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well hello good people i’m dmitry coming to you from good old montreal is this the new glorious i think it’s the new glorious so this is the new glorious model i obviously the next mouse is going to be the model i wireless or the model i minus and i’m sure the next letter will be n uh you know they’re trying to spell something so glorious packaging has improved over the years if we open this up you can see that the cable is no longer bending below the mouse and we got to thank zai from rocky drop ninja because he brought that to our attention so here the cable is bunched up nicely in the front nothing’s being bent my favorite part about any glorious mouse obviously would be the sticker i love these things we finally have colored film so you don’t forget to remove it because otherwise the mouse won’t glide as well as it should with 100 ptfd feet you know by the way i love getting others opinions on the glide the amount of glidiness you get out of it there’s a new word glidiness slipperiness smooth very smooth and also in the box so this is kind of the key feature for the model i are magnetic swap all side buttons so on the model i you can swap out this big thumb button at the front and this back button behind the browser buttons and they are magnetic and they’re supposed to just kind of pull out but man [Music] got one well done these things are going to be the freaking easiest things to lose no no this this is not coming off okay this one’s a pain in the wait some of these have two prongs and some of them have one it goes in uh nope otherwise no you have to sort of like put your nail underneath it once you get it the first time it’s totally okay right now price wise you’re looking at 59 very standard for glorious so quite accessible to many who are looking for an fps or an ergonomic mmo mouse so quite comparable to the g502 hero

the razer basilisk v3 for example so glorious well done on the price and thank you so much for not skipping this video sponsor silence the fan noise the coil whine the pump speed with this the sata q1 a mid tower with proper sound dampening all over the place and spacious interior for all the massive components the power of silence check it out below and so here’s the model i from glorious it’s very much a glorious mouse because of this perforation pattern the rgb both on the sides and the scroll wheel and on this side as well and of course we have the glorious logo with some text i mean unmistakably a glorious mouse also because it’s 69 grams my gosh glorious love that number and comes with both black and white models and this is targeted towards medium to large hands because of its size you can see there’s a metal screw in there for the magnet to do its job and the good thing is there’s no way you can insert this improperly because of the shape it goes only in one way as for the back button i figured out an easy way of holding the button from the top and trying to pull it out like this now once you get accustomed to removing these buttons what they’ve done here with the button shapes is actually pretty clever so for example if i have a really long thumb or if i never use the button in front of the thumb i can simply close off that section and this whole thing becomes very smooth i don’t even feel the difference in the height of this button so in terms of

tooling they’ve done a good job and you can do the same thing for the backpack boom lots of mobility around the browser buttons for your thumb the two options for the front thumb button are pretty clever so here we have a slightly larger protrusion of the button itself and that’s like a smaller protrusion so i actually prefer the slightly smaller protrusion because my thumb fits perfectly right behind it and i don’t necessarily need to move much in order to press and activate the switch if you have a slightly shorter thumb for example if it sits slightly back you can simply replace the button and this would give you a bigger button activation area for the thumb and slightly bigger protrusion and the same thing applies for the back so we have a slightly smaller button that goes pretty much on the height of the browser buttons and still very easy to activate or we have a button that protrudes almost twice as much giving you much easier access by clicking it would just you know the bottom of your thumb like this so in terms of the closest competitor would be the rog chakra shape although the chakram is much heavier but the razer basilisk especially the basilisk like the essential the entry level and the ultimate are very similar in terms of uh shape and how they feel although the glorious model i because it’s a 59 mouse it doesn’t feel as premium as other mice like it doesn’t creak when you hold it and good thing there’s nothing rattling even if you change out the

swappable magnetic side buttons so that’s a huge positive but in terms of the materials uh it doesn’t feel as premium partially because it’s so light at 69 grams and it’s you know fairly large so it gives you that perception that perhaps it’s like way too plasticky or whatever functionally the model is pretty straightforward we have two dpi switches over here that correspond to the led at the bottom to let you know what dpi level you’re on so nice and convenient left and right click scroll wheel that has nice scroll steps very light middle click which is fantastic i love using this feature for uh comms uh and we have the four buttons on the side that is excellent kind of like a mid-range mmo mouse you know we don’t have the 12 buttons on the side but it does give you a little extra functionality if you want to use it and if not you know putting those flat buttons on there to remove those two extra buttons perhaps for fps if you don’t need them is possible nice in terms of fit and finish the new mouse feels identical and how the surface texture feels how it looks to the previous matte black models and we don’t get a glossy option with the model eye which is kind of unfortunate because the glossy part has grown on me because it really secures your grip so in terms of the comfort level between the model o the model d and the model i so the model o is that safe shape right everyone’s kind of

accustomed to it it’s fantastic the model d is a beautiful ergonomic mouse also excellent and the model i is kind of in between for example we have beautiful support for your thumb we have nice curvature that is very similar to the model d but not as deep grooves for your left and right clicks not like on the model d and not like on the model o so they’re a bit more flat and your your fingers can kind of slide around but the right side for me at least is very well supported by for both my ring and pinky fingers probably the biggest difference of course in terms of design would be no more perforations on the left and right clicks and now we get two dpi switch buttons instead of the single ones on the previous mice i think comfort is exactly the type of mouse that i want because i love having the thumb rest on there on the other hand i think one of the main issues is going to be finding the right combination of those two replaceable buttons in order to actually get something that suits your playing style so now when it comes to gaming with this thing getting comfortable with this shape was no effort at all with the surprisingly quick learning curve for fps gaming so the body size is large but the slight inward curvature at the back makes all the difference the light body is very well balanced too especially with that proper thumb

support and you can also use the rear button for support when lifting and resetting the mouse after a flick without activating the button itself i will say the one little quirk i have with this mouse is that the default profiles for dpi feel slightly faster than normal so at like the lower 400 dpi profile i feel like i should be able to move more on the mousepad area to have that desired effect on screen but i can totally see myself using this as a main for tarkov and cs go just because the bottom of the mouse is very well grounded after a lift and the cord is perfectly fine as they’ve been for a while soft enough and pretty low profile and by the way here’s how the switches sound and so that is the model i a very impressive affordable mouse that is going to be disappearing very quickly because of the 59 price point the 69 gram body the swappable magnetic buttons while difficult to remove is very well done in terms of the shape of those buttons themselves so yeah i’m dimitri thanks much for watching the model i from glorious i think is another hit in the park i’m excited to see what the n model n is going to be like in terms of shape and their approach to doing something innovative but until then click responsibly my friends

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