The MetallicGear Neo Pro This is NOT a MAC PRO…It’s an Airflow Case!

I suggest easily this is my pocket mm-hmm well hi great people I’m Dimitri as well as let’s take a look at what metallicgear needs to supply in the new year and customarily large many thanks to our sponsors Razer Phanteks be peaceful as well as thermaltake for making CES 2020 possible 2020 my friends is mosting likely to be I seem like is going to be motivated by what Apple has actually lately released and also this is the neo professional obviously this is going to be called perhaps celebrity grater case and also this is something that we’ve seen mock-ups of in the past from previous business and also now we have that from metallicgear which is the spending plan brand powered by Phanteks as well as this is something that I’m directly really excited about because this mesh isn’t simply for looks certainly the visual aspect belongs to it yet air movement as well as silence are two so the mesh is actually quite huge in regards to letting air through but the way this mesh is created it’s also obstructing out a great deal of the noise do not stress regarding the dirt there is a dust filter it rests behind the cheesegrater plate as you can see it’s a fine mesh so it is very wonderful for air movement it will catch any dirt that travels through the cheesegrater front and also we have a rather qualified

interior with the neo pro that can house an ATX motherboard we have dual 120 s and also 140 Miller follower support at the front we have a dual hard disk drive cage in the front also that you can draw out products for SSDs and also tough drive cages these situations will be included with a rear exhaust fan and 120 mil and for $59 this looks like a truly good budget plan service that actually looks rather sick both in silver and black designs when it comes to the AO is pretty typical double USB threes audio jacks power as well as reset switches the structures are based upon the latest Island design but without the leading follower installs yet we still have a great tgd install without the thumb screws on the side currently they’ve been relocated to the rear so the entire side is lovely and like for $59 this yeah I would certainly shake this an actually good spending plan alternative if you desire that entire mac professional appearance wonderful affordable system – as well as this is the brand-new matrix as

you can see the matrix in the front is pretty great we have seen similar designs from in wind however regrettably those situations were really pricey so the brand-new matrix surprise surprise provided metallicgear’s spending plan alignment is $89 so actually quite affordable if you’re going for something that looks this different in this one-of-a-kind I have asked regarding the number of results and presets will be consisted of and they informed me several they will certainly be money to satisfy your digital argb benefits in terms of tempered glass we have the side mount similar to on the neo pro that additionally has a thumb screw at the back for that clean aesthetic and the front panel right here is also glass it’s not plastic so do not fret about scratching that entire thing likewise the air flow right here is a little bit much more restrictive versus the probe yet they have spaced out the panels to ensure that we have reasonable air flow coming right into the case given what this situation is developed for after that your matrix does have this opening ventilation up top extra economical positioning twin 120 mounts and also the very same i/o as the neo pro double USB threes as well as your color buttons so you can cycle between various presets all through physical switches this does not have software which is something that we really appreciate I was asking to see if there’ll be like a clock version where you can see what time it is if you see any kind of e-mails notifications whatever no way none of that it’s all physical based

and also allow’s just alter some shade chuckles hey there I suggest the actual shade and the uniformity of each individual square is definitely gorgeous this is what I would certainly expect for an $89 situation hmm since you find out about neo instances the neo Pro and also brand-new matrix you could intend to enliven your instance with neon LED strips and also these have released currently in 2015 you can use these versatile LED strips to possibly highlight things like your motherboard to possibly highlight specific other areas of your unit this is actually interesting so take a look at this this is a 90-degree little adapter that you can potentially install to a motherboard standoff or a follower so you have a little of flexibility on where they in fact go giving you these kind of beautiful ideal angle adapters for these LED strips and in this certain situation highlighting this motherboard quite possibly and also I like that there they do not look best since they virtually resemble those neon lights that you actually would see on the street and also they’re never ever ideal like for instance this little run is not exactly straight and I believe that provides you a bit of a character for the case they are readily available in various sizes which is awesome so you can customize relying on what hardware you wish to highlight if you cool down things over here as you can reduce the real strip to length

depending upon what you desire or you can likewise daisy chain them due to the fact that they all have the first pointer and also the end idea into which you can daisy and also link chain several strips they begin at $14.99 all the way up to 2199 a quite amazing way to personalize the inside of your system or the exterior whatever your heart desires and this my good friends is the exterior instance making use of those neon strips right besides something that I did not expect to see at fantex is the new develop sound bar these are still in prototype stages however they have advanced from the evolved noise mini that we saw at Computex however that resembled the evolved audio speakers and also these are kind of after the progress change and also the change X room which is something actually great they can be stacked together such as this in stereo setting they can be also utilized separately in a soundbar account if you seek that since they can be put I did not expect to see audio speakers from fantex I think you really did not either they seem quite great nice base profile obviously a RGB two that attach to the system you can totally personalize as well as sync what you carry the inside of the sound bar to what you have on the real room I think we’re there I think we exist a RGB audio speakers yeah okay excellent individuals that is it from metallicgear as well as some extra Phantek’s goodies in the collection allow us recognize if you want us to examine this actually really desire to many thanks so much for seeing we’ll speak with you in the next

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