Review XPG XENIA 15 – The Razer Blade Competition?

so this is the xpg xenia15 this is a laptop created in collaboration with intel if you haven’t heard of xpg they’re a gaming brand from a data which makes like a lot of ssds you might have used and the cool thing about this device is not only was it made in collaboration with intel it was done very well like i honestly think intel needs to collaborate more with a lot of these vendors not just on the back end in terms of what like cpu performance should be like but the overall spec sheet the overall feel and function of the laptop because i walked away from this device feeling very satisfied compared to the more expensive options out there now this is a tong fang chassis so it’s not like custom-made or anything and the overall design is very clean it’s using a magnesium alloy so you have a bit more lid flex than you would on something like a razer blade 15 but the overall device feels fairly premium it’s around four pounds so it’s light enough to carry with you considering how much performance they packed inside of here but there’s just a lot of ports like they cram this thing with one usb port and a headphone jack on the left hand side and then on the right hand side they have two more usb ports an sd card slot and then on the back which is great to keep your table clean and tidy of cables you have your power connector rj45 hdmi and then you have a thunderbolt 4 port you cannot charge the laptop using usb type-c unfortunately now opening up is very easy you can do it with one hand there’s a bit of screen wobble it doesn’t have the same sort of stiff hinge as the razer blade 15 but not as crazy as the hp omen 15 or gigabyte aero 15.

Now this is an all black deck i just love the look of this it just looks so stealthy and the difference between most other gaming laptops is that this keyboard is mechanical now they say it’s quiet it’s not super loud but you definitely can hear it more so than you would on a regular keyboard now these optical mechanical switches feel great to game on like i love gaming on these things i’d rather game on this than let’s say an msi ge76 or even a razer blade 15 when it comes to gaming because the travel distance the response time everything just feels super premium now you do have rgb below it and the unique thing about this is that it’s not being controlled by software from xpg intel has their own software that they use that kind of controls the different performance profiles there’s no numpad so some of you out there might be disappointed in that but you do get a dedicated button that lets you switch between different performance modes if you

leave it off like i have right now it puts it on battery saver you press it once it automatically kicks into balance mode you press it again and then you see both of these white lights lit up then all of a sudden you’re in performance mode the unfortunate part is it doesn’t tell you on the screen like when i push this nothing shows up on the screen you just have to like look at the lights and remember which profiles which the other thing i like is this touch pad it’s not a massive touch pad but wow it feels super accurate it feels great to use again i’m going to compare it to the razer blade 15 just because this is an all black laptop it’s a lot more accurate and clicking on this there’s a little bit more i don’t know response whereas on the the razer blade there’s less depth so it feels like you have to push a bit harder now this little white dot you see here if you tap it twice it automatically disables the touchpad you can see it’s now on if i double tap it again it brings the touchpad back on so that you can use it with your fingers this is great because if you’re like gaming with a mouse and then you have your hand over here you don’t want your touchpad to interfere with the game you’re playing now this is a 2560×1440 display it’s qhd it’s 165 hertz it’s matte so you don’t get that crazy reflection you would on a glass panel it’s a great display like i’ve been enjoying my time gaming on this it doesn’t get crazy bright like 344 nits of brightness so slightly below the 350 knit range which i consider average but the color saturation is fantastic it’s it’s more than

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adequate to do design work on it i didn’t feel like i was being robbed of any sort of color profiles but overall a great display i do have windows 10 installed on this the way i’m going forward with reviewing laptops is i’m going to review it based on the operating system that they sent me the laptop with the laptop does support windows hello it just doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner if you want to use it you have to do it through the facial recognition camera on the top it logs in fairly quickly but the webcam quality is 720p and it just doesn’t look that great speakers are on the bottom of the laptop they’re okay you know they get fairly loud they don’t they’re not going to blow you away but they’re more than adequate for for regular gaming as long as the fans don’t get too loud then you’re probably going to want to put on headphones now performance on this guy is what really impressed me like this is a collaboration with intel and this retails for about 2500 bucks and that nets you an i7 1100h with an rtx 3070 it runs at 125 watts but i’ve seen it boost up to 145 you get a one terabyte nvme ssd and you have this 15 inch qhd 165 hertz display honestly the performance is fantastic on this laptop it’s obviously not the fastest rtx 3070 i’ve tested in a laptop but you’re getting better performance than a 30-70 that you’d get

inside of a razer blade 15 just because this gpu can boost up higher i mean look for the price it’s giving you like a good balance of cooling and performance together even if you’re buying this for like content creation or developing code you’re going to find the results to be really good on this it wasn’t the fastest 11 800h but it definitely wasn’t the slowest like it did a very good job now i want to mention there is a benchmark mode on this all my tests were done in performance mode benchmark mode just like blasts the fans and i truly didn’t see that much of a difference in terms of performance now when it comes to heat management i like the balance that intel and xpg are doing here you know cpu temps never really get over 90 degrees like never and it starts at around 65 watts the cpu and then i only saw it drop down to like 55 or 58 watts when it was under full load like it sustained a very good clock speed while keeping the laptop under 90 degrees celsius now the chassis does get a bit warm but nothing really overheats like even if you’re touching the keyboard my fingers never got hot when i was gaming you can feel the hot air coming out of the sides there’s just a lot of vents on this laptop to let the air come in and pass out which is fantastic for a gaming laptop now fan noise is what you’d expect from a gaming laptop like you have this thing under load you’re playing games it’s obviously going to be well over 50 decibels but it does have quiet profiles so if you want more of an enjoyable experience you can tune that down and get it under 40.


At this point if you’re enjoying the video feel free to like and subscribe as that will help out the channel a lot but the internals are looking good you know we have a big 93 watt hour battery which doesn’t get the best battery life unfortunately i only got about four hours and 15 minutes of use before needing to charge but you do have the options to upgrade a lot of stuff wi-fi card is swappable you have a pcie gen 4 ssd and it gets really good read and write speeds and if you want a second drive there’s an empty slot right below it you have two slots for ram which are obviously upgradable to 64. this one happens to be rank 8 and then of course you have the cooling solution which you have two fans on the left and right hand side with a bunch of copper running through the middle now if you want to change stuff like the performance and rgb and window shortcuts xpg doesn’t have their own software on here you got to use intel’s neck software which is

pre-installed it does the job it works great it’s just something you have to remember the other thing is the design like this is a very simple and clean looking laptop i like it but man this thing gets dirty and this is something i don’t complain about too much but out of all the black laptops i’ve used this one picks up fingerprints like crazy it reminds me of the early razer blade laptops that didn’t have that anti-fingerprint coating the other cool thing though is the rgb there’s a little bit on the bottom lip of the laptop it’s not overbearing and it’s just the right amount i think it’s a great touch now should you buy this honestly i think for 2500 bucks when you compare it to let’s say a comparable razer blade 15 advanced model you’re saving like four to five hundred dollars sure you’re not getting the better speakers the better build quality and a few other things but i think for value and bang for buck this is giving you everything you need the only thing i don’t know about this laptop is how is the warranty and the after service support going to be because i’ve never experienced a data’s or xpg’s support so i’m not too familiar with it so that’s the kind of the only thing you have to think about but for price for dollar i think this thing does the job and i need intel to make more laptops or at least more collaborations like this if you have any more questions let me know in the comment section down below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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