Lenovo Chromebook 3 11″ Review – A $169 Intel Laptop!

hey everybody it’s LAN Seidman and if you’re looking for a low-cost Chromebook this one might be worth taking a look at this is the Lenovo IdeaPad 311 it is an 11 inch Chromebook Intel powered pretty much basic transportation but it is very reasonably priced and I thought we would get one in and put it through its paces here and see what it’s all about and we’re gonna do that in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving it before it gets uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now it’s a time I’m recording this video this is being sold for one hundred and sixty-nine dollars at Walmart that is super inexpensive for a name-brand Chromebook and I’ll have a link to this in my video description if you want to check that out so let’s dive in now to the hardware this has an Intel n4 t20 processor this is the lower-end Intel Gemini Lake series of chips it is fanless though so it makes no noise and it actually performs halfway decently for its price point this one has 4 gigabytes of RAM and the lowest cost version unfortunately only has 32 gigabytes of storage now normally on a Chromebook you don’t need all that much storage because most of what it does is in the cloud but now with these things being able to

run Android and Linux applications you’re probably going to want one with a little bit more storage space I do believe there is a 64 gig version available for a little bit more money but unfortunately the storage is not expandable but it does have an SD card slot that we’ll take a look at as we start making our way through the rest of the review here now this is nothing fancy from a build quality standpoint it’s all plastic as you can see the top case here really shows off fingerprints quite nicely it’s very smooth and kind of nice feeling actually for a low cost laptop you’ve got that same smoothness on the keyboard deck here which again will definitely pick up fingerprint grease and everything else the trackpad isn’t bad it’s about what you would expect from a machine that you’re not paying a lot of money for but it does get the job done and is nice and wide here nice keyboard of sighs keys of course well spaced very nice efficient design here the display will go about down to this level it’s not a two-in-one of course but it does have a little bit of leeway here for kids that might be a little bit too overeager when they open things up there’s a webcam here nothing spectacular but if you want to do a web call or something you can get that done for school or whatever the nice thing is that the Intel chips on these actually do pretty well with video so you shouldn’t have too many issues popping in to zoom calls and Google meets and that sort of thing now what really surprised me about

this let me give you my overhead view is the port selection on the laptop here so you’ve got a USB type-c port here this is where you plug the power supply into but it is a full service port so it also gets video out and works with any USB cdata devices that you plug in now it really surprised me about the USB C port here is that it supports 4k video at 60 Hertz that is not something that one would expect from a budget laptop but you got it here USB 3.0 port over here next to it you’ve got a micro SD card slot I believe this will take up to a 128 gigabyte card and the card sits very flushed to the case you can carry that card around with you all the time and augment its internal storage and I would expect over time that they’re going to get more flexible about what you can do with that SD card slot including using it with Linux and Android at the moment it’s a bit more limited but you do have that there and I think that will be something we’ll be seeing more of in the future next to that you’ve got a headphone microphone jack for plugging in your headphones it also has bluetooth onboard of course and then on the other side we’ve got almost the same number of ports we got another USB 3 port here and another USB C port and this one is also full service so if you want to plug the power cable onto this side versus the other one it will work

fine there video output also works through this USB C port so it was great to see some real nice modern USB C functionality on this machine and then over here you’ve got a Kensington lock for locking it down on the desk underneath are the speakers as you would expect these are not going to knock this knocks off or anything but they’re decent enough it is stereo so you’ll get some good stereo separation but not a very good range of sound and the quality of the sound will vary based on what surface you have the laptop down on the display is very low resolution as you would expect it is 1366 by 768 that is basically a 720p resolution not the best quality display either it’s a TN display so it will lack that punch and sharpness that you might see out of an IPS display but again at the price point we’re not going to split hairs over that and given that this is an 11.6 inch laptop it is very portable and very compact it weighs about two and a half pounds or 1.12 kilograms so it won’t add all that much weight to your bag these are great for kids this is the class of Chromebook that typically gets issued in a school the battery life lenovo says is about 10 hours on this I would agree with that statement if you keep the display brightness down maximum brightness is 215 it’s so it’s never going to be terribly bright to begin with but if you keep it around here I think you can get the advertised battery life provided you stick to web browsing and the basics let’s take a look now and see how this performs again it’s got an Intel processor on board and as you’ll see it does pretty well with doing the basics all right so let’s start off

with some web browsing we’ll just go to the nasa.gov home page and see how quickly everything renders in and there you go you can see things popped up quickly here this does have an AC wireless radio so if you have modern Wi-Fi it will take advantage of that and for basic web browsing it does just fine here no problems whatsoever now a little bit earlier I hooked the laptop up to a 4k display with a USB C to display port adapter and we were able to playback 4k 60 frames per second video from YouTube and when all of the YouTube controls were invisible at full screen we were able to get the video to playback without dropping any frames but if you move the mouse and those controls come back up on screen it will impact the performance a little bit but by and large it was pretty cool to see that working again on a very low-cost device here so I don’t think you’re gonna have too many problems doing all of your basic web browsing and video watching on this device and on the browser bench org speedometer benchmark test we got a score of eighty five point eight on version 1.

0 of that test and fifty one point nine on version 2.0 and as you can see here the n forty twenty processor is a little bit faster than the prior generation and for a thousand chip we’ve seen on a few recent Chromebooks that we’ve gotten in here on the channel so altogether I think we’re looking at pretty decent performance out of this little laptop with that Intel fanless processor now these Chromebooks now run Android apps as well and I’ve got Mario Kart here running it’s running just fine but of course this is a

game designed for touchscreens and using the Mouse’s not an ideal scenario here especially because I have to hold the mouse button down to get this game to work some Android apps that support game controllers will work here so there are some really good gaming options that you have available to you but not all of them as you can see here will be all that spectacular now you do get the Google Play Store so if you’ve purchased a game or an app on your phone or tablet it will also be accessible to you through your Google account on the Chromebook and if the app runs nicely on this platform you’ll have a good experience with it this will work of course with games but also things like the Android version of Microsoft Word and some other utilities that might be pretty useful and altogether the performance is about what I would expect out of a low-priced device now I do want to caution you though about some of the higher-end Android games those don’t seem to work here even though they’ll install and say they’re compatible so a good example of that is Call of Duty mobile when I go to load it here you can see we’ve got the title screen we get to this part and then it’s going to just drop out on us and that’s it so just be aware of the fact that this is mostly a casual Android device and not something to play higher-end games on but one thing that does work nicely on the Chromebook are Linux applications you can enable those by going into the lower right-hand corner of the screen here going to System Preferences

and then looking for Linux beta on the left when you enable it it’ll take a little bit of time to get everything installed but once it is up and running with Linux you’ll get a man prompt you can then start installing packages so I installed a bunch of apps here before I got started including a few command line ones like nano here but I also enabled Libre Office which is a full-on office suite running in Linux that will look and feel a lot like Microsoft Office will on here and it’s certainly a lot more of that field versus the Android version of Excel for example and what’s nice about this is that it’s totally free and open-source it runs locally on the Chromebook you don’t have to pay anybody anything to use it or keep using it and all the files that you work with are stored locally and it can open up Excel and Word documents and there’s a whole suite of applications that come along with this another cool thing that works with this is steam because this is a Linux based Chromebook you’ll have access to steam and games that work in Linux now there’s a limit here on the hardware we have a limited amount of RAM and processing power but things like shuffle night here do actually run pretty nicely because the GPU on the Intel processor now works with the Linux system here it’s not going to give you spectacular performance for Triple A games it probably won’t run GTA 5 or anything like that but things like shovel knight here actually do run pretty nicely let’s take a look and see

how it runs right now so here is shovel knight running at a steady 60 frames per second as you can see it’s very playable the sound works and you can actually hear how loud the speaker’s can get on this thing one limitation on the Linux side right now is using the SD card slot and the external USB devices I’m sure they’ll add support for that down the road so this is something we’ll be continuing to come back to in the future as things develop but all in really cool stuff to see things like shuffle knight here running really nicely on a Chromebook in Linux now one thing that Chromebooks also do pretty well is game streaming and we did a whole video on this topic the other day where you can stream games from pcs in your home and in some cases remotely Google stadia also works pretty well on these low-end Chromebooks so definitely check out that video to give yourself some guidance to what your options are out there and as always with Chrome OS things continue to improve over time so we’ll definitely be exploring that topic again in the future but that’s another thing you can do gaming wise on a Chromebook end of life of this one is under the new 8 year policy from Google this was not yet up on the auto-update support page that Google has for a Chromebook lifespan but given the new policy of 8 years I would expect this one to be updated up until 2028 now if you’re watching this 3 years in the future it doesn’t give you three years beyond 2028 it’s when the platform was introduced so 2028 is the end of life

support for this one and I think you should be able to certainly get your money back using this over the course of eight years before those updates expire and overall it’s a nice machine I think it’s a great deal right now and if you’re looking to get into Chrome OS or experiment a little bit with Chromebooks or maybe just get something for your kid to use this is a really solid buy especially from a name-brand manufacturer really no reservations here recommending this one to folks who want some nice basic transportation and it’s really cool just to see how good basic transportation is these days that’s gonna do it for now until next time this is Lion Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters Tom Albrecht Chris Allegretto David Hawkman Brian Parker Mike Patterson and bill Pomerance if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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