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ah finally a razor enclosure 2 of them so yes these are the two new razer tomahawk enclosures a tiny itx version as well as a complete atx mid tower 400 400 the rival 3 wireless great rise to 400 hrs of play time with two aaa batteries at 1 000 hertz that’s lots of time to have in video games with a good condition individual defined weight as well as the mouse that is also bluetooth prepared the steel series rival 3 wireless find out more listed below in this video i intend to generally focus on the razer mini itx tomahawk merely since the atx model is just a small upgraded rebranded lanco 2 mesh from liam lee which is a fantastic room in its own for the 89 asking rate however razer has actually certainly tipped up that uh rate tax due to the fact that the atx version will certainly cost 199 and the mini itx design 479. Those prices not really competitive i will claim especially the atx version just get the lanco to harmonize if you can discover one for 89 because 199 dollars the tomahawk atx i mean if you’re truly right into razer certain yet the itx model that’s what i’m interested in since that’s going to be like the razer initial design it’s not a rebrand of a existing lienly tower actually after having looked over my liam lee tu 150 testimonial this is the precise very same structure with alterations for the leading so the wires are no longer routed

with the leading channels down there on the side so you can have space radiators there as well as the power supply place has been moved down but otherwise it resembles it’s the precise very same framework so below it type of drops on the exact same collection yet with the design is somewhat different still really elegant but cost factor is not competitive at 179 but when we contrast it to some one-of-a-kind itx choices that appeared this year like the nr200 which is unbelievable for the 79 price factor incredibly optimized check out our full testimonial plus we have the brand-new phantek change air 2 which is amazing once more the towering kind aspect truly enhanced for airflow for both the gpu and also cpu luckily the tomahawk itx has a couple of dress up its sleeve so it’s not completely left in the dirt however merely from a rate point of view i dream they were a bit extra aggressive as an example the frame is made entirely of steel for the price point i was wishing to locate some light weight aluminum pieces yet on the silver lining build quality really feels really good whatever feels well assembled the swivel side panels get on both sides incidentally so ensure to do an excellent cord administration work however the glass is very colored so you’re not visiting much of anything if the cables are black anyway they’re also removable for easy setup as well as attach with magnets as well as little clips right into the frame so they stay safely in place some special layout components in right here include that square air flow pattern both in the leading as well as on the sides for the front panel a staple for all razor instances regarding i know have actually been the led strips for the underglow impact and right here we have this massive diffusion layer so the lighting is vivid and unbelievably soft you can customize it with synapse software but sadly as you can see below the razer logo at the front

always stays environment-friendly that is not adjustable i do not get it why limit the personalization of rgb aspects on the room specifically now because i have this attractive blue underglow however this brilliant green serpent in the front they do not match the razer logo likewise can not be switched off while you can disconnect the usb 2 port for the underglow so you can either turn off through the software or simply unplug it from your motherboard the i o goes to the top with two usb 3 ports power reset separate sound ports which i value and also a usbc gen 2 with a nice long cable television for the motherboard i appreciate that the leading and also the front panels rest on clips as well as they’re conveniently detachable so for the front panel you can see we have detachable dirt filters on each side of the ventilation although allow’s be real this front panel is a complete choking danger particularly after that filter is installed as well as that is because we have a front uh intake fan that’s only 120 millimeter incidentally with its very own fine dust filter to make sure that’s an additional limitation over there let’s be actual no air will go into through that front intake due to so many obstacles we have the dirt filter on the follower we have the dirt filters on the panel as well as the panel itself is completely choking when it comes to the top we have a detachable follower bracket that sustains approximately a 240 ml of radiator with their supporter fans however no 140 follower installs anywhere on this enclosure and also you can likewise place a 120mm fan for the rear i appreciate that you can set up the follower bracket upside down meaning the fan and the radiator will both be inside the framework versus having the follower brace in its default configuration where it’s sandwiched between the follower as well as the radiator which i find truly challenging to set up so just flip it around as for the indoor one major warning that popped right into my head was the lower consumption it’s excellent that you can set up 120mm fans there two of them and 2 ssds in

there too if you do not desire air movement but notice there’s no dirt filter so if you do mount fans in there it’s terrific for gpu cooling and it’s terrific for intake because the front consumption is totally obstructed yet there’s no dirt purification on an intake location which is large at the bottom for an itx room you recognize it’s gon na get messy in like a month what are they thinking as for the remainder of the hardware support we have sfx or sfx l power materials you can see that bracket sitting appropriate beside the motherboard yet with plenty of height so you can mount a radiator over it if you’re air cooling cpu towers as much as 165 millimeters are sustained which is excellent enormous cpu tower heatsinks in below are not a trouble and as for gpu assistance approximately 320 millimeters work that is if you don’t install that front follower due to the fact that if you do minus 25 millimeters looking in the back i appreciate the small angular frame at the front where you can stash all your cords and also this is likewise where an extra two as well as a half inch ssd or difficult drive can be installed yet i would discourage it specifically when it involves itx simply to avoid uh you recognize extra wire management tension yet in my experience cable administration in this situation is quite uncomplicated particularly with an sfx unit due to the fact that there’s a little of area right outside the power supply to number up your cords however it is as a result of the power supply area you come across some little undecided compatibility and also poor optimizations of the room so leading that power extension wire is kind of strange because in my arrangement with the power supply fan facing down towards the gpu i could not course the cable television due to the fact that it’s way also bulky and also it’s exiting towards the appropriate side in this configuration so i needed to actually revolve the power supply so it is encountering up for a cable to fit in place in addition due to the fact that of this location televisions on your aluminum colder or radiator have to leave near the back not the front and also the front they just

do not fit and also it’s likewise a pretty negative optimization of area since that power supply area can not be converted to support atx devices so for example if you’re not water cooling after that you might use that room for an atx power supply yet you understand the situation is not built for that it’s sfx only currently on the one hand this is exactly the kind of itx situation i love collaborating with there’s lots of area for a big cpu tower heatsink lots of room for cable television administration as well as total it’s a very easy situation to operate in unlike something really portable where you spend like 5 hrs attempting to figure out the exact assembly treatment here it corresponds any type of mid tower yet whatever is simply shrunk but on the other hand for 179 dollars i feel like the itx community would anticipate much more in regards to optimization of area providing you extra options for power supply particularly perhaps extra alternatives for storage too since the instance isn’t extremely small it’s close to virtually 30 liters plus no fans are consisted of and no dust filtering near the bottom as well as i discover that ludicrous since of exactly how much dirt filtering there goes to the front in regards to cooling it’s not a chart mattress topper but it doesn’t execute poor either provided its uh like choking nature at the front uh i disabled the fan and also it actually not did anything so to cover things up at 179 this point is overpriced there’s the razor tax in there someplace particularly due to the fact that the tu-150 which is the same size as this person as well as can support huge cpu tower heatsinks and the exact same length gpus is 99 so dramatically less costly if you desire the water cooling support if you can find the nr200 from cooler master certainly go for that the change to air seems to be a truly great option for the 99 cost point as well for that imposing type aspect as well as actually good gpu cooling it’s not all lost for razor though because i really hope that with this following version of updates we can get some refinements right here like an rgb logo at the front a dirt filter for all-time low as well as perhaps price decrease as well good men i’m dmitry many thanks a lot for enjoying check out this various other appropriate content subscribe for even more i’ll talk with you in the next video clip

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