Full Review Lenovo Legion Y540 17″ with RTX 2060 – Mid-range Gaming Laptop

hey everybody its lines I’ve been were taking a look today at the Lenovo Legion Wi-Fi 40 this is a mid tier gaming laptop and we actually looked at one of these last summer but it was the smaller version so this is the 17-inch one the last one we looked at was a 15-inch and this one is configured slightly differently in that it has an RT X 2060 GPU versus the 16 60 TI that was in the other one and given that this product line is reaching the end of its life cycle you might be able to find a good deal on it so I figured hey let’s review it again and see what kind of differences there are between the 2060 and the 1660 ti now I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this is on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware again this has the 17 inch display so it’s larger than the other laptop but both of them are running at 1080p and that means you’re not going to fit anything more on the screen nor will you be able to do any kind of screen scaling to improve image quality you’re just getting a larger screen at the same resolution the screen does though run at 144 Hertz which is great for gaming but note this display doesn’t support G sync if you go to the more expensive y7 40 you’ll get AG sync display as part of the deal and there’s a few other little differences between the 540 and the 740 which allows this to be sold for a lower price now speaking of price I’m seeing this one starting right now at about $1000 with a 1650 GPU and it kind of goes up from there but again I think you’re going to be able to find some deals on this as the product begins to end its life cycles so keep an eye out for pricing and be patient and maybe you might get yourself a good deal and this computer came equipped with an i7 9750 H processor that’s a 6 core chip it also has that 2060 GPU with 6 gigabytes of do memory on board this

one has 16 gigs of RAM and it has a one terabyte SATA spinning hard drive a mechanical hard drive along with a 256 gigabyte nvme SSD now you can upgrade the RAM and the storage if you want but of course not the processor or GPU so you’ll have to choose carefully when you go out and buy it it’s not hard to get into it in fact you can just do two screws on the front here to get at the RAM and storage you have to do a few more screws to get at the fans and battery if you want to do more work on it later now given this is a larger laptop it’s got some weight to it it’s about six and a quarter pounds that is roughly 2.84 kilograms so it’s definitely going to weigh you down a bit but it is a big laptop I did find the build quality on this is not quite as good as the more expensive why 740 that has more metal in it this is mostly plastic but it feels nice it’s got a nice sturdy hinge here that stays in place as you can see here you’ve got a good amount of range for the display position and the hinge here just has a really good feel to it and it largely stays put where you put it you don’t have a touchscreen on this of course but it really is a nice looking machine that feels pretty solidly built for its mid-tier price point this is also not a entirely obnoxious design like we sometimes see with these gaming laptops there’s no RGB on this one it’s just a white backlight for the keyboard here so it’s something that might fit in well in a professional environment I’ve actually started using gaming laptops for video production in fact I’m producing this entire video on my Y 740 over there as an experiment this week and it’s been working terrifically

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these laptops are incredibly powerful as for ports on this one we’ve got a bunch to look at actually you’ve got a USB 3.0 port over here you have your headphone microphone jack there you do have a lot of cooling on here to keep the laptop running at its optimal performance we’ll talk about what we measured related to cooling in a few minutes on the other side here you’ve got another full-size USB 3.0 port got your BIOS reset over there we have a Kensington lock here on the back this is good for college students you can lock it down so nobody can take it from you you do have a USB type-c port here this is not Thunderbolt though so that’s another thing that’s missing on this one versus the more expensive 740 so you just have USB see no Thunderbolt but you can get a video out of that you should not though use this for power it won’t power the laptop because it does have a big 230 watt power supply that needs to get plugged in over here next to that USB C port we have mini DisplayPort out you’ve got another USB 3.0 port HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet so it’s got all the ports you need I like that they’ve got a lot of these ports configured in the back here so you don’t have cables all over the place and all together a pretty attractive machine the keyboard is very nice this is your standard Lenovo layout so that’s been working good

for me the number pad was a little odd because they did want to give you these big arrow keys and as such your number pad is going to not feel very traditional so if you are somebody that’s doing a lot of number crunching you’ve got a tiny zero key here I’m used to a much larger zero key so I found this not working well for an accounting purpose but perhaps for a gaming it’ll do a little better it’s not a mechanical keyboard but it does have a good feel to it nice travel to the keys and again very well space like we’ve seen other lenovo keyboards perform down here you’ve got your trackpad this is not a click pad you’ve got two separate buttons here it’s pretty accurate it feels very nice and actually very close to what I have on my 740 the webcam though is on the bottom this is one of those up the nostril webcams not the best video quality so you might want to get a separate camera if you do intend to do some video conferencing on it that was done so that you can have these thin bezels at the top however they did include a little shutter here on the webcam which is lacking on my 740 15 so that’s one thing that this one has that the 740 doesn’t have alright so let’s go and take a look now at performance and of course we’re going to look at a of gains that producer Jake ran a little bit earlier so it looks like producer Jake has been busy with some games here for at night 1080p ultra settings we were getting between 80 and 110 frames per second that’s great rocket League at 1080p highest settings we were maxing out the frame rate at 250

so there you go GTA 5 1080p DirectX 11 a highest settings we were getting between 20 and 30 frames per second we’ve maxed out everything there once you turn those settings down to something more reasonable we were getting about 60 to 75 frames per second at 1080p so easily 60 on this one which are three 1080p Ultra settings 70 to 80 frames per second the 2016 version of doom yes I need to upgrade I’m waiting for it to go on sale 1080p ultra settings 90 to 130 frames per second now one thing we noticed while playing Doom was that initially it was running at about 90 frames per second and then we noticed the frame rate increasing after the fans kicked up and things started making more noise on the laptop here and one of the things I’ve discovered with these lenovo laptops over time is to make sure that you’ve got the thermal mode on performance for the most consistent performance out of it because it does try to balance fan noise and i think that’s what we were witnessing with doom when we were running it so just make sure that performance is on you’ll hear the fan kicking on more often but again I think you’ll see a little bit more consistency there we got two other games I want to show you real quick here we’ve got apex legends 1080p highest settings we were getting between 90 and 140 frames per second and then Call of Duty warzone 1080p highest settings about 90 to

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120 frames per second and now we ran all of these at 1080p just because that’s the display it has onboard you can of course run games at 4k out the HDMI but of course you’ll be taking a significant hit in framerate at that resolution the 2060 is good for some 4k gaming but you won’t see this kind of performance running again at the 4k resolution and on the 3d mark times by benchmark test we got a score of five thousand seven hundred and sixty six and if you compare that to the 15-inch version we looked at with the less expensive sixteen sixty TI you’ll see that these two GPUs perform almost exactly the same so what’s the difference well the difference is on the twenty sixty you get the r-tx features which provides some really awesome lighting effects I’ve got a demo running here so you’ll get reflections and things and games that support these new r-tx features that you won’t see on the sixteen sixty variant of the GPU so you’ll save a little money you’ll get the same performance with the sixteen sixty TI but again some of the visual effects that you’ll get from these are TX GPUs you’ll not be able to get on the lower-cost version and on the 3dmark stress test we got a score of 98 percent that is a passing grade you can also see the temperatures that were measured when running that test and what that tells me is that you’re not going to see a lot of thermal throttling out of this

laptop your performance will be pretty consistent over extended gameplay periods the most important thing though is keeping the airflow going here so you want to make sure you’re not putting this thing down on carpet because you do have vents here at the bottom that need airflow going into them you’ll feel a lot of hot air coming out of it the fans will make some noise it’s unavoidable to have fan noise on a gaming laptop but as gaming laptops go this is not the noisiest I have used but you will certainly hear those fans running pretty hard when you’re under full load and that’s something you need to be aware of on any gaming laptop and this one is no exception to that now one of the things that gaming laptops are not very good about is battery life this one is no exception you’re going to be lucky to get maybe four or five hours out of it even just doing the basics with the display brightness dim down the reason is is that by default Lenovo disables the Intel graphics on the laptop which would normally give you better performance when you’re not gaming you can force that back on that might give you a little bit better battery life but in its default configuration here doing nothing and get much life out of this thing and certainly if you start playing games the battery life will not be great so you’re definitely going to want to keep that outlet nearby these things are good for portability but not good for mobile gaming without a power source nearby so overall this is a very nicely performing gaming laptop from Lenovo they really have a lot of solid stuff and this one at the mid point is pretty nice for what you are

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paying again you don’t get some of the bells and whistles that you see on the more expensive 740 so it’s plastic not metal there’s no RGB there’s no Thunderbolt there’s no g-sync but it still performs just as well and if you don’t need all those features I think this is a pretty solid offering for the price point remember you’ll be seeing these things available for pretty good prices over the next couple of weeks and months so keep an eye out for them no reservations here whatsoever now one thing we didn’t try in this video was Linux and I would love to get some advice from all of you as to which distributions run best on gaming laptops with discrete GPUs I’ve been having some issues getting them boon to working so I want some advice so let me know what you’re using and maybe we’ll do a video in the near future where we take a look at how some of those distributions work on a laptop like this until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Rick the stood Oh Kris alligretto Kalyan Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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