Phanteks P200A – The Top Secret ITX Case!

resistance the truemove sensor is amazing with buttons of approximately 80 million clicks i mean come on give the hand what it wants check out the new steel collection air aux 3 mice down below i obtained ta claim what an interesting possibility it is to receive something like this work within it it’s not totally ended up yet and it’s ces for instance we would certainly see a develop system however they’re still improving things simply as they would certainly with the structure they sent me so the p200a allowed’s talk about dimension first because that’s type of the crucial point when it involves itx it’s simply under 30 litres which indicates it’s not one of the most compact unit it’s not mosting likely to be taking on completion cases and also the den instances however it’s kind of in the same impact as the h200 from nzxt as well as various other slightly larger itx cases i would claim the primary benefit here would certainly be the price point 70 to 80 bucks while still allowing you build a truly powerful system without endangering on any of your hardware that is cooling power supply cable monitoring gpus um and yeah we just need to deal with that this is a little larger than your standard truly small itx instances so the primary specifications we have complete atx power supply assistance three-way port gpus at 355 millimeters of length are sustained if you’re installing radiator on fans at the front you still have regarding 320 millimeters of clearance for the gpu in triple slot configuration keeping that whole uh

ventilation open at the bottom with a fine dirt mesh filter that is removable from the front you can additionally set up dual 120s and 140mm fans at the bottom to help with gpu air conditioning obviously the situation is not very slim so cpu tower elevation compatibility is exceptional up to 165 millimeters for cpu towers this instance supports a vertical gpu positioning with an optional brace so if you are going air cooling uh 74 or 94 millimeters for cpu towers but i guess for upright gpu setup just stick to the radiator at the front or the side which leads us to the radiator support so you can do a 240 or 280 at the front and you also discover we have side air flow places for double 120mm followers if you’re choosing 240 at the front you can still install the fans on the side nonetheless i installed my 280mm radiator at the front which blocked access to actually installing the big 140mm fans to the radiator due to the fact that of the side fans to ensure that’s a huge no if you’re doing a 280 at the front side air flow is mosting likely to be blocked to make sure that was a quick wrap-up of what the p200a is capable of currently allow’s talk specifics so the outside clearly has a familiar seek to the eclipse collection it’s like a mini-me variation of the p360a uncertain about shade variations yet but the characteristic of any type of a collection of eclipse instances obviously is that perforated high efficiency mesh front panel it has one millimeter ventilation intermediaries and also that additionally acts as your dust filter so not just does it enable a great air movement to pass through but you do not require added layer behind it for dust filtering the front io goes to the base

attached to the framework so you can get rid of the front panel to access that bottom dust filter without requiring to manage all the cables love that 2 usb 3 ports a type c which is 10 gigabits per secondly which is remarkable uh combination audio jack and two buttons for your lighting i enjoy the easy lighting implementation on all phanteks enclosures so one changes the mode the various other adjustments the color you can attach various other accessories to it like i have performed with the glacier one all the one cooler so the actual pump head is currently attached to the case lighting i don’t need to course that independently right into my motherboard although that is an alternative as a 5 volt addressable header is available if you intend to manage whatever with your motherboard and the power switch goes to the top lit up with the remainder of the situation lights we don’t recognize just how several fans the case will come with yet now we have both at the front nothing at the back which can sustain the 120mm fan exhaust which is amazing the side panel here is glass apologies for all the fingerprints as well as it’s connected with two pegs at the top so completely a tool-less style and there’s additionally a little cavity in the frame right into which you can pop out the glass quickly we likewise have this model solid panel with mesh near the bottom as well as i’m stunned not to see any kind of fan places since that would be type of cool for that to come back i imply specifically because we have a power supply at the leading you know it’s extremely old school but right here this mesh coincides high performance one

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millimeter style that goes over right here like this as well as kind of provides the gpu a little bit a lot more breathing space as well as uh i have actually done some temperature testing we’ll cover that later on and certainly considering that the case supports the optional side follower mount the back panel has the very same high efficiency mesh covering that whole area so moving on to the inside since we have the power supply on top we have nothing else ventilation at the leading it’s simply a simple strong panel this case format enables 3 things radiators at the front side follower installs and radiators too as well as likewise opening the whole lower section for gpus now for storage space we have 2 plastic ssd caddies that go rather of the side follower places we also have a single brace behind the motherboard with two ssd mounts and also you can likewise install 4 3 and a half inch drives as opposed to the side fan installs if you have the uh hd caddies as well as now let’s obtain to specifics with cooling down i pointed out 165 millimeters for the cpu tower clearance which is amazing if you intend to go all air cooling install 2 fans on the front for intake one cpu heatsink set up another rear fan most likely not required however due to the fact that it’s so close anyhow and also you have a truly capable airflow itx system if you are going with an upright gpu you type of need to bear in mind cpu tower restrictions 74 and 94 relying on which of both locations you have the gpu mounted which still supports triple ports and also there’s still lots of area in between the gpu and upright orientation and also the pace glass side panel so don’t even stress about

cooling down whatsoever simply understand the compatibility concerns with ryzer cords right currently we have actually done a complete clarified video take a look over here when you’re dealing with gen 4 devices and also the ryzen cord is not pcie gen yet with an upright gpu positioning you can still use that side radiator place to offer you full size clearance throughout the situation however even still you have like 320 millimeters up until the radiator as well as followers at the front so lots of space for large gpus the only thing is sacrifice with an upright gpu is rear follower mount since that’s going to be obstructed however still a lot of ventilation to move some air as for radiator assistance at institution the 280 can fit at the front although maintain in mind that the side follower installs will certainly be obstructed although you can still mount ssds in that room not a problem yet i would certainly say the sweet spot would go to 240 at the front or the side depending if you intend to consumption or exhaust and based on our all-in-one cooler testing which is superb you can examine it over below 240 appears to be that actually excellent spot for performance and also sound which leads us to temperatures and also i have actually uncovered a couple of compromises in the process uh with this type of configuration but bear in mind this is still not a last case so points might change so allow’s start with my supply setup 240 at the front as intake 2 side followers as intake and also i’m utilizing the side mesh panel the temperature levels are fine for the cpu however the gpu is really warm then they popped in the glass panel with the very same arrangement as well as that uh boosted my

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temperature levels by one degree so the mesh panel does actually do something i then got rid of the front panel as well as nothing transformed which shows simply how great that front panel mesh is i then revolved the side fans to tire air and also that assisted with gpu temperature levels a little bit i after that chose to add the rear exhaust fan rather than the side consumption or exhaust which also didn’t do much the cpu is totally under control of program however the gpu is getting all that warm air from the radiator which’s a problem so that’s when they choose to turn the front iao to tire air from the case and also only then we saw the gpu drop in temperature levels rather significantly yet in doing so the cpu temperature level climbed by 7 levels currently when we compare the p200a throughout my entire itx pile you can see i get the finest cpu temperature level as well as that is since we are intaking cool air from the outdoors but we’re additionally sacrificing a whole lot on the gpu temperature level since all that heat is just metalling around when we revolve the front ao to wear down air just then we obtain comparable cpu as well as gpu temperatures uh versus every little thing else that’s readily available and also once more among the reasons why we get the most effective cpu temperature level in the stock configuration with intake here is since all various other itx instances have the radiator as exhaust on the interior so obviously that makes feeling when we change points around it drops in line with what i was obtaining with various other itx rooms and also the last thing when it pertains to wire management i indicate for instance this size don’t expect any type of difficulties this simply take your time and uh i imply you can see at the front here the instance is

absolutely beautiful absolutely nothing’s protruding also toe you know the power supply is not in its own chamber all the cables leave simply fine in the back and if i rotate this you can see simply just how much room we contend the back so the panel can just close great i love these steel uh little brackets that hold that primary wire channel in location so they do not protrude out i like the little lip near the bottom to conceal all your cables and there’s lots of space next to the power supply so you can round joe your cables so they don’t need to show up on the indoor fantastic the only point i would advise to phanteks is to include a thumbscrew mount so you can really protect the side panel in place since you may come across some bulge as well as the panel itself since it’s steel may not be entirely flat it might be slightly warped so as you can see in my sample it does not close completely flush to ensure that is the p200a really delighted regarding this itx room not simply because of the compatibility for cooling gpus atx power materials as well as all you kill administration but it’s expected to be cost effective 70 to 80 and easily accessible so you have the ability to purchase it as well as still construct a really trendy itx equipment in it so many thanks for enjoying i’m dmitry let me know what you assume of the p200a in the comments below check out this other pertinent material subscribe for even more and i’ll talk to you in the following video this was a truly interesting cs web content to shoot at my residence yet yeah actually awesome to deal with these

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