SMISEACOW K2 Mechanical RGB keyboard with 12.6″ Touchscreen Display – Unboxing

and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the smicey cow k2 multifunctional touch keyboard now this retails for a little over 400 us dollars i’ll include a link in the description and in full disclosure this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes now with that said this is a very expensive but also very unique keyboard and that’s because not only are you getting what should be a solid experience out of its mechanical rgb i would say nearly 65 keyboard but then you also have a 12.6 inch touchscreen which really acts as i would say ideally a secondary display but of course could be used as a primary display in a pinch so expensive but really dynamic i’ve never seen anything like it and we’re about to see it so there’s that resolution on the 12.6 inch built-in display 1920×5 60 hertz uh refresh rate uh the brightness should be more than enough i feel like uh maybe not for every use but for the majority that i could imagine uh 1201 contrast ratio and then on the back of the box just the inclusion of accessories of course there is a little bit of a height adjustment with this you also get a wrist rest you get a key puller for customization type c cable as well as a type c to

hdmi and dual usb 8 port host cable so let’s go ahead and get this thing out of the box this is how this came which is perfectly fine and this i even saw kind of come off not necessarily the recommended way you’re going to want to slide it in most cases but this just seems like it’s going to work out so i’m going to go that route keep things a little bit cleaner hopefully and let’s take a look inside here nice packaging i have to say there is the keyboard itself now the keyboard i did not mention uh gatoron i believe this is a gatoron blue switch incorporated here but i think they have additional options you can go with red or brown so really a matter of what you’re looking for let’s see if i can lift this out of here we’ve got a little bit of a screen protector on the touch display which you know it cannot be angled for anyone that is wondering it is in a fixed position the only thing you can do to angle this device of course the actual feet on the bottom so that’s the only way you’re going to change the angle of this display but let me go

ahead and put this aside and we’ll get back to it in a moment and it’s just a really unique piece of hardware build quality seems good based on what i’ve seen so far combination of what appears to be aluminum and different plastic but solid build quality it’s fairly hefty but it could still be something you could travel with if that’s what you’re really after this is the first cable i’m touching here out of the box and it is a type c this is okay so this is what you would be using in the event that your system that you want to use this with remember it should work with pretty much anything windows mac anything mobile android you should be fine but in the event you can’t connect over type c this is going to permit you to connect this type c right here to the keyboard and then you’re going to have to route this to what hopefully on your system will be in hdmi if you don’t have one then i guess this is not gonna work out in order to get video onto this display and then two type a usb cables now that’s in the event you don’t have type c which is the way you want it to be that’s how it’s meant to operate and that’s because that’s the beauty of having a type c cable in this particular instance because you’re going to connect this and through a single cable you’re going to have your standalone dedicated keyboard and your second

display no drivers are necessary i’ll predominantly be using this in a windows environment and i do not anticipate having any issues then we’ve got a keyboard rest a little cushion here so you don’t get fatigue we’ll see if i end up using that or not that’s not something i generally do but who knows maybe it’ll be a good idea for this and then we’ve got a carry case for the keyboard which at this price point it being a premium product of this nature i think is totally appropriate the keycap remover again you can customize the keys if that’s what you’re after so you have that ability with this pry tool to pop them off replace them with whatever cap you prefer and last but not least we have our actual uh instruction manual which i’m probably going to have to go through because you know this is something where it is plug and play you’re going to have a little bit of a learning curve with the fact that you don’t have a traditional 100 layout it’s not even close in this case i believe their k1 is closer but that means you know if you rely on function keys you’re going to have a bit of an issue so i’m going to i’m going to check out the instructions before i start giving anyone a first look

at actual performance but what i will do right now is get this packaging out of the way take a closer look at the actual keyboard itself because i do want to have a better command of what that looks like and i’m sure many of you do as well so um up at the top let’s flip this around and again build quality seems really nice on this um better than i anticipated but until i get the screen on and see how that works let’s not get ahead of ourselves so we’ve got a minus and plus button right there which i’m assuming allows you to navigate the built-in menu and i’m assuming this is that button unless that also doubles as a power button for the keyboard and then we have a type c port and the two usb a ports now what i will say about the i o on this is that this is a first run of this device and if it works well i think it’s going to be popular with anyone that sees a practical use for the secondary display and i think there are a lot of you i think that whether you work in design anything where having that secondary display and also the benefit of touch input

makes things a little bit quicker there are plenty of use case scenarios i think that’s where this is going to be a welcomed addition to anyone’s setup but i feel that the usb hub section on this it’s good that we got these two type a ports but they are usb 2.0 so they’re really only designed with that level of throughput to be used for peripherals so if you wanted to connect a mouse i think that would be an obvious you know use of this port uh maybe a low capacity jump drive where you’re not worried about transfer speeds but otherwise these are just better than not having ports ideally i could tell you right now as a first look at this hardware i like where it’s going i would love if a thunderbolt port was built into this uh on the flip side you could just combine a thunderbolt mini dock with something like this and then you have pretty much everything under the sun but just have to be aware you are using that type c port some machines may only have one your laptop may have more than enough io it’s really a matter of what you’re using it for but nothing else to really show on the sides very clean and again this feels like polycarbonate feels like we have metal on the bottom just based on temperature of the actual material but just a really

nice build quality let’s go and peel off that sticker and yeah please don’t squeeze don’t pierce and remove the protective film and there you have it it’s pretty high gloss uh but i don’t know it looks pretty good to me i mean this is something that again i think is going to be practical another thing i’ll say at first glance is that of course this reminds you of laptops that have secondary built-in displays namely what asus does and they do a great job that monitor can move uh that’s on the actual deck this can’t right now that’s with the feet up i mean we’re gonna have to see how well this ends up working out i imagine you’re gonna have to be very much upright uh in order to make proper use of this display so it’s not something where you can really let’s say be reclined back or away from the desk typing at a distance i mean maybe i’ll be able to catch some things after all my vision is corrected and i should be able to catch it but there you have it again pretty cool kind of feels like a bit of the future has entered the studio today and um just excited to be able to test it out and share it with all of you i will be posting an update of course on how well this works with i would say mostly ultrabooks you know other laptops and some mobile devices but if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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