Review Noctua NH-U12S REDUX – Another WIN!

Guys it’s been a little bit of a hiatus because i’ve been on the electronic camera as well as also dimitri they were actually pestering me to get on camera for this one since this one actually strikes a little bit close to my heart and also i need to clarify a little bit concerning that before we arrange go on with this review so noctua like 15 years earlier was really one of the initial firms that experienced equipment canucks i believe the initial one was was thermal create from back in the day and also then there was art to cooling and then there was noctua and since then that was in fact prior to they launched the u12 s however when they introduced that u12 s boy young boy did that come out to appear like a bat out of hell so because after that this has actually been really one of the ideal coolers for the cash you could perhaps get wonderful design terrific everything else it does set you back 70 u.s though if you can actually discover it for that price however knocked with they went back to the attracting board and they claimed look in this environment exactly how can we address some of the drawbacks that are presently in the market and also they came out with this this is the u12s

redux it keeps all of the excellent qualities of the initial u12s cuts out a few of the fuss it comes in at simply 50 bucks now i desire to talk about this a couple of various other points right after a message from our enroller however i also desired to really rapidly speak concerning this we have actually soft launched a little bit of merch there’s a pair of t-shirts down there a pair of other things i desire you to go examine those out in the summary listed below that’s a pretty amazing t shirt thanks nose you recognize pretty cool pretty amazing anyways go examine it out people right after a message from our sponsor power your system with incredible power the dark power 12 from be silent with the greatest effectiveness score possible 80 plus titanium qualification excellent quiet wings frameless fan cooling down an overclocking secret to switch over in between single and also multi-rail procedure as well as totally modular cables inspect it out below well with that out of the method i am sure you individuals are wondering what are the actual distinctions in between these colders yet prior to i obtain to that i desire to obtain to the resemblances as well as the very first similarity is really the dimension they’re both still very exceptionally slim as well as the compatibility is absolutely excellent i’m going to get to the setup process in a bit and if you desired a little bit a lot

more information the real dimension of the u12s as well as the u12s redux are 158 millimeters high 125 millimeters wide and also simply 45 millimeters deep but if you look at them next to one an additional they properly look the exact same unless you go right into the min information so initially of all the u12s redux has 4 heat pipelines rather of the five on the u12 s in addition to that those warmth pipelines are not soldered to the fin variety and that could not seem like a whole lot but that straight contact with the fin array permits them to take the heat from the core up through the warmth pipelines and extra swiftly transfer it to the heatsink one other point is that the u12s redux doesn’t really come with a tube of thermal substance rather not to have actually pre-applied a hexagonal pattern on the base as well as now one more thing that’s most likely quite apparent to you is that they both come with a solitary follower however the follower that they come with is totally different the specifications of the followers are what truly sets one apart from an additional the solitary follower on the redux is really the p12 redux that’s ranked at 1700 rpms whereas the f12 on the initial u12 s is just ranked at 1500 and also though they have really similar specs across their operating array the f12 can in fact deliver a great deal much better air flow and also static pressure at a lower rpm so that implies that generally you’re going to be getting regarding the very same temperatures yet the u12s is going to be running at a little bit lower decibel levels so i presume what i also wanted to chat concerning are the areas that knock to it did reduce

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back a little bit other than in the style and that’s in the accessories so first of all you don’t obtain a complete tube of thermal compound like you would with the u12s that’s where the pre-applied thermal substance comes in you additionally don’t obtain any kind of clips for a 2nd follower and also you do not get any of the reduced sound or ultra reduced sound adapters or also the y splitter that come with the u12s rather all of those items are in fact included in a different device pack assume about this like knock to a dlc so allow’s go with what you get in this so first of all you get a second 120 millimeter fan currently is that really essential well you’re gon na see from our efficiency results later on that this cooler already performs actually actually well on 99.9 of the systems that are out there but other than that you likewise obtain a reduced noise adapter you get the fan y splitter a ultra reduced sound adapter fan clips as well as vibration mounts and that’s rather a lot it however i additionally wanted to talk a little bit concerning the setup hardware since it’s the one thing that i dream noctua would certainly have actually added to the redux and that is this little individual that we obtained with the practically actually on every solitary knock to a cooler it’s an actually really helpful screwdriver so regarding that installation

equipment well not to include your common am4 mounts yet they do not actually have am3 compatibility those am4 installs you’re gon na have to recycle the back plate that comes with the motherboard i’m gon na obtain right into the full setup in a little bit for this because it’s very very straightforward now on the intel side you obtain your standard lga 1200 and also lga 1150 equipment along with 2066 studs yet i truly have to provide it to noctua since they’re in fact using a complete metal back plate for the installment of those intel systems a lot of various other manufacturers have in fact relocated to plastic and also that is such a pain in the reach there you see snow’s nose due to the fact that he really did the the cooler master setup right the m410 something oh my god it was definitely horrible go examine out the video clip right up here appropriate up here anyways right here he’s you don’t understand this yet however boot series and also us were really uh type of housed with each other in the exact same workplace right now so what ended up occurring i seen this inadequate man attempting to install this piece of crap plastic onto the back of a motherboard and also i assume it took him like for life anyways you’re going to be as aggravated as he was so great on noctua for that one however in order to show you men just how easy that installment process is i wanted to bring over an am4 system and also go from beginning to end up for the installation process of the u12s redux all right so setup onto an am4 system is unique yet it complies with the very same course as the intel one the only distinction like i said previously is the intel one has an octave gave back

plate so right here all you would certainly require to do is set up little spacers and also after that there’s going to be a bar that’s going to be set up on both sides with different screws those ones you simply pop in there and due to the fact that the amd backplate is already in area it ought to simply port in so we’re going to speed this up just a little bit to conserve some time and i’ll obtain back to you on the other side alright with that out of the way i wanted to talk concerning this bar that noctua has set up since it really sets them apart from a great deal of other producers of heatsinks so since this is mounted you don’t have to fiddle with a whole set of components and not only that is noctua pre-installs their screws with little detents on the base and also those detents allow this screw to be directed into this stud without too much of a trouble so i’m going to obtain that out of the way and you’ll see how very easy it is even though we’re going to speed up this video a little bit well the cooler is pretty much set up other than i wanted to chat a little bit extra regarding memory clearance as well as that’s one of the u12s and also the u12s’s highlights is that because the colder is so slim essentially any high memory module will fit in front of it

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even on the port the closest to the cpu socket as well as yes sure there are thicker memory components out there and if that’s the instance all you truly have to do is relocate it up a little bit and also clear that memory module yet other than that installment is done 110 percent you can not get easier than that so that all out of the way i truly wanted to cut to the performance since we have to bear in mind that the dna of this cooler is actually taken from one of the most epic colders on the market right now so on to efficiency screening starting at 120 watts at a lower heat lots that covers most modern-day cpus out there right now well the u12s redux is incredibly affordable with the original u12 and also that’s probably due to the fact that the heat loads stay so reduced and we have actually already seen this before because those reduced warm loads do not anxiety most modern cpu colders it’s just a pair degrees behind or tied with the u12s however you can see from the graph it does obtain just that little bit louder like i spoke concerning previously and after that when stabilized to 38 decibels right across the board this point is right in line with quite much every other cooler that we have actually tested well at 165 watts which is actually listed below the pl2 levels of many higher end rocket lake chips the u12s redux and also the u12s still run neck and also neck right up until the slightly higher fan rates where the redux does start dropping behind by a couple degrees yet don’t forget it does get louder as well and this graph that we’re looking at right now actually places points right into perspective when you bear in mind that there are actually some rivals below that price two times as much or also a lot more yet use similar or also worse cooling

performance at 165 watt tdp currently moving to 260 watts as well as remember this cooler expense 50 dollars at a complete 260 watts the u12 s did fail at lower follower speeds but once you obtain right into greater rpms it really does supply appropriate air conditioning however what it doesn’t do is offer cooling down that’s great sufficient for these very incredibly high end chips yet really that was entirely to be expected you have to be running this point at a 100 follower speed for it to obtain kind of reasonable temperatures as well as not shut to throttling temperature level for a whole lot of modern processors currently moving to that 38 decibel stabilized i indicate what did you expect men this is a 50 cooler however at the same time i also desired to speak regarding those double fan outcomes because slapping extra fans onto there does boost efficiency but by just how much we’ll include 120 watts truly not that much due to the fact that you didn’t require that extra cooling capacity moving to 165 watts you can see it start to make a little bit of a distinction as we go higher as well as higher in the rpm array but at that 260 watt degree well that’s where really they can put the pedal to the steel as well as if you have any intent in overclocking your cpu or if you update your cpu to a higher end one in the future this is really where you want to be with that dual fence and that’s the choice that noctua offers you to invest a little bit even more cash maybe a little bit additional in the future as well as get that much far better performance without having to switch coolers so i hunch that truly brings me to the verdict i want to reduce this brief is the noctua u12s redux worth it the solution to that is


absolutely look it’s not an affordable low-cost cooler however it gets the job done for pretty much anybody as well as any person else that requires to go a little bit greater in the tdp level well you slap on that various other fan as well as yes that various other follower does bring it extremely very close to the u12 s yet it in fact does obtain you a little bit far better performance now on the various other hand there are a pair of colders out there that are additionally extremely great worths the scythe fuma 2 definitely that is an ideal competitor to this but the issue with the scythe is that it isn’t as commonly readily available as the u12 s redux is right now so i assumption that actually covers points up perhaps i’m going to be bringing myself on electronic camera a couple extra times over the following little while however if you like this type of material please by all ways subscribe let me recognize if there’s anything you would like us to review or at the very least in like a low-cost and also joyful type of manner if there’s something that you recognize is an amazing value that you desire me to cover due to the fact that i would certainly enjoy to see those things too so anyways i’ll see you men in the following one have an excellent day individuals

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