Lenovo Legion 5 2021 & Legion 5 Pro – Choose the Right One!

so last year’s lenovo legion 5 was a success a lot of people loved this laptop they felt it was the best gaming laptop of the year the fact that it had an amd processor and ran the way it ran made it a favorite for everyone but it was hard to get you know amd just had a short supply of processors and i have a feeling that might happen this year too but here’s the thing not only are we getting a brand new lenovo legion 5 for 2021 there’s also a couple of newer models that lenovo is adding to the list because the legion 5 2021 is going to look exactly the same as last year’s model from a design standpoint not a lot is going to change it’s still going to have a 15.6 inch display this year you can bump it up to 165 hertz instead of 144 it’s going to be ips and it’s going to be geared towards gamers the big deal about it is more internal upgrades you’re getting that 5800h processor which based on all the specs that have been shown from amd looks to be like a very nice upgrade compared to the previous year but more importantly nvidia’s rtx 30 series is gearing up to be such a powerful gpu now obviously i haven’t

tested this so i can’t say yeah it’s going to be this much faster i could only go by with what amd and nvidia’s announced and of course they’re marketing this right now so you have to take everything they’re saying with a grain of salt but if everything they’re saying is true this year for laptops specifically gaming laptops is going to be awesome now the good news is the legion 5 is going to start at 769 for the base model and this is probably going to come with like a gtx 1650 and if you want like an rtx 3060 you’re going to have to pay around a thousand bucks but if you can if you can like scrape a few dollars from underneath the couch i honestly would look at the legion 5 pro instead it looks a bit different you know it reminds me of the old y 5000 series from a few years ago but it’s the same idea ports on the back ports on the side you know keeping the clutter away from the user when they’re using it on their desk but the big deal about the five pro is the screen they’re bumping it up to 16 inches and they’re allowing you to purchase it with a qhd panel like i’ve said this before this is awesome you know we’re finally in the year of qhd gaming and even if you can’t game at qhd because the gp you buy with it is not powerful enough at least you have it for other tasks like content creation or anything that requires you

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know more pixels on your screen just being able to scale your desktop smaller and get better pixel density will make you appreciate this qhd panel now this 5 pro will start at a thousand dollars but you can also spec it with the ryzen 5800h and you can probably get it with an rtx 30 series gpu now there is one weird thing about the five pro if you’re a gamer it is using a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which i prefer for productivity but for gaming it’s a bit of a weird idea just because 16 by 10 might give you some black bars in certain games but if you want the best of the best from lenovo then the 2021 legion 7 is the machine you’re looking at it has a lot of the same features as the legion 5 pro but instead of a plastic build it’s made out of metal you also get a lot of rgb you know the other ones you can only get with one color or pay more for four zones this you’re getting per key rgb lighting you’re getting rgb coming out of the vents on the bottom it’s just going to be a rainbow experience so you can tap into that iq software and change each key to whatever color you like but the legion 7 is getting a gaming first for the display just like the 5 pro you can get it at qhd at 16 by 10 but it’s going to have a bright 500 nit panel it’s going to be hdr compatible and it’s going to be the world’s first high gaming performance display now if you want the ryzen 9 5900h you have to go with the legion 7.

If you want an rtx 3080 the story holds true like it’s the only laptop from the legion lineup that sports these specifications and the other thing is it has a vapor chamber cooler which we’ve seen in the previous model that i have right here now this one didn’t get the best reviews i personally still loved it but i’m hoping they added some tweaks to the thermals to make it a better experience and i think if they do this could be a top contender for one of the better premium laptops now this is going to start at seventeen hundred dollars and at that price point you’re kind of creeping into razer’s territory you’re creeping into the alienwares so this is one laptop i would hold off until the reviews come out first just because i feel like there’s a lot of really juicy competition there now the last thing is the lenovo legion slim 7 and i feel like this laptop is for those of you who want a game on the go you know you want something thin and portable i’m not going to go through all the specs but i will say this because they’re reducing the size of it wait for the reviews you know thermals are going to be everything on this laptop so if they check out this could be a very slim and portable laptop to choose from so the moral story is this if you can’t afford the legion 5 pro the legion 5 will probably be a very good pick again for 2021 especially if the price point stays under a thousand dollars but if you can you know if you can just muster up the money and save it a little bit more the legion 5 pro is the kind of gaming laptop i want to see more of in 2021 and i feel like if you’re looking at those three that’s the one to get i hope you guys enjoyed this roundup obviously i’ll have reviews of all of these laptops when they come into the studio legion 5 and legion 5 pro will be available in march slim 7 will be available in may legion 7 will be available in june like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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