Samsung Galaxy S20 is the S20 Ultra You Should Buy!

so the Samsung Galaxy S 20 was just announced they look absolutely gorgeous but I still stand by my original video from the other day stating that the Galaxy S 10 plus is the better deal for under $700 you’re getting a device from last year that’s just gonna feel as fast and as good as these upcoming smartphones now if you really must have the brand new Galaxy S 20 you’ve had your mind in your your eyeball set on it I truly feel the galaxy s 20 regular is the phone you want to go for all three of these devices are gonna have a very similar design bezels thinned out it has that beautiful dynamic AMOLED display which looks just as good as the display on the Galaxy Note tendon this allows each one to have a front-facing camera in the middle 10 megapixels on the S 20 s 20 plus 48 on the ultra I feel like 48 it’s a bit overkill for a front-facing camera but the more expensive version of the S 20 definitely has it now the interesting thing was 120 Hertz it works it’s there but it only works in Full HD the moment you try to go to cue HD it automatically disables 120 Hertz and puts the refresh rate at 60 Hertz on top of that you have a very similar button placement to the galaxy note 10 the left hand side now if you decide to go with the galaxy s 20 the design and form factor is perfect like 6.2 inches feels perfect in the hand screens big enough it’s pocketable it’s where you want to be in life the 6.7 inch s 20 plus is also usable very similar to the form factor on the S 10 plus but definitely a two hand phone the ultra on the other hand is massive 6.9 inches like you definitely need two hands to use this phone for some reason the ultra felt a little bit too thick and the camera bump on the back to house the bigger lens makes it protrude more so than the other two devices so not only does it feel larger the hands it also feels a bit thicker now straight up

the marquetry these devices are focused on the camera that’s where the biggest upgrades are for these brand new smartphones with the s 20s 20 plus you’re getting a 12 megapixel wide and ultra wide and a 64 megapixel telephoto lens the S 20 plus does come with a true depth sensor which is a time-of-flight same with the ultra whereas the galaxy s 20 does not that means it can determine the distance a little bit better and give you slightly better portrait mode pictures the other thing to note is the new feature called super resolution zoom this allows you to zoom in a very far distance you can do up to 30 times with the s 20 and s 20 plus it works very well it’s a lot easier to manage the shake when you’re holding the phone at 30 times and all the processing is usually done in the background like when you’re staring at that text in the far distance on your phone it looks very pixelated but as soon as you take the picture the phone process it and it looks significantly sharper now with the ultra you can do super resolution zoom up 200 times which is absolutely insane is it useful I don’t know are you a creeper are you gonna be staring in someone’s window are you gonna be reading text across a football field maybe but it works the only problem is you definitely need a tripod because there is a significant amount of shake I also noticed that the text is not nearly as crisp at a hundred times using the

bigger sensors in the Ultra compared to 30 times using the s 20 or s twenty plus so I did take some pictures with these smartphones and it looked pretty good I mean it’s hard to compare it to anything else since they wouldn’t allow us to bring our other smartphones into the briefing but they look like typical Samsung pictures very bright and very contrasting now the other end of the spectrum regarding these cameras is video you can shoot 8k video using these smart phones that’s very impressive but I feel like this is a very niche situation aka requires a lot of data it records them in four gigabyte files it also means you need very good lighting to have a good picture I was able to record it unfortunately I didn’t get to take the a.k footage home with me because it saved it on the phone and on the microSD card so I can’t show it to you but at least you can do it if you need to now the benefit to shooting in a que is all that information so you could go back look at your footage and pull out thirty-three megapixel stills directly from your phone while using it which i think is very cool to have the other thing to note is that Samsung now has a pro mode with their video recording so you can be very detailed with the settings that you’re using you can adjust the ISO the aperture all of that stuff when you’re recording a video it looks like Samsung’s trying to push this phone towards like the new upcoming creators who rely on their smartphones for YouTube battery life is kind of interesting this year because the size of these batteries are much bigger than the three s 10 devices that came out last year the smallest one the S 20 is coming with a four thousand milliamp battery that’s the exact same size as the S 10 plus but the difference is it’s on a 6.

2 inch display instead of 6.4 I’m expecting better battery life with the regular s 20 than the S 10 plus from last year now the S 20 plus has a 4500 milliamp battery and the ultra with a 5000 but because they have bigger

displays I’m expecting all three devices to have very similar battery life the other thing to note is performance like all of these devices are gonna be using the snapdragon 865 with 12 gigabytes of RAM so it’ll be fast performers but I don’t feel like you’re gonna be significantly faster than the hardware we had from last year so don’t expect like crazy speed improvements unless you can utilize some sort of application that can take advantage of it and one thing to know is that all three of these smartphones are coming out of the gate with 5g you have no choice but to get the device with 5g unless you’re in certain countries but here in North America no matter which s20 you buy it’s going to be 5g and I feel like that’s why this phone is more expensive this year compared to its predecessors you’re paying a markup for 5g now obviously these are gonna be great smartphones they are beautiful they have some nice iterative updates and I feel like if you have your mind set on the galaxy s 20 the entry-level model is the one you want to go with it just offers you the best value for the price point I promise you you won’t miss the other features of the more expensive ones and if you’re truly frugal and you want the most value on a premium smartphone and you have your mind on a Galaxy device really think about the s10 plus it’s probably gonna get discounted even more when this device launches stay tuned for the full review subscribe to the channel for that like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already which I just said and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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