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hey everybody it’s lan seidman and we’re taking a look today at the hp nv 14. this is a pretty powerful 14-inch laptop from hp they’re kind of aiming this one at creative professionals and gamers to some degree and it’s nice to start to see some of these smaller compact laptops with decent graphics performance and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this one in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that this is on loan from hp so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one as configured is just under twelve hundred dollars but the price point is going to vary based on where you buy it from and what configuration options you choose on yours now this is designed primarily for people that need a little bit more graphical horsepower than a basic ultra book so if you’re just doing college papers and very casual photo editing and web browsing this will probably be overkill but if you’re doing live video production or you’re doing more advanced photo editing or video editing this is definitely something to look at and if you like to play games every once in a while i think this is another reason to consider something like this now you could always get a gaming laptop and maybe you can find one for around the price that this one costs but this is thinner and lighter and so if you wanted something that was more portable yet has some of that graphical prowess that’s why you might consider something like this the display on this one is really nice a 14 inch display ips 400 nits and it’s a 16 by 10 display which means that it is taller than some of the traditional 1080p 16×9 aspect ratio displays that you might see out there it looks great it is pre-calibrated out of the factory it runs at a hundred percent of srgb so if you are doing some uh mid-range photo editing things should be pretty accurate the one issue you run into with one of these taller displays is that if you’re watching a 1080p video like we’re about to do here you will see some letterboxing top and bottom because this display is at a different aspect ratio than many of the videos you might encounter on the web so you can see we’ve got black bars here and here but beyond that everything looks great on this laptop and to be honest with you you’re really not going to notice the letter boxing here because it is pretty minimal but that’s just one thing to be aware of on a taller display but i like having that extra real estate here and it makes a lot of sense to have that this display runs at 1920 by 1200 so this is not a higher resolution 4k display but it’s nice and bright it looks fantastic and i think they did a very nice job here getting a high quality display paired up with this hardware now inside it has

an intel i5 1135 g7 processor it also has an nvidia gpu a gtx 1650 ti max q that gpu has four gigabytes of its own memory for doing games and video editing in production and whatnot it also has 16 gigabytes of system memory that though is soldered onto the motherboard and cannot be upgraded our review loader here came with a 256 gigabyte solid state drive that’s an nvme drive that can be replaced and upgraded there is only one storage slot inside the computer and you can get at it just by popping off the bottom case here to do that swap out i was hoping to see a little bit more storage come with something at this price point but that’s what this model has built in the weight on this one is 3.59 pounds or 1.63 kilograms so for a computer with a gpu it’s pretty lightweight decent build quality as well it’s all aluminum i did see some amazon reviews talking about some imperfections in the aluminum build quality here i didn’t see that on mine so that might have been an early production unit that had some issues this one looks just fine to me and i found the keyboard on it to be very comfortable we’ve got very nice large and well spaced keys here this is on par with some of the other hp computers we’ve looked at recently the keyboard is backlit so you can see it in the dark and there’s decent travel here as well it feels pretty nice and comfortable i didn’t have to get used to typing on it the trackpad is equally nice nice and large it is a mechanical

click pad i did disable tap to click on my windows control panel because it was going off inadvertently whenever my fingers brushed over it once i turned that off everything worked a lot better so on the keyboard and trackpad side all is good there’s also a fingerprint reader here next to the left arrow key to get you into your system a little bit quicker a good amount of ports on this one you’ve got your headphone microphone jack here for a headset next to it you’ve got a usb 3 port a full size hdmi output that supports 4k at 60 hertz and then you’ve got a thunderbolt 4 port here this is compatible with usbc but also thunderbolt and you can get two displays out of the thunderbolt port and another one out of the hdmi for a total of three so that’s pretty useful on the other side here we’ve got an sd card reader this is a micro sd card slot the card will stick up just slightly out of the slot it doesn’t go flush but it is pretty close to flush just keep that in mind it won’t go fully in next to that you’ve got a usb 3 port and your power adapter goes in there now the laptop comes with a 135 watt power adapter this is larger than most ultrabooks because this does have the gpu on board so as a result if you are looking to plug in a docking station that might provide power over a thunderbolt cable you may not be able to provide enough power that this laptop needs to power its gpu for example so i would use the power adapter even if you are using a dock and you’ll be able to save a little bit of money on a thunderbolt dock because you won’t need one with a lot of power delivery because this will be providing the power so just keep that in mind if you are looking to dock it you’re going to

want to plug in that power adapter all the time now the battery life on this is surprisingly good for a laptop with a gpu we were getting about 10 to 11 hours on it doing the basics like web browsing email and word processing once you do stuff that kicks on that gpu that’s going to start eating into the battery life more significantly so your battery life is going to vary greatly based on what you’re doing with this but i think for normal work tasks you’ll be able to get a really good battery life out of this on par with other ultrabooks at around this screen size one thing you should keep an eye on though is the system control here is part of the hp command center because you can put it into performance mode to get the most boost out of it when you are plugged in just make sure you go back to balanced here when you’re done so that that gpu doesn’t kick on too much more than it needs to but beyond that i found the battery life on this to be quite good the fan noise on this is also very minimal even when you’re playing a game or doing something that’s working that gpu more it does have two fans inside and it really doesn’t get all that whiny and loud you will hear them running it’s not completely silent of course but they did do a nice job trying to keep the noise down while still being able to cool the laptop we’ll take a look at its thermal performance in a little bit but i was pleased that the fans weren’t that noisy you do have a very large rubber foot here at the bottom which keeps the air intake down here clear because it definitely needs a lot of airflow given its small size to keep itself relatively cool and that air is brought in from the bottom and blown out through the back here so just make sure those airways are clear for the best performance all the time now if you’re doing a lot of online meetings this will do just fine with zoom and google meet and microsoft teams and all the other ones out there you’ve

got a 720p webcam here at the top it looks ok as you can see nothing spectacular we are starting to see more 1080p webcams make their way to laptops but not this one it does though have a cool shutter system that you can see there so what you do is you hit the shutter key on the top of the keyboard here and it’s going to put an opaque filter over that lens you can see it popping up here when i push that key down so you don’t need to put tape or any other kind of shutter mechanism on your laptop just hit the key here and the camera is blocked and they also have a microphone mute key which will mute the mic across any application you just push it down it lights up as you can see here and then any application that was using the microphone will no longer have access to it until you push it again now the built-in speakers on this are not as good as i would have liked they are basically downward firing on both sides here of the laptop there’s nothing forward-facing and i thought this grille-like area here at the top of the keyboard deck was an additional set of speakers but it isn’t so it’s just sending sound out through the bottom here and as a result the sound will vary based on what kind of surface the laptop is on there’s good stereo separation here but i think the audio quality on a higher end laptop like this could have sounded a little bit better all right let’s take a look now and see how it performs we’ll begin with the basics some web browsing we’ll pull up the homepage here on google chrome and see how fast everything springs to life and as you can see as expected this is a very fast web browsing machine i would expect nothing less out of the hardware that’s inside here so no problems it does have wi-fi six which we’re now running here in the studio so all in a very good web browsing experience a little bit earlier we ran youtube and ran a 1080p 60 video file just to see if we’d have any drop frames there were a couple when it first started but we’ve seen that from time to time but otherwise no issues here was able to

play out a 1080p 60 video from youtube without issue and i expect other video platforms like netflix and disney plus and whatnot all to work pretty well on here too and on the speedometer test running in google chrome we got a score of 151.6 that is pretty much right where i expected it to land and it actually did a little bit better than the hp pavilion 14 t that was powered by the same processor that we looked at not too long ago so all together again very good web browsing performance here all right let’s move on now to some gaming and we’re going to begin with gta 5 running at 1920 by 1200 at the highest settings and as you can see here we’re pretty much in the 60 to 70 frames per second territory which is great on a 14 inch laptop we’re getting this because we’ve got that gpu on board the 1650 ti max q if we didn’t have that you would not be seeing these frame rates with this level of graphical fidelity next we’re going to check out rocket league and again highest settings 1920 by 1200 and we’re getting frame rates well north of 100 frames per second and sometimes as high as 200 frames per second depending on what’s going on on screen so that’s great by the way the display is only 60 hertz here so you will of course not be getting use out of all of the frames you’re generating here next we’re going to check out the witcher 3.

This is high settings and we were getting about 50 to 60 frames per second it was generally just under 60. when we put on ultra settings we were getting between 40 and 45 frames per second this game of course is a bit more demanding than some of the others that we looked at so that’ll give you a sense as to what you can expect on the higher end all right next up here is fortnite and here we’re running at high settings 1920 by 1200 and we were getting just about 60 frames per second here when jake switched it to the epic settings we were getting about 45 to 55 frames per second so you’ll have to tweak this one a little bit to get a constant 60 but i think you can get it there no problem with the right settings and last let’s take a look at doom this is the 2016 version of doom this one runs at 1080p so we have some letterboxing on screen and there at ultra settings we were getting about 130 frames per second give or take this is always a fast game runs great on here and again this is all because we’ve got the gpu on board now we did run some benchmarks on this too let’s take a look at the 3d mark time spy test first and on that test we got a score of 3187 and if you take a look at two other laptops on the top of the chart here you’ll see those are doing a little bit better on those first two graphics tests but they’re doing better because they are running with a different version of the 1650 ti the nv14 here has the max-q variant which is designed for thinner and lighter laptops so you get most of the performance that that chipset is capable of but not all of it and the reason is is that it has to dissipate heat in a smaller package here so the chips are going to run a little bit slower so that’s the reason why there is a variation in performance but still i’m very pleased with what we saw out of this and hopefully this gives you a good idea as to where the max-q version of this chip lands versus the non-max-q variants and speaking of thermal performance let’s take a look at the 3d mark stress test there we got a score of 95.8 percent which is just shy of the passing grade of 97 percent so you might notice a little bit of a drop off in performance when you place the computer under heavy sustained load for a long period of time we didn’t notice any throttling though in our gameplay sessions but that test indicates there might be a little bit of variability to the performance especially if you just leave it under heavy load for a long duration and one last thing to check out and that is its linux performance

we booted up ubuntu 20.10 everything got detected properly that includes the touchscreen video audio wi-fi bluetooth even the nvidia gpu was detected by the operating system here so i think if you are looking to run different operating systems on this machine you should be able to do that without too many issues and overall i found it to be a very nice laptop i like seeing gpus in machines of this size and form factor because i think for a lot of folks that’s going to be a really effective way to get better performance out of something that is still pretty thin and light and you saw what it was doing on gaming we could run obs and some other applications on here without too many issues either it feels pretty nice from a build quality standpoint all metal again nice high quality feel to it i also like the fact that when you lift the display up here the bottom keyboard deck doesn’t come with it that’s always a good sign of a well constructed computer the display does bounce around a little bit more than i would like and that’s something that might bug you if you’re doing a lot of touch display kind of work and you can see how far the display goes down here but all in a very nice compact but powerful little computer that might be of interest to people doing a lot of creative work and again i really love that 16 by 10 display on here too that is going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters brian parker jim peter tom albrecht frank lewandowski mark bollinger and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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