Acer Predator 300 SE – The Blade 14 & ASUS G14 Competition!

so today sir revealed a number of new video gaming laptops the acer predator 300 se in a rejuvenated 14-inch variation and an all-new 16-inch model i put all new in quotes due to the fact that i drew this thing out of package and also i resemble i could have sworn i just reviewed this a week earlier right the ace for triton 500 se looks the same to this so i took the 500se out of the box positioned it appropriate beside it and i resemble no this 300se is not a brand new style it’s using the framework of the 500se as well as it’s omitting a couple of points and also they need to admit a couple of points due to the fact that this is aimed at a lower cost factor it’s for an extremely various market but calling it all new is sort of a little a stretch particularly when the weight is exactly the same at 5.29 extra pounds they share the precise very same dimension the displays return 180 levels the very same bezels the same keyboard format however you do have a black keyboard with the triton compared to a darker gray on the 300sc in truth i would possibly say sticker positioning equals which is rather remarkable normally you obtain various work on various versions touchpad is the same fingerprint scanner coincides the only difference or otherwise only difference but among the distinctions is the port layout you shed a

thunderbolt 4 port on the 3sc so you only get one on the best hand side as opposed to having two as well as you do not obtain a full dimension sd card port yet they did change it with a mini sd card instead currently the 500 sc was suggested to be the premium laptop computer for acer similar to this is spec with an i9 12 900h as well as an rtx 3080 ti the new 300se doesn’t rise that high limit you can obtain it with is an i7 12700h and an rtx 3070 ti rather honestly that’s kind of the sweet spot for this style of laptop computer when you go this slim and the gpu is just pressing a max tgp of 105 to 115 watts you do not actually want to most likely to a 3080 ti anyways because you’re going to be over paying to get a little more efficiency and it’s simply not worth it then the other large advantage of selecting the 300se is the internals due to the fact that unlike the 500se you do not have to eliminate the motherboard to change the drives every little thing gets on the appropriate side you can actually upgrade the ram it’s easily accessible it’s right before you it’s easy to take off the cover you can exchange this out put as much ram in here as this point can deal with after that you have a swappable wi-fi card which is wi-fi 6e that you can replace on your own this is just a great deal a lot more workable currently the 14-inch version of the 300se is the one i’m more excited around since the previous variation of this was type of frustrating it just had a four core

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processor it was 16×9 and it simply couldn’t contend versus the asus g14 or blade 14 however this individual has been freshened in the proper way for one they removed the 16 9 aspect ratio at 16 by 10 so if you live that creative life but likewise left a video game this is the screen you desire you currently have the option to acquire it with oled such as this below is a 3k oled screen and it looks absolutely magnificent like the shade precision the illumination it just looks remarkable the only point i don’t such as is that it’s only 90 hertz like if you’re a player 90 hertz is still much better than 60 yet i would have loved to have at least 120 hertz at the absolute minimum fortunately though is you do not need to buy it with an oled display screen there’s a 2k display of this that sustains 165 hertz as well as there’s also a 1920 by 1200 display that supports the exact same refresh rate it has the exact same kind of keyboard as the bigger 16 inch variation it’s very comfortable to type on key travel range it’s a little shallow yet there’s a great click to it it does really feel like a pc gaming key-board the other

point is you do have a great selection of i o with your power port usb a port thunderbolt 4 port and after that beyond you have a full size hdmi port this is 2.1 usba and a headphone jack once more i would have enjoyed them to put the ports closer to the back or on the back yet i guess it simply wasn’t possible with this style i must also discuss which i completely forgot in the beginning of this video that these are design samples so i can’t show you men standards i can just speak about the laptops i promise to do that in a future video clip but from a spec perspective being able to obtain an i9 12900h inside of right here is currently much better than the asus g14 it’s already better than the blade 14 at the very least in regards to video gaming possibly not battery life however at least in regards to video gaming having that i9 or perhaps i7 is just a far better cpu for performance now however you can just spec it as much as an rtx 3060 and also you recognize what for a whole lot of people this this may be sufficient right an rtx 3060 is still a great gpu to game pleasantly at 1920 by 1200 you can play a lot of older

titles or maximize titles at qhd if you don’t mind going down the setups a little bit it’s still a really strong gpu i believe the gpu tgp is around 100 watts with about 10 watts of dynamic increase so it’s not the weakest gpu it’s best in line with the 14 inch competition now there’s probably one man as well as i see a guy since this is a technology network and 93 of the target market is male it’s a big sausage celebration as well as he’s mosting likely to ask me to test the speakers i’ve already paid attention to them they do not appear good i don’t remember ever before making use of an astro laptop computer where it actually had excellent audio speakers it’s just an afterthought for them and also the very same holds true right here now this is the killer sense software application it allows you to do things like change the lighting you have 3 zones that you can alter lights for it’s not per vital rgb and also just like most various other acer laptops if you desire to change the performance settings it has actually to be plugged in as well as it needs to be over 40 battery life the other point is due to the fact that this is the oldest variation there is no muck switch if you desire the mux switch you have to acquire one of the versions with the ips displays but internally you can upgrade the nvme ssd or swap out the wi-fi card ram is soldered onto the motherboard but you can spec it approximately 32 gigabytes

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which is great you take something like the blade 14 and also the greatest you can go is 16 gigabytes battery dimension is 74 watt hours once again engineering samples so i do not know the battery life yet they are utilizing fluid metal on the cpu and also gpu so temperatures ought to be lower than the previous version so right here’s things i’m really digging the 14 inch variation of the 300 se i assume if the cost is right this could be a very competitive option to the g14 and also the blade 14. You obtain even more memory you obtain an intel cpu which performs much faster is much better for video gaming and also you couple with an rtx 3060 which is certainly not the fastest gpu compared to the various other 2 but it may be a good combo in general the only downside is because they’re using an intel processor i can’t visualize battery life being good as the g14 or the blade 4 team the 300se on the other hand is interesting because this is essentially the triton 500 sc as well as if that’s a laptop computer that you’re truly drawn in to but don’t intend to spend 3 000 on then this might be a better different quite truthfully if i was to choose this or the 500 se i ‘d most likely lean towards this you’ll conserve yourself a couple of bucks the 30 70 ti is the sweet place in terms of this chassis dimension and also the ram and also drive are both simple to reach and also upgrade now once more these are engineering examples i would have enjoyed to reveal you individuals standards but i guarantee to do that in my complete review so if you have any kind of inquiries let me know in the remark area below if you’re interested in choosing these men up or the triton 500 sc there’ll be links to that also like the video clip if you liked it subscribe if you have not already as well as i’ll see you men in the following one