Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21 Ultra – A Plastic Phone?

so next week samsung is set to announce the galaxy s21 lineup you’re gonna get three brand new smartphones hitting the market and i asked a bunch of you on my youtube community post which one would you buy now most of you said none and i get it right to buy a phone every single year is just bananas and a lot of you already have new smartphones but for the ones who are planning on buying it nine percent of you said the galaxy s21 ultra eight percent of you said the galaxy s 21 and five percent of you the s21 plus now this kind of surprised me because the s21 is rumored to come with a plastic back but then i realized they did that with the note 20 and even though the note 20 just wasn’t a great deal the s21 might actually be a good one you know they have to come out with uh lower price points this year it’s rumored that the s21 is gonna be priced at 849 euros so i’m guessing around 800 us which would make sense right if the only difference is a plastic back but you get the same features of the s21 plus then i kind of could live with a plastic fitting now the s21 plus and the s21 ultra are going to be your typical aluminum and glass frame but here’s the other interesting thing right now samsung is offering up to 50 dollars in accessories like if you click on the link in the description down below and you reserve a galaxy s21 you’re gonna get 50 bucks off accessories now why are they doing this well it’s simple they’re doing exactly what apple did they’re not going to be including the charger in the box and same with the headphones the other cool thing is that the s21 and s21 plus are gonna have flat displays you know how this makes me happy it makes me insanely happy you know how i feel about curved displays curved displays create arthritis fingers

after two weeks of a curved display this is what your fingers look like okay like this like eagle talons and you can’t release them this is how you’re gonna live the rest of your life and then one day you go to a party right you pick up a chip like this and then you dip it but you can’t get your hand out of the bowl and the girl in the corner is like oh my god johnny he’s double dipping but really you’re death dipping because you can’t get your fingers out of the dip this is not a fun way to live your life so having a flat display will keep your fingers flexible now the s21 ultra on the other hand is gonna have a curved display so if you want the best you’re gonna have to live with these now in traditional samsung format you’re gonna have three different sizes 6.2 for the s21 6.7 for the s21 plus and a 6.8 inch display for the s20 ultra all three devices are going to be coming with dynamic amoled display they all have insane screen brightness i think around 1 nits for the s21 and s21 plus with up to i think 1600 for the s21 ultra but here’s the other kicker

you’re no longer going to have an option for qhd with the s21 and s21 plus you’re going to be stuck with full hd plus with 120 hertz now quite frankly i thought about this i got a little angry but then i didn’t because i realized i kept my s20 and s20 ultra at full hd plus so i can utilize the 120 hertz which i think is what most people are going to be doing if they buy the s21 now the ultra you can bump up to qhd and use 120 hertz and that’s expected considering this is like the premium phone from samsung the beauty is is that it’s gonna have a massive battery like 5 000 milliamp hours so this thing is just going to be a beast and even if you do decide to not buy the ultra the battery size in the s21 plus is going to be 4 800 and i think around 4 000 for the regular s21 now the one thing i really despised about the galaxy s20 ultra was the camera you know it had the better camera according to samsung but it failed when it came to highlights sometimes it would clip them but more importantly the autofocus was terrible no matter how many updates samsung pushed out they could not perfect the autofocus but the good news though is that the s21 ultra is changing that it’s going to use the exact same laser autofocus that the note 20 ultra is using today now if you

want more lenses you got to go with the ultra it’s gonna have four lenses compared to three which is what the s21 and s21 plus have you’ll get your 12 megapixel ultra wide megapixel wide lens 10 megapixel telescope lens up to three times and then you’ll get a 10 megapixel periscope lens up to 10 times of course you’ll still have that crazy space zoom capabilities that allows you to see into the future it’ll be a little bit clearer than the previous year due to ai but don’t expect anything crazy now if you opt for the s21 or s21 plus the main difference is that you’ll have a 12 megapixel ultra wide lens 12 megapixel wide lens then you’re gonna have a 64 megapixel telephoto lens which can do up to three times zoom of course you’ll be able to do a 30 times space su if you want to see further away now i will say though i do like the design they’re going with with this camera layout it’s much better to look at than the note 20 ultra or the previous s20 it kind of blends in to the phone you know it just makes it look very futuristic and i think it’s a good way to kind of take your eyes away from your standard

camera bump one thing’s for sure though the process is going to be a hot topic of discussion because we know that some regions are going to get the snapdragon 888 and others are going to be stuck with the exynos 2100 but here’s the thing the exynos this year is supposed to be just as good as the snapdragon 888 storage is also going to be different you know like we’re used to having micro sd card slots on our phones but the s21 and s21 plus are apparently not coming with micro sd card expansion if you want that you got to buy the more expensive s21 ultra 8 gigabytes of ram on the lower end models and you can go up to 12 gigabytes of ram on the ultra and you can expand that storage all the way up to 512 gigabytes so here’s the crazy thing for the first time ever you’re going to be able to use a pen with the s21 ultra this is something never done before on the s lineup and they’re not going to have a place for you to stick the pen inside like they do with the note 20 lineup but you can go out or you can even use the pen that comes with the tab lineup and use it with your ultra if you want to carry it with you you have to buy some sort of case which the pen can reside in so it’s not going to be as integrated and seamless as the note lineup but it’s there if you want to buy the optional accessory now i know there’s a lot of rumors and talk about samsung discontinuing the note lineup but it seems

like they’re not going to this is just giving people the option to use a pen with their phone if they want to spend the extra money for one and here’s the other thing we don’t know what type of wireless charging these phones are going to get some rumors are pointed 25 watts on the s21 and s21 plus with 45 watts being present on the ultra quite frankly i think this is a minor minor detail like as long as it has wireless charging and it charges fast enough that’s all that really matters but the big question comes down to price like this ultra is going to be expensive it’s potentially going to be anywhere from 300 to 500 more than the regular galaxy s21 is the fact that you can use the s pen have a bigger battery a slightly brighter display a micro sd card slot and potentially a better camera worth the extra money well that’s something we’re going to have to find out when i review these devices and if you want to see that make sure you subscribe to the channel again if you’re interested in reserving a galaxy s21 there’ll be a link in the description down below that will get you 50 worth of accessories now that you no longer get a charger in the box like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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