Review Huawei Matebook 16 AMD Ryzen 5000 Laptop Beast!

hello delightful sounds i’m chris from texpert and this absolute beast here is the huawei mate book 16 a godzilla sized laptop busted some quite dignified rendition with its amd ryzen 5000 successions cpu and a little dual follower coolant organization very now you can snaffle your very own huawei mate book 16 from 1 100 euros although my asses sample slightly more expensive with its configuration at 1 200 euros i’ve been putting this thing through its pieces for the last few days let’s see exactly what the huawei teammate work 16 “re capable of” and for more on the latest the greatest tech please do jab subscribe and hitting that notifications bell glees so first up kind of goes without ascertain but if you want a highly portable laptop this ain’t the one for you the matebook 16 is a bit of a ogre it’s quite chunky and it weighs a couple of kilos so you’ll struggle to fit it into most knapsacks that aren’t absolutely enormous and you’ll definitely feel it when you’re calling it around all day this metal body is a proper durable principle you

can basically chuck this thing about absolutely no worries it’ll just soak up any impairment and yeah the meatbox 16 is only available in the singular dye the most eliciting opening grey-headed but at least the textured finish means that it does a pretty good job of masking any grubby fingerprints or anything like that you know you can plow your path through an part kfc negotiate bucket and then actually go to town on this thing with your greasy mitts and it won’t look too bad afterwards quick buffing with a scavenge cloth will be brand new the port collection isn’t exactly exhaustive considering it’s a massive laptop you’ve got dual usb breath ports over on the right edge dual usb c on the left plus an hdmi tie-in there’s no ethernet port for a cabled networking relationship there’s no parade port activity and there’s no thunderbolt uh foundation either and those usb c ports so a little bit of a chagrin overall considering it’s not exactly a particularly cheap laptop and there’s certainly slew of area on that chassis for more now one of the benefits of having a 16 -inch laptop is the fact you got plenty of gap for that lovely huge chiclet vogue keyboard especially as huawei hasn’t attempted to cram in a dedicated digit pad now on the right edge although annoyingly despite the towering sizing huawei has once again crammed the enter key into a

single piston row but overall i did get on really well with the huawei mate work 16′ s keyboard i determined it was very comfortable to type on a little bit spongy towards the center but certainly nothing dramatically bad keys are well spaced the travel is uh reasonably deep as well so yeah i found that touch type and i could reach some somewhat reasonable accelerations and the keyboard is naturally perfectly backlit with a couple of different stages of backlight and to suit your ambient environment and i was very happy definitely to see that there was a built-in fingerprint sensor on that superpower button as well so merely a speedy sound of your digit on there and you’ll be straight in or messing around with rods or passwords even though i surely did notice in my time with the huawei matebook 16 that it was sometimes a little bit lethargic getting started up from announced sometimes you’d have to thumped that superpower button a good three or four times before it ultimately decided to boot up it’s mostly the laptop equivalent of me on a sunday morning after a previous darknes of far too many blue-blooded wickeds and i gotta say normally laptop touch pads aren’t especially immense i don’t tend to get on well with them at all but now on the huawei teammate volume 16 it is one comfortable more for me look at the size of that so utterly no problems with that nice and responsive even the clicky mouse button flecks weren’t more ghastly regrettably one discomfort of the huawei matebook 16 is the fact that it’s got exceedingly scrawny bezels bordering

that display and naturally that’s obviously a good thing but it makes there’s no space up top for a webcam and so huawei has had to resort to its usual initiation that heisen aware the webcam inside of a button in the keyboard which you might think is pretty bloody clever until you actually come to do a zoom ask or a microsoft squads god forbid and you realize that everyone is basically time staring right up your cruel nostrils not a particularly sexy look i’ve got to say and i even recollected to shave the bushy vines that sprout out of both of my nostrils this morning the actual quality of the webcam is absolutely fine it’s a normal hd occasion so the personas are quite grainy when blown up and everything uh but yeah only purely because of the positioning of this thing i would say obviously you want to get yourself a separate webcam if you’re going to be doing a lot of online chats and likewise while you do have a dual mic designs here and while we realized casket 16 for picking up your articulate if you’re doing some sort of skyping period or whatever unquestionably want to get a headset on the go as well simply to keep the quality as high as possible now if one of your major wants in your brand-new laptop is having a freaking gigantic flaunt well operation reached now on the huawei matebook 16.

It’s an ips panel 16 inches unsurprisingly given the name nearly square aspect ratio 3×2 and it’s a 2520 by 1680 pixel solution so nice crisp likeness again despite the size of this thing it’s certainly perfect for multitasking with lots of different apps at the same time you can have lots of stuff on screen nice and noticeable and certainly a good display for watching a bit of netflix youtube whatever as well specially youtube something where you don’t have that cinematic characteristic ratio of course because otherwise you get some serious letterboxing on the go the dyes are somewhat cool on the default display provides though and not entirely accurate either i did find in my testing that this panel exclusively clothed 97 of the srgb gamut and 72 of the adobe rgb that display affects nearly 400 nits when you max it out as well which is uh nice and bright but it is also a awfully pondering body as “youre seeing” there so “once youve” outdoors you’ll have to do a little bit of sentiment only to make sure you don’t get any glare from up above or anything like that and it’s a dual orator setup here on the huawei matebook 16 and another advantage of that really spacious chassis is the fact that they are actually upwards fuelling primacies either side of the keyboard this proves to be just about loud fairly for experiencing some netflix in the kitchen when you’re busy fix up a meal even with babies wobbling in the background and because they’re top firing that audio remains nice and clearly defined now my revaluation simulate of the huawei copulate volume 16 was powered by an amd ryzen 7 5800 h cpu backed by a magnanimous 16 gigs of ram and this is more than admirable for multitasking you can literally creek video and music in the background while you’re working in google chrome with other shiz going on as well and if you get all hot and bothered at benchmarking while on geekbench we’ve got a single core value of 1309 multicore 6677.

However the huawei matebook1 6 doesn’t have a dedicated gpu stuffed into that big chassis it uses the integrated amd radeon graphics instead that’s absolutely fine for simple imaginative undertakings but a photo editing not a strain but a live video editing as well absolutely fine i thought i’d really start to push the huawei mate carton 16 with a bit of gaming i tried some do maternal and that was basically unplayable on the recommended graphics positions so i did bump it down to the lowest trains and then it was a bit more satisfactory but certainly not what i would call fluid that formulate charge was just about good enough to make video games playable but it certainly wasn’t peculiarly amusing and i suck enough at these tournaments when i’m on a gaming machine let alone something that’s struggling to run the bugger the huawei mate carton 16 definitely goes on much better with less request and fare like black mazer for instance that ran perfectly well on higher detail fixeds no worries overall it was a lot more fun apart from when my freshly acquired kitten of course decided to try and help me out a little and my view

was completely fogged by blurry cat but earnestly mate i love you but this this is just not conducive to the filming of this video so overall the matebook 16 will do casual gamers just fine but if you want to run more recent and necessitating entitlements well you’re surely going to want to look for a more dedicated gaming machine both virtuoso for the purposes of an azus for instance do some truly solid ones around this sort of price point and again few standard and die hards well in 3d mark time spice spaffed out a compose of 1248 and the huawei teammate journal 16 did pass the stress research with a 97.3 value as for metropoli bench 20 well again a honourable orchestrate 41.87 now you do have a dedicated cooling system on this thing as well huawei has carried in a duo of shark fin fans you’ve got a dual heat piping set up as well i’ve certainly pointed out that the huawei mate bible 16 abode nice and cool under pressure clearly cured along with the fact that it’s got no dedicated gpu to cool down and you would kind of hope that the fact that you’ve got no dedicated gpu and the fact that this is a bloody big laptop you get some quite dignified battery life out of the thing as well and that was certainly the lawsuit i lastly got around seven hours of full-on mixed consume from the thing from a full bill before it was completely drained that involves a bit of media streaming uh spate of entanglement use and all of that if you are just gonna be watching video on it non-stop then you get between nine and ten hours of use so not the greatest result around but certainly not to be sniffed at either as for the storage well my sample came with a 512 gig nvme ssd but it’s not the nippiest around unhappily this couldn’t fairly hit two gigabits per second read or write velocities and as mentioned before there’s no ethernet

port on this thing we do have wi-fi six carry so it’s fully future-proofed regarding this issue and uh no lte option just yet and if you happen to have lots of other huawei inventions knocking about well the good news is the matebook 16 perfectly cross-device compatible as well so for instance say you’ve got one of those snazzy new copulate pad pro tablets you can actually use that as a second display if you find that this screen for whatever reason isn’t enough for you already you can also use the tab display as a representation and pad all kinds of stuff so it’s great to see that while we’re still embracing that entire ecosystem setup that it’s been talking about for several years so that in a nutshell is the huawei matebook 16 an epic godzilla length laptop certainly if you crave a big square style display to do lots of things on at once it will definitely do the number of jobs there you’ve got enough mutter for like inventive assignments and a bit of uh informal gaming on the side as well although i’d obviously top you in a direction of a different laptop if you are more serious about the uh the gaming line-up of things and if one wishes to do some proper full-on video editing so regardles that’s what this pellet northerner concludes of the huawei mate journal 16 as i say coming soon starting from 1 100 euros i don’t have the official uk price at that time i shot this video but hopefully i should be able to bang that in the description once the launching actually happens uh be great to hear from you guys down in specific comments below satisfy do placed subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest tech and have yourselves a superb residual of the week merriments everyone love you

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