Sabrent Rocket 32GB DDR4-3200 SO-DIMM Unboxing and Install

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sabrint rocket 32 gigabyte ddr4 memory module now this retails for a little over 165 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes now if you don’t need 32 gigabytes saverin does make an 8 and 16 gigabyte module as well they’re priced roughly around a little over 40 us dollars and a little over 70 uh for the latter so i think severant has hit the price points correctly it’s really just a matter of now did they hit the performance where they needed to and i’m not really worried about that because if you follow my channel and if you know anything about sabrint then you know that not only are they a good manufacturer and that’s not just in my opinion but a fact but in addition to that they like to push the envelope which means while it’s great to have a new player in the game it’s more important to have one that actually wants to change the game and sabrin tends to do that i mean when you look at the nvme market you know they were the first to launch a terabyte they were the first now to launch a thunderbolt dock that i think is best in class that incorporates dual nvme drives so they’re really doing a lot and i can’t say that about anyone else in their business so now entering into the ram game the memory business i think that’s a good thing it’s not again just about competition but about improving our expectations so generally the

manufacturer i would turn to in most cases is crucial again this is a cl22 module but what’s unique about what sabrin did here is that you know they essentially you might think this is a sticker that is covering the entire uh module but it is actually a copper heatsink and you can actually see the copper trying to bring it into focus but you should see it right now so very cool that they did that and from a performance standpoint that should help with heat dissipation obviously but we’re gonna see how it performs now before you jump to install ram or i should say even by ram especially if you’re watching this video keep in mind that you have to make sure your laptop can actually take said ram and that really is going to be on a case-by-case basis you know some machines all of the ram is soldered to the board and is not user upgradable then you have machines like this where half of the ram is soldered so total of 16 for the asus g15 one of the most popular machines of the pandemic if you will but the ram was one of in my opinion the biggest issues with this because essentially if i drop a 32 gig dimm in here i’ll get it up to 40 gigs but i can’t you know the dual channel element that aspect has always been in dispute and of course in a perfect world you want dual channel you want two modules you do not want to be in this sort of configuration and this is really a money grab in my opinion what asus did here still a phenomenal machine i recommend it still to this day which is amazing but would i prefer to be putting both of these 32 gig modules into here of course can i do that in other machines yes but this is one of those partial solder jobs that’s just in between being totally screwed if you will so it still is beneficial for some applications and that’s why i will upgrade with this 32 gig dim into this machine and you know this right now

just has the standard stock ram that came with it which is fine i did upgrade it in the past but i ended up dropping it back down and you know it’s really a matter of whether you need it now of course not everyone needs this sort of upgrade you know it’s really a matter of what sort of tasks you’re going to undertake but again having another manufacturer one that is reliable that to me is the important part and you know sabran continues to just improve upon the spaces that i traditionally have expectations from them on so to now have them in this mix is beneficial and you know more ram is coming it’s not just something i’m speculating on we are going to see um you know more offerings from them i i’m sure of it because they don’t step into any space without trying to change it and while you know sodiums like this are great for you know for example specifically not just laptops but nooks things of that nature you know this is still it’s it’s a wide net but this is not going to be you know for gamers i mean it’s fine for a gaming laptop uh but it’s uh so i shouldn’t say it’s not for gamers but bumping up to this sort of ram isn’t something a gamer needs let me put it that way the majority of gamers are going to be satisfied at the 16 gigs in here uh of course if you stepped up to a higher uh priced g15 that would gain you access to more ram they’d be giving you 32 gigs but again you’d be running into the same half solder job where 16 gigs of the ram is soldered to the board and then you have a slot so i am really not a fan of what asus did here i don’t think that it’s a problem for the majority of users but you know that is really going to be in large part decided by you know how much ram upgradeability matters to you i would argue the majority of users not just gamers will be satisfied with 16 gigs but for me for video editing photo editing and of course chrome who could leave that out this is just uh you know maxing out the ram on this machine is ideal for me so again it’s really a matter of

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personal expectations and in my opinion more is more here it’s not always more but in this case it is and uh you know when since dropping back down to the 16 gigs of ram as opposed to the 40 i mean i i did see a performance drop so for everyone who argued you know dropping a 32 gig stick in here isn’t worthwhile it’s there are instances where of course you know the loss of dual channel support is not going to be beneficial i mean almost in basically every instance however i have enough of a justification um and also dual channel is still getting reported pretty much all the way through oddly enough so um that’s one of those things where people tend to have like different you know differing answers which surprises me every time you know here i’m doing a pry job and i forgot i have not unscrewed uh the screws i revealed so thankfully i did remember and you know i’m curious how many of you do upgrade uh the ram in your machines or essentially you know do you try to just get what you need out of the gate and then over time of course you are more likely to just end up replacing your machine now i personally believe in having a machine that you can upgrade that ram i think that’s fundamental i don’t think any of us should be in a position where we can’t do that um it’s just one of those things because you know once we start getting into that gray space and we are not able to upgrade machines there’s just no turning back and i just feel like that’s counter-intuitive to the entire pc industry but that’s just me you know some people prefer never to open a machine and i’m not saying that it’s always fun but i

think having the ability you know if you never want to do it you don’t have to do it but if you want to you have that luxury now i’m making this look harder than it is and that tends to be the case it seems like i still have one screw that’s catching i’m not sure which it might be the center screw i thought that that already came out let’s go ahead and get this off and by the way if you were wondering what the story is with the design on my g15 it is a skin it is not the actual machine for anyone that was wondering uh so that is answered now you know i didn’t want anyone trying to figure out what’s going on with the skin on this machine but um the g15 has served me well it’s it’s really surprising that it is you know still for sale and i say that because it’s just one of those things where historically you know most laptops and i don’t feel like they last this long and then in addition to that hold their price i mean yes the gaming business has held a lot of things together but the fact that this is at 15 excuse me 18 over 1800 still is just an amazing feat i can’t think of any laptop that lasted this long with pricing but also that’s in large part due to the fact that this had all completely brand new components out of the gate it had a brand new 165 hertz qhd display it had of course a brand new uh processor uh you know the the ryzen chip had this was i’m pretty sure the first product it launched in and you can see i’m in need of some servicing here we got a little dust build up it has been a

while since i’ve cracked this open and then in addition to that uh you know the 30 70 that’s on there arguably the possibly the most desirable part for a lot of people i mean that is the the intangible if you will so let me just put that down don’t want to lose any of my screws here i’ve got a couple over here i’m not going to lose them but remember these screws have different lengths and i’m trying to bring that into focus and if you screw that length up you potentially will damage the chassis i made that mistake so take that piece of advice and and don’t don’t screw around with this so one ram slot as i mentioned uh we can only upgrade a single and it’s it’s easy to do folks i mean this is not a complicated process i did make opening this look like it was science rocket science but i assure you it is not so pop this off now the ram that they used is good ram it’s samsung ram uh and you know of the many manufacturers you want to see in a machine like this sami is always a good sign but again 16 gigs for gaming i think in most cases perfectly fine but if like me you’re doing content creation you need some headroom you can get away with 16.

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It’s not ideal and that’s where this comes into play and by the way i didn’t mention that i dig their packaging but i do and that’s not a new one because sabrin generally their packaging is usually excellent even from a build quality perspective if you know them well then you already know that they are adamant about their packaging so let’s go ahead and drop this in we’re going to see i do not anticipate any operation issues and this will eventually migrate out of here into another laptop i mean i’m reviewing enough of them just to see what i can eke out of uh these new systems that are coming in with the 12th gen processors of course and the revamped gpus that’s going to be interesting they’re coming you know that already and i anticipate to have a lot of them so to see how they’ll run with 64 gigs of ram is always intriguing especially again from a content creation standpoint less so from a gaming standpoint you just i cannot think of an instance where you really need 64 gigs and while i’m in here i’m gonna pull this guy out of here too now i have the the hynix you know it’s always nice to be able to expand your storage and this isn’t um you know an ad for several nvmes or of course their ram although you know some people may think it reads like as such but um you know their nvme drives i’ve covered a lot of them and uh you know i generally don’t have any issues no problems uh things just work and again when it comes to storage capacity and

pricing they are pretty tough to beat that thunderbolt 3 dock with the built-in nvmes that i mentioned earlier in this video that is right now one of my favorite devices and if you’re interested in it stay tuned because i will be doing a follow-up on it and that’s because it’s excellent and it’s excellent for a variety of reasons i’m not going to get into right now but my use case for it is just pretty much infinite with what i do both professionally and privately so i really really like that machine and you know unfortunately it’s not something i can use with this which is really terrible um i wish that i could it would be ideal um that thing is ideal for just about everything i mean it has redefined the dock for me so one of the things i i wish this laptop had thunderbolt of course it didn’t and you know that’s just what can i do about it now a little bit of cleanup i have several uh air guns in in-house if you follow my channel you’ve seen them uh some have frustrated you others have made you happy well i don’t know that’s that sounds kind of odd but i’m just gonna clean this up right now just a little bit okay all right i’m sure you all enjoyed that uh now we are in business i feel good about closing this thing up um and you know really again you know how much ram you need is going to be decided by what you’re doing i i don’t recommend uh 64 gigs for you know the average user again 16 is solid for some of you eight is enough there’s a reason that sabrin makes that eight gig kit because eight gigs is still one of the most produced and commonly

used modules out there and again i think things are only going to get better but we’ll see how this ends up benchmarking i’m going to get this closed up right now and for those of you wondering i think i mentioned this earlier which ram i will be directly put up pitting this against it is going to be uh the uh crucial with the exact same um specifications so i mean that’s just the logical uh competing product and it’s also what i’ve been using in this specific machine as well as in others right now i have two other laptops running 64 gigs of crucial ram and they it does exactly what it’s supposed to i’m expecting sabrin to be you know right there if not even possibly eek out um more performance we can always hope right uh whether that’s realistic i will find out but that pretty much rounds things out i’m just going to finish closing this up and then we’re going to make sure that everything boots and that’s where i’m going to leave you i will save benchmarking for the full review so you gotta first look as well as a physical install which is not too bad and again the g15 is still a good machine and a good example of why you need to be careful when you go to upgrade ram you have to make sure of what you need for not just your own use case but what your laptop supports and by the way if any of you have questions about what ram you need or trying to figure out if your laptop does have soldered ram feel free to post that in the comments i’ll try to leave some links for software that can help you self diagnose upgradeability but again general rule of thumb and it’s not bulletproof if you have an ultrabook of any kind you most likely have soldered ram that is not upgradable if you follow my channel

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you’re going to always hear from me directly which machines i’m covering have soldered ram and which do not so you’ll always know with me whether or not you will be able to potentially upgrade and most reviewers will mention that that’s kind of you know incredibly basic but anything very thin very light that is going to be one of those situations where manufacturers will always tend to solder when it comes to gaming laptops workstations that’s where the majority will have two slots for user upgrade ability and generally they’ll just come pre-installed in dual channel because well that’s just the best for performance and no manufacturers trying to sell you a machine that isn’t going to be ideal for performance now i’ve got everything screwed back in let’s just make sure we’re in business it looks like i forgot about my little rubber feet but i still have them even though they’re sticking to my arm bringing some of some other goodies with them hopefully i just clean them up let’s go ahead and see just make sure that

this boots which i have full confidence that it will let’s go and see right now and we’re in business so let me just this got dusty and i don’t even

know how it was just cleaned up but just give it a blow bear with me here folks all right and we’re good and everything everything is good to go here so that’s the good news as you can see we’ve booted all as well and that’s that’s really what i wanted to see here is that we’re ready to go and i’ll be able to test this out and then um you know that pretty much covers the

entire premise of today’s video which was just a first look get it in there see that it’s working which it is and now i will be off to actually start using it and see if there are any perceivable differences and then of course running through benchmarking software to get the entire synthetic story not just day-to-day user experience and you’ll get a follow-up interested to see your questions and comments and whether or not you’re happy like myself that not only again do we have more competition but from a company that should change the competition any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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