Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake Gaming Laptops are NUTS!

folks i think it’s time to put some claims to the test you see a few months ago we covered intel’s 11th gen launch for laptops and well they did exactly whatever the company does which is putting a pretty little presentation that showed how much better the new stuff was the real problem in these situations is that unlike on desktop side comparing equally spec laptops from different generations is almost impossible there are rarely two products from different years with the exact same specs so independently verifying those fancy slides is is really tough i mean trust me we’ve tried and tried and tried but that’s actually about to change so what i have in front of me are two aorus 15p laptops now as you can probably tell i only have one sitting in front of me but i also have another one hidden right over here which you know both of these have pretty much the same specs except the major difference is that this one has intel’s 10 gen core i7 108 750h or 108 70h and then this one has the 11th gen core i7 11 800h anyways this is going to set the stage for a real apples to apples comparison to see if intel’s claims are actually true and i know what some of you guys probably might be thinking you see based on what happened on the rocket lake desktop side you probably might have written off intel’s 11th gen mobile cpus as well however i have to say these new laptop chips are actually very different little beasts since they’re based off intel’s 10 nanometer tiger lake architecture rather than rocket lakes mashup of an old manufacturing process and some new tech and let me tell you that does end up leading to some surprising impressive but also pretty interesting results so let’s get to that but first a quick word from our sponsor you think you can escape brand loyalty not today introducing the full origin series of gaming goodies by thermaltake they have it all to satisfy your gaming

station the full-size keyboard with that unique dual tone design the two ambidextrous loaded mouse options wired wireless the smooth mouse pad with rgb of course the mouse bungie to eat your cable for control the h5 headset with powerful high-res audio and the pretty headset stand to tie everything together do you even game bro become an argent yourself check these out below all right so let’s set the stage here because as i mentioned earlier this comparison wasn’t easy to do and i have to thank gigabyte and ors for stepping up in a big way they’re actually supporting this video by providing these two laptops so the 202015p was a tough one since the config that i have over here wasn’t actually available in every region now about that 15p well it might look a lot like the 15g i reviewed last year but it actually is a bit different while the 15g focuses on being one of the thinnest and lightest gaming notebooks around it also makes some sacrifices by using some lower power limits for its cpu and gpu it’s still an awesome device but i think the 15p takes things to a whole new level by sacrificing a bit of thickness and weight and then goes balls the walls with performance but between the 2020 and 2021 models there are more

similarities than anything since other than the updated cpu um you know it’s got a faster 360 hertz display option so basically it’s just a spec refresh it still has a ton of connectivity including wi-fi six uh uhs two card reader and more in a frame that weighs less than five pounds even from the outside these are identical laptops and you honestly just can’t tell you know huge difference between the two other than intel’s 11th gen core badge on the palm rest i mean why mess up a pretty good design right now on paper if i were to put these two head to head well they’re pretty much identical with the major changes being the tiger lake platform’s higher memory speed and its ability to support gen 4 nvme ssds auras has also increased the battery capacity by a small amount going from 94 watt hours to 99 watt hours but that’s it as far as differences go i do need to mention that some of the models of the 15p come with the 16 gigabyte version of the rtx 3080 whereas both samples that we have over here have the rtx 3080 with eight gigabytes i also want to take a quick detour and talk about the two cpus inside both these laptops specifically because that’s what we’re all here for you see the core i7 11800h is pretty much a direct successor to the i7 1087h and the older model both have the same a core 16 thread layout but that’s pretty much where the similarities end the older cpu actually has a

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technical clock speed advantage since it’s got intel’s turbo boost max 3.0 and thermal velocity boost whereas the lemon 800 h doesn’t so i think most the advantage here is going to come right from that tiger lake architectural improvements we also can’t forget that one of the major inclusions in the 11800h is 24 megabytes of smart cache which will help things like gaming a lot drilling even further down into how these cpus behave after an initial spike at the beginning of any cpu load the aorus 15p runs the 10870h at a completely static 70 watts in its boost mode meanwhile when you look at the 2021 version well it’s exactly the same at about 70 watts throughout the entire test in creator mode also if you’re wondering about that higher pl2 state from the 10870h at the beginning it’s because of intel’s turbo boost max 3.0 and thermal velocity boost even running at 70 watts the 1087h is really well cooled and it sticks to a max of 90 degrees before falling to a more steady 77 degrees the 11th gen 11800h is a bit more interesting since it hits that 90 degree mark for a little bit longer and after that its temperatures are generally a degree or two higher and there is a lot more movement in its readout this just goes to show what we’ve been saying for a while now the amount of power given to laptop hardware is almost always

determined by the design rather than component limits the last stop on this quick ride is the gpu and yes it’s a big one since i’ve already talked about how hard it is to compare identical chips i actually went on a rant talking about how an rtx 3060 in a design that allows 120 watts usually beats an rtx 3070 running at about 90 watts the 3080 versus 37 situation would be the same as well so things like these just makes comparing gpus or gps inside laptops just super hard but it wasn’t actually that hard getting the 215 piece to behave identically setting the 1087h version to the gpu stripper mode got it running along at an average of watts through our testing now on the i7 11 800 system i needed to use a new gaming mode and that allowed the rtx 3080 to hit the same average with a variance of only a watt or two and if you’re wondering about frequencies well both 3080 is registered a continual speed of about 1650 megahertz how that all translates into benchmarks is really something to see but i also need to mention this is an architecture comparison not a review where i’m comparing a ton of laptops starting with cinebench and i really thought this one would be a bit closer since the 10870h peaked at a higher wattage and it’s rated for slightly higher frequencies as well but in the multi-core tests well it wasn’t even close moving on to single core results and we already

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knew this was coming tiger lake is a beast when it comes to lightly throughout workloads guys and remember most of these increases are coming from the new architecture not more power another heavy multi-threaded results it’s more the same with the 11800h just dominating everywhere now i can’t stress how important this is for intel since they’ve leveraged more cash and better overall core performance for some massive boost where they needed it the most and that’s sort of a big deal guys but when you add gpu accelerated apps into the mix the 11800 h still wins but not by nearly as much the reason for this is pretty straightforward in premiere and resolve it’s the gpu that’s important but it can also cause a pretty big bottleneck regardless of the processor you’re rocking so i guess that establishes the 1180h as probably one of the biggest generational jumps forward intel has had on the laptop side in the last few years i mean the numbers really do speed for themselves however what happens in gaming i mean these are gaming laptops both rocking 120 watt rtx 3080.

so let’s see how that checks out let’s start with cs go and i actually thought this was a mistake so i ended up testing it over and over again on both 15ps but every time it was the same thing looking back i think this sort of reflects what i saw with the single core results tiger league is just really really good in single core workloads so in cpu limited games that favor strong light vector performance the i7 11 800h or any 11th gen cpu for that matter will beat the pants off of an equivalent 10-gen chip none of the other games have such a dramatic win for the new newest 15p but there is a noticeable benefit right across the board with average frame rates being 5 and 10 percent higher i’m pretty certain that gap would narrow even more if this laptop would have a 1440p display but maybe the bigger story here is the increase in one percent lows which tend to be influenced a bit more by the cpu and for the most part that’s where the biggest overall frame rate jumps come from now the last thing i want to touch base on is battery life and it’s here at the end of this video since it’s a bit tough to make a direct comparison and that’s mostly because the older 15p the 2020 model has a smaller battery than the 2021 15p not by much but even then 5 watt hours can play a role in influencing these tests but overall it doesn’t look like this generation is all that much more efficient than the last one when running unplugged i mean sure the newer 15p got a bit better results but the gap isn’t big enough to convince me uh this isn’t due to a simple variance or

some other factor i mean if anything these results with such a large battery are actually a bit disappointing when you consider some 15-inch gaming laptops are getting over 10 hours in our web browsing test these days so that pretty much covers everything i’ve got to say guys it’s actually super eye-opening to see the newest generation of cpus compared to a similarly equipped device running an older chip like a 2020 laptop um i actually went into this video with pretty low expectations since if you look on the desktop side um the 11th gen rocket lake chips ended up without any real advantage versus the 10 gen desktop processors but i can’t say the same thing for laptops because you know it’s the performance increase especially in gaming is absolutely incredible i personally think this is the jump that intel actually needed to become more competitive so just don’t judge a book by its cover and assume that everything happened on the desktop side is being mirrored into laptops because that’s really not the case so on that note thank you so much for watching i hope you’re able to take away everything that you needed to know about intel’s 10 gen laptop cpus compared to 11 gen let us know what you guys think about the performance results are you impressed i’m really curious to hear your thoughts i’m eber with hardware canucks thank you so much for watching and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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