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so december not a generally vast month for smartphone starts but of course that never stops our enormous mate motorola who’ve already spaffed out several new blowers this month including a spangly new flagship over in china go check out last-place friday’s video for more on that so yeah just as i was getting ready to placed my paw up with a beer of scotch and wait for that fatty door santa to constrict his almighty ass down my small-time announcement has sent in the fresh new moto g31 budget friendly smartphone this bad boy expenditures merely 169 pounds or 199 euros and yet it bundles in an all-edge screen very rare at this expenditure time got a 5 000 milliamp battery 50 megapixel primary camera some quite honourable specs certainly for that sort of sub 200 pound plan cost degree but is the motor roller moto g3 1 worth spunking your currency on well gonna lash it on out of the box so you’re gonna full onto the hardware in the software test the game and the camera all that good stuff and for more on the most recent and greatest sec satisfy do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell encourages so first up naturally what’d you get in the box besides the moto g31 you have yourself one superpower adapter one form c usb cable you’re gonna get started template and all that shears and the moto g31 is actually pre-sheaved in the wrap condom bag as well so it doesn’t

look especially sexy of course but it will help protect your motorola blower from trauma and that’s your slam nice and simple and straightforward so now let’s check out the phone so if you miss your smartphones to look as good as possible you might want to keep that condom example on the mulch roller machine g31 because it is just a basic plastic back that’s not extremely surprising at all pretty much all of the moto g31 challengers at this 700 pound cost point are too fabricated from plastic as “youre seeing” they got textured finish as well should hopefully help with grip and the moto g31 seems reasonably good at hiding greasy prints and scuffs until the light-colored catches that ass just so and then yeah some of those greasy marks do show up quite easily but certainly not half as bad as on glossy alternatives this right here is the mineral gray copy of the motorola moto g31 you could also grab it in baby blue if you’re so inclined and it has a 6.4 inch smartphone uh so pretty compact screen size as far as 2021 smartphones go but moderately thick bezels smothering that presentation so it is still a bit of a handful you’re certainly going to want to get a bit of two-handed use on the go because what i’m going to use is going to be a bit of a hobo and the

model g3 1 doesn’ t mind getting moist it is water repellent so we can take a bit of a sprinkle in you can use it in the sprinkle absolutely fine but unquestionably don’t go throw it in your jacuzzi or anything like that and let’s just have a wee poke that sim derive as well and verify what we’re dealing with in this little blighter and like a lot of budget smartphones the moto g31 has area for two sims at the same time alternatively that second sim slot can be used to house a micro sd storage placard to expand the onboard storage so the moto g31 is all set up good to go confessions for any screen shimmering that has gone on i’ve tried to counter it by changing up the frame frequency and everything but good-for-nothing certainly seems to help what we have on here is not the latest freshest android 12 unfortunately it is still on aged android 11 motorola has guaranteed an update to android 12 at some top but they haven’t actually said when that’s gonna happen as for will the moto g31 actually get android 13 beyond it well we’ll have to wait and interpret but the good news is it’s a nice stock version of android motorola doesn’t fidget with the

formula too much at all but what you do get is the moto experiences app which lends a few highly admirable bonus features indeed these can have you to quickly customize the inspect and feel of your manoeuvre by choosing your own style so mostly changing up the icons the complexions the typefaces the gesticulates region unsurprisingly lives lots of gestures such as the ability to swipe your finger across the screen to end a good part of split screen state and yes the one ideally love the one that’s closest to my nerve the double karate chop to turn on that lamp because i’m a bit of a sad gate that ever makes me feel like a suitable badass you’ve also got some tips-off and maneuvers to help you uh get all set up with your moto g31 if you’ re not familiar with motorola smartphones some flaunt features and then a couple of my favorites down here as well you’ve got your media shenanigans including a good bit of dolby atmos war it is possible to just tick with the audio output to suit whatever you’re up to at the time be it exploding some ariums kicking back from netflix and there’s also the game time feature for anyone who likes to blast a bit

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call of duty pub g all of that good trash and i’ll touch on that last-minute if i actually turn that torch off as well for your security based shenanigans you actually have a fingerprint sensor built into that power button somewhat indented so it’s quite easy to find with your digit uh without having to fumble around not ever the quickest to respond but it’s not especially lethargic either and it seems to get my engrave nine goes out of ten so that’s definitely a bonus and you will notice that over here on that right edge of the moto g31 it is rather cluttered you’ve got the power button fingerprint sensor and above that a loudnes rocker and then above that another button and this is the dedicated google auxiliary button that pretty much all of these broth plan smartphones seem to have these days and as always i don’t really picture the detail in it because you can quickly and easily call up the google auxiliary uh in all kinds of different ways like swiping up from the bottom corner you know you can do a singer examine by swiping this way you got the little mic icon there precisely give that a puck you can even if you want to add an auxiliary shortcut right there to your desktops and the fact

that you can’t actually remap that auxiliary button to any other wished app or aspect is kind of a chunk poke but uh here i believe that modern roller is offering the moto g31 and two different spices here in the uk 64 or 128 gigs as far as the storages moves as you can see i got 64 gigs right here good hunk of that already used up by the likes of the system so if you’re going to be shooting a lot of photos and video and substance on your blog you might want to upgrade to that double storage sit that said at least you’ve got that recognition card reinforce as well so you can bug in a micro sd reminiscence placard up to one terabyte in width if you need to expand quickly and flawlessly now as i mentioned back at the beginning of this lovely video the moto g31 oled screen is one of the more unique features of this budget price point where pretty much every adversary has only one ips instead thankfully that shimmering is invisible to the naked heart at least not for me regardless and in terms of the actual visual production as well as the full hd plus committee 2400 by 1080 so reasonably crisp visuals on there because it’s an old ability you’ve got a nice depth pitch-black some somewhat sharp-witted comparison certainly again for this price point and i really like that punchy poppy colors as well which are definitely a step

up from what you would expect from most other smartphones and yeah if you want to you can dial that back a little bit merely poke it on the more natural setting for a more subdued feel but i quite like that saturated super dynamic effort if you bump up the brightness to the maximum levels you can see what’s going on outdoors even on a moderately radiant sunny era delightful wide contemplating inclinations and everything as well and when you go full screen there’s only a minor intrusion by that selfie cam orifice up top nothing more horrible at all nonetheless the refresh charge is fastened at 60 hertz here on the motor g3 1 so unlike some ips challengers which do uh improve up to 90 hertz or even 120 hertz uh none of that unfortunately now you don’t get that lovely lustrous smooth experience that you do get on some others with those more basic ips boards and as usual with motorola gales “its just” a mono loudspeaker setup here on the moto g31 but let’s see if it’s any good however someone with definitely stumpy paws and restraint trouser pocket room the iphone pro max was most certainly not stimulated for me yeah top capacity not uh too bad at all here on the moto g30 will be fine if there’ s a bit of background clamour going on slightly tinny production of course as you’d probably expect i was only

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definitely highly recommend getting some headphones on the go if you want to enjoy some music or even time uh be fully immersed in your fleck of video act and the good news is like a lot of other smartphones at this budget price point you do get a headphone jack now on the g31 you’ ve also got a good bit of bluetooth 5.0 subsidize as well and the bluetooth stream and one seems absolutely fine on the g31 here now performance is certainly not a strong suit of the motorola moto g31 it’ s powered by the mediatek helio g8 5 backed by precisely four gigs of ram and for any benchmarking supporters out there as you can see jolly basic geekbench ensues but so far touchwood the moto g31 everyday spill has been all right not exactly buttery smooth as you’d expect the peculiar juror and stumble here and there but what about gaming i hear maybe a handful of you cry well again the modern g31 very limited so obviously good to lower your hopes the likes of call of duty mobile will dally it is perfectly playable although i did picture quite a few frame rate declines here and there throughout a couple of recreations that “ive played” earlier thankfully it didn’t impact my conduct i’d like to think because i’ve got the mad abilities uh but it’s mostly because i think i was just up against some people who were even more inept than i am i actually managed to get the mvp on my first game in fact and certainly the screen is perfectly responsive and everything uh but yeah i know if you

are a gamer i would suggest sounding abroad simply to be on the safe surface and yes you do have motorola’s activity era peculiarity which you can swipe onto the screen at any time doesn’t have the whole range of features you’ll get on more premium motorolas but it’s got all the essentials like the notifications blocking i know there is no 5g patronage sadly here on the moto g31 not given at this price place by any means although you will be able to find some 5g telephones around the subtotal power mark if you gape close enough the likes of the very sexually designation tcl2 0 r5g and the poco m4 pro 5g as well they usually check 5g in the appoint there to make it extra easy the moderator or the moto g31 too carries in a 5 000 milliamp battery which again is fairly common at this sort of price point a touch one so far that artillery exhaustion has been minimal because that mediatek processor is quite energy efficient so hopefully should told you through a full epoch no worries and when it is time to recharge sadly simply 10 watt charging so uh not exactly peculiarly spry and final up let’s finish with a look at the camera tech and what you’ve got on the back end there’s a triple lens setup headed up by a 50 megapixel primary sensor and you’ve got your standard motor for the camera app stuffed on now as well perfectly parcelled with pieces

including that uh camera ai action this does helpfully advocate perhaps switch it up to the portrait mode when it spots a uh a elegant face like veronica’s here otherwise also the likes of night mode if the lighting conditions aren’t great and speaking of those bonus camera modes you’ve got absolutely consignments of the buggers swiped now on the moto g31 as you can see they’re plenty to play around with including classic motorola upshots like distinguish dye good fleck of pro mode war as well if you want to play around with factors such as the lily-white counterbalance the iso level because most people will merely keep the moto g31 fastened on that auto mode and you can expect somewhat basic outcomes with uh with this blower as you would probably expect this sort of price point if the conditions are perfect then you can get some really nice snaps also if you’re patient and make plenties and lots of different photos you can generally get a couple that examine alright in fairly measuring milieu but more often than not the likes of abrupt distinguish extreme brightness and also low-grade illuminate will throw off the moto g31 and you’ll probably end up chucking a lot of snaps away extremely if you’re trying to shoot 11 subject which moves around and that often causes the moto g3 1 editions as usual you’ve got an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle snapper you can

swap to at any point on that auto mode and again this struggles really badly in low-spirited light or knotty healths so unquestionably use it sparingly and like a lot of manufacturers mud roller hasn’t stopped there they’ve also chucked in a two megapixel macro shooter which i mean you can swap to this at any point by tapping the little heyday icon and yeah it’s it’s there if you require some truly low-pitched detailed up close shots of substance as for the video modes now on the moto g31 well it’s full hd footage all the way there’s no way of bumping that up to 4k rank unfortunately there’s no 60 fps option either so very straightforward and simple material and you know if you want very basic looking dwelling movies it’s fine again the usual caveats that you can’t really use at a light period or when you’ve got some sharp-witted compare or anything because that only throws everything off and then last-place up around front is a 13

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megapixel selfie shooter really lived there at the top end of the showing and again it’s all here for your everyday shareable shots i means that you you tell me what you think of these dazzling photographs of this uh this rather bold pasty mug right here actually didn’t do too bad and the light-footed to be perfectly honest it was all right and that right there in the proverbial nutshell is the motorola moto g3 1 a budget-friendly smartphone hitting the uk right now in fact for 169 quid for the 64 gig basi sit and yeah the foreground of the g31 the thing that sets it above and most of its duos at this sort of price point is the oled presentation if you require those genuinely poppy jazzy pigments uh to slap you in the face the nice penetrating pitch-blacks and all of that then enterprise done but of course there are some caveats the camera tech is rather basic as is the performance so are you allured by the moto g3 1 be greater your thoughts down in specific comments below perhaps you’ve actually got one previously you’ve been using it as your full-time vote be great to hear from you guys as well please do post subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more the most recent and greatest i can have yourselves a murderou wonderful rest of the week applauds everyone love you

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