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so about a week ago i did an overview video talking about the surface laptop go and in the comment section there were two types of responses a lot of people saying the four gigabyte 64 gigabyte emc storage model should not exist and i absolutely agree with you like microsoft is saying that’s aimed towards chromebooks but the problem is chromebooks do a much better job running on lower spec’d hardware windows 10 on the other hand not so much you definitely need some more hardware inside of there to give you adequate performance i think that sku should just be removed from the table number two you were saying that there are so many other laptops that offer better value and you’re absolutely right if you’re if you’re basing this on performance and specs there are better laptops out there that will give you more for the money but the thing is i still think this is a special product like this is a 12-inch device like how many other 12-inch

laptops out there can you think of that offer this type of experience like i get it you’re thinking 12 inches is too small but it’s not because microsoft is using a 3×2 aspect ratio which makes this display feel so much bigger than it really is like this display feels just as big as the macbook airs or macbook pros to give you guys some context on how small this laptop is here’s microsoft’s surface laptop 3 which is like your standard 13 inch form factor and this is the 12.45 inch surface laptop go so much easier to carry so much smaller to place in your bag now obviously to reduce the price point they did cut some stuff like you still get a metal lid you still get a metal deck but on the bottom of the laptop they removed the metal portion and they’re now using this rubberized plastic it feels good like it doesn’t feel like that cheap plastic you’d find on other laptops it feels like a rubberized texture that’s going to make the laptop not slip on your desk and to keep this in the surface family they’ve gone with very familiar and similar ports on the left hand side you have that usb port type c audio jack and then on the right hand side you have your surface connect port just like all the other surface laptops this does not support thunderbolt 3.

now the keyboard experience is just as good as the keyboard on the surface laptop 3. not a fan of these aero positions they feel a little bit cramped but overall an amazing typing experience touch pad though kind of interesting they didn’t go with glass i was kind of disappointed because it’s plastic and it feels pretty good for plastic i just find it a bit too quick and i don’t find it nearly as accurate as the touch pad on the surface laptop 3. now just note if you decide to buy this laptop you will not get a fingerprint sensor on the base model you have to move up one sku to get the fingerprint scanner they had to remove windows hello facial recognition which is kind of a shame it’s a 720p webcam it’s nothing special but it’s there if you need it and the sound just like the surface laptop 3 comes through the keyboard so another thing about this display is it’s not as pixel dense as the surface laptop three like to put in perspective for you it has about 140 ish ppi which is not quite 1080p but it’s also not 720.

It looks fine like you still get good color accuracy good color gamut and screen brightness i’d feel comfortable doing design work on this it’s just not as pixel dense as the surface laptop three but overall i feel it’s fine it’s touch but you can’t use the surface pen with this you can input with your fingers but you can’t draw or sketch on the screen unfortunately you can’t upgrade anything inside whatever model you decide to buy that’s exactly what you’re stuck with for the lifetime of this laptop just note the battery life on this is exceptional i got over 12 hours of use before needing to charge the only area it quite defers is performance it’s really conservative i compare this a lot to the i5 and the dell xps 13 since it’s using the same cpu it doesn’t overheat it doesn’t underperform it’s just very conservative with its thermals that means you get good fan noise like it never goes over 45 decibels on best performance if you’re looking for a laptop that can really push as an ultrabook this is not going to be it but if you’re looking for a laptop that will give you pretty good performance considering what’s inside of here with low fan noise and heat then this is doing its job so here are three things you need to know if you decide to buy this laptop number one to not buy the base model four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of emc slow storage on a windows laptop is just not adequate you’re better off

buying a cheaper similarly spec chromebook or a totally different windows laptop number two when you buy this you can’t upgrade anything okay it’s not up gradable so keep that in mind and number three there’s better value to performance out there if you’re talking specs and performance there’s other laptops that will do it faster and last you longer because of expendability and i’ll place a few options in the description down below however as negative i just made that all sound there is a silver lining and that’s the fact that this is in its own category of 12 inches and i feel like there’s nothing out there that exists that can compete with this in that category and i still find this laptop to be kind of special because of that like a 12 inch 3×2 aspect ratio surface designed laptop is unique and if you’re looking for a surface product you’ve always wanted one but you wanted something smaller and your budget’s a bit lower this is a fine look if you take all the other things i just said into consideration so that wraps up my review of the surface laptop go if you have any more questions about it let me know in the comments below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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