Huawei EMUI 9 Review on Mate 20 Pro New features tour

now there’s no denying that while we is MIT 20 Paul Rock some seriously sexy hardware you’ve got that in screen fingerprint sensor you’ve got a bit of 3d modeling front-facing camera action try lens rear camera got fast charge and wireless charging reverse wireless charging all kinds of shenanigans however it’s not just about the hardware while we make 20 Pro also rocks while weighs latest on motion UI 9 or mue 9 as we like to call it latest version of its OS overlay which sits neatly on top of Android Pi adding lots of great functionality so we’re in a good old play it with a muy 9 we’re gonna have a run through some of the best features now see how it compares to a Mui it and don’t forget to subscribe for lots more on the wall Amit 20 pro and the list and grits mobile tech chairs so first up a quick introduction to emotion UI pretty much all smartphones that aren’t an iPhone Rock Android or s because if you look at different smartphones and lots they have a different look and feel and different features and that’s because the manufacturers add their own overlay on top of Android and the cases what waveforms it’s emotion UI or a mui as we like to call it or mui as I think it’s actually supposed to be called but a new is more fun and on the one we made twenty series it’s a Mui version 9 the latest version of emotion UI an emotion UI 9 there are lots of new features you can actually have a play around with stuff like the digital balancer there’s also lots of behind the scenes changes as well so we’re going to go through both of them in

turn so first up let’s go through some of the more general changes when you first set up your wallet mate 24 you’ll notice it’s got the standard Android navigation bar down here at the bottom to go home at any point a lot of your recent apps and also go back however as with previous while waveforms you can change up that system navigation by going into system in the settings and then diving into that system navigation in here there’s a fresh new gesture support system which you can select and then dive into the settings to customize so as you can see here a swipe from at the edge of the screen either edge works or will represent the back action if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen that will take you back home if you swipe up from the bottom and hold it in the middle then that will bring up all of your recent apps and you also have the option of bringing up the Google assistance by swiping up from one of the sides of the screen as well you can however deactivate that feature if you and the assistant don’t really get on this is more of an Android PI way of doing things and we definitely like it it’s nice and intuitive once you get used to it and as you can see there you can just flick between all of your different apps get up and whatever you want nice and easy likewise that swiping from the edge works really well as well as you can see nice and simple it seems to work every time one of the potential issues with previous versions of emotion UI is they could get rather complex you’ve dived in that sentence menu you don’t really

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know what you’re doing you don’t know your way around good old Emmure then you could get very very lost indeed so many features so from motion UI 9 Huawei has customized it streamlines it a bit so it’s easier to find what you need there are actually a hundred fewer settings than with previous versions of a Mui but with all the great functionality so now when you dive into a lot of menus you’ll notice a lot more more display settings more audio settings whatever else this is where all the more advanced stuff that people tend to use less frequently or tucked away so as you can see if you give that a tap you’ve still got the kind of functionality that you would expect from a motion UI it’s just not all slaps there on one big menu screen so for instance here in the display sends you’re unlikely to want to toggle the knotch on and off very often so that’s buried away in the Advanced section ditto in sounds you’ve got all your basic stuff there your ringtones your volumes your vibrates etc and if you dive into more sound settings then you’ve got stuff that you’re less likely to want to access things like the startup sound and the dialer touch tones now one notable feature of while we’re smartphones is they’re always rather on the light side not the easiest to use one-handed thankfully emotion UI always throws in plenty of one-handed help and a muy 9 is no different fan favorites are once again back in action so for instance you can pull down the notifications tab with a quick tap of this icon in the navigation bar and of course you have the a MIDI View mode as well just quick swipe across that navigation bar and as you can see

everything gets reduced down so it’s much much easier to use with a single mitt and don’t worry if you decided to ditch the navigation bar and use the gesture support instead because all you need to do is swipe up from the corner of the display towards the center towards the center towards the center there we go and once again you’re in that mini view as you can see it will take some getting used to but once you’re there all goods and Huawei has helped out even more with that one-handed use in a motion UI 9 so for instance dive into some of Huawei’s or an app so you’ll notice that the navigation menus have generally been shifted to the bottom of the screen instead of stuck away up at the top and what we is also tweak some of the tones and natural sounds in there as well to make them sound even better than before so for instance the stopwatch sounds like an we’ll stop watch Anna Mui 9 has also apparently been an improvement in the general performance as well so basically the likes of apps should load up nice and quick menu navigation should be super Swift as well it’s kind of difficult to notice how oh sorry about that that was unexpected as I was saying it’s kind of difficult to notice if it actually makes a difference here and the way we met 20 Pro because it is of course rockin Akira 980 chipset backed by six gigs of RAM so the performance on the wall is fantastic anyway hopefully where it should really make a difference is with some of those

more affordable honor handsets for instance if it’s packin emotion UI 9 should hopefully help to speed it up a little bit despite the fact there’ll be rockin and more sort of basic mid-range chipset so now let’s move on to some of the new tools packed away in emotion UI 9 as well and one of the ones you’ve probably heard about is the digital balance it seems like everyone’s all of a sudden getting hung up on how much time they spend staring at their smartphones and some of the likes of Android and iOS and now I’m washing UI 9 as well or including these digital monies which busy tell you when it’s time to put down the smartphone and go look at a flower or stroke a puppy instead the immune 9 digital balance basically tells you exactly how much time you spent staring at your smartphone and exactly or what you’ve been up to and if you don’t feel like you can control your urges you can turn on the screen time management which allows you to set a certain number of hours that you can use it on your work days and your rest is you can also set limits for particular apps as well and there’s a bedtime

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option which bit just turns the screen at great during those and night hours kind of similar to the night mods because it’s pretty good I guess have you gonna be handing your while we admit 20 Proteus prog to ensure they’re not wasting their entire life for watching rubbish on YouTube then if you’re gonna be having a while we mate 20 poor to a small child then you’ve clearly got more money than sense I for one will be turning off that screen time management feature because if I don’t spend all my time stone at my smart phone I’ll just spend it with my kid instead and let’s face it I don’t want that and she don’t want that so everyone loses emotion UI 9 also introduces the reverse wireless charging feature as well which is pretty nifty it’s all the available of course right now in the midst when hiepro not to the stand omit when you are any other while we’re smartphone with this activated it basically turns your MIT 20 pro into a Qi standard wireless charging pad so if you’ve got a buddy with a smartphone that supports that Qi standard wireless charging and they’ve been dense enough not to actually bothered charging up their mobile before heading out you can come to their rescue when I did my meet 20 problem and I found that I really struggled to get it to charge up the pixel three unless I basically pushed them both together however today it just one day later it seems to be behaving itself perfectly fine as you can see there the pixel three is now charged and rapidly sat neatly on the back of the mid-20 prop one of the other noteworthy emotion UI 9 features hidden away in the security section this time is the password vault this is kind of similar to the likes of the

Google autofill this is kind of similar to the likes the Google autofill feature just allows you to save all your passwords nice and securely follow the view various accounts you don’t have to remember them and enter them every time we need to do is just lock that on confirm the service statement and then every time you enter a password for anything L ask you if you want to store it away in the vault and then prevent you from having to re-enter it every time and then emotion ui9 there’s plenty of bonus camera bits thrown away in there as well the likes of high vision has been updated so you can now scan objects and get a rough approximate calorie count on them so you know what you let yourself in for before you shove your face into that chocolate muffin you can now scan objects using that advanced 3d modeling camera on the front of the wallet MIT 20 prop and actually bring them to life as well so that sounds suitably random so stay tuned for an in-depth look at all the bonus new camera features coming soon there’s also a new spotlight real feature which but it can recognize individual people in videos that you’ve taken on the smartphone and then it couples them together into a kind of a highlights clip show type thing start right there some of our favorite new features packed into a Mui 9 delicious for more on the mid-20 Pro and the lit scripts of all attacks don’t forget to hit subscribe ding that notifications bell as well so you can be the first to know about it yay and as ever love you guys bye

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