Lenovo ThinkBook Plus (Gen2) – Dual-Screen Craziness!

so this is lenovo thinkbook plus gen2 and i’ve had my eye on this for quite some time because of its idea its concept instead of just a traditional normal laptop that we’re used to seeing on everything where you get your main display you have the keyboard you type on it you do your work this one adds a second display and it doesn’t do it in the way that asus does it where they add it to the top deck of the keyboard or somewhere below but they take the the back panel and they turned it into an actual ink display now this is very interesting because e-ink is not the best display for watching content it’s not the best display to even draw on but what e-ink really excels at are two things one you get significantly better battery life like if you’re just using the ink portion of this and nothing else battery life is amazing and the other area where it excels is reading content like if you’re literally using your laptop to just read a lot then you’re to appreciate this because your eyes are going to thank you the cool thing though is when they were able to do all of this by placing it in such a thin and light form

factor like this is not bigger because of the second display it only weighs 1.2 kilograms or just under three pounds you get the latest 11th gen intel processor it’s not super cheap but it’s not over the top expensive either now the one thing you do have to know about these processors is that it’s not the standard higher watt 11 gen intel processor in fact the i7 that’s inside of here is very similar or is similar the same one actually as the one that’s in the lenovo thinkpad nano now even though it’s using a lower i7 it still loses out to the nano quite significantly so like you’re really not buying this to like edit video you’re not buying this to do crazy 3d workloads this laptop has enough performance to basically be used as a general productivity device take notes write notes have tons of tabs open do the odd task that requires a little bit more than usual but you’re not pushing this thing like crazy now there’s not a lot of ports but what you do get is two thunderbolt 4 ports on the left hand side you have an audio jack and then on the right hand side of course the place to put your pen and then you have a power button even when you have the laptop down like this there’s a little cool arrow telling you exactly where the power button is so you can access it quickly with your finger now the top display is not as big as the

display that’s inside like this is just a 12 inch display but it has a very pixel dense resolution we’re talking uh qhd plus here okay so there’s a lot of space to write and jot down notes now if you’re gonna be using this as a note taker it’s honestly not the best because e-ink technology has never been the best for writing and the reason being is because it’s just slow you know like if you’re writing on the display you can see the curves happening at a major delay and there’ll be often times where i’m writing on the display and it doesn’t even pick up the word the two main areas where i found it to be the best was obviously reading and using it as a tablet form factor the internal display is actually quite nice it has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio so it’s 2560 by 1600 so it’s very pixel dense the color accuracy is fantastic it has good color reproduction there’s a bit of reflection on the display depending on how you move it you have your 0.9 megapixel camera on top which is not the best but the power button also acts as a fingerprint if you want to log in securely the keyboard has a very shallow depth to it so it’s not super quickly like the more expensive think pads like the carbon and the extreme but overall i found it very comfortable to type on and just like other lenovo

laptops if you want to change the different profiles you can use function cube and you can cycle between battery performance and intelligent cooling now again this is not a powerhouse okay and when this thing is under full load it doesn’t get really loud like the highest i could hear the fans was around 44 decibels but that’s only if you have it on extreme performance like if you leave it on intelligent cooling you’ll barely hear the fans at all i should also mention that this screen is touch and you can use the pen with it so if you need to quickly jot down something while the laptop is open you can do that too honestly for bottom firing speakers they get loud they don’t have much bass but they do sound fantastic the touch pad is very easy to use it’s glass and it’s very accurate and the sticker placement is some of the best i’ve seen in years internally not a lot is upgradeable in fact the only thing you can swap out is the nvme ssd which by the way is pcie gen4 so you get some fantastic read and write speeds even the wi-fi card is soldered onto the motherboard in fact there’s only one fan cooling the system i would have loved to see two and the ram is soldered onto the motherboard battery life is fantastic on this thing if you’re talking about the main display i got about eight hours and 15 minutes before needing to charge if you’re just using the ink display it’s even better

like i was getting 12 to 14 hours of use before needing to charge this laptop so this is a cool idea i don’t think this is for everyone i think this is for a very small market i’d personally never buy this just because it wouldn’t fit my workflow but i feel like if you’re someone who carried two devices and wants to reduce that to one this would work for you like say an e-reader and a laptop this just takes away both of those devices and puts it in one maybe you’re someone who needs a tablet but also a laptop this can act as both you hook it up to a monitor you use the top portion so you can write and draw on it and and you’re doing some of the same things you would do if you were to go out and spend money on a wacom tablet honestly it’s a cool concept it’s not over the top expensive but it’s not cheap either the only drawback to this is obviously everything being soldered on and the performance is not living up to a true i7 in its category it’s using the lower wattage version honestly if you’re buying this i’d probably just buy the i5 because you’re not really getting the performance of the i7 i hope that answers all your questions if you have any more let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and if you have one of these already let me know what you use it for because i’m actually quite curious and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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