Review K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard Corsair Went ALL OUT this time

excellent individuals i’m dmitry as well as just when you think that key-boards couldn’t get any even more innovative as well as for the past few years they have actually been kind of stagnated with some virtually pointless features being added and also calling it a day as well as this is type of what corsair has actually been providing for a while however i really feel like we’re getting to a point where some actually interesting technology is happening as well as this is precisely what we have below with the brand-new k-100 [Songs] actually the main emphasize here with the k100 is the 4 000 hertz polling rate and also you’re considering the maximum ballot rate that we have actually had thus far on peripherals and key-boards it’s always been a thousand hertz today by end of 2021 we’ll see a thousand hertz screens as well as today 500hz screens are being checked so having 4000 hertz drawing on the key-board isn’t all that insane it offers us that future-proofing direction and also corsair isn’t the first one to do this razer just introduced the fatality adder with 8 000 hertz polling rate which is two times as rapid as the keyboard so of course peripherals are relocating into that direction i have not made use of a full-size

keyboard in years so this need to be an intriguing experience and also i do value that corsair’s brand name redesign is cohesive across items so like there are 4 000 series cases you can have a look at over below some of the components in terms of style like the k100 logo design the corsair text as well as some yellow accents on the item right here are rollovered into the keyboard side also cost wise you’re taking a look at 230 bucks indeed it’s mosting likely to be a turn off for numerous but let’s face it this is corsair’s flagship keyboard what else are we anticipating appropriate i’m not a full-size key-board individual in all yet the k100 has evaluated my rate of interest undoubtedly this point is not going to be for everyone it is the highest and keyboard that corsair supplies it is one of the most rgb they have actually ever applied as well as the key-board plus the truly the selling factor would be the 4 000 hertz polling rate but in my gaming experience does that issue allow’s speak about all that right after this the competing 3 wireless nice [Songs] you stand up to 400 hrs of play time with two aaa batteries at 1000 hertz that’s a lot of time to own in video games with a good form individual specified weight and a mouse that is additionally bluetooth prepared the steel series competing 3 cordless find out more listed below alright so physically the key-board looks very familiar to what the k95 platinum delivered large body yet not excessively substantial past the keycaps indeed it’s a full-size key-board with the additional secrets on the left side for your macros and the elgato stream deck assimilation yet that whole

aluminum framework is pretty reduced profile as well as i do appreciate their slight redesign on the sides to have that uh light lighting that shines directly externally in regards to rgb this is one of the most corsair have actually ever carried out on the keyboard so we have three side 44 zone i think uh rgb illumination that is adjustable as well as totally flexible it is super vivid it is shade precise to what you embed in the software as well as it does look quite i’m gon na admit it when the light lusters straight on the surface the new wrist wrist has a magnetic clasp for very easy installation the surface area is slightly various to match their new angular air flow pattern on their situations to ensure that is among those layout cohesive elements that i appreciate leatherette material on the top memory foam on the within it’s a very comfy wrist rest as a whole the media keys on leading appropriate feeling extremely acquainted with a light weight aluminum volume wheel that does not have much resistance however it is far better than what logitech offers with their g915 tkl and complete size keyboards the cord as before is incredibly thick and we have the twin usb ports one for key-board power one for the added usb passthrough as well as naturally they located a means to integrate in some tempered glass on the gaming keyboard it’s best in the facility as well as it shows you the caps secure various accounts or whatever that you have triggered in terms of home windows log and also etc all the keycaps on the key-board other than for the g tricks on the left and also the spare pc gaming keycaps are double shot pbt which for such a premium key-board is valued naturally the structure on here really feels slightly smoother than what i’m utilized to from my various other pvt collections specifically originating from razer i do appreciate their

brand-new font style which isn’t as bulky it’s sharp it’s tidy it’s not as gamery that what i’m seeing from corsair on a normal basis so all those facets are entering into the appropriate direction and also below the keycaps are new optical mechanical switches from corsair called the opx the actuate at one millimeter complete travel distance is 3.2 millimeters with 45 gram actuation force and also a truly remarkable 150 million life-span keystrokes making this the fastest pc gaming keyboard on the marketplace presently since the 4 000 hertz polling price as well as also probably the lengthiest long-term two if you know with mx speed changes they type of really feel the same means in terms of having very short actuation point and not as much travel range as your normal mechanical buttons yet they’re also extremely light much like uh razer’s red linear optical buttons also so they’re type of in between and also it’s a truly great in between they really feel really smooth coming up and down with a quite pleasant noise account not as metal as well as cumbersome seeming like we’ve listened to with razer linear red opticals as well as the last physical addition on the k100 is what’s referred to as the intelligence control wheel when i initial found out about it i’m like of course i require this in my life with various macro controls various built-in default functions that you can do all types of trendy points with it yet in fact it’s a little bit janky firstly my wheel has a little bit of wobble which is unfortunate for a 230 key-board luckily this does not seem to be an issue with frank’s keyboard and my replacement keyboard so i have to have just obtained an inadequate sample over right here it is an aluminum wheel much like the volume wheel so

there’s a little bit of a cohesion in regards to materials which behaves the built-in illumination around the wheel is definitely gorgeous however in regards to performance that’s where i seem like it does not have a little bit so you click the intelligence switch in the center to cycle between different performances every one of which are color coded you can do fundamental things like modification the lighting brightness you can do track scrolling you can record macros with it change applications zoom and horizontal as well as upright scrolling functionally it is a little bit limited and i do not see myself utilizing this really commonly not because it’s in like an unpleasant position to to reach it’s convenient with your left hand after the wasp location is just that you have to cycle between the various functionalities that are built in and also there’s no means to inform which functionality is being made use of other than the shade coordination on the actual iq wheel it’ll be wonderful if there resembled a little on-screen pop-up that says that you remain in the zoom mode that you’re in scrolling mode that you’re in changing applications mode however outside of that you need to remember and advise yourself on which functions that you have actually made it possible for in iq software also this whole aluminum wheel isn’t exactly responsive for a good customer experience you don’t truly have complete specific control on the number of scroll actions you are triggering it’s also a little bit unsafe and also it would be wonderful if the wheel was textured or rubberized awhile a lot more control in order to turn on the 4 000 hertz polling rate you need to initially go right into the setups and allow that because by default we’re running at the 1000 hertz for better compatibility really the main highlights that corsair informed us on about this new axon active processor and also the 4

000 hertz ballot price is that we have up to 200 profiles that can be saved money on the keyboard which is sort of crazy and completely unnecessary and also you can do approximately 20 layers of hardware illumination so you can personalize the key-board to whatever you desire and you do not need iq competing those hardware lights layers to take impact in general this provides corsair the bragging legal rights from the marketing viewpoint of having the fastest pc gaming keyboard on the market however actually it will certainly matter not today and not for 60hz displays yet possibly two years from currently when we’re video gaming at 500 hertz displays perhaps a thousand hertz screens which’s when the key-board is becoming extra regular as well as your keystrokes are not touchdown in between ballot rates so your general experience ought to be more a lot more regular as of currently with my 200 hertz display i can’t actually feel the distinction in between 1000 hertz drawing as well as 4000 hertz ballot rate on the key-board however i am utilizing the 8 000 hertz pulling with the razer mouse and also that’s when points get a bit intriguing since i seem like my overall peripherals are extra receptive as well as i can trust them even more of touchdown my shots due to the optical buttons both on the keyboard and the computer mouse where points and those actuations are not touchdown in between ballot rates for one percent esports elites indeed 4 000 hertz you want the very best of the very best in regards to lighting modification i value that we have per essential illumination all the 44 areas

that are readily available to us you can personalize them to whatever you want it would be wonderful if intelligence had different area presets for lighting uh we do have certainly all the rainbow results and also all kinds of personalization in the effects panel but the areas all those areas are individual specified and nothing with presets in order for you to pick the exterior zones you have to essentially hold ctrl drag and meticulously select those boxes for lighting as well as produce that as a new layer likewise me and frank were discussing intelligence and also just how it virtually needs to obtain overhauled for 2020 due to the fact that the k100 is a great premium keyboard that feels right for now however all the chauffeur stuff like altering the 4 000 hertz ballot price is in the settings whatever else is on the left side inside the the dashboard uh and also it would be awesome if iq was streamlined due to the fact that collaborating with the various illumination layers collaborating with hardware lighting on all the actions and the intelligence control wheel it seems a little cumbersome i really feel corsair did a fantastic task with the new optical mechanical buttons the opx that is going to be taking on things that are originating from razer as well as from steelseries 2. For full-size keyboard enthusiasts what do you think of the k100 does it meet your assumptions for like flagship 230 buck premium key-board from corsair in 2020 i would state so uh due to the 4 000 hertz ballot rate in regards to future proofing in terms of having that axon active processor inside for ridiculous storage space compatibility and also yeah however prospective keep tuned for my comparison in between the k100 and also what’s razer is using in terms of the full-size keyboard since those are still the most preferred format for key-boards and i hunch that makes good sense i would certainly still enjoy to see a tkl variation from corsair that brings all these attributes i’m sort of let down with the iq wheel however whatever else concerning the k100 satisfies me flawlessly great guys i’m dmitry thanks a lot for enjoying check out this various other relevant material subscribe for even more i’ll talk with you in the next

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