DELL XPS 13 (2020) vs Surface Laptop 3 – Which One is Better?

so the comments section of my Dell XPS 13 review video a lot of you asked me to compare it to the surface laptop 3 and since I do what you guys command well most of the time I decided to make a video comparing both of these awesome laptops now right off the bat you can tell that the XPS 13 is a smaller form factor as using a different aspect ratio so it doesn’t need to be as tall however the surface laptop 3 is still very small like the laptop 3 from Microsoft is only two point eight five pounds compared to two point six on the XPS 13 in terms of build quality they both feel very solid they’re both using CNC machined aluminum but the biggest takeaway is that you get that carbon fiber deck on the Dell XPS 13 I personally prefer this it feels much more comfortable on your wrists but both of them have very good build quality ports is interesting because they only have a few like you get more selection on the surface laptop 3 with its USB a port USB type-c and audio jack plus you get the extra USB port to charge a device on the power brick whereas on the Dell XPS 13 you have two USB type-c Thunderbolt 3 ports and a micro SD card slot now I like the variety of the surface laptop 3 better but because the USB type-c port is still not Thunderbolt 3 I’d rather just have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and a micro SD card for expansion this will give you more options like I’ve hooked this up to an external GPU and actually performs very well something that you can’t do on the surface

laptop 3 now upgrades I’m not going to get too much into because basically the only thing you can upgrade inside of these laptops is the SSD like this one is much easier to get inside this one’s a bit trickier but it can be done in terms of dry speeds the Dell XPS 13 has the faster drive battery life there’s no competition like 15 hours of use on the Dell XPS 13 compared to only 10 on the surface laptop 3 not that tens bad 10 is good it’s just 15 hours is incredible Wi-Fi speeds they’re both using Wi-Fi 6 but because the Dell is using a killer card I am finding the Wi-Fi speeds to be a tiny bit faster on the surface laptop three both of these laptops can be opened up using one hand which is always a great thing in terms of display like hands down the XPS 13 has smaller bezels so it looks a lot cleaner it is using a different aspect ratio so 16 by 10 which if you’re coming from a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air you’ll be very familiar with compared to 3 by 2 on the surface laptop 3 now in terms of color accuracy brightness color gamut the Dell XPS 13 destroys the surface laptop 3 also you can buy the Dell with a

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matte display which I have right here which is fantastic if you don’t want reflection now for those of you sensitive to flicker I’m not seeing any PWM and either these displays at max brightness or low brightness both of them are flicker free so they’re obviously using DC dimming now in terms of like security and Windows hello they both support it like you have it with facial recognition with a surface laptop 3 whereas the Dell XPS 13 not only do you get facial recognition with Windows hello you also have a fingerprint scanner built-in to the power button [Music] [Music] now if you’re digging these beautiful marbled skins from deep brown there’ll be a link in the description down below but performance was very interesting because the XPS 13 is a very powerful ultra book and that’s because Dell generally allows you to push these ultra books to its full potential to the point where you can get the CPU to go really hot and the CPU speeds to go really high now I can’t make a apples-to-apples comparison here because the surface laptop three that I have here is the i7 and the XPS 13 is the i5 but if you

take a simple Mozilla compile test you can see that the XPS 13 is very close to the i7 surface laptop 3 the benefit to the XPS 13 is the support for linux distros and the ability to hook it up to an external GPU if you happen to be one of those three guys now in terms of heat management I do find the surface laptop 3 to be better just because the thermals are more conservative whereas the Dell you have three options to choose from if you leave it on optimized mode everything runs fine but if you put it up to ultra performance there’s a little bit of glitchyness where the CPU tends to get a bit too hot and you have to reduce the setting in order to keep it cooler keyboard is the one area that I found the Dell XPS 13 to really excel now I know this is very subjective but I did a bunch of typing tests on both of these laptops and I found that I get a higher more consistent scorer on the Dell XPS 13 compared to the surface laptop 3 not that the keyboard on the surface laptop 3 is bad it’s a fantastic keyboard I just find the one on the

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XPS 13 to be more tactile and have a better keyboard to type on in general however when it comes to the touchpad the surface laptop 3 is better I mean it’s just bigger there’s more space and I also find it to be a bit more accurate so I think this is the best way to conclude this video if you live in Microsoft Office you’re constantly an award browser or doing Excel sheets the surface laptop 3 makes more sense the 3 by 2 aspect ratio is made for that however if you’re someone who lives in a mixed world maybe you do a little bit of document work you work in Photoshop you do a little bit of programming the 16 by 10 aspect ratio of the Dell XPS 13 makes a lot more sense I mean in terms of features the Dell XPS 13 won over the surface laptop 3 most of the time but it also costs 250 dollars more and before you pick it up you have to ask yourself is the better battery life the better display 2 slightly better ports and better keyboard worth it over the surface laptop 3 because if it is then this will be a better buy for you than the other one I hope this makes a lot of sense I hope I answered all of your questions let me know if you have any more in the comments below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next

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