Review Samsung Galaxy A51 – The Best Selling Android Phone Is BACK!

this is the Samsung Galaxy a51 the firm’s response to the mid-range smartphone market in 2020 currently if you remember in 2014 right regarding the very same time I obtained the chance to inspect out the Galaxy a50 which was this fellas precursor it had a gorgeous display the battery life was also really excellent and also most notably it was priced at 350 dollars in some cases you were able to choose it up for $300 which was a swipe in my opinion as a matter of fact the a50 was just one of the top-selling smart devices around the world competing against Apple’s apples iphone that communicates a solid message the majority of people just do not care regarding having the fastest front runner smart device due to the fact that you recognize they simply desire something standard they do not want a million features that brands usage as advertising and marketing points to sell their $1000 phones the launch price of the a51 is 399 bucks so it’s a $50 premium contrasted to the Galaxy a50 when it was launched but these phones can be picked up for less depending upon sales events and all that sort of things so look out for that that being stated compromises had to be made by these brand names to strike that price point which certainly affects the general user experience some of the problems I had with the a50 was the uninspired efficiency the electronic cameras using the best especially when compared to the pixel 3a which was right up its alley because price variety so has Samson dealt with or satisfied at the very least attempted to boost some of those issues from the a50 with the a51 let’s.

find out after this naturally their dark core RGB Pro is a mouse for every single kind of player with 50 million braided armor on buttons lighting blink 2 side grips for much better comfort a type-c port with 50 hr battery life as well as a three-way procedure mode with training course there’s a slipstream hyper rapid wireless modern technology check it out below alright so from a physical facet they have not made any type of significant modifications you’re still obtaining a plastic back with metal side railings just like the a50 so it’s not a scratch evidence as glass backs but it’s less below to fracture like glass which is a benefit if I were you I just Shake a situation just to be risk-free the display screen has actually received a little bit of an upgrade I indicate it’s not significant yet they made it appear like a modern-day flagship smartphone so they’ve expanded the screen by 0.1 inches removed the notch on the a50 and when with an infinity o design or in other words you get a punch hole video camera they’re also utilizing the very same AMOLED display screen on the a50 shaking the very same resolution I’ll be you get added pixels up and down due to that screen growth and that’s it does it have a high refresh price no does it have assistance for HDR 10 Plus video clip no does it also look great yes absolutely guys it’s still a stunning screen with fantastic shade vibrancy and also deeper blacks it looks equally as great as a flash your smart device as well as I value the fact that it’s still a flat screen without any type of contours look.

the screen is the most essential aspect of any kind of smart device as well as I’m pleased Samsung hasn’t cut any corners here sadly Samsung has actually still maintained the solitary mono audio speaker near the bottom which can quickly be obstructed with your finger when you’re holding it in landscape setting it appears alright it certainly doesn’t get any type of louder I would certainly have favored a twin speaker configuration on the a51 that would’ve been a nice upgrade over the a50 however we’re not getting that with this phone yet on the favorable side we still get an earphone jack yeah keep in mind that individual the 3.5 millimeter thingy I’m grateful that they have actually still camped it the in screen fingerprint sensing unit is still right here sadly just like the a50 I haven’t had the best luck when it involves opening the device efficiently it refuses for like four times and after that the fifth time it works weird just great sometimes it locks me out and it asked me to try in 30 seconds so I need to force myself to make use of the swipe pattern which is the 2nd method of unlocking the device I suggest it’s I have actually had much better luck with the pixel 3a and also of course the s20 which is far more costly smart device but I really need to know your thoughts about this would you instead prefer having a display or an in display fingerprint sensor on an inexpensive smartphone instead of a specialized one at the back that’s.

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in fact easily available as well as something that really works most of the moment because I really feel like this is certainly among the locations that resembles a hit-or-miss on a lot of mid-range clever yet I’m curious to know regarding your ideas in the comments request the rest of features well there isn’t anything new compared to the a50 they have actually still kept a microSD card port for storage space development which I make certain a great deal of you would certainly appreciate there’s no assistance for cordless charging nor does it also have an official IP ranking which all makes feeling because those accreditations as well as technology costs money the specifications are also rather comparable essentially compared to the a50 so it has an X keeps in mind 96 11 versus the X notes 96 10 yet these SOC s are basically the same other than for the fact that you can tape-record high resolution video clip they additionally have the very same amount of RAM do keep in mind that in some regions Samsung is providing six to eight gigabytes of RAM which should significantly aid with performance storage space also stays the exact same battery dimension hasn’t altered either maybe my biggest stress with this phone is the efficiency currently I need to be totally clear with you men as a web content creator I am lucky to get my hands on the recent most current flagship smartphones including the fastest specs and all the bells as well as whistles that include the bundle I’m likewise to a degree spoiled by the display screens that come with high refresh rate extra RAM quick s that sees etc as well as so the switch to the a51 practically felt like I needed to trade a Lamborghini for eight Toyota Yaris that makes feeling basic points like launching Gmail.

Spotify YouTube Instagram takes a minimum of a couple of secs to fill that could not seem like a great deal but I mean originating from a flash smart device it is a great deal to me directly the computer animations are anxious scrolling via Twitter and my Instagram feed was truly not that smooth as the page took a couple of secs to catch up if you utilize Google Maps thoroughly you have to be truly patient with the web content to load up multitasking efficiency is likewise not the best as well as there is a great factor for that my example includes 4 gigabytes of RAM as well as my typical use is around 3 gigabytes which truly presses the restrictions on this phone currently there are a couple of workarounds to this you can make it possible for designer choices via the settings and afterwards decrease the animation speeds or totally turn it off which ought to aid the absolute instantly and also it should take away the jitteriness that you’ll experience with this phone when you establish it up out of the box let’s remember that material still requires time to pack up and also it also does not assist with memory monitoring either now as high as I ‘d enjoy to say that specifications do not matter on phones nowadays it type of does on the a51 since this phone is running Android 10 with Samsung’s one UI and also it’s the specific very same software experience as what you’ll obtain with the S 20s twenty plus and the s 20 ultra Samsung hasn’t made any kind of software program improvements to make certain that the os runs successfully on this little speck hardware think about it as a player if you’re seeking to play the most demanding titles and the finest greatest possible framework rates to get a smooth experience you would certainly purchase an expensive GPU that’s 500 possibly also $1000 but if you play those most requiring titles on 100 to $150 GPU the I suggest you obtain the point I.

really think that software application is the traffic jam on the a51 maybe a lighter variation of Android that’s less source hungry would certainly produce a better experience I would in fact suggest selecting up the six key byte or a key buy version if you can find one since that ought to substantially assist with an efficiency or multitasking efficiency on this phone and also the favorable side battery life has actually been remarkable on the a51 I had an excellent experience with the a50 same tale proceeds with this mobile phone you should not stress over battery life whatsoever you can easily push this to perhaps 2 days well worth of usage and also that’s me is a win-win the last point that I want to cover here is the camera efficiency the a fifty one features a quad cam established nonetheless the only 2 electronic cameras you ‘d actually respect is the 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle as well as the 48 megapixel common wide-angle you do not obtain a telephoto lens however there is a 5 megapixel depth sensor for picture setting and a 5 megapixel and macro electronic camera allowed’s begin with the ultra wide something that you require to be knowledgeable about they said there’s definitely no focus control when you utilize this lens which is disappointing fortunately you can still readjust direct exposure as well as the images appearing of the sensor look respectable mostly pictures lack information and Samson applies that smoothing filter in article remember I have seen optimizer switched off and also whatever you’re seeing below is shot in car setting with HDR activated I additionally saw that the shutter lag was way too long so trying to take an image you need to stay secure for at the very least three secs for to refine it can obtain really bothersome sometimes HDR is a hit or miss out on in many cases it exercises really well yet I require to explain that the colorscience is totally out of.

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whack the tone changes a lot in the direction of magenta as well as the lower performance is well let’s just say for a phone a telephone don’t anticipate excessive the main 48 megapixel light sensing unit is visibly better on the one located on the a50 there is good information dynamic variety and also comparison yet like I stated previously the colors are simply not true to life generally in some instances it tends to overexpose shots but if you’re patient enough with trial as well as error you can end up with some respectable outcomes I’ve likewise observed that Samsung has reduced the saturation on the current phones and also I appreciate that below’s an example of the strange colors it captures so this is the billing cord for oneplus tools if you have a oneplus gadget you know for sure that it’s a dynamic red cord yet this phone for some reason things that it’s pink I fired the same subject on my pixel for for comparison to show you what it in fact resembles hope you were able to eliminate something from that picture setting or live emphasis is all right I imply don’t anticipate to be blown away because once more this sensor simply can’t refine colors accurately the 5 megapixel macro cam was surprisingly really excellent you can be actually imaginative with this lens if you give it more light it’s way better than the 2 megapixel sensing unit we’re seeing on other phones these days this is the front-facing electronic camera examination on the galaxy a50 now among the awesome aspects of the Exynos 96 11 CPU is that it can permit the video camera to contend a high resolution as well as procedure that so as you can see this is what it looks like vibrant array is quite horrible it’s clearly not close to what you’ll get with the s20 phones yet it is satisfactory alright so I switched over to the rear electronic camera on the a51 as well as it can shoot 4k which is great as well as you can also make use of the wide-angle lens to shoot video there’s certainly no photo stablizing video footage is most definitely mosting likely to be a little jerky the dynamic array is rather great I’m pleased of what this phone can use particularly for the price point I’m also stunned by the microphone high quality also it’s it’s.

surprisingly much better than some of the front runners around yet allow me know what you individuals think of the video clip quality in the remarks so here’s the remove with the galaxy a51 I believe the only enhancement I see over the a50 is the slightly boosted camera efficiency however you still need to be extremely patient keeping that since if you like having the adaptability to switch in between ultra wide and vast angle as well as if you absolutely do not care concerning colors information comparison low-light efficiency after that this phone fulfills that requirements and allow’s not neglect if you value display one of the most on a cellular phone the a51 ought to get on the top of your listing due to the fact that it is a stunning display for the cost I’m so surprised by that this is a fundamental phone that obtains several of the essentials right and also for most individuals that’s a selling attribute unfortunately when you consider the remainder of image things do have a tendency to fall apart since the cameras are not that wonderful and the efficiency is one my biggest concerns with the smart device specifically when you compared to the pixel 3a which has to do with the same price it’s a year old as well as it still has remarkable electronic camera software support and also a really good display there’s also the apple iphone SC which coincides rate as the a51 as well as it has an excellent camera the performance is rock-solid and most importantly you obtain software application updates for at least 5 years last but not least I must mention that the pixel forays right around the bend as well as it is rumored to be valued around $350 if you remain in the marketplace for a mid-range mobile phone you should most likely secure a paper as well as make a note of these five significant factors that make a clever phone screen video camera performance software application and also battery life and afterwards slim them to your choice because there are excellent alternatives out there folks on that particular note thanks so much for enjoying I hope you were able to eliminate something from this video keep safe it’s been responsibly my buddies and I’ll speak to you guys in the following one.

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