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hey everybody it’s law inside but it’s time once again for your weekly ramp up and we’ve got a fun one this week we’re going to sit down with major nelson from xbox otherwise known as larry herb larry has been the face of xbox for a very long time well over a decade and we’re going to get to know him a little bit learn how he got into the role that he’s in at microsoft and how that role has changed over the years as well it’s a very fun discussion i shot it over the weekend so let’s roll that tape and get to it so joining me now is major nelson otherwise known as larry herb from microsoft’s xbox division can i call you larry or should i call you major what’s what’s the best way to uh ron you you and i have virtually and somewhat known each other for a long time so let please call me larry okay i will call you larry i am honored to do so so first of all i i want to let everyone know how we know each other so we’ve never actually met in person um but um because i’m on one coast you’re on the other but i started listening to your podcast in like 2005 2006 right when the 360 was coming out so you know you were kind of an escape from me during a very stressful job that i was doing so i wrote to you one day to just you know let you know that you were appreciated um but your your origin at microsoft goes back even further than that so so how did you get to where you are at microsoft because it’s kind of a unique role in the industry i think yeah i got to tell you lon it’s uh first of all i am a fellow uh former resident of connecticut um i uh you know i grew up in canada i was born in connecticut i was born in new haven and you know i worked

you know i i went to high school in connecticut i went to syracuse university to the newhouse school of communication and out of out of college i started working in radio so i worked for about a decade in radio i worked in hartford for some of the stations that you’re probably aware of and while i was doing that this was the mid 90s microsoft was about to launch windows 95 and i had some friends that had kind of known somebody and long story short is i ended up running communities for some of the some of the um some of the ms what was that with them was beginning of msn 1.0 and i started running communities for msn while that was my night job so and that was like online that was like their online service thing so you would log in with your modem and and everything else the whole thing yeah and and um so that was as the kids say that’s my that was my side hustle my daily hustle was was radio was my regular job and soon i realized that i could make a lot more money on this web thing than i could in radio and um it went on for a few years and then i got tapped on the shoulder by the rest of microsoft saying hey you’ve worked in radio you know music do you want to come help us launch a music service yeah so my wife and i moved from connecticut to seattle which is it doesn’t get any further away to illinois yeah it was a big move for us and i started working in the in the on the music team and next to our office’s lawn you know physically like one hallway the next hallway was this group of people that were working on some really cool stuff and it turns out they were working on the original xbox oh really it was like a top secret yeah and i was like i’d be waiting to get into a meeting room and the people coming out of the meeting room

had like controllers and computers and game i’m like whoa i i gotta get in on this so let me in um so long story short were you a video gamer at the time yeah i was i mean my mom bought the um gosh what was it the selective vision it was the sears version of the atari 2600 right yep i remember that yep you know it was still wood grained right uh but it was it was that i remember that i would you know i even remember in high school in our tiny little high school when they had computer labs i begged the guy who ran the computer i said look i’ll buy you coffee if you open up the computer lab at seven for an hour before school so i can go in there and play games and i used to play this old atari game called star raiders and is that the one with the with the keypad yeah you could play with the keypad but it was really like you were flying through space right right and i love that game so yeah you know so anyway i went to syracuse after high school and got into the nerd stuff and i went through and so i moved out to moved out to um seattle and started working and then i just got to know a lot of the folks on the xbox team and in 2003 2002 they’re like hey we want to do something with community you’ve done community with with microsoft for a long time i was doing it from connecticut right and as a vendor would you come join the xbox team and i’m like i’m a video gamer and i can work yes i mean i couldn’t say yes fast enough right right and i went down there and went down i stayed down there because they had then since moved to the

like another part of campus we were next to a gravel pit and it was kind of way way way off campus and um i just started working on there and then i realized i’m like this it’s kind of hard to describe when you realize i’m home i felt so good there i was so excited to go to work every morning we were working on controllers i had my dev kit my xbox dev kit and i was learning how to be a developer and what it meant to be a developer and how it worked and i learned all the underpinnings and so it just started started from there and then in two thousand four five i did this started doing the podcast because as we know podcast is really just radio right sure and i started doing that and then you know here we are many many many years later three consoles i’ve launched multiple hundreds of controllers it feels like uh and hundreds of games as well and you’ve become kind of the face of the product too i think you know you’re on the you’re on the console you know i boot you up and there there’s larry doing doing the xbox here i am sitting i’m right here on the console yeah yeah and so what happened was is we were you know we realized we wanted to have a conversation with gamers because gamers are really chatty they love talking about their passionate about what they do and i love that so we i’m like let’s talk directly to them so you know this is before the ages of youtube and twitch and twitter and so we were doing that all the time and it was such a great way to talk directly to the audience and i and to this day i mean everybody

now has a tick tock and a twitter handle and all that but i still you know show up to work every day excited to learn more about what we’re doing as a company what we’re doing for xbox what we’re doing for gamers you know i’ve been through a few uh heads of xbox where on you know phil spencer’s been with us for the longest time now and he is amazing you know and he’s got this mantra that when everybody plays we all win and we certainly believe that on the xbox team and do people come to you and say larry what are what are the gamers thinking do you feel like you have it’s probably some pressure to try to keep up on the pulse of that because you’re probably sitting in a meeting having to collect all of this stuff that you’re getting in how do you how do you manage that i’ll tell you it it’s it’s a little easier now because everybody just cracks open a browser and goes to you know forward slide r you know xbox one so there’s a lot of people that know but it’s it’s i help them normalize the data and understand what the noise to signal ratio what’s noise and what signal and that’s really the most important thing is to find out what what’s really going on here what do people what are they asking for because sometimes they’ll ask for something they don’t necessarily want this particular feature but they want something that does something like that and how can we build that in to the rest of the experience now when the community component of this of this role started this was probably what in around 2004-ish 2005.

yeah right before we launched xbox 360. around that time was like when blogging became a thing and everybody had to have a blog and there was this this short period of time where these big corporations including microsoft were starting to like let people in to see more than just kind of a sanitized message from the pr department and i think you know to a large degree many companies microsoft kind of is the exception to that i think but many companies have you know kind of gone back to that sanitized model of being very cautious about what’s what’s said and how things get communicated to the public you’ve had a lot of free reign that’s always something that’s that’s intrigued me that they trusted you to to represent the company without you know having to watch these videos jump cutted with a bunch of edits that bunch of edits and redactions and everything else um what’s that been like i mean it’s it was i almost feel like you and

maybe correct me wrong but it feels like you kind of created your own job there with that you’re absolutely right um lon and i i’m convinced that if i were to try to do what i wanted to do today you know what i’m doing and if i were to try to go it would be no no no you can’t do that but because i’ve been doing it for so long and i understand i mean i’ve i work on the engineering team i work in the communications team we’re very tight team we understand how to tell stories and i i this is a true storyline i wake up every morning go god i hope i don’t screw this up today because i i just love my job i love what i do i love talking to people i love talking building products with our engineers and coming up with communication plans and whatnot but it’s you know it’s it’s it’s heart-wrenching because it’s difficult to do i’ve described it as sometimes when you’re you know blogging or tweeting or you know being out in the social space it’s it’s like it’s like going into a mine you’re gonna come out with with your hands and feet blown off or you’re gonna come out with piles of gold you just don’t know right and you know fortunately i’ve only had my hands and feet blown off once or twice um and come out with gold more times than not but it’s it’s been challenging but i mean there was a time it helps that in the early days of xbox we just didn’t have we were like i told you we were at the end of the end of the highway near near a gravel pit and people weren’t really paying attention to us um so we kind of i don’t want to say got away with a lot of

stuff but we certainly had a lot more free reign you’re kind of under the radar there it’s uh yeah and and now xbox is is one of the largest divisions at microsoft it’s a major consumer brand yeah we are the largest consumer brand at microsoft by far and it’s and you know when with phil i mean phil sits phil spencer our head of xbox he reports directly to satya nadalla our ceo so gaming is critically important to what we do at microsoft as a whole whether it’s using our azure services whether it’s or using our development kits whether it’s using you know whatever whatever it is in the stack as we say in software uh whatever it is in the stack you know we are a great showcase because millions of people use microsoft products every day whether it’s word whether it’s excel whether it’s outlook whether it’s windows and that’s kind of the work you have to do we’re we’re we’re we’re the kind of you know with with this thing where we’re the thing you want to go home and have fun with right so yeah how long have you been doing this podcast for it’s been like 15 years right 16 yeah it’s been about 15 years and you know we migrated once uh once coveted kind of going nuts uh and that started happening we converted you know i built out the studio here with the lighting much like much like your your tech den over there long right uh with you with your with your with your pile of beige macs in the back there i gotta do some retro i know they look great but it’s it’s uh it’s you know it’s been 15 years and it’s been a lot of fun to be able to kind of migrate and again take the audience with me you know you talked about how you were listening to me when you were younger you know and it’s

you’re at a great example of the type of person that listened to me uh or was following me and now you’re you’re a little bit older i mean sorry to tell you lon you’re a little bit older like me um but you know you’ve got a family now and you’re probably introducing gaming to your kids um so this is i i just i’m i’m part of your family in that kind of extracted way right no you are and it’s helping me because i’m trying to find stuff that i can get them to play and and one of the things that’s been great about game pass and actually the interviews you do on the podcast is that you can get a little bit more of the story behind the game and determine from that whether or not it’s because it’s very limited time that i have to play games with the kids at night so we really want to focus in on something that i know they can play quickly so the podcast is has become very useful for you know not only for me um but also for family game time to get you know to get kind of that that focus on um on on what would be you need to check out rainbow billy rainbow billy i’m gonna write that one down and check it out write that down rainbow because it’s a game where there’s it’s it’s a non-violent game where you have to paint the world with colors oh my goodness rainbow billy interview i’ve not seen that i had an interview about that a couple couple weeks ago so i think you should check that one out i will check it out now how has how has it changed you know because podcasting’s been around for a while um you’re now doing video in addition to podcasting or actually both at the same time kind of like how i’m doing it um how did you how have you had to adapt what you do based on how things have changed out in in the media landscape here i mean it’s

really just trying to finding the new ways to deliver our message and educate people like you just talked about lawn where people are like looking for that next game to play there’s so much competition for our time not just my time in your but everybody you’ve got you know you’ve got a million things on netflix to watch you have you know you have social media that’s distracting and chirping at you every second how do we get you to find a good game that you can play you know exactly what your problem is and get you in there and that’s kind of what game pass was all about is is let’s just get you subscribed sir so the barrier to entry to play games is so low you just have to download it not even that now we now have the ability we’re going to start rolling it out broader where you can go through here and stream games directly to your console and try them out before you download them also actually through the console versus just the phone yes dressing yeah yeah because that’s so that was the phone option for me because like i i um rather than yeah pretty fast internet connection but still like you got to allocate storage and i just want to pick it up and try it out is it something i want to download i don’t have to pay for it that allows you do i want to download yeah that allows you to do it with with the streaming with uh with xbox game pass and the streaming to console that we’re we’re rolling out it’s it’s it’s a great feature because exactly that you can play like the first 10 minutes ago okay and then it’s like i want to download it of course your save is just going to continue with you why wouldn’t it what we realized was that you know certainly we’re going to continue to sell xbox series x’s and xbox series s’s but phil always wanted to reach as many gamers as possible and there’s there’s millions of gamers out there that

maybe can’t afford a console maybe we don’t even sell xbox in their region but maybe they have a mobile phone maybe they do that maybe we can get our services on there so that we can game pass now becomes a service that is available on a variety of devices it’s on pc it’s on it’s on uh you know it’s on ios it’s on android so that’s that’s what that’s kind of the next frontier are we going to can we going to continue to make consoles absolutely uh but how do we get more and that’s what you want to do right i’ve got that backbone controller on the uh on the iphone i have mine over there i love it lon that’s a funny story i i have the i have i have a letter and i don’t have it with me it’s in my it’s in the other room but the developer of backbone started listening to me when he was in college into my podcast and i inspired him to and i was so moved by this letter i’m working on getting on him on an upcoming show you’ll have to hear more about that but it was one of those moments where i just i felt really i was so pleased that i was able to you know in some small way help him achieve his dream yeah no it’s it’s true and i think um like you’ve been doing it for so long that a lot of us kind of kind of grew up listening to you as you mentioned and and getting into their careers and having kids and going different places and and i think to a degree you know i shifted careers to do this and a lot of that was kind of inspired by what you were doing in others um because you know i think you know up until that point in time there wasn’t a mechanism to get media out to the public in a way that that wasn’t through some other network or something yeah it’s now democratized very much so and it was really fun to see you know that that explosion of of corporate communication going in that direction also and and you’re you’re kind of a pioneer in that space yeah and it’s great because i’ve worked the you know working with our coms team we have some of the most amazing smartest communications people at the company uh in the industry and they they they always want to experiment they want to fail what doesn’t work because we’re going to find

out what doesn’t work and then we’re going to find out what does work so we’re going we know that not everything’s going to work but we’re you i’ve never been told if you at microsoft and that’s what’s beautiful about this company i’ve never heard someone come up with a great idea and no one at the company has ever said we’d have enough money for that they’ll all if it’s a great idea there’s a way to fund it let’s try it see what happens yeah let’s try it let’s talk about light life at microsoft because obviously these pat this past year and a half has been a a very big change in how people work yeah um what’s it been like at the company for the the period of time that you’ve been there which is quite a while now i’ll tell you this it’s you know uh we’ll get to that in a moment i want to talk about the fact that i’ve been at the company since and this is this is going to blow your mind lon i started the company when windows xp was in beta okay [Laughter] yeah and this version right now in 2021 is the best version of microsoft i have ever seen from our ceo with satya nadallah and some some of the great products we’re producing and what we’re doing for you know the world it’s just it’s just amazing making the migration to this this uh remote situation with that covet has brought on is really interesting because i remember in 2018 i just had this conversation with one of our admins i remember going to her desk and saying hey can you download this teams thing i want to try it out and i don’t have anybody to talk to and so she doubts she’s like i don’t understand this and you know we so i got our entire team in 2018 moved over to using teams two and a half years before you know people started using zoom and teams and what have you and slack and oh slack’s been around for a while but long story short is that we were a lot ahead of it because i’m you know much like you and much like your listeners and viewers lon i’m a hardcore nerd i love experimenting so i was nerding out

that we were trying to figure out what teams is and now teams is a massive player in this market and and our team on the communication was so far ahead because we’re like okay this makes sense we’ll just keep doing it right it just it just was like a flywheel with our efficiency and it’s never stopped that’s amazing yeah and it was good that you got started when you did so it was very everyone was very very proficient in it when it was time to get into it everybody was ready to roll but it’s just yeah and so so and you say too that microsoft is kind of the best you’ve ever seen it be um what are some of the things that you think have contributed to that what’s what’s in the culture that makes that that tick the way it does you know it all starts it all starts with our ceo um satya and our leaders with phil and everyone else on the on the leadership team they’re so thoughtful they’re so caring they’re so understanding and they just want to do the right thing and the thing that i’ve loved over the past few years is just seeing the the window of inclusivity get so big at the company you know it’s it’s it’s everybody is you know and inclusivity takes on a different uh depending on how you can look at it many many different ways you know certainly having a diverse background adverse people that are working with you but it also extends into the actual games you know are we seeing players that i can represent or i can recognize or i can connect with that look like me or that look like you or anyone else for that matter um you know you and i look very similar but there’s a lot of people out there that maybe are looking for a character that they can really identify with so it’s been so great to see the change at our company but also in the games industry of this more inclusive characters and lead characters that we see in in games that’s been amazing and what’s been fun about my xbox upstairs i bought the uh i actually managed to find a series uh exit retail a couple of back during like the rush for it so i was very fortunate to get one um it looks like now they’re starting

to get a little bit more accessible but i browse through game pass with my daughter um and she picks out the games that she wants to play and it’s funny to watch her because she’s drawn to those those games with the female protagonists as kind of the ones which is great yeah and it’s getting written which is great i mean and and to like to your point lon 10 or 15 years ago there wasn’t anything for them there really wasn’t certainly nintendo has an amazing uh catalog of games but by and large that was the you know the the games industry just really didn’t have a lot to offer people like your daughter so i’m so thrilled that we’re doing that now it’s it’s it’s just it’s heartwarming and she she devoured river city girls that was uh we were we were playing a lot of that um so that was uh that was a good one for her um what else is going on there that that you think is is exciting to you because you know in the tech industry people tend to move around a lot you know but somebody starts at microsoft they go somewhere else you’ve been there for a long time what gets you you mentioned a little bit that you’re excited to come to work every day but what what’s on the horizon don’t they give away anything but but you know what what gets you motivated to continue working at the same place every day what gets me motivated is you know the people that i work with and their desire to bring gaming to billions of people we’ve talked about that with phil and he keeps you know he he’s how do we do that whether it’s game pass lowering the bar to download whether it’s you know allowing you to stream your games and play your games on you know android devices or your ios so that’s that’s what gets me going and you know i’ve been recruited by a lot of companies in the games industry over the years and they’re they’ve been wonderful

offers but i’ve just had to politely decline because what we’re doing at microsoft nobody can bring to bear the heft of the technology that microsoft has to offer whether it’s azure for streaming whether it’s the tech stack whatever it is it’s it’s it’s just such an exciting company to work at and i get excited when we when i get to work on new products and i can’t really talk about much about that part of it but that’s what keeps me going is that they’re like there’s there’s there’s always these great ideas and trying to figure out what to do next so i just i just i’m having a great time i’m having the best time lot i really am yeah that’s it’s fun that you can you can get motivated every day with with something new and exciting going on there and i think with all the different divisions there’s got to be a lot of cross-disciplinary work going on too because i’m sure yeah i talk to you i mean i talk to people yeah i talked to people in azure or in our developer services i had an interview with panos the head of windows a couple weeks ago i mean it’s it’s amazing the people that i can talk to at the company and and i can chat with the company they’re just they’re just they’re passionate about our customers and bringing great experiences and you bring a lot of those people on to your podcast too so you can really get a good good uh you know and and again i think what i like about the podcast is that it’s not cut up you’re getting a conversation that’s not been been sanitized and yeah and well thanks you know thank you thank you i appreciate that because a lot of people don’t know or don’t recognize that distinction like when i record people i’m like hey this is i don’t we’re not going to edit this a lot

we’re going to talk about what we’re doing and we’re going to be honest and open as best we can because that’s what people want they don’t want the scripted interviews and here’s my here’s my talking points they don’t want that they want a natural conversation as you mentioned there’s risk there but there’s also a lot of reward and i think the reward certainly outweighs the risk if you if you approach it smartly and i think that’s uh real credit to your work that’s what i’ve been trying to do thank you lon so we gotta nerd out a little bit here because um what people don’t know about you is that you are probably a bigger tech nerd than i am i was just about that but before the show um major nelson showed me his um his his unify set up and it’s it is like 12 times the size of mine he’s got that chart up so so what what do you and you always got some kind of thing going on over there so what’s your what’s your current project that you’re that you’re nerding out on over there well i have an unraised server um and my unraid server i just moved it into a new rack i was telling you about that off the air before we started um and i get excited because my unraid server i just reconfigured the physicalness of it it’s the same machine i just moved it around a little bit and now it’s running 22 degrees cooler and i’m like this is the greatest thing ever that’s what i am yeah it’s an accomplishment so there’s that i put up a a unified access point in my garage so i can get out you know so all my cars and everything all my all my devices all my lighting and my property is all can covered so that’s really you know i got that dialed in to be honest with you i couldn’t do that my wife and daughter went away for a few days and i couldn’t do that when they were here because i’m sure the same thing happens to you lon why is the internet not

working right exactly trust me so if you can’t touch it’s a little bit of a challenge right yeah exactly so i mean i would get to the point where i would want to do network upgrades in my house when my wife was in the shower right right i’m rushing to do it but um you know that’s one thing i’m working on um i’m just you know i’ve got a bunch of new poe power ethernet cameras i just put in i have a blue iris server that does all the uh video recording which is amazing which is a whole other conversation yeah um so that that’s the latest i’m i’m kind of looking at a few things i think i’m going to rebuild another machine i just i don’t know i just that’s just looking for something fun to do so when you get home you’re tinkering it sounds like yeah that’s that’s i you know i have my my life is digital and my my my hobby is digital i do have non-tech hobbies i’m a scuba diver i love going to scuba diving uh so there’s things like that i just haven’t been able to do it as frequently obviously with covid um so you know i just i i like to i like to keep moving i like to keep thinking i would like to keep learning lon like i want to understand why things work the way they do and why is it like this like one of the things that drives me crazy lawn here i’ll tell you i go to the store the other day i want to know who is running the the the standard width of parking spaces because they’re so close together i can’t get out yeah so like is there a standards body that runs this and why are they i know this problem is my local group yeah yeah you know what i’m talking about i know exactly we’re talking about and see and i know what happens here in connecticut not to go off on a tangent but they have like these requirements of certain numbers of parking spaces in a in a parking lot to meet the zoning minimum right and then so they just make them closer together to the point that nobody can fit into them unless they’re driving like a little fiat or something but it’s yeah or a motorcycle so i’m like why we need to fix this so uh anyway so things i always want to know like who’s who’s making those decisions because they’re not from you know because i work on products it’s not a good usability story it doesn’t make any sense it’s hard to figure out why why is this i can’t even get my open my car door and so and so you and working at microsoft for that long where you’re focused almost entirely on the user experience because you’re making

software that people interact with it must be millions of people it must drive you crazy like you see this stuff all the time you can’t you can’t stop thinking about it yeah i’m looking at why you know i but my big my always thing is like why is it like that and meanwhile i have my neighbors are like why do you care i’m like well i want to understand what was this decision why why is why why is this like that so that’s i’m always asking i mean i sound like a my four-year-old you know why why is that what’s going on here puzzling so but that’s the kind of curiosity that leads to good products have has it worked in the reverse have you seen things out in the world that you could say oh that would fix this problem at xbox um yeah i guess in a little bit you know certainly there’s there’s a lot of examples of you know people barring ideas and getting inspired by but yeah i mean i can’t point to a particular feature but it definitely feels like the right thing you know we’re trying to find bring make make this little make this or these xbox series s i’m pointing at my series x behind me yeah uh you know just operate better in your av ecosystem right yeah it’s gotten a lot better because it’s it’s now like detecting everything properly it can dude it’s been it’s been the ce that cec stuff is working isn’t it yeah yeah it’s working very nicely i still have to tweak some things i i have too much stuff hooked up up there my uh my wife wants it simplified because i have like 12 remotes right now we’ve got a maybe it’s another video that she’s not wrong this is a big problem this is a very big problem it’s got to get addressed so it’s on it’s on the list it’s only getting worse because did i read that logitech is is decommissioning their remote their smart remotes their harmonies they have who’s going to pick up that ball right you know exactly and i’m starting to see like different companies approach it so you have that you know through the xbox i’m seeing it also with with amazon where they’re having the a word kind of do that sort of thing so you could say to a word hey turn on the xbox and it does the right input it turns on the television the xbox boots up and you’re you’re ready to go but yeah there’s a lot of do you have a lot do you have a lot of that product in your house a lot of the alexa stuff a little bit i review a

lot of it um but what’s funny is i i i actually got more into the google stuff and the reason is is that i had this vision in my head of the star trek computer and i can and my kids you know you know this we having kids too like they they ask crazy questions and like i don’t know the answer to that so i’m like hey you know who what’s the whatever and it usually comes back with something useful that’s enough to get the kid thinking about how to research more so that that has been my yeah i agree with you it’s been great because because when you and i were growing up we would have those those uh arguments on the playground and if we really took at the distance we’d go to the library right that’s exactly usually it just stopped you just stopped it well it was funny because i remember i remember this very clearly i once wanted to know what happened i was very afraid of bees as a kid and i wanted to know what happened to them in the winter and my mom had my mom’s from brooklyn new york she had no idea so we went to the she took me to the library we talked to the library and took about two or three hours to learn how the bees survive in the winter now you can just get the answer like like that so it’s changing right yeah exactly what are they you can actually yeah and i’m sure you could probably find a video somewhere a live feed of here’s he’s hibernating for the winter yeah and now you’ve got all the answers right in front of you it’s pretty cool now you’re also an av nerd on top of being a a tech nerd and covid certainly has created a lot of challenges i had a local news anchor interviewing me for a story yesterday and he was talking about all the struggles he had over the last year broadcasting from his house and it’s funny to see all these people become like youtubers now you had to do that also um we’re running very similar systems but can you talk a little bit about how you produce the podcast now yeah sure i’ve got a uh i’ve got a pretty hefty beefy gaming pc under my desk here and that kind of is running vmix which is i i think you’ve

talked about that before vmix is a great piece of software and i mix everything live uh so i’ve got a couple monitors here i’ve certainly got the one gig comcast coming in and i host everything here and mix it all live the key is and i’m going to send you the parts list for this is i actually have this teleprompter here that brings everything up and i can so i can look into the without without breaking eye contact i can really i got to find my mouse actually uh you know going without breaking eye contact i can bring up like uh you know a trailer or a screenshot of something like that or my desktop you know i can do any types of those things so it’s been very helpful to have all of that ready like here is uh you know here’s a background you know this is the background and one of the backgrounds for the series so i can do all of that without breaking uh without breaking um you know the screen and being able to look at in in this case i’m looking directly at you so that’s been a part of it but i mean really the migra the hardest part has been actually um and lon i think you’ll appreciate this is recording each week and getting my co-host is is you know keeping my daughter quiet in the other room yeah that’s when i got too upstairs right now that i’m like keep it down up there bang it on the ceiling that’s the hard part absolutely because life comes in it’s it you know you’re not at the office anymore and and your workflow it seems like it’s very similar to mine in that you’re shooting everything live to disk and then just kind of piecing it together and pumping it out yeah yeah i mean when we’re doing when i’m when i’m doing my interviews i’m doing the switching myself that’s what it’s called the switching i’m doing that all myself here so that when they talk about i bring

up the lower thirds and the whole thing and the videos i’m doing all that live and sometimes i screw it up and it’s just like hey that’s what it is so you know i’m i actually have to you know do the interview and run the so it’s basically i’m doing like four pers people’s job in television as as one right and maybe even more um but it’s like you know it’s yeah and it’s been a lot of fun i mean i worked in broadcast for a long time i’ve done thousands of live live tv hours and it’s it’s just it’s a lot of fun it gets me going because once it’s done it’s done right and i’m in this i’m in the same boat for me it just it was just i do exactly what you do i switch live to disk and if i’ve got a issue that develops during the recording i’ll just patch it with some b-roll later and just kind of get it out there and and be done with it and i think it’s more real that way you know and i think that’s what’s been so appealing about about what you do and when you’re when you’re working on all this stuff you have other things you do at microsoft and you’re part of the communications team so how much of your time is community how much is it is it the internal stuff uh it’s it’s a majority of it is the internal stuff and the internal stuff is planning for future future events future products working with our engineering team on developing features and understanding what the feature is so that i can go out and go okay how am i going to explain this feature oh i see how it is and so learning to tell those stories i mean a lot the modern way of putting is i’m a storyteller and we tell stories about our products i tell stories about xbox so it’s it’s a vast majority of what i do and it’s it’s again it’s part of what keeps me going every day excellent well

hey first of all thank you very much for coming on we’ve been trying to put this together for a while now and i’m glad we both had our calendars aligned so we could uh we can make it happen what else would you like the viewers to know about uh what’s coming up in the future if anything i know you can’t break i just want to thank i want to first of all congratulate you lon because you i know you talked earlier about you you were doing another job and you started doing this you do such a great job and i i’ve told you this i think i do i told you this on a clubhouse or it was a twitter thing a few weeks ago is that when i’m when i’m building my unread server or i’m looking at ubiquity i’m doing a web search you pop right at the top and i’m like there’s lon right to it yeah and it’s and it works and it’s great because it seems like you and i i i’ll just say this if you and i were neighbors we would get along famously you and i would be like exchanging so much nerd stuff and running cables and doing stuff our wives would probably kick us out oh we would have fiber optic cables going back and forth it would be uh it would be quite a yeah ridiculous we’d have redundancy but um you know it’s it’s i just want to say i really appreciate all the hard work you’ve been doing over the years on behalf of you know just consumer technology and electronics because it’s been so great to see you grow and be successful in your channel um and just to be able to to be you know offer a little bit of uh be a part of it this little way is just is really exciting for me and i want to thank everybody for all their great you know they can hit me up on twitter at major nelson and all the great folks who said wonderful things over the years and maybe some not so wonderful things but it’s it’s great to have

you there anyway and where can people find the podcast it’s not it’s everywhere i guess if you just look for the the is it now the official xbox i i knew it as major radio right that was the original yeah that was the original it’s now the official xbox podcast you can find us on google you can find us on apple which is my blog forward slash podcast it’s right there got a youtube channel you’ll you’ll see it all i mean we can’t swing a dead cat without hitting this thing but it’s been around for so long it lives yeah exactly it’s just like it’s this weird thing but anyway yeah it’s so it’s it’s just so great to talk to you and i would love to come on again sometime yeah let’s do it and you know what i bet i bet what we’ll hear from from the viewers is things that we didn’t talk about that they want to hear about so we’ll definitely have to uh schedule this again and i’m telling you what you want to know i mean there’s certain things i can’t tell you but if you want to if you want you want me to tell you about my ubiquiti setup and or my unraid server i’m happy to share all the details because i want to learn i want to i want people to be able to learn from what i do great we’ll dig into it well thank you very much for joining us and whenever i load up my xbox i think of you so and i see you sometimes on it too you just can’t get away from you but thank you a lot well listen keep up the great work and we’ll chat with you later thank you absolutely thanks for coming on so a big thank you to larry for joining us on the show this week it was really fun to learn more about his origin story at microsoft and i also enjoyed comparing production notes with him uh because we both run with essentially the same workflow so it’s always good to compare notes and make sure i’m operating in the most efficient way he’s got a great idea for a teleprompter that i might look at putting together very soon now this week’s show is brought to you by all of you and i have two new supporters to thank on the channel paul brayron

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