ASUS Zephyrus G14 (2022) – How Well Does It Game?

We’re going to learn exactly how the new all AMD ASUS Zephyrus G14 video gaming laptop in fact does in games! Naturally efficiency depends upon the equipment that’s really inside, so let’s start with the specs. I’ve obtained the highest possible specced arrangement of G14 from ASUS. We’ve got AMD’s most current Ryzen 9 6900HS 8 core cpu, Nice, Radeon RX 6800S graphics, 32 jobs of DDR5-4800 memory as well as a 14″ 120Hz display. This year the screen makes the relocate to 16:10 which is a little taller vertically compared to most other laptops. This results in a screen resolution that in fact winds up being slightly larger than conventional 1440p, so the question is can this brand-new G14 actually run games well at this greater resolution? We’ve checked 11 video games with and without FSR as well as ray mapping to find out! The RX 6800S graphics can run up to 105 watts with AMD’s SmartShift, but with the CPU additionally packed up I found it to run at 75 watts. The ASUS Armory Dog crate software program can be used to regulate the performance settings. I’ve done all

testing here with manual setting and also the power sliders and also followers maxed out for finest outcomes. For the very first time ever before, ASUS have consisted of a MUX button in this year’s G14, so we have actually obtained the option of disabling the integrated graphics to obtain a rate increase in video games, so all screening has been done this method for ideal results. We actually require to speak about the display first. The feedback time is in fact outstanding now at 4.9 ms. Last year’s G14 was 9ms, while the year prior in 2020 was close to 21ms, so it’s terrific that they’ve been able to get this down gradually. The less blurriness and also ghosting that you’re going to see while playing video games because the lower the display reaction time. This likewise helps the G14 obtain a lower total system latency. This is the total amount of time in between a mouse click as well as gun shot fire on the screen in CS: GO, and also it’s a complete 10ms much faster contrasted to last year’s G14, so fantastic news for competitive players! Alright so let’s get involved in the video game benchmarks. The G14 has that 16:10 display with a 2560 by 1600 resolution, we’re going to start out by contrasting 1080p and also 1440p resolutions as that’s just what I’ve obtained data for for the purposes of contrasting. Do not worry though! After we obtain a suggestion of exactly how the G14 contrasts against other video gaming laptop computers we

will check it in 11 different video games whatsoever establishing presets with the native display resolution to see what it’s in fact efficient in. Cyberpunk 2077 was examined the very same on all laptops, and also I’ve obtained the G14 shown by the red emphasize. Contrasted to last year’s G14 with RTX 3060 graphics we’re taking a look at an 11% higher ordinary framework price and an 18% greater 1% reduced, so less dips in efficiency contrasted to something that’s comparable in dimension. The 6800S is in advance of a variety of lower wattage 3060 gaming laptop computers, and also remarkably slightly behind the 6600M in the Legion 5 which was one area in advance of it. We’ve obtained a different option of laptops at the greater 1440p resolution as we only test machines that in fact have a chance of running it. Currently although this year’s G14 appears like a lower result relative to other versions, it’s worth taking into consideration where it’s originating from. Contrasted to in 2015’s G14 near the bottom, this year’s update was reaching a 27% greater typical framework price in this test. This game recently added FSR assistance which will improve performance even more, and also we’ll examine that out in a moment. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the game’s criteria, and also I’ve found this examination to generally favor AMD graphics. Remarkably, the 6800S is currently the very best Radeon result I have actually got, only a

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little ahead of last year’s 6600M, 6800m and 6700m GPUs that I examined in larger 15-in laptop computers. Probably various other elements like this relocate to DDR5 memory are likewise adding? Compared to Nvidia options, the G14 is hanging out with bigger complete power level RTX 3070 devices like the Legion 5 Pro, and also also beating the 3080 in the Alienware m15 R6 – outstanding things. I have actually obtained a larger series of high spec laptops at 1440p, yet the G14 is still ideal following to the RTX 3080 in last year’s Blade 14 – certainly ensure you’re subscribed for when I get this year’s updated blade, it ought to be getting below soon. The 2022 all AMD G14 was getting to a 48% greater average FPS compared to last year’s, but it’s not all huge gains for Radeon. While Red Dead Redemption 2 appears to prefer AMD’s Radeon graphics, Control on the various other hand commonly seems to prefer Nvidia’s GeForce graphics. The new G14 was only like 2 FPS ahead of last year’s version with the 3060 simply below it, however the 1% reduced with the 2022 all AMD arrangement was notably behind. Points reverse at the higher 1440p resolution where we’re even more GPU bound, as well as to be fair this is closer to the 2022 G14’s native resolution. The 1% lows are a lot better with each other now, and the newer G14 has the ability to get to a 23% greater ordinary frame rate contrasted to in 2014’s version. Otherwise a number of various other greater power level Nvidia laptops were outperforming the

6900HS and 6800S combination right here. So essentially, this year’s brand-new all AMD G14 is doing rather well compared to last year’s G14. Now allow’s locate out exactly how newer video games really perform at the screen’s indigenous 2560 by 1600 resolution. Let’s start with God of Battle. We’ve obtained the stock leads to purple as well as with FSR readied to balanced setting in red. FSR is able to get us some wonderful performance gains, specifically at higher setups. Ultra setups was like 44 FPS normally, but simply switching over FSR on increases us up by 38% to 60 FPS. Passing away Light 2 additionally features FSR, so we have actually examined with this allowed too, once more at a loss bars. We’re considering some relatively huge gains with the non ray tracing setting presets with dual the FPS in some instances, many thanks to FSR. The ray mapping efficiency without FSR is past pointless, but even FSR isn’t assisting a whole heap obtaining us to 30 FPS. Forza Perspective 5 was evaluated with the game’s benchmark. Also the highest severe setting pre-programmed which includes on some RT results was able to hit 60 FPS at this higher than 1440p display resolution, so great stuff. Tool settings had the ability to get us virtually double the efficiency at near to the display’s 120Hz revitalize price. Cyberpunk 2077 lately included FSR assistance, so as soon as even more we’re making use of red to show that, and once again it’s able to increase our FPS with some setup presets. Ultra settings was 30

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FPS without FSR on balanced after that 71 FPS with it on, rather a large difference. The brand-new 1.5 version of this game added the RT Reduced pre-programmed and that does alright with FSR, yet the greater ray traced modes weren’t doing extremely well. Much Cry 6 is yet another relatively new game with FSR assistance, it’s fantastic to see this function starting to appear in the most up to date titles. There had not been as much of an efficiency enhancement right here compared to several of the earlier video games, yet a 38% boost at ultra settings is still superb considering we’re actually transforming one setting on. Microsoft Flight Simulator was doing fairly well, don’t fail to remember the indigenous display resolution of this year’s Zephyrus G14 is more than typical 1440p as it’s got a 16:10 display. Honestly this one still plays fairly well also without incredibly high structure prices, the greater setting levels weren’t regrettable at all. Red Dead Redemption 2 was examined with the game’s benchmark. This video game has DLSS, yet that’s no excellent to us with an all AMD device, and

regrettably there’s no FSR yet. Also without it we’re still able to pass 100 FPS at moderate as well as low setups and also high settings was decent also. As we saw previously, this game seems to favor AMD graphics. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was likewise evaluated with the game’s standard, and also we’re considering nearly 60 FPS at max settings also with the higher resolution, while low presses us past 100 FPS if you prefer smoothness over aesthetic top quality. Rainbow Six Siege has actually been included for a shooter game. Customarily, the top 3 setup presets all do the exact same in the video game’s benchmark, as well as also the 1% lows are greater than the screen’s 120Hz revitalize rate, so all good right here. Control has actually been tested with and without ray mapping made it possible for. RT at a loss bars honestly wasn’t going great in all. This is one more game that has DLSS however not FSR, probably as the game came out back when DLSS was reasonably brand-new prior to FSR was right here, so you’re possibly not going to desire to attempt ray tracing without FSR gains. See Pet dogs Myriad was tested with the video game’s standard. Very high setups was simply able to strike 60 FPS, and this is an additional game with DLSS yet no FSR, so based on what we saw right before in Control I really did not bother looking at ray tracing here. In spite of its smaller 14″ dimension as well as a display resolution that’s bigger than standard 1440p, this year’s all AMD G14 is definitely really capable even in the newest games at higher setups. There’s still a lot to examine like thermals, battery life and also more, so make certain you’re subscribed for my future complete testimonial video clip of the ASUS Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop computer. While you await that, possibilities are you probably like smaller sized pc gaming laptops, so take a look at my complete review of the ASUS ROG Circulation Z13 gaming tablet following. You can actually affix an RTX 3080 to make it one of the most powerful 13″ gadget on the planet!.

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For the initial time ever before, ASUS have included a MUX switch in this year’s G14, so we have actually got the option of disabling the incorporated graphics to obtain a speed boost in video games, so all testing has been done this means for best results. The feedback time is actually remarkable now at 4.9 ms. Last year’s G14 was 9ms, while the year prior in 2020 was close to 21ms, so it’s great that they have actually been able to get this down over time. Contrasted to last year’s G14 at the bottom, this year’s update was reaching a 27% greater average structure price in this examination. I have actually got a larger variety of high specification laptop computers at 1440p, however the G14 is still best following to the RTX 3080 in last year’s Blade 14 – absolutely make certain you’re subscribed for when I obtain this year’s updated blade, it needs to be getting right here quickly. For the many component, this year’s new all AMD G14 is doing rather well contrasted to last year’s G14.

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