Review Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Limited Flexibility, High Cost

hey everybody its lawn Simon we’re taking a look today at the most expensive keyboard I have ever purchased for any of my devices this is the new Apple Magic keyboard for the iPad pro this will work with the 11 inch and the 12 inch iPad pro these are the ones that came out last year and it will work with the new ones that just came out as well but not the older iPad pros you will pay as much for this keyboard and trackpad as you will for the entry-level iPad just to put all this into perspective and it does add some useful computer-like features to the mix but again there’s a price premium we’re gonna step through what I like and don’t like about the keyboard here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this keyboard is all about now as I mentioned this is not an inexpensive product 300 bucks for just the keyboard you then have to buy the iPad to go with it so figure out what your value proposition for this thing is before you jump in there is another less expensive keyboard case at least by Apple standards that I’ve been using now for a couple of years that to be honest with you I actually prefer and I’ll show you a few reasons why in a minute now the iPad attaches to the case magnetically a lot like it does with the existing one and you have a little bit of motion here that you can go with on the hinge not a lot though so you’ve got pretty much this range of angle that you can apply to the iPad and if you go too far it comes off so it’s not very flexible I was expecting it to give me a little bit more of an angle primarily because when it’s on my lap I’d like it to flip up a little bit more on me and I’m not able to get it there it’s comfortable on my lap it’s very sturdy but again I would have liked a little bit more out of that hinge to get it angled a little bit differently than the

Mac’s here the big ripe I have with it though is that I can’t flip it around so this is as far back as it goes when you open it it opens very elegantly here I like how I pad just kind of flips up on you but if you’ve used the other iPad keyboard case which I use all the time and I’m very used to at this point it’s a very different experience so when I flip it around here I don’t have to detach the iPad and walk around with two different things if I want to put the iPad into tablet mode with this keyboard you have to take it out and now you’ve got two things you got to carry around with you because you can’t flip this bottom part around the back like you can with the other keyboards so that’s gripe number one the second gripe is weight so this together with the iPad and the keyboard is 2 pounds 6 ounces and that’s about 1.1 kilograms with the other keyboard case the iPad and keyboard combo weigh one pound 11 ounces or 770 grams so it’s definitely heavier and bulkier and it’s something that kind of rivals actually my my 12-inch MacBook in fact this actually feels a little bit heavier than my 12-inch MacBook feels so it’s not as flexible as I would have liked it to be I was expecting it to kind of flip around and it doesn’t I purposely didn’t watch any reviews before I got mine in so I can kind of get a good feel for my own preferences with this and it just feels a little too limiting for me partly because I’ve never considered my iPad a computer it’s been more of a consumption device and although I like having the trackpad again the lack of flexibility here is a problem for me the keys though are nice they are not the same mechanical switches they were using on the Mac books this is a scissor type switch so it shouldn’t get clogged up like the MacBook keyboards have been getting clogged up the keys have nice travel to them it’s very nice to type on actually it is backlit as well so it’s got a lot going for it I do like typing on it and it’s a little bit nicer to type on because the keys

are larger versus the other keyboard case but the other keyboard case is a little more forgiving when it’s out in the field because it’s all enclosed here so you can spill water on this you can you know clean it off very easily this one you’re not going to be able to have that kind of flexibility with the trackpad is very nice on it you’ve got a lot of room here to play with I’ll show you some of the gestures you can do with it in a minute as well Apple did a really nice job integrating the mouse into the iPad interface and they made it unique to the iPad in some ways I did a whole video on this but I’ll go over some of my favorite features with the trackpad here as we move along now one thing they added to the case here that you won’t have on the other one is a USB type-c port and this is only used for charging so you still have access to the other port here on the back so you can still attach other USB C devices when you have a charging cable plugged in but the problem here first of all is that it’s not a full service USB C port so you can’t you do anything else other than charge it the other issue is that the iPad charges slower when you’ve got the cable plugged into the port on the keyboard case versus the iPad itself so if you’re in a hurry to charge up use the existing USB C port but nonetheless it’s kind of handy because you can charge the iPad while you have your display adapter plugged in or maybe if you’ve got a network adapter or something attached you do now have a second port for charging and that can be pretty useful now apples done

some pretty cool stuff with their interface related to the mouse and trackpad and you don’t need something expensive to access it there are some gestures that I’ll show you in a few minutes that do require this but a lot of things don’t so you might want to take an existing mouse that you already have and connect it either via bluetooth or USB and see if it meets your needs if it doesn’t and you want some of the more advanced gestures I’m going to show you then you’ll need this or the Apple Magic Trackpad which can sit off to the side if you want now what’s cool about the interface though is that as you move your mouse around things it kind of locks on the stuff so you can see here I’m moving my mouse around the stock icon and it stays kind of sticky to that so as you move around here you can get a lot of velocity but then it’ll slow down and stop on icons so you can easily click on them by the way the click pad here is clickable on any part of the surface so even if I wanted to click the stock icon here in the right-hand corner it’s going to click it’s all mechanical really has a nice good mechanical feel to it so they did a nice job on the haptic feedback here the real haptic feedback like a computer you can scroll up and down with two fingers there might be a little bit of lag here based on how I’m capturing the video at the moment but it is very low latency it feels really really good if you want to get back to your home screen you can take three fingers and just scroll up from the bottom and that will bring you back out you can then take these three

fingers and drag them to load up other apps that you might have already running on your iPad or you can pull it all the way back and get your multitasking interface up so it’s pretty cool it works just like the Mac does in many ways it’s got a nice feel to it and once you kind of get a feel for the gestures I think you’ll really enjoy using it pinch-to-zoom works really nicely as well nice and smooth in fact a lot smoother than my video capture hardware is doing at the moment so altogether it’s just got a really good feel overall even text editing works pretty nicely let me show you that so here we are in Apple notes and as I move my mouse up to the top here you’ll notice that it kind of locks on to those icons up there another nice little interface addition they’ve made two apps that have been enhanced for the trackpad if the app you’re using is not trackpad enhanced it will basically simulate a finger to screen as you push the button down and click on stuff so it will work across the board even if the developer hasn’t done anything to support the trackpad directly dragging and dropping seems to work okay so I can grab this paragraph here and maybe move it up there it looks pretty cool and it certainly feels nice and precise so that’s been good the one thing I’m noticing with this trackpad just because I’m used to those huge trackpads that Apple has on all of their devices is that this one is quite narrow so you often run out of real estate pretty quick so if you are very familiar with the Apple interface you will certainly be hitting the borders here on the trackpad at least the vertical ones given how short it is to fit the overall screen here but altogether not a bad experience and it’s nice to

have it integrated in a single device now the crazy thing with apple and trackpads is that you don’t get the full functionality of a pad on an iPad unless you use an apple trackpad so all those fancy three finger gestures we were doing to maneuver around the interface don’t work on things that are not made by Apple at the moment so I would love for Apple to hopefully allow third parties like Logitech and others to make trackpad cases that are more like this one that allow me to more flexibly use my iPad versus this one which kind of forces you into making your iPad a computer which is not what I want all the time and again I think it’s very inconvenient to walk around with two devices when I want to use my iPad in this orientation versus this one so this one is not for me maybe it’s for you I’m sure many of you have differing opinions which you can leave down in the comment stream and until next time this is Lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Rick astute Oh Chris Allegretto Kalyan Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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