Review Louqe RAW S1 – A Raw Deal?

wow people i am so fired up to ultimately experience a low profile enclosure now they are the men uh accountable behind ghost s1 which is extremely prominent and also i would state successful in the itx space for its modularity for its versatility for actually good premium quality lover elements as well as a really tiny unit and also the raw s1 this new room tries to follow in the suite uh yet still providing like raw power raw compatibility raw power thickness in this 12 liter unit i got to be sincere my expectations for the ross one are incredibly high simply since of whatever the firm has actually made with the ghost series but i will certainly state that the raw series the s1 specifically i don’t believe is as adaptable in regards to adding components and including water air conditioning like the ghost series with their little stovepipe hat that you can mount a 240 radiator there right here with the raw s1 it is what you get without any kind of additional dlcs so come i hope you experienced my journey working with my really first subtle situation the raw s1 right after this performance is choosing to obtain things done promptly and finding the best device for the appropriate job is necessary you want a display screen that allows enough to accommodate

your web content yet also shade exact to place a smile on your face develop top quality that specifies phenomenal craftsmanship but likewise light enough to fit you throughout travel efficiency that quickens your process with intel’s 11th gen core collection processors and the battery life that lasts you for a whole day many thanks to intel’s evo qualification together with adaptable connectivity like thunderbolt 4 as well as hdmi to expand your way of life fulfill the racerbook 13 the supreme performance laptop all right so first off i love the towering itx kind factor for two factors top it lessens footprint on your workdesk since the situation is upright not straight and second that vertical room permits for massive gpu assistance so you do not need to increase the case in any type of various other instructions but in elevation so right here uh it looks very similar to my corsair one in terms of size as well as real measurements as well extremely similar in size to the meshalicious as well as well as slightly smaller sized than the currently recalled nzxt h1 in regards to materials it is thick aluminum so one solid shell on the outside with those stunning air flow patterns that look kind of arbitrary however likewise fit exactly where air flow needs to occur there are some plastic pieces both on the leading as well as the base of the frame which kind of eliminates that costs sensation of an or else truly solid enclosure as well as once you get rid of the covering you can see there is a little bending taking place because center back where your equipment sits and the base flooring which in fact is primarily plastic like the surrounding little bits uh simply i think it would have been really difficult to mold that component to the shape of the covering general though the instance feels extremely strong especially due to the fact that

we have a take care of near the bottom which’s kind of cool brings mobility to the next level my only complaint with the design as well as that is totally subjective is the exterior rhodium grey color of the aluminum it has warmish and greenish tones as opposed to the neutral dark grey tones that like we discover with apple products and also other dark gray light weight aluminum as for the kcio we have a power button in the front and also the usbc expansion that can be mounted on either corner at the back this is an extension so you need to connect this directly into your motherboard behind as opposed to the internal usbc adapter so keep that in mind or else you will not have usb on the instance whatsoever unless you go directly right into the motherboard now to enter that’s a little bit but a simple procedure extra complex than like getting rid of an easy side panel so low profile does include a torx trick with which you need to get rid of 4 screws then you need to pop out the usbc connection and also the power button both of which are easily done as well as only after that you have access to get rid of that interior from the exterior shell you can see it’s generally a rail system for the interior framework and the exterior shell my example right here was incredibly tight which is something that i was not expecting for such a costs enthusiast specific niche market i was wishing for the develop high quality especially of those rails to be a little much better currently we have the indoor covering open as well as here we have the complete

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specifications cpu towers as much as 75 millimeters in elevation are supported three-way port gpus up to 320 millimeters in size sfx or sfx l power products are sustained with an optional 120 on their fan in front of the power supply established to tire so unlike the ghost s1 which had that radiator expansion for the top hat i do not see exactly how that’s feasible with the raw s1 because that outside covering that’s one strong piece and i do not see how they could mount something on top of it to increase its cooling possibility you can see the interior right here is red which i found to be strange since it may peak out with the air flow and also expose itself however the case is actually dark inside when you close the covering so it actually is not an issue and i kind of like the appearance of it currently the riser cable this is actually vital as well as i’m delighted that loki did it right so it’s a pcie gen 4 riser cable television if you have not seen our video on the concerns you could experience with ryzer cables examine it out over below but right here you can plug in the gen 4 gpu with a gen 4 suitable motherboard and whatever should function just great the riser cable is blue but it is wonderfully adaptable allowing you to pass it underneath the motherboard as well as plug it right into the pci port on the motherboard with no issues whatsoever this could be my favorite riser cable experience as of yet now for the primary setting up i was type of fearing the part where i have to do wire management because i absolutely dislike cord monitoring and little itx cases yet here since the shell is out whatever is subjected so you have complete access to 360 degrees around the unit allowing you course the cords in a completely zero stress issue since the motherboard and also the gpu are divided in those 2 chambers the cords don’t really

blend so you can do an actually tidy job on the main chamber and just after that route the cables behind the motherboard for the graphics card i am very pleased at just how everything turned out in terms of cable monitoring although i am utilizing the much shorter itx wires for my sfx power supply the only downside in the entire customer assembly and also the user guide is the optional 120mm fan place before the power supply based on the customer guidebook you install that last yet there’s no other way to access the screws in from the power supply because there’s no clearance for your screwdriver since the power supply is right there so you can either utilize rubber screws like i did right here with knock to us or place the fan first and just after that place the power supply but then additionally you have to manage that truly small quantity of space before the power supply as well as the follower for all your wires so the good news is they had the ability to jam in there just great yet it did require some pressure to kind of place that brace back in the excellent thing is that we have lots of area between the power supply as well as that center spinal column to stash your like 24 pin

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cable television like all the excess cable televisions in there and likewise route the pci cables with it into the back chamber you really have to make sure all your cables are gathered and also as tight as possible especially because you’ll be populating that interior back right into a truly confined shell i would certainly recommend switching on the system before placing the covering back on and also equally as with the start that whole process of returning the shell into the structure was very limited to the point where i really felt nervous of having my fingers around the structure because the real system is really tight but suppose on one section it simply enters efficiently and also like i damage your finger or something which is not something you want to experience on such a lover high level particular niche costly enclosure therefore let’s discuss the cost will we so this point is mosting likely to go for 299 euros or 329 us dollars it is created in sweden as well as likewise made in sweden to make sure that will provide you the reduced price premium yet i was anticipating to have somewhat far better experience overall not just since of the rail system however as a result of some blemishes on the aluminum borders particularly around the take care of that were rather sharp and also not as fine-tuned as they need to be i likewise don’t truly like several of the plastic items however i comprehend why they exist because molding that form in aluminum would certainly have been much more expensive the gpu install here is completely tool-less just

requires you to uh screw back that big thumb screw at the base that holds the gpu in area and actually the only restricting factor with components and also compatibility would be the cpu cooler because like the best one today under 75 millimeters would certainly be like the an noctua lh12s which i mounted and it does perform really well in like a default non-overclocked situations but i am utilizing the exact same system as i test with all my itx systems as well as you can see with the shell and without the shell temperatures for both the cpu and the gpu so let’s neglect the cpu temperature since i have overclocked the cpu to 5 gigahertz so it is going very out of bounds for what this little colder can deal with but it’s still performing extremely well without throttling which i was i located to be extremely remarkable however the gpu temperatures below are actually outstanding overall there’s lots of space in between a double slot gpu as well as the covering to not develop disturbance for air movement however as soon as you go into like the two and a half port three slot cards then that fan will certainly be best versus the shell that might produce turbulence and also could create extra noise therefore when it comes to sound at full power it’s mosting likely to be loud however with some tweaking with the fan contours particularly for the cpu tower and that optional 120mm follower which is really louder than my cpu tower heatsink um it’s completely workable however take a listen for yourself by the way there are no dust filters anywhere on the situation because that would certainly

aggravate your cooling capacity since that would be another barrier for airflow likewise because the motherboard is encountering down all your io will have to be directed from there as well as i do not such as that particularly with the really enormous displayport wires that do not flex extremely well yet this design does give you the cleanest cable television exit from all-time low of the instance uh near the surface as well as not such as wire sticking out from someplace in the center great so my first experience with the loki unit i kind of blended i was anticipating to have a bit extra skill and also like refinement as what i’ve seen with the ghost collection as well as i wish that this will rollover right into the raw s1 series because it’s priced simply as high but the improvement especially on the rail system on some the a few of the edges of the light weight aluminum are not improved uh are simply a little everywhere specifically with my sample to explain the price a little bit a lot more the riser cord alone cost a hundred bucks that is a third of the cost for the rawest one let that sink in for a little bit yet it’s additionally approaching that actually passionate particular niche truly little market so 300 for individuals that want to build in this vertical tower possibly will not be like such an offer breaker specifically when you have to think about the restrictions with cooling down both for the gpu and cpu versus something somewhat bigger that can suit like a 240 radiator but the ghost s1 currently does that so i obtain that they intend to

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do something various with the raw s1 at the end of the day i seem like they have actually marked off the mark about substantial gpu support uh cable management was surprisingly simple in spite of having such compact thick package and also it also has an integrated deal with that’s actually developed into that spinal column so it’s not like connected to something so it will not go anywhere and also offers me self-confidence of lugging the system about without any kind of problems however on the other hand it does lock you in a specific course for your cpu option and also your cpu tower heatsink of selection too due to the fact that of that small 75mm tower clearance yet it’s something that many low-key users have currently approved and i seem like they’re simply continuing keeping that pattern great men so i wish you taken pleasure in let me know what you consider the low profile raw s1 down in the remarks subscribe examine out this other relevant material i’ll speak with you in the following video you

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