z i mean four slots generally speaking for these

cards this one is looking like three and this is mounted on there well we’ve got i don’t want to damage this but we’ve got as you may have already noticed essentially one hdmi 2.1 and then displayport across the entire row there ventilation the air the hot air that this card is producing will come directly out of the back of the case i think from a design standpoint that’s brilliant and you’ve got you know two fans total doing exactly what they should and from a design perspective the founders edition in my opinion is always the nicer version granted you’ll lose a little performance going with the founders edition as opposed to the overclockable gpus that you’ll get from partners but i’ve always preferred these to the alternative because the performance difference fairly minimal um and of course i’d rather have the product per you know nvidia’s design spec that’s not a knock at any other manufacturer i mean those cards are great but they all generally look like toys now on the power side and the reason i’ve stated this is a look into the future for us is that not only is this as mentioned much more power hungry uh than the 30 90 that it builds upon i keep saying that instead of succeeds but it really does kind of succeed it because can’t get a 30 90.

Founders edition is that we have now instead of two eight pin connectors we have a 12 pin technically a 16 pin give you a close-up of that and to be very different and we’re all going to need much more power on the supply side but then when it comes to the included cables let’s take a look it should be right here in this adorable little package we’ve got what should be our 16 uh to thr well really 12 but we can call it 16 to what will be eight or at least i think it’s going to be in here and there it is three eight pin connectors let me go ahead and pull that out without damaging anything now the run on this cable is pretty short and that’s one thing i wish nvidia would have looked at a little bit differently in this situation uh this is a gigantic card incredibly powerful but we now have three of these and just to give perspective on the power consumption here i with my custom build have been able to upgrade gpus because i was a titan user what is it now in 2015 2016 that meant with an 850 watt supply and cycling parts my power

supply and gpu could always upgrade or rather i wouldn’t have a problem upgrading gpus until now so that’s what we’re looking at here so for the first time since 2017 my power supply is which is 800 it’s a corsair uh 850 watt supply looks like it’s not it not looks like it’s not enough i’m going to need more headroom especially if i go with 12th gen or eventually implement a 13th gen cpu here from intel um so it’s just one of those things where be prepared for next gen so that’s another thing everybody’s talking about waiting this is going to be in your future this little octopus tentacle is coming and you are going to need more power that is really clear and it’s not going to be pretty because as you see when this actually connects it’s sitting on the front of your card and not the front but of course if this is mounted like that now it’s the front right and without breaking one of the fans here this is going to be plugged in right there make sure i have the

orientation proper but it would be like this and so that’s going to be sitting there and you’re going to wire this down it’s going to be kind of ugly in spite of how much i was just bragging about the overall aesthetic of the founders edition cards are but it’s just something to be aware of so um i’m thinking at least a thousand watts i’ve been looking at some 1600 watt evga supplies which are overkill that’s mostly what miners use but you know with a gpu like this it might be warranted and then you’ve got the sli bridge right here i’m not even going to pop it off that is not something that i personally will be doing i don’t think we have anything else in the box i mean really what this amounts to again is just best-in-class raw performance and then for those of you that actually want to use this for uh you know any sort of creative endeavor you’ve got the best in the business i mean that is why i think this gpu should be a little bit more popular you know and i’m it’s i’m kind of joking because you know at two thousand dollars it’s totally

ridiculous like i said at the top of the video but as we go through whatever changes are going forward with the pandemic many of you may think it’s done but if you look at china right now and this is not i’m not trying to worry anybody let’s just be realistic there are shutdowns in play right now and you know most of these components made in china partners in taiwan if these shutdowns continue you know things are not going to be loose there aren’t going to be as many gpus out there and then in addition that by the way cool that this got its own quick start guide because that didn’t need to happen but in addition to that you’re also you know we’re facing an economy an economic position now that is not going to help anything so there are a lot of factors playing into this that could potentially equate to as i just lose a piece of paper that could equate to this gpu hanging on to its title longer than expected for most users just because of the inability if you will to acquire what i presume will be any upper tier gpu from the 4000

series so i’m not saying you’re going to have trouble getting a 4090 although i do think those are going to sell out if that’s what they’re called i think all of them will sell out but you know historically the seven or eight series is going to knock off um the 90 but because this is a ti expect i’m expecting it’s going to be the 8 series so if the 40 4080 outperforms this at half the price that’s what we’re probably going to be looking at but then again pricing going up inflation possibly a global recession that we’ve already entered that will get worse i’m not going to give you economic forecasts but this all equates to this equipment getting more expensive not less expensive and i’m not saying i’m getting ahead of the curve but i think to decide now that just because manufacturing is much better here in 2022 than it was in 2020 2021 you’re getting ahead of yourself to decide that things are going to be available and easy to attain and that pricing is going to be solid as well remember 30 90s are still selling for over two thousand dollars of course peak pandemic they were three thousand so food for thought uh this looks like a bargain compared to pandemic pricing uh with the shortage over the last two years uh but it doesn’t look like a bargain

now that we’re seeing more availability but if that tightens again i’m gonna be very glad i bought this that’s for sure at present though i know it’s not worth two grand you all should know that as well not just from me but anyone that covers this but will i really end up being unhappy with this i don’t think so uh so again uh photo video editing this is gonna completely chew up and spit out anything you’re doing if you’re working in davinci resolve this is gonna be ideal adobe premiere it doesn’t matter this thing with the you know having again the faster ram uh reconfigured 24 gigs uh that higher clock speed it’s just gonna tear everything apart and then if you want a game like me occasionally um i game you know i do anyone that follows my channel knows that well then how am i going to beat this now it’s just a matter of what i’m going to put together in the build i had a system here that i was tempted to use but i just don’t think it’s worth trying to retrofit a new gpu in there i feel like i should just get all the performance out of this and by the way people wondering whether or not it’s worth

buying this for gaming i mean i kind of made that clear i feel like at the top of the video but just to reiterate this is really only ideal for 4k ultra all the time when it comes to gaming which you can nearly pull off already with the 3090 you can get close with a 30 80 ti a 30 80 you know not gonna be 60 across all games and by the way it’s not gonna be 60 across all of them but the majority you’re going to get really close with this i anticipate that you know nothing is going to hold me back especially if you don’t have a bottleneck at cpu so if you’re wondering what gen cpu is ideal for this the 12th gen is now can you use something like a 10th gen core i9 from a couple years ago sure you can there’s nothing wrong with that it’ll still be phenomenal but there are some discrepancies uh with performance on this gpu specifically when paired uh with lower resolution gaming so be aware of that bizarre but one of those things that i’ve read that if you do not have a 12th gen intel uh i9 i7 paired with this and you are gaming at you know

1440p which i don’t know why you would be and own one of these but if you do that you could actually see uh lower performance than some of the other gpus i’ve been talking about that of course are much less expensive take much less power and that’s really just an optimization issue if you want to see this not bottlenecked in any way then that is going to right now as far as i know rely on having a latest gen cpu from intel or amd i mean i’m not including amd because i personally will likely still stick with intel even though amd is doing amazing things right now just game changing stuff especially from an efficiency standpoint but yeah we’ll see what i end up going with i mean the 12 900 ks is looking tasty a little too expensive at even though it’s also only about a month and change old i’d like to see that discounted that’s another thing kind of like 390 ti where it isn’t going to give us that much more you know than the processor one step below it for a couple hundred less but it is the fastest cpu on earth right now any questions or comments please feel free to post them again a five pound monster that could change the way you work but any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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