Review DELL XPS 13 (2020) – It’s Good BUT…

so this is the Dell XPS 13 the 20/20 model the 9300 I’ve already done an unboxing and first impressions video so if some of the details are missing from this you can find it in that the way this video is going to work is I took all the questions you guys asked about this laptop and created a review for you the first thing you guys wanted to know is about the design you know it’s already light at 1.6 kilogram so about 2.6 pounds but you wanted to know how the edges of the laptop felt because these look very sharp you want to know if they felt uncomfortable while you’re typing on it the short answer is they actually brushed it so it feels softer it’s not like the lenovo c series where you have these very sharp edges and when you’re typing for a long period it kind of gets uncomfortable they look sharp but they’re actually not the next thing was the USB type-c ports these are Thunderbolt 3 ports and because it’s using a nice Lake CPU from Intel they were able to put them on opposite ends by taking the controller and putting it closer or

embedding it into the CPU allows you to put funderbolt 3 anywhere you want on the laptop the upside to this is that you don’t have it all on one side so you have two separate areas to plug in cables the downfall to this is that Dell has decided to basically get rid of every other port then you asked me whether or not I can open it up with one hand and the short answer is absolutely now thankfully Dell decided to allow you to get into the laptop super easy not much is upgradeable like you have this SSD which gets really good read and write speeds that you can swap out for something bigger down the road unfortunately the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard so whatever model you choose make sure it has enough RAM for you for future proofing it basically Wi-Fi card is soldered onto the motherboard it’s using a killer Wi-Fi card and I tested out the speeds on Wi-Fi 6 it’s fast but it’s not as fast as non killer cards I find them to be a bit quicker with transfer speeds now battery life is exceptional 15 hours 22 minutes brightness at 30% on better battery mode doing a multitude of office productivity with some idle time now this display is full HD it has a amazing color accuracy and very good brightness one of you guys asked

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whether or not its touch and you can use a pen the short answer is this model the more baseline model the i-5 doesn’t come with a touch display they do have touch displays that you can purchase for extra money but this one does not have one which means you can’t use a pen with it now sound is coming out of t speakers on the bottom I’ve already done a comparison to the MacBook Air and the MacBook Air obviously sounded better but this time let’s compare it to the HP spectre x360 13 and you guys let me know which one sounds better for performance my unit is using the i5 eight gigabytes of RAM and the Intel UHD integrated GPU it’s not using iris plus which is in the i7 model and if you’re a developer you’ll find that the performance on this laptop is to be very average like it’s not the fastest I’ve used like for example the MacBook Pro 13 i5 from last year can compile code faster but it’s definitely not the slowest Photoshop users will love this it runs just as well as the previous version so you’re not gonna see any

performance increase there but what’s really interesting is gaming like if you gain with this laptop you’re not gonna get good frame rates as you shouldn’t since this is an ultrabook like if you’re playing csgo you can technically get 50 to 60 overwatch if you significantly reduce the settings but everything else is not going to run well however if you hook it up to an external GPU things get great this laptop surprised me no drop frames everything ran nice and smooth shadow the Tomb Raider went from 11 frames per second up to 55 overwatch and fortnight’s same thing over 100 frames per second at 1080p full-hd and even csgo got great frame rates usually when I use ultrabooks connected to an external GPU I always experience drop frames but this guy none whatsoever I think that’s a lot to do with intel’s isolate architecture having Thunderbolt 3 being connected

directly to the CPU is a lot more efficient no matter if I had an optimized or ultra performance the keyboard deck was always around 50 to three degrees Celsius I would have loved it to be a little bit lower however the fan or thermal management in this laptop still needs a little bit of tweaking on optimized CPU temperatures are nice and cool like sixty to sixty-five degrees but the CPU clock speeds are way too low like eight to nine hundred megahertz which is a little bit on the low end however when you switch it to ultra performance this thing starts to really shine like CPU temps would hover around seventy five degrees Celsius with clock speeds sustaining speeds of 1.5 gigahertz however there’s a bit of a glitch with this laptop sometimes when you put it on ultra performance it doesn’t get activated properly and what you end up is with a laptop going bananas like CPU temperatures hitting a hundred degrees Celsius clock speeds being sustained at 2.5 gigahertz the laptop would just get too hot the performance was amazing but the laptop would just get too hot and you had to go back switch to optimized again bring it back into ultra

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performance for things to level out so I didn’t hear any coil whine but here is a sound example from the fan so you can hear for yourself I also noticed that the loudest the fans can get is around 48 to 50 decibels this is as loud as a MacBook Pro 16 that’s being pushed to its limits and last step you guys wanted to know how the typing experience was compared to the MacBook Air well unfortunately the MacBook Air uses the butterfly switches so they’re very very shallow at the end the keyboard on the MacBook Air is just much louder I prefer the keys that this laptop is using they’re quieter they have more of a tactile feel and there’s definitely more travel distance so here’s the bottom line the Dell XPS 13 2020 is a fantastic ultrabook Dell really created a beautiful product with a gorgeous bezel is display pretty good audio decent performance and most importantly a very portable laptop I think this has the ability to be one of the best ultrabooks if they can fix the thermal management fortunately it can all be done by software because I feel like the ultra performance settings a little bit wonky right now and Dell just has to fine-tune it with a bias update anyways that wraps this up I hope I answered your questions let me know in the comments below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next

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