Review ASUS Zephyrus G14 (2022) – The Best Laptop?

so this is the asus g14 the 2022 model and when i saw this announced at ces i got super excited because the last two models they were good but they were missing standard features you’d find on every laptop and it looks like they listened to the feedback and pretty much incorporated all the things we wanted into this new version now it does look like the previous one it’s a bit deeper because it’s now using a 16 by 10 display there’s a lot more holes on top of the lid there’s more leds inside if you buy the anime matrix version and quite frankly don’t buy the anime matrix version like why spend more money to make the back of your laptop light up it kind of reminds me of like a cheap vegas casino save the money buy a better version of it with the beefier gpu or use it on some accessories but you can see that here right bigger holes less of them a lot more holes more leds underneath for that display the other thing is it’s a lot more refined the previous version this is the moonlight white version is white on the top but then when you flip it over it’s silver right it’s not consistent the new one is

all white you know you flip it to the side and then you have a white bottom portion which looks a lot more classy the only color difference is when you get to the bottom grill the weight is a little bit heavier not a lot if you’re holding them both in your hand like this is 3.76 pounds whereas the previous version is about 3.64 the major difference though is the plug on the original one from last year you’re talking about a 180 watt power brick so this is a lot lighter to carry in your bag the new version because it has a beefier gpu has to use a 240 watt power brick so it’s about i don’t know a little bit bigger than the previous one and you will notice that when you’re carrying both of these things in your bag this is about 5.27 pounds whereas this is about 4.83 other little differences come down to the back like if you don’t remember the old one has like a flat zephyrus logo whereas the new version is just taking the little grills and spanning it all the way across the back and then stamping the zephyrus logo right in the middle the other design difference is the back of the new version has a chamfered edge whereas the previous version does not the port situation is kind of the same but the new one has one additional port so you still have the same placement with your power connector at the back hdmi 2.1 this connects

directly to the gpu you have a display port that also acts as a power connector so you can connect usb type-c up to 100 watts and charge it you have a combo audio jack and then on the right hand side you have two usb ports another type c port and this is the new one this comes with a micro sd card slot whereas the previous version does not just a note about these type c ports only one of them connects directly to the dedicated gpu the other one connects to the integrated gpu just like the previous model it’s still easy to open up with one hand but the new thing is you can flip the display 180 degrees in light flat on the table whereas the previous version it kind of tops out right here the keyboard deck is nicer it is all white which is good but the keycaps have this like green tint to it it doesn’t look like it’s the same color as the deck like it just feels a bit off the beauty though is you don’t really have that much of an issue of seeing the rgb behind it because you can change to any color right the previous version it was only white so it kind of blended in it was hard to see the keys at night this guy you can change to any color so seeing those keys won’t be an issue the next thing to note is that the speakers have been moved to the top they’re no longer on the bottom like the previous version and the

speakers actually sound really good on the new version definitely better than the previous one the keyboard layout is still very similar they feel nice and tactile about 1.7 millimeters of travel distance and of course the arrow keys have been increased in size since there’s more depth on the deck to make them a bit bigger power button is the same location and they also added macro buttons to the top four keys so that you can customize it to your heart’s content sticker placement is better on the new version than it is on the old one nvidia and amd working together is just a recipe for disaster the new one a little bit better placed touch pad absolutely massive it’s double the size of the previous version totally a welcoming edition they couldn’t have done this if they didn’t switch it to 16 by 10 it would have been small again but it just feels so much better to move your fingers on it’s very accurate and good to use the screen to body ratio has also been improved the bezels are thinner on both the left and right hand side the top bezel is a little bit thinner as well but it’s the bottom one that’s been chopped in half this is about 91 screen to body now a lot of you asked me on my previous isuze video is it going to be a problem with heat management blowing on the screen it’s not you know i never had an issue with the m16 which is a lot thinner than this and this is still going to hit the bottom bezel so i don’t foresee it being an issue on your daily use the webcam is finally here it has one okay a big complaint of the previous

model it’s not 1080p though it’s 720p and the quality is is nothing special but at least it’s there they’ve also added infrared sensors into it so you can use windows hello facial recognition to log you in but man this display absolutely gorgeous 16×10 so right off the bat this display feels much bigger than the previous one even though technically it’s still 14 inches you just get that extra vertical space which is really nice for productivity the color accuracy is absolutely fantastic this is the qhd version which goes up to 120 hertz it has pretty good screen brightness it falls under asus’s nebula standard which means it’s a very well calibrated display and i didn’t foresee any issues it’s matte so it doesn’t pick up as much reflection as a glass panel but yeah great display for content creation and for gaming now performance on this guy is very interesting they’re using the newest version of their hs processor the 6900 hs still runs at 35 watts but it’s on a newer six nanometer architecture paired with their rx 6800 s gpu on paper this rx 6800 s boosts up to 105 watts this also has 32 gigabytes of ddr5 memory and a one terabyte nvme ssd paired with that beautiful qhd display but here’s the weird thing you know like it benches very well in cinebench it doesn’t beat out you know the most fastest intel laptops as it shouldn’t you know the cpu is a lower wattage but the performance for that wattage is incredible the one area where it kind of suffered was creative applications if you’re running like adobe premiere pro you’re a video editor you’re not

going to see that much of a difference in terms of a performance upgrade compared to the last model it’s just not that significant photoshop i do photoshop is a massive difference compared to the previous one but how fast do you really need photoshop to be the third thing is after effects another area where i did see an improvement but it wasn’t massive compared to the previous version the area that this laptop really excels at is gaming that’s where i saw a nice performance bump it doesn’t matter if you’re running at 1080p or if you’re running at qhd you’re looking at about 30 to 40 frames per second difference compared to the rtx 3060 that was in last year’s model but it finally has a mux switch so if you ever wanted to turn it off you can it does require a restart i saw about like a five percent increase in performance when i was gaming it wasn’t massive fan noise is really interesting on this laptop if you’re just gaming or you’re just doing general productivity they don’t get loud like it takes a lot longer for these fans to kick on compared to your normal intel h series processor but for fun i decided to throw everything at it max out the gpu max out the cpu and if

you’re looking for the loudest these fans can get yeah it’s going to get up to 55 decibels if you’re throwing everything at it on turbo mode you can lower it by putting on performance mode it will be closer to the lower 50s and then of course silent mode will be closer to the lower 40s most likely in your everyday use depending on which profile you use expect five decibels lower to what i just showed you this is like maxing everything out so it’s not realistic now heat management is kind of concerning no matter which profile i had it on temps were always in the 90s and all i was doing was running a cinebench test in a loop so the only thing that was being pushed was the cpu that’s it but i decided to turn on the gpu or do something to push the gpu as well and what happened was the laptop completely shut off so it does get a bit too hot i think asus needs to go back in there update the bios or do some sort of fan management maybe reduce some of the pl2s so that this thing stays cooler because right now it’s a bit too hot for my liking now internally it’s tight and it’s tight for a good reason because there’s a lot of stuff going on you have a vapor chamber cooler at the top you have some customization on the back plate which i personally think adds a nice touch to it especially if you open this up for the first time you do have liquid metal on both the cpu and gpu to help keep temps down and

you have a big 70 watt hour battery which gave me really good battery life just under 10 hours of use before needing to charge which is really good you still have one stick of ram soldered onto the motherboard 16 gigabytes happens to be soldered on here and there’s another 16 gigabyte stick at the top this is rank 8 and you have one slot for your drive the speeds on this were definitely not gen 4 it was very reminiscent of a gen 3 drive but this is supposed to be pcie gen 4 so hopefully if you put in a gen 4 drive you’ll get faster speeds to go with it so here’s the thing there’s a lot of great things about this new design the 16 by 10 display it finally has a webcam it’s still light and portable as the previous one there’s a little bit more performance packed inside but a couple of things concern me one of the heat management still needs to be tweaked and two if you’re a creator and you have the previous version this is definitely not much of an upgrade if you’re buying this strictly for gaming which is you know technically what asus is marketing this towards our gamers who want to game on the go then yeah you will see a nice performance job compared to the previous model what do you guys think i’m really curious to hear what you guys have to say because i know a lot of you guys are passionate about this laptop so please let me know in the comment section down below i’ll place a link to it in case you want to pick it up but yeah that price tag it’s a lot more to swallow now so that’s another thing to take into consideration like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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