Preview & Full Tour Realme GT 2 Pro (Global Edition)

so out of mobile world congress 2022 real me is eventually launched the global volume of its idea heaves gt2 pro flagship smartphone and the big whoop here is that it offerings a premium all-round portable experience except for a bit less currency than most of its adversaries so hopefully you’ve got enough to stay in your savings to treat yourself to a greg’s steak cook or two maybe a bottle of lambrini compressed inside of this thing is that billy big bollocks snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset you’ve got a 2k super reality expose 50 megapixel dual primary camera basically all the shits that it rosters right here on the back of the box but fairly chatter that’s flogged the real me gt2 pro and out of the box taking a full-on tour of that hardware and software and for more than the latest greatest tech please do push subscribe and hit that notifications bell claps alright so what have we got in this lovely white box well naturally one realme gt2 pro a big old-time hulking super projectile indictment adapter some usb cable activity and there’s also a wrap prophylactic event that you can wrap around at your realm blower and keep it nice and pristine and that’s it profession done nothing more to see here oh nothing except for the monstrous 3d reproduced ceiling thing i approximate who apparently is the brand-new mascot real meow let’s see what a real cat reviews of real meow uh yep doesn’t seem too

interested so let’s start with design and the real me gt2 pro boasts a very different finish for most modern smartphones which are generally framed from glass certainly the more premium prototypes as the posterior this real me blower is apparently constructed from a bio-based polymer the production of which involves less carbon emissions so therefore it’s more environmentally friendly hooray for quality and trees and substance and as well as being good for the planet and all of that it’s also quite aesthetically pleasing at this polymer back end as well because as you can see there it doesn’t get all smudgy and greasy and annoying like most smartphone arsens do plus there’s an added bonus apparently that back end is tougher than a rhino’s arse buttock as well as you can give it proper bashing about try and scratch it and scratch it and it will balk everything you throw on it now if you’re squinting real close you’ll investigate what real me has termed a newspaper style blueprint which surely lends a bit of texture to that back end and yeah perhaps perhaps just a little bit it feels like your stroke and paper for whatever reason but actually to me after a while it only kind of feels like those sort of more affordable uh plastic smartphones from back in the day you’d get with the textured back end so for me at least i think the roommate gt2 pro looks very snazzy surely and certainly is a bit different from the rest of

the smartphone crown but it doesn’t quite feel as payment as some of its competitives when you’re actually clutching it if you’re not a fan of the design despair ye not this is the paper green simulate you can also grab this real me blower in paper white which athletics a similar sort of design otherwise it also comes in a steel pitch-black variant which is more of your normal glossy font finish regrettably no suitable sea fight here on the real me gt2 pro or at the very least no official ip written anywhere so i wouldn’t lead taking it into the shower or into a neat red-hot bubbly shower with you simply in case still in addition to the tough polymer back you do have a gorilla glass victus expose and that is coated in a pre-installed screen protector as well just as well because victor’s does tend to scratch up very easily even if it is shatter resistant so anyway let’s move on from the lovely layout of this smartphone to the actual software that is running on it and what you got is the latest android 12 of course as you would expect from a more premium wording machine with the real miui 3 launcher slatted on top there and this is still basically color os by another call which means you get a somewhat asset android vibe like most launchers these days you’ve got your apps tray you’ve got your google discover feed you’ve got your notifications rail gathered down from anywhere on screen with all of those toggles built in as well there’s no separate control center as there are on some challengers like me ui and because this is android 12 you’ve got some of those excellent privacy

features on there such as the ability to revoke camera and mic be made available to all apps really with a immediate sound like so you also get quite a few apps pre-installed on now unfortunately when you first set up your smartphone including your click tocks your linkedins your booking.coms it is a minor pin in the ass you just have to go through and uninstall all of the nonsense that you don’t want to free up some storage can frankly and realme ui does add a knot of bonus pieces on top of android which are mostly tucked away here in the places menu which can be a little bit tricky if you aren’t was just about to it there’s uh there’s quite a lot of material and quite a lot of it is hidden one of my favorite areas is personalizations this allows you to quickly change up the wallpapers the icons you can also change up the hues of the ui based on the wallpaper that you are using you can customize the fingerprint sensor living you can also play around with the edge of igniting facet which is kind of a stopgap notifications light-footed mode liaison and of course stick on and always on display you can actually craft your own always on display otherwise you’ve got a good selection of digital and analog efforts whatever your heart longings from these settings where you can also set up that in parade fingerprint sensor and the face unlock pretty quick and easy to do and so far touch word no plunge at all from that in exhibition fingerprint sensor it is just a basic visual accomplish not an ultrasonic scanner but it seems absolutely fine it still seems perfectly accept uh oh and as i say that of course it absolutely

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feels to recognize me which is pretty plenty typical because it’s had absolutely no troubles whatsoever in the dozens of other eras i’ve unlocked it still further and yeah as an alternative you do a face unlock as well which again seems to be swift and responsive if not the more secure out there does still seem to work more often than not when i’m wearing a face mask but at least you do have alternatives like require noses to be open tucked away there in the specifies and as i mentioned before you’ve got those excellent android 12 privacy facets so you can see exactly what your apps are up to revoke their advantages etc and then there’s just onus of additional bonus fragments as well you’ve got some emergency aspects tucked away in there special features you’ve got the likes of the kidspace it’s quite handy if you have to hand your phone to your progeny to keep them bloody quiet you don’t want them protruding around in all of your private photos etc it’s got a dedicated gaming state as well which i will touch on when we hit conduct oh and as for the storage where you got 256 gigs of the stuff carried inside of here which i think you can find merely here in the about manoeuvre division as “youre seeing” a rational gob of that taken up by system and of course by apps because you’ve got so much stuff pre-installed but thankfully still plenty of cavity remaining just as well as there’s no micro sd remembering placard corroborate if we actually pull out that sim tray you’ll

see you’ve got gives for two sims simultaneously but there’s absolutely bugger or room in there for a micro sd recognition card so that shifts onto the display tech and the real me gt2 pro boastings a mighty 6.7 inch ltp or amoled committee quite similar to some contenders from likes the oppo fine x5 pro other premium priced machines except it’s a perfectly flat spectacle same to the samsung galaxy s2 2 got a wqhd plus answer here so nice crisp visuals as long as you remember to actually go into the arranges and bump it up from the default value full hd plus peak settlement because it’s an amoled panel you’ve got delightful dynamic pigments on the default vivid display deep-seateds or really really poppy perfect for your anime your living if you want to though you can jump on into those display establishes and change it to the pro mode if you miss a most natural seeming production and apparently this panel has a merely see coloring difference of 0.5 which conveys it is capable of very accurate color reproduction you’ve got pleasingly deep colors neat sharp-witted distinguish on there all of the potential benefits you generally get from an amoled exhibition wide deeming directions as well and on top brightness as well no issues there and yes it is an ltp or board as well all the rage these days which makes it handles the full range of refresh charges all the way from one hertz all the way up to 120 hertz one hertz excellent for merely ending a static portrait perpetuates your battery life 120 hertz grid for that important content to get a really nice smooth finish and the realme gt2 pro can auto select the refresh to suit whatever material you are digesting so that’s the visuals what about the

audio well you’ve got a stereo speaker set up now on the real me gt2 pro as you would expect from a more premium smartphone so let’s improved up the volume and see if it’s actually better now full on tour the hardware and the software and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do subscribe and affecting that notifications bell cheers so yeah overall not bad sound at all you do get more powerful audio explosion out of this foot orator so the audio overall is slightly unbalanced but uh pretty crisp and clear still on that top capacity you’ve got full dolby atmos funding on there as well no headphone jack regrettably as usual but you’ve got your dependable bluetooth subscribe if you want to stream wirelessly instead so let’s transition on to performance and the real me gt2 pro is powered by the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset it’s quite a popular flagship programme found in quite a lot of recent premium maneuvers like the oppo f5x5 pro the vivo iq 9 pro as well if you checked my unboxing of that recently benchmarking composes very impressive surely that’s for certain certainly one of the most powerful socs you’ll find on a smartphone right now in fact the benchmarking scores here on the real me smartphone beat the oppo f5x5 pro as you can see there so you shouldn’t see any operation decay over age certainly not for a good long while this is built for power customers and of course gamers in fact

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courtesy of that real me ui three launcher you do have a dedicated gaming wars on now which is able to really snatch out at any point like so this offers all kinds of implements including a achievement mode where you can really dedicate all of the phones resources to your current title you got the do not disturb mode as well quite handy if your boss is rudely asking for some sort of progress update while you’re halfway through your competition jolt goal and speaking of gention other snapdragon age m1 smartphones have been able to handle this memory goblin monster absolutely no worries or whatsoever so that’s immediately what i started my gaming test with here on the real me gt2 pro with the graphics aims improved up to the highest levels on the enclose proportion maxed out at 60 fps as well naturally and yeah utterly no topics at all a couple of old judders now there are still when the action got pretty intense but overall that made frequency remained stable at 60 fps a brilliantly playable ordeal very enjoyable with those lush exquisite high-res visuals and yeah there are reports out there of snapdragon 8gen1 blowers heating up under duress and yeah this real me handset did get a

little bit toasty around the back after a good sort of 30 40 hours of gentian impact action but nothing too distressing that’s mostly down to the fact that real me has stuffed in a charitable sized stainless steel vapor chamber inside of the gt2 pro it’s grown in width versus the original smartphone you’ve also get diamond thermal gel to help shift that heat away from the internals and keep the phone cool the gt2 pro likewise boasts realme’s antenna regalium matrix arrangement which consisted in 12 separate antennas disbanded around the edges of that smartphone you’ll actually visualize the various feeler straps on every single edge of this thing so this makes no matter how you’re seize this smartphone you’ll still get a strong networking signal whether you’re using the wi-fi six or a good fragment of the 5g activity as for the battery tech well it’s once again a 5 000 milliamp capability battery crammed inside of the roomy gt2 pro just like the oppo know x5 pro which i’m currently experimenting out and like that upper blower once again magnificent battery life on this thing i tend to find you get around sort of at least six to seven hours of screen on time in a epoch and that’s with pretty heavy usage as well a good fleck of camera action but against an impact

occasionally a good part of movie streaming so again this smartphone should suit more demanding users down to the ground no worries and when you do lastly run out of juice where you got support for that 65 watt super dart blame tech so again even though it’s a big battery it won’t take very long to fill up whatsoever formerly you plug it in with the bundled adapter regrettably no wireless charging assist though specially down to the fact that you’ve got that polymer backing but it’s also possibly a cost-saving measure so last up for this real me gt2 pro unboxing and tour let’s have a squint at that camera tech slapped on the back end pioneered by a 50 megapixel sony imax 766 sensor with visual persona stabilization the same sensor recently found in the real me 9 pro plus and yes the real me 9 pro plus is a far cheaper smartphone than the gt2 pro but it did impress for its camera concert at least that is a dependable sony sensor sure as shooting so i’m hoping that you get some really nice appearing photos out of this thing as well and indeed here is a small selection of sample shots that i’ve clicked with the real me gt2 pro and certainly seems like a perfectly capable everyday blower if not quite up there with the very best smartphone snappers right now short-changes of living subjects tend to come out well with minimal flow blur strong detail elevations even indoors in quite ambient light as well little things do get a bit gritty formerly the lighting really puts oh and i saw some serious ignite halo activity on the go at times as well so be careful shooting around a strong light source you’ve got the usual ai

mode smarts and all kinds of bonus fragments as well including the likes of the portrait state you’ve got 50 megapixel answer state as well if you want to shoot at the maximum resolution relatively good if you want to crop into your shots last-minute got a night mode as well which kind of have to brighten up your grabs when it is very extremely dim undoubtedly and just like vivo’s iq 9 pro you’ve also got a 150 magnitude ultra wide angle shooter and this uses a 50 megapixel samsung gn1 sensor and as you can see this can fit tons of stuff into frame if you’re trying to shoot something that’s absolutely viciou enormous and you’ve also got a fisheye option as well although this isn’t quite as resilient and quite as much fun as the one see that vivo blower as for the final shooter here on the real me gt2 port well this is a ultra macro snapper so if you want to get really really certainly up close and personal to your theme can be quite fun but i can’t really construe many real-life applications of this lens i’ve gotta admit beyond just like restraining the girls amused for a few minutes and then last up for your home movie requirements you can shoot 4k footage at either 30 or 60 frames / second or you are eligible to even bump the whole way up to a mighty 8k settlement if you just wanted to absolutely k in that storage space and yeah so far perfectly fortunate with the

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video outcome here you’ve got a nice sharp-worded visuals at that 4k stage delightful smooth finish if you do bump it up to the 60 frames per second clear audio capture as well so all around certainly good for your totality movies and then last up around front you’ve got that 32 megapixel selfie shooter which again seems absolutely perfectly capable with full sketch smarts and all that good material and using that selfie cam you can shoot up to full hd resolve video as well as i am doing right here no 4k ultra hd act regrettably but the video tone is perfectly fine if you just wanted to do a simple vlog or something audio pickup seems alright as well and there you have it that in a nutshell is the real me gt2 pro global copy and as you can see if you crave a flagship blower but for a bit of a nicer cost but it’s definitely a laudable alternative really chips out some of the super fee boasts like wireless blaming reinforcement don’t have a telephoto camera lens on there either for instance but if you crave something that’s got a honourable camera output you’ve got strong execution on there good enough for gaming quite happily a decent battery life a fantastic amoled parade and perfectly flat as well so again perfect for gaming has truly do the job very nicely in certainly i don’t know the official uk question premium or liberate appointment just yet because i’m shooting this ahead of the official mwc launch but that should hopefully pop up in the video description down below uh once it’s actually divulged so check out the rest of my mwc spate for more red-hot new smartphones that are launching out here in barcelona please do leant subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more the most recent and greatest tech and have yourselves a brutal wonderful respite of the week encourages everyone love you