Review ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 – It’s Too Good!

so this is the asus rog strix scarf 15. it’s the 2022 model it comes with intel’s 12th gen processors and out of all the gaming laptops from intel this year this one has had the best balance now this is a very gamer focused first laptop you can tell by the design right it’s very subjective it has the asus logo which lights up can be changed to different colors you have the rog stamp running across the laptop lid which by the way is made out of metal but the rest of the body is mostly plastic and there’s also an accent piece that you can personally customize in the box you have three different pieces that you can choose personally i like the transparent ones so you can kind of see underneath inside but if you don’t like any of them you can custom print your own and then add it to the laptop later it’s about 5.1 pounds which is not too bad but once you add the power brick the entire package goes up to 7.25 pounds so it might feel a little bit heavier in your bag now i did wipe off the lid of the laptop but as you can see with the few touches that i have already done it’s starting to pick up fingerprints so this is something you’re going to need to constantly wipe down because after a few days it’s going to look absolutely dirty it’s not too thick i’d say it’s about same thickness or maybe a little bit thinner than the msi ge76 you do have tons of ports to use so for example two usb ports on the left hand side you have your audio jack you have your keycap dish over here on the right hand side and then on the back is where most of your ports are so you have your power connector rj45 which is 2.5 gigabits you have hdmi 2.

1 which connects directly to your external gpu you have a usb type-c port which supports power delivery up to 100 watts and a display port so if you also want to connect to the external gpu using usb type-c use this port and then the final port is thunderbolt 4.

This will connect to your igpu so make sure you use the other one instead if you’re hooking up a monitor the laptop has a little bit of lid flex but i’m not too concerned you can open it up with one hand and there’s just rgb everywhere you have rgb on the keyboard where you can customize every single key to your absolute delight and then of course on the bottom you have that strip that surrounds the bottom of the device the keyboard itself is really nice like i really like this keyboard there’s about 1.9 millimeters of travel distance it has a nice clicky feel you have separate buttons on the right hand side to control volume pause play or even print screen and then you have your macro buttons at the top that you can personally customize or change the fan noise or load up asus armory crate oh kind of small but really cool if you look at the windows key because the little square is transparent you can see the keycap underneath and it ends up looking like a bullseye i know it’s tiny but little things for my brain okay and then you have the sticker placement which is nice and even sticker guys are doing their job massive touch pad okay it’s glass it feels good but sometimes there’s a lot of latency between the motion of your finger and the cursor on the display there’s times where it’s working perfectly and then there’s other times where you’ll just see a delay and it’s kind of annoying they need to fix it there is a numpad but you have to activate it using the touchpad as soon as you do this you can no longer use the touchpad to move your finger

around but you have an actual numpad that you can use to enter numbers now apparently this is customizable there’s a few other applications you could use with this but i think it’s kind of cool right like they don’t have space for it on the deck so why not put it in the touchpad i think it’s a great space now one drawback to this laptop is that there is zero webcams on it okay there’s nothing and i understand it’s a gaming laptop focus first but gamers like to use their face to stream with and gamers also do zoom calls right like a lot of people are buying this as their laptop to do everything even though they’re gaming mostly on it there’s not even a fingerprint scanner to log you in so keep that in mind when you’re buying this the other thing is the display i absolutely love it this is the 240 hertz display and it has a three millisecond response time it looks fantastic the color accuracy is great so you can game and do design work on this it’s qhd it’s 16×9 so it’s nice and crisp the only thing that’s like average is the brightness it’s about 330 nits which is fine for gaming but it’s not the best laptop if you’re using outdoors now performance is where this thing truly shines it comes stacked with an i9 12900h 32 gigabytes of ddr5 memory it has a rtx 3070 ti that can boost up to 150 watts the 15 inch 240 hertz qhd display and you have a

super fast pcie gen 4 nvme ssd now i did this in a bench test first just for fun like i always do and this scored the highest multi-core speed i’ve seen on a laptop so far same holds true for the single core clock speed i was blown away in fact the single core clock speed beat out my i9 desktop which i thought was pretty crazy if you’re looking at this to game and do content creation content creation does a very good job on this laptop it scored very well if you’re doing photoshop for example the scores are nice and high and if you’re buying this for more of virtual effects or after effects rather it does a very good job too the one area that really shocked me was the mozilla firefox compile test it did it in 14 minutes which is the fastest i’ve seen on a pc laptop so far now if you’re a gamer this is what you’re buying this laptop for right this is strictly a gaming laptop and it performs very well both at 1080p and qhd i really truly feel that these laptops now are are perfect for qhd gaming especially if you’re playing some of the more older titles or first person shooters to make matters even better heat management is great it does tend to stay a little bit hotter for longer than other laptops but i’m okay with that because eventually it goes down to about 80 degrees celsius and rests and with that you get much better long-term and short-term performance because they’re not as conservative as other manufacturers with some of their heat management and i think they did a much better job of tuning it when it comes to fan noise i was really

impressed some of the other laptops that i’ve reviewed recently had some major coil whine the fans get loud but not as loud as other gaming laptops like if you have this on turbo mode you’re looking at around 52 decibels which is not as high as 60 as i’ve seen on competing products but if you drop it down to performance mode which still does a really good job then you can reduce how loud those fans become and then of course if you want a very quiet experience you want it to hover around 40 you could just put it on the silent profile as for the keyboard deck it does get up to about 43 decibels but usually around it i’ve never once to use this laptop and felt like the keyboard was getting too warm the temperatures were always great now sound on this laptop is not too bad you have two tweeters on top and then two woofers on the bottom and it does get pretty loud it sounds really clean it has good highs not that much mid but a little bit of bass it’s not going to be on a macbook pro 16 but one of the better gaming laptops i’ve listened to [Music] [Applause] now getting inside is a little bit more difficult than your standard gaming laptop just because you have to be careful when you pry it open don’t yank the lid off because if you do you’ll rip these rgb strip cables take it off very slowly then remove them from the motherboard and once you’re inside all the standard stuff is there you have two slots for your storage drives one is empty right now and then you have a one terabyte gen 4 drive which gets crazy read and write speeds you have a swappable wi-fi 6e card which is underneath this drive you can take it out if you remove this one a big 90 watt hour battery and out of all the intel

systems i’ve tested this year this is some of the better battery life which is about four hours and 50 minutes i know not super impressive but better than the two hours i got other competing products you have two slots for your ram right now there’s 32 gigabytes the manufacturer for this ddr5 is from micron and this is rank 8 and of course you have your fans and then a lot of copper to cool the cpu and gpu now this system is being cooled using liquid metal the conduct knot or as i like to call it the coconut extreme so that’s probably helping with those temperatures a little bit more than your standard thermal paste the other thing i want to say is as you can see here as the review went on the fingerprints have accumulated so you guys will get a good idea of how often you’ll need to wipe this thing down but honestly i love this thing you know this is a great gaming laptop a few quirks that can be fixed with software and of course the dreaded no webcam is probably a turn off for some of you guys but in terms of performance the way it functions it feels and how it acts this laptop is absolutely awesome and i’m looking very forward to see what else rog brings out this year make sure to like the video if you liked it if you’re interested in picking this up it’ll be a link in the description down below subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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