Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (9th Gen) vs X1 Nano – Choose the Right One!

so this is the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon 9th gen very long name but a very popular laptop in the business world and i was going to straight up review this by itself but i reviewed the x1 nano about a week ago and this compared to that it makes a lot of sense like these two laptops are so similar in a ton of ways they both have that thinkpad look and feel and the price is different one is 700 cheaper than the other so you might be asking yourself if you need to pay extra or not by the end of this video if you look at them you can see the same kind of design philosophy they’re both mil std tested they can withstand spills on the keyboard they’re they’re really light 2.15 pounds for the nano compared to 2.49 on the carbon if you’re holding them you can feel the difference but quite frankly 2.49 pounds is so light to begin with that i think most people won’t complain about the weight but the nano is meant for for hardcore travel warriors right you’re trying to pack as light as possible and that’s what the nano is for because even though it’s lighter it’s just a smaller laptop like when you put it on top of the carbon

you can see that the laptop is not as deep and not as wide now this is the black model but you can also get the nano with a weave and the black model tends to show fingerprints a lot easier compared to the weave which shows it too but it’s not as drastic now the one thing you’re giving up with the nano is ports you only get two thunderbolt 4 ports on the left-hand side so for some of you out there that might mean carrying dongles with you the carbon on the other hand has all the ports you can think of two thunderbolt 4 you have your usb port full-size hdmi and then when you flip it to the other side you have another usb port and your headphone jack the other big difference is the keyboard deck there’s just a lot more space to work with on the carbon the nano is just a little bit more cramped due to its smaller form factor the typing experience is identical i didn’t find typing on one easier over the other but the touch pad is the main difference like you just get a lot more space to move your fingers around on the carbon but here’s the funny thing even though you get more space on the carbon i found the touchpad on the nano to be a lot more enjoyable to use one thing i found about lenovo thinkpads in general is that the consistency of the

touchpads vary from unit to unit it’s never exactly the same some just happen to be a bit better is it a big deal is it drastic is it going to ruin the way you use your laptop absolutely not just something i noticed after years and years of reviewing think pads the other thing is the fingerprint scanner this is right beside the touch pad on the nano whereas on the carbon it’s embedded into the power button speakers are both on top of the deck but you have more speakers with the carbon and therefore you do get better sound just because there’s more room to work with [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now both of these laptops can have your screen flipped 180 degrees they both support windows hello and they both have 720p webcams the webcams are nothing special but they’re there the other thing to note is lenovo’s smart presence technology so when you approach any of these laptops it detects that you’re there and then scans your face and logs you in the moment you go away from the laptop it will detect that you left and automatically lock your screen in case you forgot to the displays are a bit different they’re they’re both 16 by 10.

The difference is that this one happens to be 14 inches and this is 13.

quite frankly i feel like i’m working on a bigger display than a 13 inch display because of that aspect ratio and same holds true for the bigger carbon the difference in color accuracy really comes down to the skew that you decide to buy like this one you can buy it with a 1900 or 1920×1200 display but this one happens to be 4k and you’re just getting a lot more brightness more color gamut to work with if you’re really into design this doesn’t have such a crazy color gamut compared to the carbon but it’s still really good and the fact that this one’s matte gives you less reflection if you’re outdoors a lot now they did a pretty good job of reducing the reflection on this glossy display and it’s significantly less than let’s say the surface laptop but again because you have a glossy display there’s going to be a bit of reflection now both of these laptops are using an i7 processor and they’re both 11th gen but there is a difference one is using a 116 zero g7 and the other is a one one six five g seven thank you intel for making this very confusing what the zero g7 means is that the x1 nano is using a lower tdp of that i7 processor this one is like a 15 watt processor whereas this one can go up to 30 watts which means the carbon is technically going to give

you better performance the funny thing though is all the tests i ran the carbon did perform better but it wasn’t like drastic you know like take this mozilla compile time yes it compiled faster on the carbon but it wasn’t by much if you’re an editor or a designer and you’re buying these for photoshop and you’re doing meetings and stuff like that again the carbon is going to be the better option but it’s not drastic and if you’re a video editor looking for something light and portable these are not it you usually want something with a dedicated gpu but the beauty of using an intel laptop with that iris xe graphics chip and quick sync if you’re using adobe premiere pro you can still edit a video like you can still do it i just don’t recommend doing it all the time and again it’s going to be faster on the carbon the other thing to note is that these things can be pushed harder but lenovo aiming these laptops towards business users want to make sure the fan noise is low that’s why when these things are under full load you can hear the fans but they’re not loud around like 43 decibels heat management is also going to be good because the fan noise needs to stay low so they’re going to power limit the cpu so that the the heat doesn’t get too hot and

the fans don’t get too loud internally the only thing that is upgradable is the nvme ssd the ram is completely soldered onto the motherboard the other difference is the fan layout you get one big fan with the nano which makes sense considering this is a 15 watt cpu you don’t really need two for it and on the carbon you have two fans since it has a higher tdp the other thing to note is the drive setup this is using a 2280 nvme ssd and nets you’ve higher read and write speeds the smaller nvme ssd inside of here is still fast but not as fast as the carbon the battery is bigger in the carbon 57 watt hours compared to 47 but here’s the thing i actually got better battery life on the x1 nano probably most likely due to the fact that this is not using a 4k display and this is a 13 inch display instead of 14 inches so here’s the thing on paper the carbon 9th gen makes more sense you’re getting a slightly faster computer you’re getting more ports to work with you’re getting a better sound you’re getting a bigger keyboard deck a much bigger touchpad to work with and you’re getting the option of a bigger display but it costs anywhere from five to seven hundred dollars more if you go with the 4k model over the x1 nano and if the performance was significantly better then i would say it might be worth it but the performance difference

between both of these guys are not that drastic and the x1 nano is already getting you 90 to 95 percent there i didn’t find like i was missing much when i was using the x1 nano like i didn’t find like i needed to go back to the carbon and if you’re an i.t administrator who’s going from office or to office or will be in the near future then i think you’re going to have a lot more fun with the nano because most people buying these business laptops they’re not like doing 3d work and compiling code for 10 hours straight they’re using excel they’re writing documents they’re remoting into their company’s infrastructure to manage it and i think with the better battery life on the nano you might find this to be the better option now if you’re interested in picking any of these guys up there’ll be links to it in the description down below if you have any more questions let me know like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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