what’s up people I’m retreating Equipment Canucks today we’re going to ASUS we obtained our name tags I’ve made a decision to be the cash simply for fun of it and this looks like a little a night and IKEA readied to be sincere however I hear there’s a new situation someplace floating around I believe I’ve observed it yet very first huge thanks to Thermaltake Phanteks be silent and razer funding our CES video should be need to be must be do be do be do be do be do be do be do so this my pals is what I wish to have a look at today the rog z11 in its last completed type we saw the prototype being screen at Computex a couple of months ago but it’s in fact rather remarkable to see it being ended up as well as it frightened to see numerous awesome cases being released at CES whereas normally that’s the situation for Computex yet the z11 is now simply give you a quick run-through on the specs is a $249 case to make sure that’s a little bit pricey your opinion the ROG tax it coincides rate as the LG Helius room as well as there’s also a 2 $99 model this that consists of the all the display in the front that you can connect to the ROG terminal that can display CPU temperature and also whatever else you intend to show similar points you see on ROG motherboard so the two $49 price factor what does that obtain you it’s a complete aluminum unit okay so no swipe full light weight aluminum structure light weight aluminum paneling on the outdoors and also some plastic bits occasionally the one point that this point reminds me of outside of having likes really ROG complexity as well as dynamics in terms of the paneling as well as the little shapes below and there is if you people are right into sci-fi and if you viewed the stretch that thing looks like the spaceship the rosin on tape particularly from the back keeping that lovely light weight aluminum thing I do not recognize this is something that I considered when I initially saw the case from the rear so the z11 where does that come from that is the real angle in degrees for the motherboard so they’ve.

patented this point where the motherboard is not flat against the motherboard tray as the motherboard tray is tilted 11 levels on the inside which presumably really has numerous benefits we have added spacing behind the motherboard tray for cables which is in fact fairly important when you’re dealing on the ITX type element although this is a rather huge room for ITX room yet that degree countered on the back of the tray provides you more room for cables to ensure that is one point the second point is efficiency because having extra area behind the CPU backplate means you have more cooling down the power supply is set up near the bottom supports full ATX devices since I suggest the situation is quite enormous the shadow is perfectly angled the cable televisions do departure from both sides we do also have a bottom intake 140mm our fan that is included and also it slightly listed below the power supply so if you do have a really long device they will certainly not conflict I do value that so cooling wise we have 2 even more followers at the top 140 Miller fans are consisted of embeded in exhaust as well as we also can set up twin 120mm fans for the rear and also this is most likely the perfect circumstance where you set up an all-in-one cooler with these radiator and also fan installation established to wear down from the back the GPU location lies the front tempered glass is obviously to disclose all that gorgeous card at first we were fretted about efficiency due to the fact that it is fairly near the side panel but we do have ventilation that is available on the top on the side and at the end of the graphics card plus due to the fact that of that angle we do have additional spacing there so I do not think.

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GPU temperature levels must be a trouble all the potential consumption ports are dust filteringed system with a fine mesh that you can quickly clean up as for storage space you can install twin SSDs rather of the radiator in the back so there’s a little bit of a concession there we additionally have this reduced wire bracket listed below the motherboard that is to hide the cords onto which you can set up an SSD as well as you can additionally install one behind the motherboard tray CPU towers approximately 130 millimeters are supported so you’re most likely mosting likely to desire to choose an AO solution or actually construct a customized loophole in which case you will certainly be able to place a 240 radiator up top otherwise you can’t actually place an AO at the leading since there’s not much space width smart the RG hub behind the motherboard tray is included with six PWM follower headers three 5 volt addressable RGB header steel and dual USB twos priests so because this is ITX it’s constantly great to have additional USB ports that are consisted of in the center now since the motherboard is dealing with up all the i/o obviously is hidden it’s not your conventional positioning so you will certainly need to path all those USBs as well as whatever DisplayPort your connect thing into the motherboard and also the graphics card and also due to the fact that the instance can orientate both up and down and also flat we do have several intermediaries behind that you can route all these i/o cords and I’m presuming this is something of a little bit of a compromise however actually must not be a problem the i/o is also quite abundant with 4 years B.

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ports a kind seen there and some buttons to control the instance light I have actually asked concerning what the setting up treatment is like due to the fact that the case does seem large for an ITX system while additionally maybe sort of a pain to operate in however they have actually placed conscious initiative to make certain that the assembly procedure is as straightforward as possible as well as I do value ROG taking danger on this although it’s an incredibly pricey tower but ITX form-factor is such a little specific niche in the entire computer room that I do appreciate them doing something that is very various I wish that more firms take technique on that particular entire angled motherboard tray particularly when it comes to I TX type variables actually actually want to evaluate to see if what specifically is the benefit in terms of cooling performance having that the motherboard being angled having a bit a lot more area behind the CPU block as well as the reality that you can put the instance flat is a wonderful cutting-edge touch we have actually seen that with the advance shift and also not lots of ITX units choose the hybrid technique however the rog z11 could be a pretty popular tower in the ITX room if you like the layout and like ROG overall this will certainly release at end of q1 let us understand if you ‘d like us to examine it I do not think this would certainly be incredibly popular in the ITX room simply since the ITX case form aspect has actually been exploding lately with really concentrate on making sure that you can compact as long as possible whereas the ROG approach I mean this is a huge unit for an ITX type aspect and also there is possibly area for micro ATX but that’s not a section that is extremely prominent so yeah allow us recognize what you believe of these z11 thanks a lot for watching I’ll talk with you individuals in the following.

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