Review HP Omen 16 – RX 6600M Arrives in a BIG Way!

earlier this year i got to check out the omen 15 from hp and i remember the title of the video being the best ryzen laptop that you can buy at the time of course the price was also pretty competitive but you also have to remember that that machine came with a zen 2 cpu the 4800h and a rtx 2060 max gpu now there were some issues with availability and in some regions the specs that you get weren’t necessarily worth the money it was right around the time that amd launched the ryzen 5000h series and nvidia coming out with the rtx 30 series gpus for laptops so hp naturally took their time to update their omen lineup and eventually announced this the omen 16 which is the successor to the omen 15. now there are two versions for 2021 the first one comes with an intel cpu and rtx graphics and the second one which i have over here comes with a ryzen cpu and a radeon mobile gpu so what does that mean well it’s an advantage addition if you recall a few months ago we evaluated the performance of amd’s arcs 6800m which is their flagship offering and it was very competitive with the rtx 3080 and 3070 series from nvidia this on the other hand comes with a lower end rx 6600m so we were really curious to see what it brings to the table but here’s the thing i had

high expectations for the omen 16 but i was actually a little bit let down after i started using this thing for a while so let me explain but first we got to take care of some bills don’t have the time to wait for parts and build your own gaming pc nzxt build has your back navigate through their simple ui choose the games you want to play pick a budget that works and the configurator will do its magic by offering some options built just for you or choose from one of their awesome pre-built setups want something more custom go crazy building your own dream pc from the ground up all of these are backed with a two-year all-in-one warranty on parts labor and ram overclocking save your time and start gaming right away with nzxt build now available in australia as well okay so there’s only one spec available for the amd version and it’s going to cost you a little less than fifteen hundred dollars and for that you get a ryzen 7 5800h 16 gigabytes of ram a terabyte nvme ssd an rx 6600m and a 16-inch 1080p display and the good news is that you can actually buy it right now like literally an amd laptop with a ryzen cpu and a radeon mobile gpu that’s crazy i’ll leave a link down below if you’re interested but here’s a catch we were told that the msrp for this machine was around twelve hundred and fifty dollars and potentially there will be an updated display or another model with an updated display and better specs that’s gonna cost around fourteen fifty clearly that isn’t what’s happening here because best buy is certainly taking advantage of the early adopter tax and that really hurts so i really hope that changes very soon now from the outside nothing has changed compared to the omen 15.

You still get the clean and simple matte gray finish throughout the chassis it’s still one of my favorites you also get the diamond shaped gradient logo on the front lid that looks pretty cool it doesn’t pick up a lot of fingerprints overall i really like the non-gamer aesthetic of this laptop it’s still made out of plastic so you’ll certainly notice some flexing on the lid but i think it’s put together really well except for the hinge because it just goes to wobble town that was meant to be that it’s extremely wobbly you see even if i give it a little bit of push this thing just goes back and forth and i mean it can get really annoying in fact i think it’s gotten worse compared to the omen 15 and part of me thinks that it could be due to its slightly bigger size because as you can see clearly they haven’t updated the hinge to withstand this massive display now if you look at the dimensions the z height has also increased from 0.89 inches to 0.91 inches or 23.1 millimeters however they have brought down the weight from 5.4 pounds to 5.2 pounds so that’s a good trade-off the included power adapter is pretty big it’s a 230 watt adapter so make sure you have some room in your backpack to accommodate that along with this pretty massive laptop now moving on to the keyboard once again it’s very similar to the omen 15 with full size arrow keys and dedicated buttons to access the omen command hub and calculator unfortunately it still took me some time to find the power button because for some random reason hp decided to include it with the function keys now i’m not sure if they’re trying to keep it too minimal but this is a clear indication of form over function the keys themselves are really nice there is good feedback and the travel distance is adequate i really love the font choice on the keycaps it’s very consistent with their brand theme it’s also backlit and it comes with rgb but there is a catch it’s a four zone system with a dedicated section for waz keys and you can only customize the colors so you can’t really have any lighting effects or any other fancy features i’m honestly okay with it because i mostly leave the keyboard backlighting to static but maybe you’re looking for more i also noticed the stopper is placed on the edges of the keyboard and the purpose of this is to actually make or prevent the lid from making contact with the keyboard when you start to kind of manipulate the device because with other laptops the keyboard is actually slightly recessed so it prevents the screen from making contact so this is a pretty nice touch but i’m not exactly sure how long it’s going to stay like that because you know what if it just falls off over time the trackpad is good it isn’t a glass surface but instead you get plastic so you’ll definitely feel that roughness especially if you’re coming from glass but it gets a job done and the primary integrated left and right buttons are very consistent and tactile i do remember some inconsistencies with the omen 15 but that’s not the case here so i’m glad that they addressed that with the omen 16.

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Now taking a look at the i o you’re getting a very generous selection so on the left hand side there is power in rj45 a usb type a 3.2 gen 1 mini display port hdmi 2.1 a usb type c 3.2 gen port with displayport pass-through and power delivery an audio jack and a full-size sd card reader keep in mind that that’s uh s1 switching over to the right hand side you also get a few more usb type a ports this is the webcam test on the omen 16. now the quality is not the worst that i’ve seen on a laptop if you want to check that out definitely make sure to check the thinkpad x1 carbon gen 9 that i just checked out recently that thing is just crazy but this one it’s fine microphone also sounds really good but again because of this flimsy screen if you are typing on it or just doing a bunch of other things it just starts to become really wobbly like you can actually tell how bad the hinge is or how loose it is so uh just keep that in mind the speakers are placed at the bottom and they sound okay the bass gets distorted at some levels and the trebles are pretty clear but they do lack some depth uh honestly this bang and olsen badge that you see here is just a marketing gimmick so you should definitely not fall for that shifting gears to the display and this is where i was hoping for some improvements compared to the omen 15 which was already a great panel to start with but on this laptop i just don’t know what happened hear me out for a sec hp actually increased the size of the screen from 15.6 inches to 16.1 inches which obviously resulted in its slightly bigger form factor now this panel comes with 1080p with 144hz refresh rate and the quality of this panel is it’s really really bad compared to what’s already out there guys i mean look at it it only covers 67 srgb 49 adobe rgb and 49 dcip3 to me that’s just not acceptable in this price bracket now i’m not expecting 100 of everything but at least give us something that’s pleasing to the eyes because the colors on this look really muted and not to mention the brightness levels are it’s actually a joke the max distance goes is 233 units which is the lowest that i’ve come across on a laptop now can you game on it sure 144 hertz is still nice but people use gaming laptops for other tasks and this is something that i just can’t recommend now supposedly on hp’s website they did have another option or mention of 165 hertz display with better call gamut but as far as i know that model doesn’t exist at the time of making this video in terms of upgradability the omen 16 is just as flexible as its predecessor once you get under the hood you get instant access to the memory modules maximum support of memory is 32 gigabytes the primary

nvme ssd is right over here and the drive speeds are actually really fast i got over 3.5 gigabytes per second on read and around 2.8 gigabytes per second on right there is an extra m.2 slot for storage expansion now one of the omen 16’s main weaknesses is its battery size when compared to some competing laptops despite having a 16 inch frame and not being thin it has a pretty small 70 watt hour unit and obviously that means less battery life than something like the legion 5 pro and g15 but there’s got to be something else going on here because if you look at the slim 7 it’s also got a 71r battery and a 5800h but it’s way ahead here and no it isn’t some background processes either because the omen 16 didn’t come with any bloatware services other than hp’s own command hub and stuff like that here’s my best guess about what’s going on here it could be a driver issue causing the rx 6600m to not handle idle tasks off to the integrated gpu or it might be something else like the processor not going into an idle state we’ve talked to hp and amd about this and they’re in the process of diagnosing so hopefully there’s going to be a driver fix soon so stay tuned for that the reason why i think the gpu is a problem here is because of this our heavy load test doesn’t put any load on the graphics but the omen still trails the pack if cpu power management was the cause the omen 16 should be right up there with the slim 7.

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Now there are two power profiles that have come with this laptop and honestly it could have come with only one because that’s how little difference there is between the two at least from a cpu perspective during the maya load test both balanced and performance presets had package power results then averaged around 67 watts and the variation between these two presets was less than half a watt 67 watts is pretty decent for a ryzen 75800h and it’s the same as we saw on the legion slim seven but we can’t forget the omen 16 is almost an inch thick and is over five pounds and a lot of laptops in the category push that cpu a bit higher moving on to temperatures and because of these similar power profiles temperatures over time are nearly identical as well aside from a quick spike up to 92 degrees in the performance mode temperatures in both profiles stayed within a narrow 85 to 87 range and that’s actually quite good compared to some of the other laptops i’ve seen lately and yes both power profiles ran the ryzen 7 5800h at 3.68 gigahertz with no variation for the entire test this isn’t bad for a cpu guys but it’s far from the highest we’ve seen for example in performance mode the legion 7 runs its 5800h at over 4 gigahertz but it’s a lot less consistent too all in all though it’s right in line with what we’ve

come to expect from a 5800h operating under 70 watts now with the cpu operating at an efficient 67 watts the results here are pretty much expected with the omen 16 trailing most of the other devices in some benchmarks but on the positive side there are some areas where it’s very consistent clock speeds allow it to compete a lot better with more expensive gaming laptops it’s really interesting to see how good cooling and level frequencies can allow even a lower wattage cpu to climb the charts every now and then but one area this laptop doesn’t like at all is premiere the rx 6600m just doesn’t have the gpu compute horsepower to match the nvidia cars we sort of saw this happening with the strix g15s rx 6800m but this proves that if you’re using premiere a lot the rtx 3000 series might be the best way to go resolve on the other hand looks a whole lot better mostly because amd’s found some secret driver sauce to make their gpus run through renderings like crazy fast so while the omen 16 isn’t the best it actually hangs in right in there with a lot of the expensive laptops now talking about the 6600m this is actually the first laptop with one and i wasn’t really sure what to expect i mean on the desktop side the arcs 6600 xt isn’t really a gpu i’d recommend even if you can find one but let’s dive in a bit further into this thing starting with power and this is the first surprise i got because while the processor

didn’t show any difference between the two performance modes which is balanced and performance they actually made a huge difference to the graphics subsystem while hp was pretty conservative on the cpu side of things they’re going balls to the wall with the rx 6600m and running it at amd’s maximum specs before this mode pushes it up to 109 watts before it settles for the long term and 100 watts while even balanced starts at 95 watts and gradually evens out to 80 watts that leads to frequencies for balance mode that leads well above amd’s game clock of 2177 megahertz but then as power is drawn down things level out around that speed and performance mode takes its extra power and converts that into a lot higher clocks of between 24-50 megahertz at the high end and a steady speed of 2350 megahertz even though omen’s pushing between 80 and 100 watts into the rx 6600m the cooling system’s able to keep up without much of a problem because neither mode made it above 85 degrees which is a safe distance away from amd’s maximum throttle temperature of 100 degrees but what does all that mean for how well the omen actually behaves when gaming well when it comes to noise this laptop is pretty well behaved in balance mode which actually makes it quieter than a lot of the other laptops we’ve tested on the other hand it does get a bit loud in performance but

the fans never run at their full speed the interesting thing about this is when i put the omen 16 under a full cpu load everything stayed a lot quieter than i expected so it seems like omen wanted to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the rx 6600m so the fan profiles are designed to prioritize its cooling i mean remember it’s running at a pretty constant 100 watts and that’s right up at amd’s upper limit the other focus was obviously to optimize cooling to make sure exterior temperatures were well managed too and that’s exactly what’s happening here the waste area is the coolest of the entire keyboard so you won’t have to worry about your fingers baking while gaming also most of the hot air is exhausted out the back but if you’re right-handed keep in mind that there’s a small wind that blows onto your mouse hand it doesn’t push all that much air but you’ll certainly be able to feel it so now let’s head into gaming results now as we go through these remember this laptop officially costs about twelve fifty dollars provided you can actually find it for that price even if you pay the premium best price charging for it it’s still the lowest price model in these charts and knowing that the combination of a 6600m and 5800h makes it an amazing good value for gaming in most cases the 6600m matches or beats the rtx 3060 operating at similar speeds and in some games it even comes close to matching a 100 watt rtx 3070 as a matter of fact its one percent lows are right up there with some of the fastest gaming laptops we’ve tested it’s pretty obvious amd’s really trying to push the rx6600m series as a more affordable alternative to the rtx 3000 series for noble companies who are using ryzen cpus in situations like this it works really really well so i think it’s time to wrap up my thoughts on the omen 16.

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And guys this laptop was designed from the ground up to deliver the best possible price to performance ratio for gaming even though this was the lowest priced laptop in our charts it actually competed against devices that cost hundreds more you see when a company decides to jam that kind of performance into a sub 1500 laptop you’d expect them to cut somewhere but with this one you aren’t sacrificing on build quality port selection or even storage space to get there it’s that terrible display unfortunately on the model that i have over here you are giving up on screen quality and that’s a shame since there is a version of the omen 16 with a better quad hd 165 hertz display but that doesn’t exist at least at the time of making this video i just think it’s really disappointing considering the other options out there also this wobbly screen it can get really annoying especially when you start to type on it i also really wish if they gave the rgb lighting a little bit more features like you know different effects because i know some people care about that stuff the only other glaring hiccup was battery life but obviously that’s something that can be fixed through a software or bios patch and with the teams over at omen and amd looking into things hopefully there’ll be a fix very soon so on that note thank you so much for watching i hope you’re able to take away everything that you needed to know about the hp omen 16 let us know what you guys think about this all amd laptop from hp i’m curious to know would you actually consider this or consider buying this considering i said consider like 50 times because of this flimsy screen let me know i think i’m gonna have a moment right now but before i do spend responsibility folks

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