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and also in conclusion our see here at Phanteks this is something that we also did ourselves when we examine the P600s we had an anemometer anonym on our radar interpreter as well as nano meter 15 minutes we’re great we’re good hey there good individuals I’m Dimitri feeling good below at Phanteks undoubtedly we obtained our full brief and it’s constantly quite exciting due to the fact that we’re like yes Phanteks is obtaining what individuals want and as typical huge thanks to our sponsors Razer Phanteks be quiet and thermatake for making CES 2020 feasible this is the m2 pro 2 I was truthfully not expecting them to be based the entire chassis framework based upon the end of seven one nine I was expecting them to have a slightly brand-new iteration of the original Enthoo pro yet that was based on the Enthoo Lux and also so the new advancement of where we are today is the Enthoo Pro II clearly the entire emphasis here would certainly be on performance and air circulation since of the brand-new added performance Phanteks fabric at the front that has additionally dust filter beneath and also this is like the different versus what we see with completion of seven one 9 because of that whole light weight aluminum panel on that even more premium room below they are not reducing corners however they are minimizing on the costs like material so for instance the entire plastic panel here is plastic with a little cleaned structure they do have this little channel engraved that I was hoping would be LED strips and also kind of appearances like you possibly be able to put something in below but it isn’t it’s a plane therefore the only LED we hop on the unit is the power button and also the reduced LED strip on the power supply shroud that separates the bottom chamber with the top but still offers us a wonderful little deluxe look with a bit of structure that isn’t just super plain and also incredibly flat currently considering that the situation is based upon completion of seven one nine we do have just the same interior layout in regards to being able to inhabit that bottom chamber with a power supply as well as ITX system the ITX motherboard tray is consisted of which is incredible or you can occupy several our drives making use of those tough drive caddies the system you see right here actually has a twin power supply one in the front that is visible and also one in the back and as for

the main motherboard location huge so fits enormous motherboards as they have mounted here whole lots of radio places for the front the side and also the top and the side is ventilated well it’s slightly various a ventilation pattern yet it exists’s a little dirt filter in there too in instance you wish to consumption air but every little thing else is the same with the exception of this slightly different leading format configuration considering that the professional 2 is all concerning efficiency and also air flow we can install as much as 15 fans in below and also the truth that we have that textile product in the front implies we are getting the most effective airflow possible from what Phanteks deals and also you can mount like over 10 hard disk drives as well as over 10 SSDs so plenty of storage space ability and also the total instructions for something similar to this as you guys have seen in our years Awards video everyone loves the Enthoo 719 from its efficiency degree and also the reality that we’re now getting the same chassis at the reduced rate factor and also simply to recap on the rate so the Enthoo Pro 2 is $129 which is six bucks less expensive versus the end two seven one nine offering you all the exact same attributes so you can save some money invest some that cash money into more hardware and also more fans and have a rather incredible looking system VI ohm goes to the front incidentally with four USB 3s at type C gen 2 thanks quite behind this good little shut door that is plastic so as the whole front panel however $129 is a.

good value for something that is so fanatic ready and also friendly all appropriate people I’m Dimitri which case oh wait so currently allow’s proceed to some various other fascinating yet truly exciting upgrades from Phanteks this is the P300a a stands from air flow certainly they have actually taken a whole lot of worry like positive comments based on the P400a currently the P300a is still the exact same cost $59 which was my budget plan room for 2018 amazing value as well as you obtain so much more performance this is the ultrafine mesh without the filter underneath which implies that you have no resistive layers outside of this real metal mesh an amazing component right here is that this whole mesh panel is one single item it’s not like a mesh that is affixed with a plastic structure to make sure that implies that we have a lot more actual surface for the holes and air mistake to experience which is in fact pretty awesome they have actually eliminated the RGB strip on the side so now we have this reduced lighting over here that is your power illumination in white as well as every little thing else has actually remained the very same aside from the actual TG mount that has actually additionally been transferred to the back to maintain the side clean it will certainly include a 120 mil exhaust fan and so that’s the P300a $59 instance I make certain this is they’re going to certainly get some honors for the ideal budget plan situation so now let’s relocate on to the P500a so obviously an once more stands for airflow they’re continuing with this entire mesh layout that is once more based on one single item of mesh that they fold and they Bend providing us a whole lot more area and this is really a truly wonderful solid item so there’s no plastic frame that holds the mesh together providing us a lot a lot more air flow no filter below this is working as your dust filter and as you fit together for air movement as well as the actual interior covering or the many of the.

exterior is based upon the P600s which is our instance of the year as you men understand make certain to look into the decade honors video which implies you can do whatever that you could do with the evolve X and the P600s on the inside however in this truly high airflow high efficiency unit so when it comes to the interior you can do a 420 instead the front a 360 up top we still have the SLO panels on the side for wire monitoring and also for storage you can do a double system integration above the I main ATX motherboard so an ITX up leading major ATX section a power supply has now likewise has this beautiful LED strip that was absent on the P600s so something that they wanted to truly spruce up over right here the extra exceptional design or the even more variation of this case will come with three addressable a RGB followers at the front 140 Miller followers so we’ll obtain stunning front air movement utilizing that front mesh for nice performance still we have a swinging side panel over below with wonderful rubber pads for finest isolation as well as good stress while the back panel no more has the swivel door it will certainly simply be basic the i/o has actually now changed to the top with dual USB twos a kind C as well as the a RGB switches as well as the pricing this for this is the enjoyable component for the a lot more premium version that consists of the three front followers is 129 to ensure that is 20 bucks cheaper versus what you get with a P600s to make sure that’s a truly attractive rate for actually the very same attributes and like.

a really excellent performance – and also what a little-little my plant over there as well as $99 p500a that will only include two followers at the front and also no LED strip so no a RGB little controller things so at $99 for this kind of functionality and also structure I’m assuming yeah fan points did it again and round off this video clip Phanteks has actually prepared a really awesome experiment to display exactly how their mesh the material mesh and also the metal mesh is actually best-in-class we have a noctua commercial follower running at 1,400 rpm we have an unknown ometer that determines air circulation speed beyond as well as we can see what’s what’s occurring with the air flow when there’s nothing before the fan and also when we have different mesh from like the real Phanteks P600s that has both the dust filter and the material what takes place when we remove the real dirt filter when we have simply a material when we have simply the Phanteks p400A P500A P300a mesh the steel mesh on there as well as we additionally have some competition this is the sample F as we are informed I’m gon na relocate it around so you potentially might see whereas this is from there’s also a bit of a.

filter below that you can not eliminate so dust will certainly obtain inside and also shut out the air movement and this is amusing you people can probably guys what this is from right so this is kind of a regrettable point where we can see what happens precisely with the airflow therefore right here are the numbers on display so based on these numbers the textile mesh from the brand-new pro 2 case without the dust filter is the finest performer it is actually remarkably near what we obtain without anything before the follower as well as we do shed only a bit when we include the dirt filter with the professional M as well as that entire textile fit together the efficiency dimension acts as well as it simply it’s a truly cool example to see what happens with air flow when you put something ahead the fan and also just how all the various layers of resistance add to something that at some point show in higher temperatures and also from what we see today I indicate the Phanteks fabric efficiency mesh controls alright individuals to make sure that’s all brand-new things from Phanteks very amazing points when it pertains to the advancement of the Enthoo 719 into something that is more budget-friendly and there’s more targeted in the direction of like the the efficiency customers at the somewhat different group and truly really expecting testing the p500a too thanks a lot for enjoying I’ll speak with you guys in a next one.

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