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hey everybody it’s lan seidman we’ve got another think book to take a look at today from lenovo this is their 15p g2 ith and the best way to describe this is as an entry-level creative device it has a 4k display and an nvidia gpu and the price point is a bit lower perhaps than some of the more premium creative devices out there we’re going to dig into this in detail in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this is on loan from lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on this one comes in at around fifteen hundred dollars as configured the one we’re looking at today has an i7 11 800 h processor an nvidia gtx 1650 gpu that gpu is running at 50 watts and you can get up to a 30 50 ti in some of the other configurations but all of the gpus are locked in at 50 watts this one has 16 gigabytes of ram you can upgrade the ram to 32 gigabytes and there are two so dim slots inside for ddr4 3200 memory on this model it is in single channel mode with one of those modules installed but because it has the gpu it won’t impact performance as significantly as it would if it did not have separate graphics attached this has a 512 gigabyte ssd there are two nvme slots on board one of those will support pcie 4 the other one is pcie 3 but you do have two nvme slots inside the case now our review unit came equipped with a 4k display this is running at 3840×2160 it is a 15.6 inch display in a 16 by 9 aspect ratio we

are starting to see displays now running at 16 by 10 on many new laptops which are a little bit taller and maybe better suited for doing document editing and whatnot but still it’s a very nice looking display it runs at 600 nits of brightness and the one that we have is factory calibrated for the x right pantone standard and it covers 100 of adobe rgb so if you are doing photo editing or something like that this display will be well suited for it it is an ips display it’s got good viewing angles you’ve got a lot of range for how the display can be positioned the hinge feels pretty solid on it it is a matte display and it is not a touch screen so you do have to use the trackpad down here but all in not a bad display here for creative work it does support hdr but not dolby vision and it runs at 60 hertz which is fine for gaming but there are gaming laptop displays that run at much faster refresh rates and there is a 1080p version of this available what you see here at the top is a webcam and like many other lenovo laptops it has a little shutter that can be put over the lens here to block it it’s only a 720p webcam though and it doesn’t look all that great as you can see even under my studio lights so it is something that you might need to pair up with a higher quality webcam if

you’re doing some production work or something but for a zoom call i think it’s going to be fine there appears to be versions of this configured with a higher quality 1080p camera but ours came with the 720p now the weight on this comes in at 4.19 pounds or 1.9 kilograms it is a bit on the heavier side but it’s also a larger laptop it is mostly plastic although the display lid here is made out of aluminum which will offer some protection against the back of the screen here and like all of the other lenovo thinkbooks it’s got a very nice keyboard the keys are well spaced they’re nice and large it is backlit you got a good amount of travel to it as well and this one they managed to fit in a number pad although the numbers are slightly smaller than the other keys are here they have a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button there is no facial recognition on this one and i found the track pad to be very accurate and nice to use a lot like many of the other think book track pads that we’ve looked at lenovo’s really perfected their keyboard design and it stays the same from one model year to the next these days and that’s not a bad thing because these are very good keyboards as far as ports are concerned you do have a good selection on this one your power goes in here and it comes with a 135 watt power

adapter that’s necessary because this has the gpu on board but you can also power the laptop through the thunderbolt port over here and that will give you the ability to plug in a docking station or something like that but most of the thunderbolt power supplies only go up to 100 watts so to really get everything you possibly can get out of this laptop you’ll probably want to travel with the power adapter so that it doesn’t dial back its performance you also have gigabit ethernet here built in with a nice little door here for plugging that cable in you have an hdmi output here you can get two displays going off of this because this thunderbolt port as all thunderbolt ports are are full service in that you can have data going in and out along with display output and power going in so you can plug in a dongle on the thunderbolt port and plug in hdmi directly here to get two displays going when you are plugged in at a desk you also have a 10 gigabit usb a port right here along with a headphone microphone jack there and on the other side you have a card reader for sd cards the card will stick out a little bit but you can very easily get your photos downloaded off of your camera with this again this is kind of suited for creative folks looking for a lower cost option you also have a five gigabit per second usb a port here so this is the port i

would plug mice and keyboards into and plug your hard drives into the other side there and you have a kensington lock here for locking it down on the desk this is a fan exhaust over here there’s also a fan exhaust underneath the display lid and the intake is here at the bottom so you definitely want to make sure you’ve got good airflow on this one to ensure that it works at its full potential and we’ll talk a little bit more about its thermal performance a little later in the review now the battery life on this 4k version is not spectacular you’re looking at about seven hours if you keep the display brightness down and you stick to the basics like web browsing email and video watching and that sort of thing if you start doing video editing and hammering that gpu that is going to eat into the battery life a lot more significantly so you’re going to want to walk around with that power adapter you can probably squeeze another hour or so out of it if you choose the 1080p display option so let’s take a look now and see how it performs we’ll begin with some web browsing the basics here and you can see everything is loading up here very quickly as we start browsing around the web as expected it’s got that i7 processor of course on board this does support wi-fi six and that’s what we’re connected to right now but of course you can also plug it in via ethernet and a little bit earlier we played

some 4k 60 frames per second video from youtube and all was good there it did drop a couple of frames when it first got started but it quickly settled down and this video played back smoothly with no stutters or any other kinds of issues so i think if you’re playing back video from youtube or netflix or any of the other popular streaming services everything should work just fine here even at 4k and just note that while this supports hdr video it does not support dolby vision hdr like many laptops with 4k now do on the speedometer benchmark test we got a score of 205 that puts this one a little below what we saw out of a few other laptops with the same processor and i suspect that that score is due to the fact that this model is configured in single channel mode not a huge performance disparity here but i think you might squeeze a little bit more out of that processor if you add a second stick of ram to the machine or buy it with two installed already and we also did some video editing here with davinci resolve this is a 4k 60 frames per second project that we loaded up here with producer jake’s cat and as you can see we are rendering transitions here in real time without any lag or anything like that because this does have the nvidia gpu on board this will give you pretty snappy performance when you are doing video editing i think if you are doing things that involve

3d rendering you might want to go with the 3050 option for the gpu but the 1650 on here is going to be more than adequate for most video editing and certainly most photo editing so let’s move on now to gaming this is red dead redemption 2 we ran it at 1080p at the lowest settings and we’re getting between 60 and 70 frames per second most of the time so this game ran pretty well provided you keep those settings in check on the 1650 gpu option we also ran fortnite at lowest settings at 4k and here we were running between 50 and 60 frames per second most of the time so you can get a very playable gameplay experience some games that are not as demanding i think we’ll run at the 4k resolution but most games we ran at 1080p and finally we have doom eternal here this one we ran at 1080p at medium settings and as you can see we’re getting above 60 frames per second here most of the time so the gpu does provide a decent amount of performance for playing many current games and on the 3dmark time spy benchmark test the 1650 on this laptop performed as expected we got a score of 3409 so all in from a performance standpoint this is exactly where we thought it would end up it does do okay at vr as well but i think if you are planning to do some vr along with some of your creative work you might want to go with the 3050 ti in that instance or perhaps look at a gaming laptop that’s better suited for modern vr on the 3d mark stress test we got a

failing grade surprisingly of 95.8 percent 97 percent is passing that tells me that it’s going to throttle down slightly uh when you’re playing a game that’s going to really hit the cpu and gpu for an extended period of time not significantly so but enough that it showed up on that test so just be aware of that the fan noise on this is usually quiet when you are sitting idle at the desktop here or browsing the web it really kicks on when you start doing things that push that gpu and you will hear that fan noise but it’s not very high pitched because it is a larger case and it has room for larger fans but it’s certainly not the quietest cooling system i have seen on a laptop so just be prepared for some fan noise when you are working the laptop a bit with some video editing projects or games now as far as sound is concerned on this one the speakers are located here on the bottom they are downward firing you get good stereo separation they’re nice and clear and loud not so great for music though so i think if you are going to be doing some gaming or listening to music you might want to attach headphones to the headphone jack or go over bluetooth but for the most part i think for most use cases the speakers here are quite good and because you’ve got this large case here those speakers will sound a little better than they might on a more compact laptop all right one last thing to take a look at and that is its linux performance we booted up the most recent version of ubuntu and everything ran great on here really quick actually in some cases it felt a little faster than windows 11.

all of the hardware got detected properly that includes the audio the video at 4k along with the wi-fi and the bluetooth it also detected the gpu so i think if you are looking to maybe install linux on that second hard drive slot you can do so and you’ll get great performance out of this just like we’re seeing on the windows side so all in this is another solid offering from lenovo in their thinkbook line this is really geared towards creative professionals that want a nice 4k calibrated display without breaking the bank you get that here you’ve got good performance out of this thanks to the gpu being on board but you don’t get a lot of the creature comforts like a magnesium case and something thin and light with great battery life but you do get that display and you get the performance to get your work done and if you are on a budget this might give you what you’re looking for without having to buy something fancier and a lot more expensive and i think that’s where this one kind of slots in and you can save even more if you go with the 1080p display option that is going to do it for this look at the thinkbook 15p g2 ith and until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn dot tv supporters including gold level supporters jim tannis and tom albrecht hot sauce and video games and eric’s variety channel brian parker and frank goldman ameda brown and matt zagaya and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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