Review Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Lenovo’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop!

so here it is lenovo legion slim seven it’s finally in the studio and i have to say it is a beautiful looking laptop it has this premium vibe to it with its metal lid it’s like half the size of a legion five or seven and it only weighs 4.1 pounds now right now i have it connected to the power connector and the reason why i’m doing that is because i want you to see the lights on the back of the laptop they have this on other lenovo laptops but i still want to mention it because it’s one of those small things that i truly appreciate like you have this on your desk and you’re connecting stuff to it instead of stretching your head all the way behind the laptop it just lights up and it just makes your life easier connecting cables now on the back you do get the power connector which is a 230 watt brick it’s a little big but it’s a custom power brick meaning lenovo leaves these little lips on both sides allowing you to wrap your cord around it quite easily in terms of ports it’s not tons compared to other gaming laptops like on the back all you have is

two usb ports and then on the left hand side you actually get a full size sd card slot your audio jack and then on the right hand side you have two usb type c ports now the keyboard is great i love the u-shape keys it has a nice tactile click it bottoms out very nicely not as deep and pressful as their thinkpad lineup but overall it’s a great keyboard you have that numpad on the right hand side for your number warriors and there’s rgb you can customize it to any single color you want there’s perky rgb and there’s a bit of confusion at first when you look at some of the buttons for rgb on the keyboard itself like for example you have the up arrow and down arrow that increases or decreases the brightness of the keyboard and then you have these two over here which you use function spacebar that allows you to cycle through different profiles so like if i hit it once i can have the entire keyboard do like a wave effect if i hit it again it’s going to be static so you can play with this while you’re using the actual computer now you still have function q which is standard on most lenovo laptops that lets you cycle

through quiet performance and auto just note that performance mode will not work when it’s not plugged in so if you want that most performance aspect then you got to keep the laptop plugged into the wall touchpad is a good size it’s nice and big i didn’t have any issues with it it’s fairly accurate but this sticker guy four stickers on each and every single laptop this guy does not like his job because you can tell with the placement of these stickers he’s not a happy guy he’s coming in he’s slapping the mud the rtx sticker is not lined up with the amd sticker there’s just it’s it’s it’s like a traffic jam now the display is 1920×1080 which is like the typical aspect ratio that gamers prefer and it’s a good display you know instead of 144 hertz that you’d find on most displays last year this one’s 165 and i think that’s fine because this is using an rtx 3060 and frame rates are not going to be much higher than that so taking advantage of a 240 or 300 is really not going to happen on a laptop like this it’s a bright display around 355 nits it’s color accurate so i feel comfortable doing design work on this and it has a webcam which is something i have to talk about now because other manufacturers are not putting them on their laptops now my review unit comes with a ryzen 7 5800h a 16 gigabytes of ram the 15 inch display and an rtx 3060.

The 3060 inside of here is a 60 watt gpu it has dynamic boost but the highest i personally got it to boost was up to 68 watts now if you’re buying this for gaming it will handle all the games comfortably at 1080p without any issues but it’s not the most powerful 3060 right there’s other laptops at this price point that can push out better frame rates but you’re sacrificing those frame rates in order to have a very portable and thin design but the one area that this thing kind of had me a little bit worried was heat management like if this thing is on performance mode it gets pretty hot like over 100 degrees celsius if you’re putting it down to auto mode and you’re pounding this thing like crazy it hovers around 94 or 95 degrees there’s no like crazy thermal throttling or anything and the cpu’s clock speed stay nice and high it’s just it’s just a little bit a little bit warm and if you are to actually touch the keyboard in the middle here around the u and h key i’ve seen temperatures get up to 58 degrees celsius which is super uncomfortable for your finger to touch now inside we have two fans with copper running across the middle to keep the cpu and gpu cool we have a swappable wi-fi card we have a drive on the left-hand side and a second slot to place a second drive if you want to upgrade down the road now this battery is 71 watt hours and i was only able to get four hours of use before needing to charge this is with hybrid mode on and using the quiet profile so not the best battery life ram there’s 8 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes depending on the sku soldered onto the motherboard but the slot you can upgrade it’s using ir16 ram instead of i r now jared’s tech and linus did a video about this but basically ir8 is significantly better it provides a big difference in terms of

performance so just swapping this stick out for an ir8 stick we’ll see an increase in performance with the games that you’re currently playing today and if you want to dive into more why this happens i’ll place their videos in the description down below so here’s the thing i really love the look of this laptop there’s a lot of great things going for it especially with the design and the portability it’s just that it can get a bit hot you know and i’m kind of worried about the longevity of it especially if you’re someone who’s gaming for hours on hours during the day or if you’re someone who’s using this to render a lot of files that can be a cause of concern if you’re more of a light user then i wouldn’t worry about it too much but it’s just something to keep in mind now the ram issue this is popping up on a lot of laptops now so this is not specific to lenovo and that’s an easy fix you can go out and buy like a 40 8 gigabyte stick and see an increase in performance but it’s it’s just a tough recommendation right now because like you can buy the g14 for the exact same price and a lot of those issues are automatically alleviated anyways if you’re interested in checking this out there’ll be a link in the description down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one you

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