Review Lenovo Thinkbook 13s – Small Lightweight Ultrabook

hey we’re buddy you fly inside banan we’re taking a look today at the think book 13s from Lenovo this is a laptop that sits in between the Lenovo consumer devices and they’re more expensive thinkpads so you get a relatively decently priced laptop with really nice build quality and we’re going to be taking a look at what this device can and can’t do here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware there are a number of different configurations for this laptop but the one they sent us is probably the one I would start with the price on this one at the moment is 832 dollars and 30 cents on the lenovo website that’s a promotional price but i would expect to be able to find this configuration at around that price at various retailers this has a 13 inch 1080p IPS display decent viewing angles on it it’s decently bright we have my studio lights on it right now so it might look a little dimmer than it might be in your home but overall it’s a good-looking

display as many of these Lenovo devices are it is not a touch display but it does have a matte finish to it it’s got a quad core i5 82 65 u processor so that’s decent it has a 8 gigabyte RAM configuration at this price point the RAM you can upgrade if you take it apart but there’s only a single slot for memory so you have to pull out whatever memory is in there and then put in a larger one that means this will run in single channel configuration it has a 256 gigabyte solid state drive that is also upgradable it’s an M to n vm II and the build quality on the think book is very nice it is all metal but it’s not that heavy 2.9 5 pounds or 1.3 4 kilograms the display goes all the way back to your desk here so you have a lot of different positions you can put it into so that is good to see not a touch display but otherwise very functional you also have a number of ports on here including your power port you have an HDMI connector here for connecting external displays there is also a USB type-c connector but not a thunderbolt connector that we sometimes see on some of the higher-end lenovo laptops they say this supports video and data however video was not working in our testing there could be a

BIOS update or something that needs to come down for that to work but right now in our test it didn’t work but there spec sheet says it will note though that it doesn’t support power delivery so if you hook it up to a dock that provides power you will still need to connect up the device’s power adapter to get power delivered to the laptop you have a headphone jack over here on the other side you’ve got two full-sized USB 3 ports the speakers are at the bottom they sound pretty decent good stereo separation not allowed a deep bass but adequate enough for watching videos and having conference calls and that sort of thing so altogether not a bad little package here I like the keyboard as I always do on these lenovo devices it’s backlit nice big keys they’re well spaced apart here with nice travel to them the trackpad here is equally nice and very accurate no concerns at all really with any of the input devices on it they’ve also integrated a fingerprint sensor into the power button so if you just rest your finger on the power button you can unlock with Windows hello and get into

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the laptop to start working and like other Lenovo devices we’ve looked at recently there is a physical shutter on the webcam so if you’ve been putting tape on your web camera to block it you can just keep that shutter closed on this one to physically block that camera lens if you want so that’s something I know a lot of people are interested in and you have it their battery life on this one doing basic work tasks is about nine hours or so that is doing word processing some web browsing and that sort of thing with the display turned down a little bit you might be able to squeeze a little bit more out of it depending on what those tasks are but it’s easy to get through a workday with this one the battery life is definitely adequate which is nice to see here for the price point so altogether a nice little laptop let’s move on now though to performance we’ve got a lot of stuff to check out so let’s start off with web browsing we took a look at the homepage everything came to life very quickly and rendered up nicely it has 802 11 AC wireless onboard of course and if you wanted to you could plug in Ethernet with a USB adapter altogether a good web browsing experience we also took a look at YouTube and watch some 1080p 60 video no drop frames

there everything seemed to work well for media playback that you might do on YouTube Netflix and on other web sites that is to be expected with an i5 processor but it’s always good to check of course on the browser bench org speedometer benchmark test we got a score of 160 6.3 that puts it pretty much in line with a few other recent I 5 based machines we’ve looked at recently so altogether I think performance on this one is going to be more than adequate to do all of the basic tasks that you might do with a laptop while you’re working all right let’s move on now to gaming this is not a gaming laptop but you can run some stuff on it maybe so we’ve got fortnight running here now if you want a playable fortnight session you’re going to have to turn the resolution down to 480p there we got around 35 to 55 frames per second but as you can see here it looks pretty ugly but that’s the reality of a laptop that lacks a discrete GPU like this one this is a work machine not necessarily a gaming machine but you will have some luck with maybe some older games like half-life 2 that game came out about 10 years ago 12 years ago now we’ve got a frame rates there at around 90 to 100 frames per second at 1080p so that worked just fine rocket League is another one that you might be able to get running at a

decent framerate at 720p we were seeing frame rates between 50 and 70 frames per second so the Intel GPU here is capable of some gaming prowess but not a lot so this is not going to be something that’ll play all of your triple-a games but some casual games should work well and again some older games should play nicely on this as well and on the 3d mark cloud gate benchmark test we got a score of 7000 389 and that puts it almost exactly in line with what we saw out of the IdeaPad flex 14 we looked at about a week ago fairly similar numbers here on both the CPU and G pee-yew tests this one is performing as we would expect it to given what it has inside and on the 3d mark stress test we got a score of 98.

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6% using the fire strike version of that test that is a passing grade which was good to see and that means the laptop will maintain its performance even under load for extended periods of time so it looks like it has decent cooling and thermal performance just know though that this is not a fan las’ laptop of course and as such you want to keep this bottom section clear so putting it on carpet or something is not a good idea you also want to keep this back section clear here as well for exhaust it will make some noise when the fan is on and it made a little more noise than we’ve been seeing on some of the other lenovo laptops we’ve looked at so if you put it under constant stress and load you will hear that high-pitched fan kind of running on this thing there’s no way to avoid that given the size of it and it was a

little bit noisier than some of the other ones we’ve looked at recently and it’s just something that comes with the territory when you have a relatively powerful I 5 processor in a laptop as compact as this one and we also booted up Cody to see how well if performed with high end video you’re looking at a 140 megabit per second H EVC file 4k at 10 bits and it seems to be playing just fine with no dropped frames that is a hardware decoding function of its Intel processor and that appears to be working just fine so I don’t think you’ll have any video playback performance issues here at all and we booted up Linux on this we ran the most recent version of them boom – I believe it’s nineteen point zero four it booted up fine the video worked we had audio as well but the one thing that did not work on this was Wi-Fi Bluetooth however did work the Wi-Fi radio inside is replaceable so you could go out and get a replacement one that is more compatible with them boom – but in our testing we were not able to get the stock Wi-Fi adapter to work with Linux so just keep that in mind if you are planning to use this as a Linux device it doesn’t look like the Wi-Fi is going to be compatible out of the box and overall it’s a pretty nice little laptop I think for the money I like to build quality I like the fact that it performs quite nicely and it’s very lightweight as well and it’s really interesting just to see all these different sk use that lenovo introduces because for every laptop

where you think you know what I wish they had this they release a laptop with that to try to meet whatever the market demands are in a number of different categories and this one might appeal the folks who are looking for a relatively low cost but nicely bill and high-performing laptop that isn’t all that heavy it seems to check all of those boxes so that’s gonna do it for the think book 13s they have a 14 inch version of this as well and they also have some with Rison processors they might do a little bit better on gaming we’re gonna try to get one of those in I’m not sure if we’ll be able to but I will do my best to bring it in there to see how that one might perform versus this one but this is the smaller of the two available only with an Intel processor that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts EMU dev org Tom Albrecht Brian Parker in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month it over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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